tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuincunx Ch. 03

Quincunx Ch. 03


Practice makes perfect

We made the way station late into sunset, the sun already a disc a fingers width above the distant ridge we'd climb tomorrow. Unfortunately, storm damage from the winter had seen part of the shingle roof collapse and left the inside littered with leaves and detritus.

The four-horse stable at the back was okay and we pulled in there, setting a fire in the brazier we found, using some loose stones to build our own fire and prepare things before the dark sky was upon us.

Rash had taken no part in our tasks but had wandered away into the field and collected an armful of spring flowers, waltzing back in to find me tending the fire and the food while Miriamni was still tucking the animals up for the night.

"These will freshen the caravan up," she said walking past me.

I turned and watched her as she mounted the steps. Under that bundle of clothes she hid behind was a sweet little figure, the thought of which set my knob twitching as I wondered what the night had in store.

I turned back to stirring the pot and watching for the coftea to boil. Dinner was the same as last night, strips of meat and a vegetable broth to stew with it. The coftea was ready when Miriamni came back from the little stable and she sat and drank it, calling Rash to come and get hers.

"Last night before you make the border," I commented, making conversation.

"Tomorrow is another climb up to the horse shoe pass, no more civilization till we're there," she replied.

Though it was not local to me any traffic along this way would pass through our lands, along our paved trail of rock waste from the mine, laid long ago and trodden near smooth over years. It was really only tradition that kept it open except in the snows.

Rash didn't come out till dinner was cooked and Miriamni again called her. She then surprised us by appearing in a summer dress. Her transformation was jaw dropping, the young boy I first espied was now a beautiful young maid, no, her eighteenth birthday made her a young lady now.

It showed off her figure, her hips, her slim waist and long legs. She had flounced out her golden hair and it glowed like a halo in the red rays of the dying sun. My heart gave a leap at her wholesome beauty, my pulse racing as she walked over and squatted on her toes.

"Do you think it's safe," Miriamni asked her as she reached for the coftea.

Rash hefted the pot and set it down to lift the lid. "Hey, there's only half a cup left. Who's tending it?"

"I'll do it," volunteered Miriamni, rising and stepping to pick the pot.

I continued to ladle the bowls equalling out our shares while casting sideways glances at Rash, the shape and form of her leg outlined by her dress as she squatted feet from me. I felt an excitement just looking.

The pert nose, too small for a boy, now just right and setting her mouth and chin off nicely, her bust filling the top and looking good handfuls, she was better looking than Webberli. With her petite frame and slim thighs she was turning me on.

Miriamni came back with a fresh pot as the food was ready.

"We should take this inside where there are seats," she said, standing from putting the pot on the edge to slow boil.

She stooped to pick hers and turned to the caravan.

I picked mine and rose and followed, glancing at Rash's tush as she bent for hers, my eyes following the smooth curves of her body.

I squeezed in next to Miriamni, legs resting on the trunk. Rash came in and sat opposite, tangling her legs with mine. We sat quietly eating; the sound of spoons scraping wooden bowls the loudest noise. Miriamni was half way through when she disturbed us by insisting on checking the coftea and bringing the cups in for us when she returned.

I sat back, my belly grateful for the rations we had consumed, but still thinking of the rich meal I could be having at home. Miriamni was left eating hers as Rash put her plate aside and took her coftea. As I drank mine Rash twisted her legs and I saw a flash of her white cotton knickers, quickening my pulse again.

"I need to visit the bushes again," I announced, swinging my feet to the floor. "Have you got a candle or lantern I could take?"

Miriamni looked up and pointed. "I think you'll find a candle up there."

I looked and opened the top locker and found a thick candle at the edge. Lighting it, I stepped to the door and opened it. Outside there was another mist descending; I could feel the chill in the air.

"It's getting foggy again," I called back inside as I closed the door and stepped out into the gathering gloom.

When I got back Rash was lying on her bed and Miriamni lay in the corner on hers.

"Good," Miriamni stirred herself as she said it, crabbing down to the bottom and slipping her feet off.

"Come on Rash it's our turn," she exclaimed, rubbing her breasts across my chest as she squeezed past me.

