Quiet, Secluded No-Tell Motel


She did, and then surprised me by grasping behind both knees and lifting her legs high in the air. She gave me a wonderful look at her pussy and I saw her asshole peeking from below. I needed no further instruction. I slipped on a another condom, maneuvered close to her and rubbed by dick up and down her soaking slit.

"Fuck me," said the girl. "You gotta fuck me. I need your cock in me now."

I did. I slowly inserted my dick which brought forth a deep breath from the girl. Once inside, I held still for a few seconds and then gradually pulled out my dick. I slowly coiled and uncoiled into her pussy to the timing of her breathing. She'd inhale, I'd push in. She'd exhale and I'd pull out.

We had pretty good timing going as little grunts and groans were emitted from her lips as I continued the fuck. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought it would be so good. While our first effort was quick and to the point, this time we really took care and moved together.

Kissing the girl, I moved my hands around her ass and held her close as I pushed in and out of her wet snatch. She directed the action, telling me to move a little faster or slower as her body required.

Melissa was really getting into the coupling, telling me how good it felt. I did my darndest to stay away from an orgasm but I knew I was getting close and told her so.

She wasn't paying attention. "Oh, Rob, Oh, I'm gonna cum....fuck me...yes...I love it...do me....fuccck!"

With that she started bucking against me and continued to beg me to fuck her harder and harder. There were no further instructions required as I moved quickly in and out of the girl bringing her to a spirited orgasm a few seconds before I filled the condom with my spunk.

Again we lie together, breathing heavily as if we'd run a 100-yard dash. She felt so good, but soon I was losing my erection and she reminded me to grasp the top of the condom and carefully pull it while I pulled out of her.

"We don't want any accidents," she said. "If mom and dad were mad before, they'd murder us if I got knocked up!"

Again, I put the condom in my pants before heading into the bathroom to clean off. Duties done, Melissa joined me and used a washcloth to clean herself.

We still had a half hour or so on our time limit, and I still hadn't seen anyone watching us, so I figured nothing to worry about. Putting on my boxers and pants, I then laid back on the bed awaiting Melissa's return. A couple minutes later she did, her top on covering the top of her her bare legs and panties.

We cuddled and talked, sprinkling incredibles with wonderfuls and other plaudits. Of course I couldn't be sure she wasn't just saying things, but I know from my end she was beyond wonderful. Making love with Melissa was a dream come true, and I knew that I wanted to do it again and again.

"Look, I'm not looking to go steady or anything, but I have to say this was one incredible afternoon, and I'd love to go out with you again," said the girl. "Besides, you are so thoughtful and sexy..."

We laughed as I commented that her complement came quicker than I could get one to leave my mouth. I placed her head on my shoulder and held her close as we came down from our sexual highs. I couldn't help thinking how beautiful she looked, eyes closed, in my arms.

Thinking of the afternoon and my preliminary thoughts that I wouldn't know how to satisfy her or that I'd so something wrong were so far from reality. I guess it's natural, that if two people really want to get together and enjoy themselves they can.

"I guess we better get a move on it," I said to the girl after a bit. "I signed up for a couple hours and I don't know how strict they are with the time."

Melissa slowly got to her feet and pulled up her jeans. "Thanks for not doing a hit and run, Rob. This was a very nice afternoon. You are so considerate, setting this up, taking care of birth control, all that. And you made me feel absolutely wonderful." I mumbled something, she smiled, and we continued to dress.

Turning to her boots, she smiled at me and said she guessed I knew what they were.

"Uh, boots?" was my naive reply.

She laughed. "They are CFM Boots."

"Oh, the brand..."

"No dummy, you know, Come Fuck Me boots. I think they worked today."

I shook my head. She had me there. They were nice boots, and they looked great with her jeans.

Looking at my watch, I had an idea. I went over and kissed her, reaching down to her belt, unhooking it. Then I lowered her zipper.

"My word, what are you doing?" asked Melissa.

"Well, you are wearing CFMs and that's what I want to do!" was my quick retort.

Turning her around I easily pushed her toward the chest in front of the mirror. I gave a look to the window, and seeing nobody there I wrestled down her jeans and panties to her ankles.

Sliding my hand beneath her ass, I fingered that pretty pussy that had made me feel euphoric earlier. Within seconds I felt her wetness and played with that snatch.

"You are so bad, Rob, so bad," was all she said.

It was quite sensual. Her position, bent over the chest, allowed me to gaze right into her eyes in the mirror. Once more I stroked my dick, and then slipped on the last condom in the packet I had brought. I slid my dick around and about her ass.

"Be careful where you are putting that," said the girl. "I don't do dicks in the ass."

That thought had never crossed my mind, but it did get me harder fast. Damn, her ass felt hot. I continued rubbing her ass crack with my cock before reaching down and lifting her hips and widening her legs a little, giving me better access to her pussy.

