Quiet Servitude Pt. 06a1


"I understand that one of your favorite movies is Total Recall." She continued. "So this scene should look relatively familiar."

My eyes were locked on the glass in front of me as I listened to her words, unable to understand where she was headed with all this.

"In the movie, Mr. Schwarzenegger is presented with the story that he has suffered a schizoid embolism and that the doctor talking to him was merely an implant. The good doctor hands him a pill and tells him to swallow it. There isn't anything to it he says but rather that it is a symbol of his desire. The glass in front of you is just such a symbol of your obedience to me. Picking it up and drinking it will show me that you recognize my authority and that you too are giving up some of your freedom to my wishes. Go ahead and drink it."

I hesitated for a moment and lifted the glass to my lips, but stopped just short.

"That's a good girl. Drink up. If you do, you'll be going on your errand today in your casual attire. If not, you'll be going out in that pretty little French maid outfit I hear you like so much."

I tipped back the glass and drank it completely down, a slight bitter taste left in my mouth.

"Happy?" I asked, finally able to make eye contact.

"It's a start." She replied. "We'll start chiseling away at that attitude this afternoon. It also appears that you're still harboring some home behind those pretty eyes of yours and until we extinguish that, I don't think we'll make any real progress. You still think that I'm holding something over Christa's head and that she'll return and rescue you from your new life."

I didn't answer her one way or another. The outlook on Christa not being involved seemed slim but I wasn't ready to give up all hope.

"Did you ever wonder how you managed to embezzle all that money? I certainly had my work cut out for me framing you in that but I couldn't have done it without all the personal information Christa provided me. In fact, I know more about you than the credit agencies do." She said, chuckling again. "Or what about you temporary incarceration at the mall, hmmmm? Think it was strictly a coincidence that the one receipt that would have cleared you was the only one not in the bags but in Christa's purse? Think she just happened to take it out of her purse when she came looking for you in case you had been arrested for shoplifting that bag of goods? Come on now. Who do you think reported you in the first place to store security anyway?"

Debbie's teeth were showing like a snarling wolf, her wide grin growing even larger at my obvious discomfort.

"But it's clear by your demeanor that you are still unconvinced."

I didn't know if it was indeed my demeanor or the pounding headache which continued to throb in the veins at my temples that make me unruly. If was she was telling me a lie, the pieces fit wickedly together and sounded valid.

Debbie then lifted several sheets of paper near her on the table revealing her cell phone.

"Did you get all this?" she asked the tiny phone. I was confused at first until I heard the roaring laughter on the other end. When that started to die down, a familiar voice came on the line.

"Sorry Debbie." The voice continued laughing. "I had the phone on mute. . . ."

It was Christa's voice coming across the crackling cell call.

"Glad you enjoyed it. You should see the look on her face. Better yet, here you go!" Debbie picked up the phone and before I knew it, the phone flash went off and my low-res pictures was winging itself off her to some unknown locale.

The line went quiet for a few minutes before the laughter began again.

"Poor thing." Christa said mockingly. "Don't look so down. You'll be so much happier as the woman you always wanted to be and I just needed to move on to something better."

"I don't think she's figured it all out yet Christa. Maybe you should explain that your old roommate Terry really was a woman and that gorgeous man you were screwing right in front of Stacy was someone you picked up one night almost a year ago and had been finding time to fuck whenever you could find the time when your dutiful husband was busy at work. Even doing it in your own bed at home too!"

The laughter was in stereo at my own expense. I was just too stunned to speak as I continued to stare at the tiny phone as it began to utter words again from a woman who I thought I knew and trusted.

"And what about Julie?" Christa asked rhetorically. "Also a college roommate but I haven't heard from her in years. The woman you met was merely someone I befriended and hired to play a part. I must admit that she was far more convincing than I thought possible. She was having so much fun. I wasn't going to tell her the motivation behind my plan but after I did she almost returned the money I gave her. It seems she was all too willing to fuck up the life of any man she could. A truly bitter woman but she would be thrilled at the results of her work."

