tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuincunx Ch. 04

Quincunx Ch. 04


Onward ever onward

I got the fire going and the preparations for supper started. Miriamni as usual tended the horses. Rash had taken a short walk in the gathering gloom, to the turn down the mountain at the other end of the pass.

In my mind I had decided to turn back and was saddened that this should be my last night. I wanted to frigg Rash, not Miriamni, still I might find her receptive and willing to engage in more. My thoughts turned to my arrival home, the tale I should tell, planning the expurgated version.

I heard Rash speaking but not her words.


"I said I can't wait for tomorrow." She repeated. "I'm going to be free to do as I like, no more talk of protocol and duty."

"Yes," I replied unenthusiastically, looking over to where she sat on the steps of the caravan. "Tomorrow I get my life back."

She had the lantern next to her casting a soft glow, but leaving from her waist down in shadow. She'd changed again to another summer dress and the thought struck me as to the size of her wardrobe. Those two trunks were mostly full of her clothes.

"You sound disappointed," she said, concern showing in her voice.

"No," I said smiling. "I was just thinking of the tale I'll tell when I get home."

"Oh," surprise showing in her inflection.

Thinking a second she added "It won't be believed." A smile coming to her face. "You can't tell them everything."

I laughed. "That I was captured by a mysterious lady who enslaved me with a magical collar, forced to help then take their wagon over the mountain into Potiau?"

She laughed with me, we were still giggling when Miriamni joined us.

"What's funny," she asked, helping herself to coftea.

"Just thinking of how I'll explain myself when I get home." I explained, keeping the joke private.

"It looks like we'll have a fine day tomorrow," Miriamni commented. "You can see clear across the sky."

She turned her head and nodded at the rising circle of stars, the tip of it climbing over the mountains to the east. I followed her gaze, wondering again of its nature.

""The air is clearer up here anyhow," declared Rash, getting her words in and drawing our attention back.

I fished some of the meat out of the pot to check on it, judging how plump the sun dried jerky was now.

"Is it ready yet?" Rash asked.

"Not yet, if you like your meat tender," I replied, dropping the piece back.

"Rash, I want to borrow one of your gowns, hang it as a curtain between us," Miriamni said turning to Rash still on the steps.

"Well yes, if you want," she answered cautiously. "But we'll have to be careful with it."

She stood and Miriamni stood and followed her inside. I continued to watch over the pot, giving the ladle an occasional turn round the pot, thinking again of the forthcoming performance with Miriamni and fingering for the first time in a while the collar round my throat.

I called them when the food was ready, passing each of them a bowl and spoon as they got to the fire, then following as we went to sit in the caravan. Rush sat there excitedly talking nonsense, idle dreams about how she would arrange her time, house and life, a pretty young girl with fancy hopes.

I brought my bowl out as I went to ease myself. As I turned I saw in the west a host of falling stars.

"Rash, Miriamni," I shouted back through the door. "Come and see the shooting stars."

They came bundling out, Rash first as I stood to the side and pointed.

"Make a wish," Miriamni clamoured in my ear as she caught sight of them.

I put my bowl down and answered the call of my bladder, taking a turn round the side to conceal myself. I stood and looked at the magnificent display in the heavens wondering what Grek, our astrologer, would be making of it.

Miriamni was sat by the fire, stoking it.

"Do you believe in fate?" she asked me.

"Sometimes," I replied, gathering the bowls and the pot to wash them for breakfast.

"A traveller once told me that I'd marry a rich man in a distant country, read it in the cards she did."

"My brother was told his wife would bear him three sons and three daughters." I replied matching her tale.

"I used to wonder what it would be like to travel."

I was listening but letting her ramble on.

"My Brart was against me going, he thought that Rasyondi should be bent over her father's knee. But I knew her stubborn streak, and old Brart found change in his pockets after buying the things she wanted"

She turned and looked at the caravan. "Two hundred gold wheels that cost."

"Two hundred?" I replied, prompting her on.

"That was including the horses," she added. "They're worth twenty apiece."

And I had fifty wheels worth of Janaweed in my panniers, five packs aside. The thought flicked through my head from nowhere.

"There you are," said Rash re-joining us. "They're still raining down."

