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Quincy - First time

By Pelaam

The older man gazed down reassuringly at the anxious younger man, between whose spread legs he lay so comfortably and where he fit so perfectly.

"It'll be OK," he said quietly. "Doing something for the first time always creates nervousness. Just relax."

"Everything will change," came the worried reply.

"No it won't. Bobby," the older man cooed. "Nothing will change in this bed or between us." He gave his worried lover a gentle kiss that he ended by tugging on the younger man's moustache.

"But work..."

"Is work. I do what I love. You'll be great in the new job. You can do it. We both know that. It won't change what we have between us. I promise it won't. We'll find ways to make sure it doesn't. Good things are worth making efforts for, sweetheart."

"I promise, too," the younger man said with a nervous smile. "Love me?"


The older man kissed his lover again, this time with more passion. His tongue delved deep, duelling with the slick muscle of the younger man and the consequent groan from his actions were music to his ears. Reaching to the locker, he snagged up the tube of gel and coated his fingers liberally with lube and slid his hands between their bodies, blindly seeking his lover's entrance.

As gel-slick fingers ghosted across puckered flesh, the younger man moaned appreciatively. He whimpered and writhed as a single digit penetrated him. He cried out with pleasure as a second finger pushed inside. His older lover nipped sharply at his peaked nipples, laving them wetly to sooth the brief hurt and the younger man began to lose himself in the arousing sensations assaulting his body. As he felt three fingers stretch him, scissoring and pumping gently, he pressed both hands to his lover's head holding him to gaze eye to eye.

"In me, please. I need you," he begged quietly.

"Shh, sweetheart," the older man crooned softly, but positioned himself at the younger man's entrance in response to the soft command. He coated his throbbing flesh and slowly sank into tight, slick heat. Both men groaned at the union. Once fully inside, the older man waited for his Mate to accommodate to being filled. He then began to stroke the younger man in time with the strong rhythmic thrusts into their welcoming body. He felt the younger man climax and was dimly aware of his name being called even as his own hips snapped erratically and he found release inside the younger man's body.

The older man cleaned their bodies after slipping from his lover's tightness and snuggled them together.

"I love you," came a sated, sleepy murmur.

"I love you, sweetheart."

The two men slept entwined and content.


"Quincy!" came an exasperated shout. "You're like a cat on hot bricks." The grouse was said good-naturedly. Sam understood the other man's nervousness. Today he was to meet their new manager. Some guy called Astin.

"I've got the autopsy on that big case Monahan's working on. I don't need this ..."

The rest of his sentence was never uttered as Sam picked up the ringing phone and absently nodded.

"Yes. Yes. I'll tell him to go up straight away." He replaced the receiver and smiled at Quincy. "You have been summonsed," he said. "Good luck."

"Good luck," Quincy muttered darkly as he scowled at the other man.


Waiting in his new office on the first day of his appointment, the new manager tried to hide his nerves. The Human Resource man was still speaking, but the words just washed over the other man who wondered once again whether he'd made the right decision. Quincy's reputation as Medical Examiner was legendary. His eyes snapped to the door as it opened.

"Ah, Dr Quincy," the HR man smiled. "I'll introduce you gentlemen and leave you to get acquainted. DR Quincy, this is Robert Astin."

The words were unheard as the older and younger man clasped hands. Astin swallowed around a lump in his throat at the look of love and pride in his lover's eyes. As the door closed he was pulled into a hard swift hug.

"Congratulations," the older man said warmly.

"I couldn't have done it without you," the younger smiled.

"Sorry I can't stay, but I have a big case to work on," Quincy said as he backed towards the door.

"Just a minute," Astin said raising his eyebrows. "I'm the man in charge here. I won't stand for insubordination under my command."

Quincy grinned widely at the younger man's words. The twinkle in Astin's eyes took away any sting they might have had otherwise.

Quincy smiled at the confident tone and recognised that his lover's nervousness was now losing out to the younger man's natural confidence.

"Won't stand for insubordination, hmm?" Quincy said, his voice thick with lust, eyes smouldering, and causing Astin's own eyes to widen. "I think I'll change that tune later when I *come* aboard. After I've conducted a full body cavity search that is," Quincy added, he voice getting deeper. "Then I'll ensure you receive a very intimate and personal christening to celebrate your new job."

"Oh, God," Astin moaned as found himself hardening at the words and the tone in which they were spoken. "You're incorrigible,"

Quincy grinned widely and chuckled at the gasp and look of outrage as he swatted his younger lover's rear, leaving the younger man speechless.

"Catch you later, sweetheart," he whispered.

Shutting the office door he laughed out loud. Oh yes, this was the start of a whole new era. The first time his lover would also be his boss. He knew he would keep the promise made the night before. He would put the same devotion into making their relationship work as he gave to his cases. He owed it to them both to do nothing less.

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