The voice stopped for a moment while noise could be heard in the background of the call.

"Hey Stacy. How are things?" It was Terry's voice or the person who played Terry. "Just wanted to say thanks for the blowjob. If it's any consolation, you're the second best blow I've every had."

I could hear giggling in the background.

"Have fun Stacy!" Christa finally said. "We're going to be all over the place Debbie but I'll be sure to check in every so often so you can give me updates on how the bitch is working out for you."

"Ta-ta dear. Talk to you soon!"

Debbie pushed the disconnect button and sat there.

"If that didn't convince you, I don't know what will. Are your ready for your first lesson?"

"Yes ma'am." I mumbled, aware that my head was in a fog and my willpower was non-existent. I had been beaten and was now resolved to my fate which rested in her hands.

"Excellent. Now run upstairs, get dressed in something casual, get your purse and meet Hal out front."

Without another word, I rose to my feet and walked upstairs, feeling as though I were walking through water.

Chapter 14– Friday, June 13th – 9:55 a.m.

We had been in the car now for twenty minutes, with Hal behind the wheel. It was better that way because I was in no condition to drive as I sat there, my purse in my lap. The nice part of town had receded long ago and the less desirable areas were coming into view. Property values were way down and many of the storefronts were empty or abandoned. I wouldn't have been surprised if I was headed for sale at a slave market down here where the alcoholics and drug users walked the sidewalks by day and the prostitutes by night. Hal much have sensed my discomfort because he spoke up as we finally left the traffic and came to stop at a small warehouse with no signs posted. A single door was visible on this side of the building.

"This won't be so bad if you try to enjoy it. Chances are it will be as much pleasure as it will be work so give it a chance."

I shrugged, unable to put up any kind of resistance.

"Let's go." With that, he stepped out and I followed him towards the building where he held the door open for me and we walked inside. The room that greeted us was nothing that I expected. Instead of a gloomy opening it looked like a doctor's waiting room, with a receptionist at a small desk in the corner and several people sitting around watching TV or reading the magazines from the old coffee table sitting in the middle.

"Have a seat Stacy. I'll let them know you're here." I took a seat, no longer caring who the others were or what they thought of a man sitting in their midst wearing a skirt. I might have been feeling lethargic as I sat there but my mind was interested in what could be happening. I spied Hal signing the guest book and hand an envelope to the receptionist who had a Goth look to her. She smiled at Hal who walked away without looking back and nodded in my direction before returning to her work.

Several people left the waiting room while I sat there in silence but none came back out the single door leading deeper into the building.

After several minutes of anticipation, it was apparently my turn.

"Stacy?" the receptionist called out. I stepped up to the small desk and stared at her in anticipation. In return she stared at me, wondering if I had a question. When it was apparent that I didn't and knowing that this was my first visit she smiled and nodded in understanding.

"Sorry. Your turn." She said, motioning towards the door. "Just try to relax and have fun."


I turned on a heel and walked through the door, eager to unveil the mystery. If anything, the waiting room had heightened my anticipation but I still felt as though I were floating in a dream, unable to muster any real energy. I stepped through the door and found myself in a long hallway, with numerous doors on either side. No pictures. No numbers on the door. No carpet. The term non-descript even failed to do it justice. I took a few tentative steps down the hallway, unsure of what to do, when a door behind me opened and a young woman stepped out and looked my way.

"Are you Stacy?"

I nodded.

"In here today." She said, stepping back inside, allowing me to follow. The room was small, similar in size to a doctors examining room, but it wasn't really decorated that way. There were two dressers in the room on opposite walls adjacent to the door and a plain mirror on the remaining wall. There were no other pictures on the wall I noticed when I stepped in. The only other item, which could even be considered a feature were two small, yellow lights mounted in the wall next to the door opening. The woman was a short brunette with a slim and athletic figure; quite striking if my head wasn't swimming in a fog that kept me from thinking straight. The morning's events had affected me, but it was clear now that the show of obedience earlier with Debbie wasn't simply a glass of water as I had originally suspected.