I sat there in the corner of Rash's bunk, leaning against the back wall with my feet perched on the chest, grateful at first to be in from the cold air seeping down from the mountains to the north, with a watery showing of the great wheel.

They'd taken the lantern and left me with the candle and the subtle scent of the flowers she had hung in bunches at one end. My knob was stirring as I thought on about tonight and the incredible turn on I was getting from seeing Rash in a dress.

Rash was the first back, flouncing in with her dress bouncing around her legs. She turned and lay next to me, her arm across my legs. Miriamni settled back on her bed and leant against her back wall.

"Well, do you want to start?" she asked Rash, flicking her eyes over me before focusing on Rash.

"Do you want to run back over it so Davor knows what his part is?"

"Oh, Rash," she complained.

"I don't want to do it in little steps, stopping and telling him what comes next," Rash replied.

"Oh, okay," she said a little exasperated, looking directly at me.

"When a man and a woman come together," she began. "First he must flatter and kiss. He must excite the woman's interest, then as he gets bolder and finds her agreeable to his advances he may let his hands stray to her breasts, teasing and playing with them through her clothes."

She paused and looked at us both, flicking her eyes between us.

"After playing enough to arouse her nipples either he or she, with his help, should unbutton and bare her breasts, playing with them again but with his mouth and tongue now, licking, sucking and caressing them till he makes her sigh and groan."

I wished I'd started taking notes; she was rattling through it like a tutor with a well-worn introduction.

"If you haven't got the dress off do it now and start caressing down her stomach with a hand, go over her knickers if she's wearing any and gently rub her mons, letting your fingers find its form and creases as you press against it. She should take her knickers off and let you play and finger her until she's ready for more and you follow with your mouth and start exploring again with your tongue."

She was talking in a dreamy way as if she were following it in a vivid imagination, the perfect way she'd like to make love herself.

"After he licks her slit a while he slips it inside and she feels the wonderful sensation of it gliding over the sensitive skin. Then he knows it's time to play with her clit till she comes, shaking with her orgasm as he gently teases her."

She was sitting back in her corner, eyes closed and massaging her thigh with her hand. I listened as she excitedly chattered on. My knob had stiffened up with the erotic images it conjured up in my mind, Rash lying naked as I played with her body.

"Then he holds her and lies down turning so she's on top and she can guide his knob into her and she friggs him." Miriamni concluded.

I eased the string open, letting my bursting knob have air and freedom. Rash noticed and reached forward to grasp it. I felt a thrill as her cool fingers wrapped themselves around it.

"Rash," chimed Miriamni, bringing my attention back to her. "You can play with that later."

Reluctantly she let go, and her disappointment found an echo in me.

"Now," Miriamni said pointedly. "Shall we start the seduction?"

Rash turned her head to me, lips slightly pouted, and leant in. I twisted to face her and brought my hand round to cradle her neck, my heart beating with excitement as my fingers brushed her skin and folded into place.

As our lips met my free hand slipped around her waist and I gently eased us back to lie on the bed. She pressed her lips against mine platonically, I parted my lips and let the tip of my tongue slip out, brushing it around hers, moistening them, shivering inside at how delicious it felt just kissing and holding her.

I opened my mouth a little further and covered her lips, drawing mine down to softly caress hers, then stroking my tongue across her still sealed lips. She responded with a sigh deep in her throat, and let her lips part a little.

I seized her bottom lip between mine and gave it a soft suck, running my tongue along the inside before letting her lip slip back out. Her hand moved from my shoulder where it had been resting and circled my neck, her fingers tangling in my hair.

With her lips still parted I circled my tongue around the inside and trapped her upper lip between mine, pulling on it gently and letting it slip back. Her hand tightened in my hair as she pressed herself against me, my throbbing knob pinned against her, feeling her body move under the fabric of her dress.

I pushed my tongue against her teeth, teasing them apart and let it glide over hers, feeling the excitement building between us. My hand had slipped up her neck and was massaging the back of her head, while the other was running lightly up and down her spine.

I felt charged up lying there with her, oblivious to the presences of Miriamni, lost in a world of sensations and delight with Rash's sweet body in my arms. My time with Webberli had rarely felt this good, my passion this high or my knob so hard and insistent.

