tagNonConsent/ReluctanceQuiet in the Library

Quiet in the Library


Amy's first day working at the library started off with about as much excitement as one would expect. That was fine by her, as she preferred the quiet and the library was a good place to find it. The aisles and bookshelves seemed to go on forever, full of books to discover and quiet places to hide away and read them. The campus library was also the least likely place to run into the kind of boys she wanted to avoid.

Not that she had much difficulty evading their attention. She'd overheard herself described as mousey, one likely to be overlooked and lost underfoot. She wore what she liked and didn't pay them much mind, today like most days wearing her short black hair up in a bun, round-rimmed glasses, and a simple pale blue blouse and a gray pleated skirt. Her ample breasts drew more attention than she preferred, but she found that in a convenient coincidence she could keep them from getting too much attention by hiding them behind the books she liked to read.

A man she'd passed on the way in seemed to have liked the look, sizing her up as he leafed through a little black book. He looked nice in a long-sleeve button shirt and slacks, both deep black, but she kept her distance from the man in black and he kept his.

For the moment she sat behind one of the desks, awaiting books needing to be sent back to their proper places and leafing through a book doing a poor job of holding her interest. From her position she could also manage some mildly entertaining people-watching between pages.

Her fingertip paused midway through a page turn, bending it back and forth as she wondered whether to give it a few more pages to prove itself, when she spied a young lady leaving the stacks. She looked a bit flushed and was mostly succeeding in hiding that she was shaking a bit as she walked. She was also grinning like a fool.

Making as though to continue reading her book she peered over the binding, curiosity piqued. A more thorough inspection noted some faint marks on her wrists and a thin black collar around her throat. One of the buttons of her blouse was missing, and another was in the wrong hole. And she was... clearly not wearing a bra. What had she been up to back there? She gave Amy an odd look as she walked by, smiled knowingly, then left.

Her attention snapped back to current events at the sound of a book being set on the desk by her elbow, set quietly although the clap of the cover on the counter sounded unusually loud and made her jump a little.

Looking over to the small black book she saw a large hand on it, leading up the arm to broad shoulders and a pleasant face bearing the smile of a man with a secret. The man in black. Up close she could see that he had a nice physique, the kind she liked where he wasn't too taut but wasn't muscle-bound either.

He said not a word as he leaned over her with that smile, looking into her eyes. At a guess he'd probably have still stood a few inches over her even if she'd been standing. She felt herself shrinking back in her chair a bit, though not precisely trying to move away from him.

He was almost uncomfortably close to the point that she wondered if he meant to kiss her. Her toes curled a bit in her shoes as she though to push her chair back a bit, but his scent called her to stay where she was. The way he looked into her eyes she felt as though he were physically holding her down with those strong hands instead of just his gaze.

Her tongue felt dry and she swallowed before speaking, recalling that she was supposed to be working. "Can I help you with something?" The words came out less confidently than she'd hoped.

He said not a word in reply, just kept looking at her. Visibly his eyes moved down her body and back up, her nipples uncomfortably stiff under his inspection. She might not have found it odd if he'd somehow unbuttoned her blouse with his gaze, but instead he merely slid the little black book towards her on the desk. The corner of his mouth turned up in approval as he stood back up to his full height and simply turned and walked away.

Amy then began to take notice of the outside world again, starting with exhaling. At some point she'd dropped her book, though it'd simply fallen in her lap. Nobody seemed to have noticed... whatever had just happened. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she rose to look at the little black book, displaying nothing resembling a title aside from a large A on the front cover in delicate caligraphy. A glance at the sticker on the side told her that it belonged in a part of the library she hadn't seen much of yet. A little walking would be good to clear her head.

It was near closing time and the last of the sunlight slipped amber fingers between the stacks where it could reach. Her curious fingers opened the small clasp and opened the book, leafing through the pages to see what this was about. Everything was hand-written, and in many different styles of handwriting from chapter to chapter. She picked one at random and read...