The woman finished consulting a clipboard and turned herself back to me, running an examining eye up and down my body, taking in the details.

"Do you know why you're here today?" she asked, with a smile that seemed sincere and friendly.

"No ma'am. I don't have a clue. I'm sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry about." She said approvingly as she made a note on the clipboard. "It's actually better if the client comes in with no reconceived notions. I also understand that you were recommended by one of our best customers who is picking up the tab for the experience here. Since you are the one here, however, I need you to sign this form stating that you are here willingly. What you will experience here has been designed to be intense for a purpose and we just need to know that you are up for it."

She passed me the clipboard and indicated where to sign. I took the pen and without any hesitancy, I signed my name, Stacy Jackson with no hesitation. I wanted to stop and read it but my hand held it out for her to take.

"Great. Ready to get started?"

I looked around, unable to understand what exactly it was I was supposed to do.

"It's natural to be disoriented when you first come here but don't worry. The staff here will tell you often exactly what we want you to do and what not to do. If they haven't told you to do something, just stay put and don't do anything. The key to your individual program is obedience. Right now, you have a choice of giving us your cooperation. If you want to do something you'll do it. If you don't want to do something you try to resist and we coerce you into doing it. In some cases, you will be restrained and we will force you do to things you normally wouldn't want to do. Eventually, we will lead you down a path towards your goal. After we have worked together for a while and have tailored your experience to match with your personality we hope that we will move you closer to the objective selected for you. When we ask you to do things in the future two things will happen if we're successful. One, you will do those things asked of you without hesitation. This may sound logical now if you wish to do them, the key is to overcome the resistance you my harbor and to allow you to carry out those tasks willingly no matter what they are as long as you are commanded by key people in your life. The second goal involves doing the bidding of others in the hopes that your obedience brings them pleasure. There are those who find pleasure in commanding others and those who find pleasure in being commanded to obey. We understand that you like to be dominated but are unable to enjoy the situations because you feel guilty. We will drive our your ability to resist the commands and this in turn will provide you with the pleasure you enjoy without having to deal with guilt."

I nodded, unable to usher any feelings of resistance.

"Great. Let's get started. We are here in what we call the preparation room. It is here where we start most new recruits and where you will prove to us that you have the capacity and willingness for obedience. After I leave this room, you will have four simple task to accomplish. After I leave, you will remove all of your clothing. Top, skirt, bra, panties, shoes, everything. You can keep your earrings in and rings if you like but everything else goes in here." she said, pulling open the top drawer. She pulled opened the bottom drawer of the other dresser and pulled out two items and set them on top, a pair of handcuffs and what looked like a small sack, the opening held closed with elastic.

"Second, you will remain here until the first light on the wall here goes on." She said, motioning to the top light of the pair. "At that time, you will remove the contents of the top drawer here and get dressed in the items you find. You will remain here until the second light goes on and we're ready for you. You will immediately put on the hood and cuff your hands behind your back as so. When those two items are in place, you will open the door and step through, letting the door close behind you. You will then stand off to the side with your back against the wall and remain there until someone comes for you. If anyone asks you a question, you will now respond with 'Yes mistress or yes master.' Is this all perfect clear?"

I nodded again but only received a raised eyebrow. Apparently this was test number one.

"Yes mistress." I said, bowing my eyes in deference.