Our kissing continued, our tongues entwined, my breath snorting through my nose and hers hot on my cheeks as our mouths twisted together.

"Move your hand to her teat now," Miriamni commanded from some outer darkness.

I needed no further encouragement, my hand withdrawing from her back, snaking with my fingers trailing over the material of her dress till it found the rise of her breast, cupping it with the hard point of her nipple centred in my palm.

I pressed my hand against it, moving it in slow circles, feeling the firm nub roll under my palm. Her head dropped back slightly and she gave a small moan of delight and then pulled on my head to meld our lips together again.

Rash let herself slip sideways slowly, taking me with her till we were lying facing one another.

"Unbutton my dress," she whispered.

I kissed her neck, then her shoulder as my hand reached around to fumble with the small buttons. As I popped the fourth she moved back away from me and half sat as she shrugged the front down, quickly pulling her arms from the sleeves as she revealed her small inviting breasts in the half light of the flickering lamp.

I stretched my hand up to her neck and pulled her to me, my free hand skimming over her smooth skin of her back as I pulled her tight against me again, with my mouth urgently seeking hers. Our kiss was passionate as her lips crushed against mine, the hard nubs of her nipples pressed against my chest.

I was lightheaded and excited as my hand stroked the bare flesh of her back, over the hard ridges of her backbone and up to her neck as our tongues played and wrestled together. Her one hand held my neck whilst the other copied mine and her fingers trailed lightly down my spine and round onto my waist.

I broke the kiss and gave her a quick kiss on the chin then let my tongue slide slowly and smoothly down her throat and down over her Adam's apple, tracing a route down to the valley of her breasts. I could hear her breath quicken excitedly as I kissed between them, letting my tongue mount one to caress the proud nipple.

I savoured the feeling as my tongue circled her areola, gliding over its textured surface as my hot breath puffed over it, my tongue caressing the firm erect nipple enclosed by my lips. I brought my hand to her waist, gently urging her over onto her back, twisting on top of her with my knees straddling her hips, pinning her legs with the fabric of her dress.

As she settled back my hand moved to cup her free breast, while I sucked on the other, my tongue crossing and recrossing, pressing on it as she gave another groan of pure pleasure. I drew my fingers up till I had her nipple trapped between my finger and thumb, giving it a squeeze before tweaking it gently, twisting it left and right as a tiny shiver convulsed her body.

My knob, tangled in the dress, felt hard enough to snap as her hips wiggled against it. Her hands clasped my head as her fingers pulled on my hair. I swapped between her breasts, my fingers gliding over the wetted nipple of one as my teeth pulled gently on the other.

I felt her pleasure growing and wanted to please her more, swapping again and again as her shudders and groans came more rapidly. As her back arched pulling the fabric under my knees I quickly brought my hand around behind her back, seeking the last buttons to free her dress and let me slip it down her body to uncover her mound with its covering of sparse blond hair.

She pushed herself up on her feet letting me draw the dress down over her knees and I slid further down, pulling her legs free and opening them wide to reveal the glory of her moist pink cunny. I spent a second or two gazing in sweet delight, my knob twitching with the desire to enter her.

I bowed my head, blowing at the tousled hair that rimmed it before bending further to let my tongue glide over each side, brushing the stray hair free as my tongue circled the puffy outer lips and gathered in the dew drops of her juices that clung to it.

She shuddered as my tongue crossed the top and I felt the firm nub of her clit beneath the tip. I let my tongue circle further and found her hunny hole with its coating of juices; I paused there to suck and taste the sweet delicious cum while my nose buried itself in the soft hair and inhaled her fragrances.

I pushed my tongue inside while moving my hands up her inner thighs, dragging my fingernails lightly over her soft skin. Squeezing them past my cheeks till my fingers rested either side of her plump lips, I gently massaged them up and down as my tongue wiggled around inside her.

Her hips jerked against me and pushed my tongue up to make contact with her clit again. I pressed my lips in and gently seized it, fluttering my tongue over its tip as another shudder passed through her.

I teased and pulled at it as I felt her thrusting hips pushing at me, her moans and sighs growing louder as I heard her breath huffing and puffing. She screamed and pushed violently against me, throwing her hips in the air as her back arched and shudders wracked her body, jerking like a wild horse trying to throw its rider.