"His tongue was amazing. Everywhere he touched me set off fireworks. When he kissed me his tongue wrapped around mine, played with me. He knew just how to flutter his tongue on my nipples to make them so hard they hurt. And I thought I'd die when he got between my thighs and slipped his tongue inside me and all around my-"

With a squeak she bumped into something, clapping the book shut loud as a gunshot. She'd been so distracted she walked right into a bookshelf. Whether the warm flush in her cheeks was from bumping into something like a silly girl or from what had been written in the book, she couldn't say.

Pausing to adjust her glasses she noticed something on a low shelf. Bending to pick it up she found it to be a button, quite possibly the one missing from the girl's blouse earlier. Realizing what her position was doing to her skirt she stood up quickly, though she saw no one behind her.

Walking a little farther she found the place, one empty slot high up where the black book belonged. As she pulled a nearby ladder into place she spied something curious about the shelf. Someone had tied some long bits of black cord to the shelf, looped around and tied with several knots. The soft cord was warm to her touch, and there was an interesting scent in the air. Kind of like the man in black, but something else too.

As she prepared to scale the ladder she looked up and down the aisle again. She'd learned the risks of skirts and ladders earlier that day, and even in quieter parts of the library such as this a random visitor wasn't too far off. Carefully positioning herself on the rungs she climbed up and angled the book onto the shelf, soon finding that she'd slightly misjudged how far over she needed to place the ladder.

Deciding to go for it anyway she reached out farther, figuring it would only be a short drop anyway if she were to fall. Tempting fate had the result one might expect, and when her hand found a smooth part of the ladder rung it slipped free. With a squeak of surprise she closed her eyes and stiffened, reaching out at random to try to grab onto something.

A moment later she noticed two things. For one, she was no longer falling. Second, while one arm and leg were wrapped around the ladder and one foot dangled, her other arm was wrapped around someone's warm and well-toned shoulders. Someone with a familiar scent.

She lifted her head from the shoulder it'd been pressed against and opened her eyes to see the man in black regarding her with a warm smile. His hand at the small of her back pressed her close as he helped her down off the ladder, both of his arms curling around her as he set her on her feet. She bit her lip as the motion made her nipples brush down his chest a little, sensitive enough to feel it even through her blouse and bra, hard enough she wondered if he felt it too.

Her hands were on his chest as he steadied her, and she found she did indeed have to look up at him. Not so much taller that he'd have to lean too far to kiss her, though she chastized herself for thinking of it in such terms. One of his hands reached up to her face, and he found herself closing her eyes and quivering a little even though all he did was slip her glasses back into place and brush an errant strand of hair away from her eyes.

She had a thing about having her hair played with, though he couldn't have known that. Could he? She paused to catch her breath. Someone could come by at any moment and it wouldn't do for her to be found like this in the stacks on her first day. "Thank you," she managed to say as she tried to slip away. His hands resisted her at first and she pushed her hands against his chest a bit. A heartbeat later he released her, though she had no doubt he could have held her as long as he wanted to.

His hand brushed up her shoulder and his fingertips teased up her neck, his touch lingering a moment under her chin as he stood at arm's length. He smiled at her again, that dangerous secret smile. "Take care." His baritone voice went through her, with just a hint of a Spanish accent. She was glad she was already standing near the bookcase, fingers finding the shelf to steady herself lest she need him to catch her again.

Before she knew it she was alone in the stacks again, leaning against the bookcase trying to catch her breath. What was he doing to her? She ran her fingers through her hair and down her neck, almost considering opening a button or two of her blouse. Because she felt so hot, yes that was it. It was a bit stuffy in here at times. It had nothing to do with the way her nipples scraped at the inside of her bra, or the moistness she felt between her legs.

The sound of someone calling for closing time brought to her attention that one of her hands had already opened a button or two and then had stolen beneath her skirt, pressed against her dampened panties. Her other hand didn't come when called at first, and she noticed it had become tangled in the cord.

