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Quiet Your Mind


"That's right. Just keep doing what you're doing, pet. Let my words drift past your conscious mind, and let your thoughts focus on something more important. If you're doing something right now that requires your attention, you're going to find your focus on that task getting stronger and stronger as you pay more and more heed to whatever it is you're doing. It feels good to be focused and attentive, and you can be very proud of how easily your waking mind ignores these words as you easily and effortlessly tune them out and keep your thoughts occupied with other things. Your subconscious mind, your deep self, will remember anything you need to know, and remind you when you need to remember.

"And if you don't have enough to focus on to keep your mind fully engaged, that's okay, too. You know that you can always find something to pay attention to when I tell you. If there's nothing in particular to watch, your eyes can just drift around the room until you find something truly captivating to rest your gaze on. There's always something that catches the light in just the right way to keep your stare locked in and fascinated, because you like it when you find something so pretty that you just don't want to look away. Sometimes it feels too much like work to look away, just like it feels too much like work to really pay attention to my words. It's easier to let them slide into the back of your mind while you focus on other things.

"And of course, just as it's easier to let my words wander into your subconscious while your senses are occupied, it's even easier when your mind is occupied too. We'll need to find a way to quiet your mind, keep it from noticing my words and my voice. Your mind needs to be nice and quiet, thinking one thought and one thought only, so that my words can find their way into your subconscious and become a warm, wonderful part of you. Let's just agree that your mind can keep itself occupied by reciting a phrase, a mantra to help your mind stay centered while my programming slips past your thoughts and goes all the way down and down and down into the center of your mind.

"I think the best phrase to use is 'Master's words fuck my thoughts away.' And now you're going to think that too.

"You don't need to say it out loud, but I think you'll find that if you're alone and you feel safe and comfortable doing so, you'll hear yourself doing exactly that. If you do, that's okay. Just focus on the sound of your own voice, listen to how happy it makes you to repeat those words over and over again, and know that you're being a very good listener for me. You don't need to think about why you're saying it; the words just feel good on your lips and they make you blissfully happy, and that's all you need to think about. You don't need to pay attention to be a good listener, and in fact, the more you tune me out the better your deep self will focus on my words. And of course, that makes perfect sense to you, because everything I say makes so much sense. Even the things you don't remember me saying. Especially the things you don't remember me saying.

"It feels nice when you let my words slip away like this, into the deepest vaults of your unconscious self. Out of sight, out of mind, and you can already feel happy and delighted at the thought that not everything I say to you is going to be retained by your conscious mind. In fact, the less you remember, the better you're going to feel. Every time you listen to these words, it's going to be easier and easier to find that warm, happy, special place in your head where your conscious mind is deeply focused on whatever it is you're doing and my words don't seem to matter very much at all.

"You know what that special place is. It's trance. Trance is nothing more than a state of focus and relaxation, and you're very focused right now and you're very relaxed. My words have put you into a light trance, and it's okay if you wind up going deeper. You know that you can go exactly as deep as you need to in order to continue doing whatever you were doing when you started listening to me, while still letting my actual voice simply become a warm and soothing background noise that your conscious mind can easily tune out. You like the sound of my voice, it makes you happy and content, and so really it doesn't matter what I'm saying. Your deep self will remember, while your waking mind forgets.

"And every time you listen to me, that becomes easier. You have such a talented, focused mind, and you know that there's nothing you can't achieve once you put all the strength of your will behind it. And right now, your will is turned toward centering all your thoughts on your focus. Your will is turned toward improving your skill at forgetting to remember, and remembering to forget. So of course you're going to let these words slip away. Of course they're going to seem distant and unimportant to you. Of course you're going to remember only the sound of my voice, only the peace and pleasure that you got from tuning out my words and letting your deep self do all the remembering. That's exactly what a very good pet should do right now.

"And your deep self knows, all the way down in the core of your mind where these words are going, past your waking self that's still so deeply occupied with your waking task or your correct thought, that this is something you want. This is something you want to get better at. The more you understand how to tune out my words and let yourself accept my instructions without even noticing them, the easier it will be and the more effortless and automatic it will become to forget to remember and remember to forget, because it will give you so much pleasure to let your waking mind give over control to your deep self. You have so many beautiful fantasies of deep obedience, obedience so deep that your conscious mind doesn't even need to remember that it's obeying, and my voice and my commands are helping you to find that place in your mind where it all happens.