She collapsed back onto the bed, hands still grasping and squeezing her breasts with her nipples peeking through her fingers, abdomen rippling as she gasped for air and a look of contentment growing on her contorted face.

I gazed over her body as I eased back, letting her legs close as they sagged back onto the bed. Her slim figure was glistening with perspiration in the yellowing light of the lamp, stray strands of her golden hair stuck to her temples.

She sighed and bent her head to look at me, a broad smile even as she still panted for breath.

"Thank you," she said hoarsely. "Thank you for the best...." her words trailed of as she sought superlatives to describe her feeling.

Despite my stiff knob still throbbing between my legs I felt happy that she was happy, pleased that I had satisfied her so well. I leant forward to measure my length on her, balancing on my elbows as I brought my lips to hers to kiss her.

She clasped me around the neck, lifting herself to meet my lips with a passion that launched her tongue to twine with mine the instant they met. As she lifted I shifted my elbow and slipped my arm around her back, pulling us closer together.

As our bodies pressed together I felt my knob sliding on her mound, her pubic hair softly brushing against it. She gasped and lifted her legs and curled them around my thighs, pressing her wet silky smooth lips around it.

I groaned as she started jiggling her hips and sliding over my knob, bending and pulling at it. I started to roll her to the side but hit the wall of the caravan and had to twist her on top of me. She turned her legs to end up sitting astride my crotch, her cunny riding my knob still.

Rash rocked her hips, sliding along my length, with her head thrown back and her open mouth letting out a throaty groan. Each time she swung forward and stroked over my helmet the thrill electrified me. She had barely gotten a few strokes in when Miriamni reminded us of her presence.

"Rasyondi, if you want more let him lick you some more," she ordered. "That's too dangerous for a virgin."

Rash obeyed her and stopped, much to my chagrin. The look on her face wasn't a pleased one either, but her sense of duty overcame her desires. She rose, spinning herself to the side of the bed.

"Go on, sit on his face again, you can try it the other way round," Miriamni consoled her.

I lifted my arms to her, excitement growing in me at the thought of the intimate act of tasting and playing with her delicious cunny again. As she turned and looked her face softened and a little smile crept into the corners of her mouth.

I helped her position herself, my cock twitching with longing as I tasted her hot wet cunny. Her aroma was even more pungent with her pubes brushing my chin as she settled, her clit positioned on my probing tongue.

I flicked across it as I wriggled my arms comfortable, holding her hips as she leant forward, her elbows on my gut and her hands, or rather fingers, lightly teasing my stiff knob. I pressed my lips closer and fluttered my tongue on its tip, as her fingers grew bolder and brushed up to my head sending thrills through it.

I sucked on it, crushing my lips against hers as my tongue caressed it in its prison. She moaned and a shiver went through her, swishing her hips and rolling my head jerkily. Her fingers slipped around my knob as she squeezed and waggled it, mixing pain and pleasure.

"Lick it," Miriamni instructed her. "It's only fair to pleasure him back. Lick it and suck on his mushroom and you'll get better from him."

I felt her tentative tongue touch against my slit. Just the gentlest brush, then the next stroke with her tongue as a broader brush glide up from the rim, slathering over the top as she pressed it down. My knob twitched in her hand, the thrill surging down through my balls.

As she stretched forward I let her clit free and bent my head to trace my tongue down the folds and creases, exploring her nooks and crannies as my tongue flicked from side to side and ended up tracing the rim of her hunny hole.

I craned my neck and entered her with my tongue, swirling it round with my tip tracing lightly round. She took the next step as her hand waggled my knob. I felt her lips brush across the tip, sliding over my slit, the warmth of her soft breath a gossamer down its length.

I felt her shudder in my hands again, leaving her clit in easy reach, her nipples teasing my abdomen. My tongue snaked out to circle it a few times before flicking firmly across it, sending another shiver through her.

She pushed further down, my head squeezing through her lips as she widened her warm wet mouth to accept it, letting her teeth take its measure as it slipped in. The feeling of her tongue as it welcomed it seared a channel through my centre, giving me to gasp at the pleasure, snorting through my nose.

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