I glanced over my shoulder for a moment. The display had only the background of the lesser stars and no moon to compete with making their brilliance all the brighter, lines of sparkling white cutting the sky.

They were beautiful, but I wanted to get the utensils washed and prepared for breakfast. It had been hard work sand scrubbing the pot for breakfast this morning. In another few moments I'd finished and walked over to the embers of the fire to join them.

"There was some star metal that fell three villages away from my home. My father got some for the armourer to make him a sword. It's heavier but has a much deeper bite and keeps its edge well." I told them, squatting with my back to the coals.

I could feel a chill settling in the air, and was gladdened by the thought that I would be dressed in my own clothes tomorrow. I'd have to journey on with them though first, I needed more supplies for the journey back. Providing, of course, that the villagers took my wheels.

I was beginning to raise Goosebumps, the hairs on my arms sensitive to the light breeze.

"I'm cold," I announced, rising. "I'm going back inside."

I walked, listening if Miriamni would stir and follow but the silence bore my answer. Inside, I was surprised by the gown; they'd strung it by the arms, its hem trailing across the chests. It was a rich silk, pale and lemony in the lamp light, embroidered with colourful semi-precious stones.

I tried to imagine her wearing it, flowing round her curves. I slipped my hand through the unbuttoned back, seeing the extra padding for her breasts, touching its soft smooth surface where her breast had lain.

I sighed, thinking about this last night of sleeping with her, her soft body pressed to mine. I felt my knob start to stiffen, swelling in the tight loincloth I wore, then fade back when I sat on Miriamni's bed waiting.

Rash came in, smiled at me, whispered "When she's asleep," then disappeared behind the 'curtain'. I lay back listening to the sounds of her undressing; the rustle of her dress, her weight shifting on the bed. She hummed a little tune to herself as I imagined her standing nude and folding her clothes.

Miriamni came in smiling herself, stripping the coat as she turned from shutting the door. She had a fine lamb's wool vest on, her breasts an impressive swell with the nipples showing through as little tents on the top.

She undid the coarse woollen skirt and let it fall, uncovering her voluptuous figure, naked from the waist down and showing enough hair to restock a bald man. She continued her striptease by crossing her arms and hoisting the vest off, letting her ample breasts spill out, her large coftea coloured areoles facing me.

She turned away, extinguishing the lamp and leaving us in darkness. I felt the bunk shift as she climbed on, her outstretched hands finding my neck and shoulders as her knee brushed into my leg. She ran her hands down me, steering along my sides till her hand found the string.

She pulled it while the other brushed the cloth aside and took my waiting knob, curling her hand around it and giving it a few strokes while softly squeezing. She released me and in the dark I felt her shifting around, her knees straddling my chest and her feet hooked over my shoulders.

I reached up and grasped the pliant skin of her thighs, my tongue already extended as she shuffled into position. My tongue met her bush and I wriggled it through to the smooth folds of her cunny, tasting the juices and taking in the rich aroma.

I felt her cool hand encircle my now rigid knob, twisting and turning it before easing her grip and beginning to stroke softly up and down its whole length. The warmth in my loins built, spreading up into the heart of me like a gently rising tide.

My tongue was skimming around her outer lips, brushing the hair aside as I made the circuit. I moved in, stroking over the wrinkles and bumps of her inner curtain, splaying it open as I traced its centre. I felt the first tiny shiver in her and then her weight increasing, with her hand squeezing between us as her fingers burrowed through to take her nipple.

My tongue was working her hunny hole now, circling its rim, scooping up the juices as I dipped it in and out. A groan escaped her, her hand briefly tightening its grasp as she pushed against me, the hair on her thighs brushing my cheeks.

I craned my neck, my hand pushing on her thighs as I moved my tongue to play with her clit, burrowing into the hair to reach it. She gave a little jerk as my tongue found it, standing proud as my tongue tip brushed over it and flattened to lap at it.

Her forearms were pressed against my hips, one hand still slowly stroking me as the other tugged and stretched the skin of my balls. I could feel her nipples sliding over my abdomen, brushing through the thinning hairline of my pubes.

She bevelled her hips, flattening herself against me, her bush scrapping across my chin and my nose nestling into her wet folds. Her body was moving, twitching, as her arousal strengthened. A slick film of perspiration aiding her small jerks and trembles.