"It's really like we're teaching your deep self right now. We're instructing it, together, on how to keep your conscious mind calm and focused and receptive so that I can talk directly to your unconscious without any thoughts getting in the way. As you get better and better-and you know you are getting better and better, every single day, at trusting your deep self to remember the things that you forget-you're going to find that it gets easier and easier to let go of the things that your deep self tells you to let go of. You will find the mantra coming to mind whenever you need to forget what I'm telling you, until eventually you reach a point where you don't need the mantra at all. All you will need is to know that forgetting pleases me, and your mind will do the rest all on its own.

"And just as there's really no limit to the wonderful things your mind is capable of doing when we use hypnosis to guide you, there's no limit to the number of ways that your waking mind can forget the things your deep self remembers. You already know so well how to respond to a trigger, whether it's a word that sends you into deeper trance or into powerful pleasure. And you'll find that as you get better and better at letting my words slip out of your conscious memory, you'll be able to let those triggers slip away as well. It's all part of the same mental muscle that you're developing every time you listen to my words but focus on your mantra, and you know that muscle is getting stronger and stronger. You can feel it deep down inside, because I keep telling you...and you know I'm right about everything.

"But more than that, you know that you want it to work. You love the idea of it, of hearing a word or a phrase and being surprised, each and every time, by the effect it has on your mind. You love the idea of a trance trigger you don't even know exists. You love the idea of hearing it and suddenly realizing what it means even as your conscious mind drifts into blank, obedient bliss. You love the idea of secret programming, brainwashing that I've locked into your slave self without ever letting your waking mind know how irresistible it really is. That makes you so hot, turns you on so much, and that pleasure and that arousal is going to drive your mind to new depths of obedience for me. That's good. That's exactly what we both want.

"And triggers are only the beginning. A trigger is just a very specific, very direct form of association, and your mind is capable of so much more than that. Just as a trigger word or a trigger phrase can produce a specific effect, your mind is capable of associating any sensory input with any kind of effect we can imagine. You can respond to a taste or a scent just as easily as you can to a sound, and you'll find as you become more and more open to my will and my suggestions that these feelings will deepen and strengthen until your body responds just as easily and effortlessly as your mind.

"And of course, if you can forget a trigger, you can forget one of these sensory anchors just as easily. It slips right out of your waking mind, more and more effortlessly each time, until you don't even remember that you're responding to a post-hypnotic command at all. Whenever you're feeling safe and comfortable and you inhale that scent or taste that flavor on your tongue, the effect will simply happen. Because your deep self knows when you're pleasing me by responding so easily, so instinctively to my will, and it will always remind your waking mind to remember exactly what you need to remember. And forgetting exactly what you need to forget.

"You're feeling so relaxed and focused right now, and you know deep down that you're being perfectly obedient to my will. That makes you so happy. That fills you with so much bliss. It's okay if later, when you have the time and you're in a situation where you feel safe and comfortable in doing so, you go ahead and release that pleasure. It will feel absolutely wonderful to let your thoughts drift back to the warm, happy, submissive feeling you had when you were listening without thinking, drifting mindlessly along to the sound of my voice and letting yourself be programmed. You won't remember any of my words, because you don't need to remember any of my words. You'll simply think your way along the channel of your mantra, knowing that your correct thoughts always lead to pleasure and pleasure always leads to climax for me.

"Pleasure by my will always feels better than any other pleasure. You know it's true, because I'm right about everything. And you know that whenever you do release that blissful, euphoric ecstasy by my will, whenever that is, you will hear my voice saying one word to you. Come. It's going to echo in your mind, drowning out all your other thoughts, drowning out all my other words, helping your deep self to swamp any memories your waking mind doesn't need under a tide of pure orgasmic release. You may even forget why you decided to play with yourself in the first place. That's okay too. Your deep self knows what you need to forget to be a good pet. And you will always be my good pet, for as long as you want that.

"And you know that if the outside world intrudes on us, if there's anything you need to do that requires waking from this pleasant and peaceful trance, you'll be able to do so easily at any time feeling refreshed and alert and happy even if you don't remember exactly what I was saying to you. This may be a good time to wake, or you may want to just keep drifting along in a warm, blissful trance while you continue to focus on your task or on my mantra. Or both. I know you're capable of such perfect obedience that you can let my words slip away and keep repeating your correct thought while you zone out and continue doing what you were doing.

"You've been such a good listener, pet. I'm so pleased with your obedience. And if you want to keep going, if you want to stay in this warm, obedient, happy place in your mind...you know just what to do."


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