"Excellent." With that final approval she turned and left the room. I eyed the two small lights mounted in the wall and having no idea how long they were going to remain dark and not wanting to start out this bizarre adventure in a hole, I slowly began to undo the row of buttons running down the front of my blouse. As the seconds ticked by, two things happened. First, I grew worried that the first light would tick away and I wouldn't be ready so my fingers began to work faster, tugging at the button and zipper that held my black skirt in place. The second thing that happened was the rush of excitement I felt as the layers of clothing came off. The trembling of my fingers grew greater as the remaining items came off. When I had met the requirement I folded my clothes and placed them neatly in the drawer and closed it. Now that I had completed the first step and the two lights were still dark, I had nothing else to do. I stood there examining my naked form in the mirror, my penis clearly erect and my senses aroused. Stroking my penis gently as I studied the mixture of woman and man reflection it dawned on me that I could be called upon to finish my tasks and step from the room, the erection still present. I pulled my hand away hoping it would recede back to its normal state but the erotic nature of this place kept it in place. I could only hope that whatever clothing waited inside the drawer would help hide it. I would know soon enough as the first light sprang to life. I opened the drawer with trembling hands and pulled out the few items it contained. Any hopes of hiding my erect penis were dashed when I took out the panties, bra style top and low pair of slip-on heels.

I excitedly slipped on the panties and, as expected, the erection hung straight out against the flimsy lace. The bra sat flat against my round pecs with nothing there to press against the see through cups. I ran my hands across the frilly, ivory colored material and felt a rush of excitement course through my body. Watching my form move around in the mirror enhanced the feelings even more. As the minutes passed the joy started to subside slightly although the erection carried on. Guilt at enjoying such a bizarre experience began to set in slowly at first.

The guilt began to grow until finally I didn't feel as though I could enjoy myself dressed this way. There would probably be hell to pay when Debbie found out but I knew I couldn't stay. I had convinced myself that leaving was the only thing to do and went to retrieve the clothes I wore coming in.

But the top drawer in which I had put them was now empty. I ran a hand to the back but came up empty again. I tried the other drawers further down but they were just as empty.

My breathing grew heavy and fast as I pondered how my mysterious host had managed to make off with them but came up empty. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Either way I was suddenly faced with making a decision as the second light came alive like the first.

My pulse quickened as the tiny bulb continued to burn. I was racked with indecision until both lights flickered out.

"Oh my God!" I cried. What if I was too late? I quickly stepped into the shoes which fit perfectly, pulled the hood over my head, stunned by the complete darkness and fumbled to get the handcuffs in place behind my back. My wrists could feel the cold metal as I turned around, trying to find the doorknob. It took several precious seconds to locate it but I managed to pull the door towards me a few inches and work my fingers into the crack until I could put a heel inside and push it all the way open.

I did as commanded and stepped gingerly into the hallway. I eased the door shut behind me but stopped when I heard a noise coming from down. I frozen, with my back against the door. Hearing more voices now, I tried to push my way back inside the safety of the room but the door had latched! I tried for the handle and managed to grip it but it slipped in my sweaty hands. The sounds grew closer but it was clear that the handle, no matter how dry my hand, simply wasn't going to give way. The door was locked and I wasn't going to get back in the room.

From the sounds of the shoes on the hard floor and the murmur of the conversation, I deduced that two people where approaching, and having nowhere to hide I stoop up straight and tried to blend into the fake woodwork. The comments from the pair walking by, clearly one man and one woman I knew now, changed from normal conversation to comments that were clearly directed at my appearance.

The hood in front of me flapped as my breathing grew heavy again, the heat of the breath on my face. My erection, which had calmed down somewhat in the room was again totally unmanageable as it struck out from my torso. I could hear the pair pass by, the cool air following them rushing past my nearly naked form. I was so hard and stiff I wanted to end the delicious agony but they had planned ahead and made sure to clearly state that my hands were to be cuffed behind my back. They knew exactly how I would react; even more so than I knew myself!

I heard a door down the hall open and after it closed again I knew the couple had gone through it. The hall belonged solely to me once again. Remembering my instructions carefully, I shuffled slowly to the side and took up a place next to the door jamb with my hands pressed against the wall behind me.

It went on like that that for twenty minutes as various people came and went. Few made it past me without comment and even if fewer walked by without stopping to say a few words. It was an ego boost to hear compliments from most but it soon passed when they began to comment on the frilly bra and very unfeminine-like bulge in the front of my matching panties. I could sense a few coming closer or imagined them reaching out towards me but no one laid a finger on me. I found the sense of disappointment to be quite interesting.

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