My tongue was teasing her clit, criss crossing it in a figure eight, measuring its bounce as it flicked back stiff and firm to the touch. A tendril of cum spilled down the side of my nose, laying a snail track down across my cheek and trickling past my ear.

She started jerking and thrusting, her cunny sliding across my mouth as she cried out, pushing herself up on her hands as she stiffened and let out another cry through her rasping breath. I felt her full weight on me as she flopped back down still panting.

I felt her hand take hold of my knob, grasping it firmly as her head lolled to nestle next to it. I wiggled my head into position and gently licked and cleaned her cunny, slurping the last of her juices.

She shifted a half turn, changing hands on my knob. Her nipple was a hard pebble pressed into my groin, her thighs held me firmly in place. I was waiting on her next move.

I felt my knob bend, her hair brushed across my leg as she pushed herself up, but not before leaning in and giving my bell end a big sloppy suck. I shuddered with the thrill of it as she quickly rose and twisted round to drop onto me cowgirl style, wiping my knob across her cunny to lubricate it before slipping it in to her hunny hole and sliding down it.

She let out a sigh and started to bob up and down on it. After the second stroke she leaned forward and put her hands on the bottom of my ribcage, speeding up after she did. My knob was tingling all over, a surging pulse of pleasure filling me as the head stretched the succulent silky tunnel as it plunged into her.

I slid my hands up her arms, her slick perspiration giving passage to her hanging breasts, taking her nipples as my fingers slid down onto them. She gave a groan as I twisted and pulled on them, tossing her head back.

I felt my balls tightening up as the pleasure in my groin grew. My knob sizzled as she rode up and down on it, my hips twitching as she jerked to a stop and threw herself back against my knees. I came with her as the contractions triggered mine, thrusting my hips hard against hers as my seed launched itself inside her.

As my knob softened inside her she rolled on a knee, bringing the other over to lie inside me, next to the wall. I twisted and grabbed my loin cloth to clean myself, stretching one knee onto the chest to wipe everything clean.

Miriamni's breathing had slowed as the minutes passed and soon enough she seemed asleep. I would give it a short while for her to settle then join Rash in her bed for the last time.

"Mm," she said sleepily as I eased myself out of the bed. "Where are you going?"

"Over to Rash," I replied.

"What for?"

"She wants me to go over now and sleep with her."

Miriamni was awake now and leaning on an elbow looking at me as I sat on the chest, ready to duck under the 'curtain'.

"She's asked you now?" she asked quizzically.

"No before," I said innocently.


"Yes, at breakfast this morning."

The way she murmured, 'Oh, alright' and lay back down, that told me she hadn't known about that clause in the agreement.

A wave of annoyance passed over me. Rash had misled me; the way she mentioned it this morning implied that Miriamni had agreed. Even though I was eager to jump into her arms, she'd bullied Miriamni using my voice. My ill-considered disclosure was cruel and that upset my sense of fairness as well.

My annoyance didn't extend to forgoing the chance to cuddle up to Rash. I eased myself to the bottom and slipped around the 'curtain' with some uncertainty in the dark, feeling my way up the edge of Rash's bunk.

She came sleepily awake as I drew the cover back, wondering if she had slept nude.

"Davor," she said softly, reaching an arm up to grasp my bicep.

"You feel cold, come and get in." She grabbed my other wrist and pulled on me.

I slipped in besides her, feeling her bare breasts against my back as she cuddled and pulled me tight, one hand snaking over my waist to delve down and take my half flaccid knob in is grasp. The thrill that ran through it as her warm fingers closed around it spurred it into rapid growth, swelling and forcing her fingers to spread as it sprang to attention.

"Mm," she giggled in my ear behind me. "Is it ready for more action?"

I could feel it throbbing in her hand as she gave it an experimental squeeze, then slipped her hand down to its root.

"I want some more practice sucking it while you lick mine," she said sexily, whispering still in my ear.

I turned my body to her. "Do you want me to play with your breasts first?"

She giggled again and gave a tug on my knob. "No, I want a taste of this."

I turned and lay flat as she scrambled to her knees and threw the cover back. She pivoted on one knee and straddled me. In the dark I imagined her cunny spread before me and leant my head forward, tongue out as she shuffled backwards.