Slipping in her snatch was a cinch from this angle as she was still wet from our earlier coupling and I held on to either side of her while watching her face.

Wow, she made all kinds of faces as I moved inside her. Some looked sensual, but others looked as if I was hurting her. I asked if I was.

"No, sweetie, it feels so good, don't stop," was all she said, her face all contorted.

I rocked slowly in and out of her, fucking that pussy from behind while watching her face contort. It was quite erotic watching her I the mirror. Once she bit her lips, as if to hold back a scream, while another time she sort of banged her head slowly against the chest to the beat of my rocking against her.

Her eyes were mostly closed, but she'd open them and look to the side then to the mirror and I'd smile at her. She'd sort of smile, wryly, back. Then there'd be a grimace or some other look.

I was very hot, but after two orgasms it wasn't easy to cum a third time. Still, the sight of her face, her ass, and the feelings I felt from her pussy were cum-inducing.

Banging against her from behind was so very hot, and seeing her in the mirror took it to a new level. It was like I was watching myself banging a girl on film, except that the pussy was real. I felt twitching in my balls and knew what was soon to come.

Telling her I was going to cum she merely groaned, which I took to be her approval. Pushing quicker against her I knew I was going to lose it and cum I did. I banged against the girl, pushing the chest toward the wall where it banged against it. I remember hoping nobody had checked in, because they'd obviously hear the action next door.

Holding her close, I told her that it was the boots fault, I was ready to go until I saw her put the CFMs on and I merely did what they suggested.

"Oh you are incredible Melissa, I am on cloud nine."

'And you are such an incorrigible boy, you took advantage of me!" she said with a smile.

I watched as she continued the smile and turned quickly, pulling off the condom and sucking my cock. She cleaned the bad boy up before wiping her lips on her sleeve. Then she said we better get a move on it. I watched as she pulled and pushed those tight jeans on and marveled at how I conquered that girl that day. Or had she conquered me?

It wasn't the last time we made love. We had a regular thing for several months before she dumped me for a college guy. She said we could be friends, but I knew it just wouldn't be the same.

* * * * * *

I was feeling kind of down after Melissa broke up with me, She was my first love, the first girl I'd banged.

I was miserable most of the time. Finally, Jake couldn't take it any more. 'Hey, there are other girls, Melissa is just one of them!"

Of course I knew he was right, but he was shagging a bevy of girls. There was talk he even banged the mom of one of our friends. I wasn't sure about that, but that was the rumor. I had a few dates, nothing special.

So as it happened the next day I met him at the diner, and we drive to the Capri Motel. There, Jake formally introduced me to Bill and Courtney and explained I was missing my girlfriend, the one that broke up with me.

"I remember you," said Courtney with a smile. "I checked you in a couple times. You were a nice couple, but you are way too good for her."

I figured she'd say something about watching me perform on Melissa from that back window. We'd been to the motel several times since that first time and I never gave it another thought.

We made small talk before the couple from the motel excused themselves and moved to a back room. Jake mentioned he needed a room later in the week and they were checking out timing. It was all very friendly. Finally, Jake looked at me and popped a question.

"Can you keep a secret?"

Of course was all I said.

We went into a back room where Bill and Courtney sat on a couch, while Jake and I sat on seats to each side of them.

The two were making out when we came into the room, but began kissing in earnest and fondling each other once we arrived. It was quite hot watching them, but it was also uncomfortable. Finally, Courtney pulled away. "Hey, it's only fair you watched us for a minute because we've enjoyed watching you and Melissa over the last few months."

She paused, then looked me directly in the eyes. "Are you horny?" said the girl. "Do you like to masturbate a lot?"

I don't know what got into me, but I nodded yes and said I did it every day since Melissa left.

"Do you use anything when you do? Look at photos or movies or anything?"

"Yea, clips mostly."

"Well, you will enjoy this one..." she said, pointing at the wide screen TV on the wall.

She clicked on a DVD and there was Melissa looking right at the camera. She was getting fucked from behind...by me! Grimacing. Groaning. Eyes open and closing.

They had videos of our escapades in the room at the end of the motel.

"Holy Shit," was all I could say.

I watched as I fucked the girl from behind. Right there in front of me.

"How did....?"

They explained how they said they'd be watching us, but what they hadn't said was they watched not from the back window but through the two-way mirror on the wall. And they caught all of our lovemaking as if in the room with us.

"You are a great lovemaker, and you will make a lot of girls happy. Enjoy this film," said the girl. "We will leave you to some privacy."

Bill, Courtney and Jake started to leave the room, handing me the remote. "Take your time, It's a great video," said the girl. "You were quite impressive, and if Bill here wasn't so wonderful I'd have my eyes on you. But as that is what it is, I do have a friend I'd think you'd like. Why don't you rub one off for old time's sake and I will give you her number."

Damn, that's what friends and a full service No Tell Motel are for.

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