Blushing so much she thought she might glow she untangled herself and tried to straighten her blouse before going back out to the people. Adjusting her hair she noticed an increasingly familiar scent on her fingers. What she smelled on the cord and in that place smelled very similar to her hand. The hand that had touched him, and had touched herself.

At home beneath the covers she stoked the fire that had been smoldering earlier that day. Being a single woman she wasn't a total stranger to helping herself along, but that night seemed more intense than most. Alone with her fantasies everything was different.

She imagined being there with him in the stacks as she pinched her nipples just the way she liked, pretending it was his hands on her. Her hand slipped down her belly into her panties, imagining him holding her against the bookshelves as he fingered her. She moaned out loud as she thumbed her clit, her thighs tensing as she imagined them wrapped around him while he took her.

She found herself shaking from it all when she was finally spent, imagining all the lewd things she would do to him and have him do to her. Would that it were a different world and she a different woman. For her there would only be fantasies. Fantasies were safe.

On the second day Amy decided upon a change of attire. Maybe some white stockings would make her legs less noticeable, and a smart gray jacket would hide her breasts a little. Finding the jacket a little warm she'd gone with a thinner white blouse and skipped the bra, since that'd all be under the jacket anyway.

Things went quite well for awhile, which is to say they were as quiet as she hoped. Organizing books here, looking something up there. The man in black was nowhere to be seen when she'd arrived, though she kept feeling a subconscious need to tug her skirt down whenever she bent to attend to something as though he might be just around the corner.

And then towards the end of the day as she wandered from aisle to aisle with the stack of books needing to be put back, the very last book in the pile was the little black book with the pretty red A. If she went back there again would he be there waiting? No, someone would have noticed someone like him lurking about.

Besides, so what if he was? She wasn't some silly superstitious girl, afraid to walk down a dark aisle in a library. The campus had security guards, and beyond that in a quiet library a scream for help would be heard by everyone. She hugged the book to her breast and strode towards the proper place with renewed confidence.

The aisle showed no sign of the man in black, but nor was there a ladder around. She'd seen one a few rows back but didn't quite feel like going back for it. To leave now felt like making excuses. She could do this, dammit. And the open spot where the book belonged wasn't so high this time. She could probably tip it in herself.

Conscious of her skirt riding up a bit but determined to see it through anyway she stretched to try to get the corner of the book onto the shelf, first up on her left foot and then up on her right. The shelves pressed against her breasts as she got up on her tiptoes, trying to reach, almost there but not quite. She could just barely almost get it, but she needed...

"Might I be of some assistance?" She hadn't seen or heard him approach, but there he was just a few feet away, smiling at her again, striding towards her without waiting for her answer.

She chewed her lip and redoubled her efforts. Just tip the book in and go, that's all she had to do. "No... hrmf... no thank you. I'm quite alright... mm... I can do this just fine myself." How long had he been there, watching her bounce up and down trying to get at that shelf? She was glad her arm blocked his view of the blush coloring her face.

Then he was there with her, behind and slightly to the side. One hand touched her hip to steady her, the other touched her outstretched hand. She swallowed hard as his scent came to her and his breath caressed her ear. "I insist."

She leaned as close to the bookcase as she could but he came closer still, something firm brushing against her hip. His hand was warm on hers as they finally got the corner of the book in place and began to ease it in. Her calves were getting a little sore from being up on her tiptoes, but to set down on her heels would draw that firmness harder against her.

Her free hand groped at the bookshelf and she was now glad to find that the cord was still there. She held onto it tightly as she watched their hands on the book. His touch was like steel wrapped in silk, and her hand in his had no choice but to follow.

The space was a little tight as he eased just the tip of the corner in. His fingers brushed the edges, coaxing them a little wider as his thumb stroked the spot between her forefinger and thumb. It looked like it wouldn't fit but he eased it in a little bit at a time, making sure not to slip it in too roughly. The bindings made soft sounds against each other as he finally slipped it all the way in, tight and secure, where it belonged inside.

His hand stayed on hers as she brought it back down to shoulder-high by the other, closing her eyes as she looked away from his face next to hers. She fought to control her breathing. She didn't want to admit to him what effect he was having on her, or perhaps she didn't want to admit it to herself.