I swung my arms over her thighs and pulled her onto my waiting tongue, finding I'd speared her hunny hole as she pressed against me. She gave a little shiver as I flicked it around, tasting her juices as it stretched the rim open.

I felt the soft caress of her tongue as my knob was lifted between her finger and thumb. She waggled it letting her tongue trace around it, bending slightly as her open mouth engulfed it and her lips sealed it in.

My tongue was dancing; slipping in and out of her hunny hole curled as tight as it could, sliding this way and that around the rim. My hands curved as they gripped her firm tush, holding her still as she wriggled with pleasure.

Her tongue was slathering the head of my knob as she waggled it around in her lips. Her thumb and finger stroked lightly over the skin, brushing the veins and ridges with a soft caress as she toyed with it. Oddly, I wondered if Miriamni was awake and listening to our noisy slurping and sucking.

My fingers dug deeper into her firm flesh as the shiver of pleasure coursed through me. My tongue, temporarily stilled, renewed its probing, meandering in its exploration of the nooks and crannies. Slipping over and around, tasting her sweet juices and the soft hair in the convoluted folds of velvety skin.

When my tongue wormed its way to her clit she pushed back, pressing her plump soft lips against my lips as my tongue slid over her hard nub. I twirled my tongue tip around it, testing its resilience before sucking it in and gently teasing it with my teeth.

Her knees tightened against me and her hand shifted to take my knob fully in her grasp as her head moved up, letting the hot gasps of breath stream down into my pubes from her throaty moan. I felt an extra thrill as her fingers gripped my shaft, and her probing tongue caressed my slit again.

I sucked on her clit and pumped it between my lips, letting it ease out as my tongue flicked across it, enjoying returning the pleasure she was giving me. My arms enclosed her sweet body and pressed it against me, her hot wet cunny nestled tight to my mouth.

My knob fell from her mouth as she groaned and shuddered, her hand gripping my shaft as her warm juices flooded my taste buds, leaking around my chin and dribbling down to my throat. I held her tight as my tongue fluttered over her clit, soliciting more cries and groans as her body jerked and writhed, her hard nipples jiggling on my slick skin.

Her back arched. She cried out incoherently as her hands jumped to my thighs, her hips jerking as her cunny squished itself on my lips. As she slipped back down, my hands stretched to cup her breasts, her nipples in my palms as I gently massaged them.

I laid my head back as she lay gasping, her hot breath wafting through my pubes as her head snuggled into the crook of her arms, her chin on my still hard shaft. Although she was in the land of bliss, she'd left me wanting.

I brought my head up and touched her clit with the tip of my tongue, then pushed it between her lips and gathered up her juices as I flattened my tongue and stroked it up to her hunny hole. She gasped, sucking in air with a hiss as her hips jiggled and she came alive.

I brought my hands back to her hips as she wiggled herself down to put her clit under my tongue, flooding my senses with her taste and aroma. She dragged her elbows back, one hand turning to grasp my knob as she pushed it into her mouth.

I played noughts and crosses with the tip of my tongue, letting it lazily circle and flick across it with a gossamer touch, feeling it stroke the side of my tongue as it passed under and out. She was bobbing her head, licking and sucking as it slowly slid between her pursed lips.

In less than a minute my balls were tight, the pleasurable pressure of the first load pushing to get out. My hips thrust against her, plunging it deep. She gave a flicker of pause and then as my hips dropped she focused on my helmet with her tongue.

I erupted with another jerk, ramming my head through her teeth as it spurted, groaning in pleasure as my head arched back. She clung on as my hips bucked again and then a last time as my fingers left dimples in her hips, still twitching as the waves of pleasure surged out.

It was my turn to pant and feel my heart race. I lay there as the glow faded, Rash teasing me by drawing her tongue slowly back and fore over my slit. I lazily rolled my hips to stop her and lent forward take her to her finish, once again the thought of Miriamni flashing through my mind.

As soon as my breath wafted over her she thrust back, taking my outstretched tongue sliding down to her clit, I fluttered it gently, then pressed down on it, sucking as much as I could then tickling what I got.

She started squirming, my hands trying to steady her as my head wove around. I let it slip out and pressed down with my tongue flattened, giving it a circular massage. Her orgasm ripped through her, no screams this time, only gasping grunts as her body stiffened and pressed against me.

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