Get it together! All he did was help you put away a book and you're melting in his hands. His hands... His hands were on both her hands now, thumbs gently stroking her wrists. Her legs were quivering. Mostly from being on her tiptoes. She'd have to give in sooner or later. "Thanks," she murmured, cursing herself for how little confidence she'd managed to put into it. Go away go away go away...

He didn't seem to be interested in leaving no matter how loudly she thought it at him. Instead he stroked his hands up her arms, over her shoulders, and slowly down her sides to her hips. "My pleasure." If it weren't for the jacket she could have felt more of it, especially through her thin blouse... Stop that! Her fingers tangled in the cords, trying to think about something other than his touch.

"It's almost closing time." The cool wood of the shelf felt good against her forehead as she tried to make herself small against the bookcase, though her calves were aching. "I need... I mean, I should be..."

He shifted to stand fully behind her, brushing the firmness along the crease of her tush and leaving no doubt in her mind as to what it was. That was the last straw for her quivering legs, forcing her to relent and drop to her heels. She bit her lip to stifle a whimper as she felt his whole toned body against her from behind. Her nipples were stiffening swiftly and scraping against the inside of her jacket.

She dug her chin into her shoulder, eyes shut tight as his hands moved up to her shoulders, squeezing fondly. He brushed her hair aside and she felt his lips brush her ear as he whispered, "What do you need?"

She forced herself not to moan for him. She knew what she needed as well as he did. But not here. Not now. Not like this. "Please, I can't... I have to... Oh!" She gasped as he moved, sudden as a coiled snake, pulling the shoulders of her jacket down and spinning her to face him.

The closed buttons kept the jacket from going all the way off, and between the tightening of the sleeves and her wrists becoming tangled in the cords her hands were trapped behind her. Worse still, her breasts strained against her blouse and there was no mistaking her painfully stiff nipples poking at the thin material. He touched her chin with a fingertip and tipped her face up, and then she opened her eyes.

She should have called for help but she couldn't find her voice. She should have struggled but she felt frozen in place. She should have done something other than look into eyes, because that was all she could do now. Her lips pursed slightly, breasts rising and falling with each breath. When he stroked his thumb across her lower lip she just barely resisted the urge to kiss it. He leaned in as if to kiss her, but just whispered by her ear again in that terribly enticing voice. "What do you need?"

His cheek was warm against hers as he stroked fingertips slowly down her neck to the top button of her blouse. Her body was shaking as she tried to muster enough sense to do something. "Don't... please, I can't... I'm not..."

His fingers moved slowly downward, pausing just a heartbeat at each button, and though he opened none of them she felt naked before him already. Her body didn't seem to be listening to her anymore, judging by the way it arched when his hand passed between her full firm breasts. "But you are. You're so beautiful and you don't even know it. But you know you like it. You like it when a man can't keep his hands off you."

She balled her hands into little fists in the cord. She couldn't do this. She wasn't that woman. She shouldn't be here. She turned her face away from his, closing her eyes tight to escape his gaze. Trying to marshal the last of her courage and good sense she managed a whisper with only a little quiver in her voice. "S-stop... stop or I'll scream."

His warm touch lit a fire in her heart and between her thighs as his hand caressed down past her navel and along her thigh. "Scream and I'll stop." Her head was swimming, first from the feel of his fingers dipping under her skirt, second from the absurdity of his retort.

Never stopping his exploration he slipped his fingers to the top of her stocking as his other hand turned her face to his. She opened her eyes without thinking and she was his again, his lips so close to hers. She whimpered as his forearm brushed over her nipple and his fingers under her skirt teased up her inner thigh.

"If you really want me to leave, I will." She couldn't stop herself from pressing against his touch. "Just say the word and I'll disappear." His fingertips brushed the edge of her bikini cut panties. The grin and growl of approval he gave her made her flush bright crimson. It wasn't like she'd worn those for him, had she?

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