Quinn Ch. 09


Sorry for the long wait to this. Writer's block and in a funk from recent life events. I am back to work and am happily on Chapter 10 already. Hope to get it polished and edited soon. A special nod to litfan10 for motivating me with his kind and encouraging words. If you haven't checked his "The Deal" out yet, hurry over there.

As usual I did all this myself and there are bound to be mistakes. Hopefully you will still enjoy and leave a nice comment. I try to write how people talk so it sounds more like someone telling you a story, I hope that doesn't disturb.


I pulled the car over to the side of the road once my tears had made driving too dangerous. My change may have given me a feminine appearance, but I still cry like a guy when it finally lets loose; big ugly sobs with my face all crinkled up. I don't have a dainty cry at all. I sniffled and blew my nose and worked on getting control of my emotions.

It was just that the whole season had been such a whirlwind. I was off balance. On the 13th, we flew out of Arizona and arrived at the resort. We were whipping down the slopes on the 14th through the 18th. I then flew home from a sex filled retreat to spend time with Mom before the actual holiday. A wonderful Christmas was quickly followed by me almost completely sabotaging my own relationship with Dez on the 26th.

But, I was a survivor goddamnit! I had grown up without a father, been bullied as soon as Quayd was out of the picture and undergone a massive change to my entire identity. There was no way I was going to let this one little hiccup destroy everything wonderful that I had made with Dez.

I needed Becca.

I pulled myself together and dug into my purse for my phone. I was worried that she might be hanging out, having fun with Hector and not available. As it turned out, she picked up on the third ring.

"Hey, chica, what's up," she asked.

I asked, "Hey. Can we talk?"

She must have heard the sadness in my voice because her next response was, "Where the fuck is that cabron? Where is he right now? I'll cut his fucking nuts off!"

Ah, to have the love of a fiery Latina.

"Calm down," I said, "it's me...my fault I mean. I need to talk is all. Are you with Hector right now? I'm not interrupting I hope. I don't want to intrude."

She answered, "Actually, no, I'm not. I just left. I'm at the McDonalds on Val Vista. I can meet you at your house."

I agreed and got moving. I pulled into the drive and saw that Becca was already there. She had probably beaten me by at least ten minutes. She had left a path open to my spot next to Mom's car in the garage though. I pulled in and hopped out of the car. I went inside, to find Mom and Becca in the kitchen. Mom was in a pair of yoga pants and a Love Pink tank top that I'm pretty sure was mine. Now that I think about it, I think the yoga pants were mine too. Becca had on a black denim skirt and white ankle socks and tennis shoes, with a thin blue t shirt and obviously no bra. She is so scandalous.

Mom looked up as I entered, "Honey, what's wrong? Becca said you needed to talk. Is it anything I can help with?"

I nodded and went up to her, and began crying again. Big ugly blubbers again. Mom held me and Becca came up, hugging me from behind and cocooning me in their love.

Mom asked, "What's going on?"

She must have said it over my shoulder to Becca because I felt Becca shrug. Again, I beat down my despair and haltingly explained what had happened. I included the fact the both of Dez's parents knew about me, but I left out the part about the forceful fucking I had taken on their living room floor. Mom didn't need to hear that.

When I was finished Becca exclaimed, "For fuck's sake, chica, THAT'S what this is all about?"

I gaped at her wide-eyed.

"Quinn, you knew when you started this thing that it was only until the end of the school year. I understand you developed a case of the feels for him, but it was never expected to be forever," she reasoned.

I told her, "No, you should have seen his face and how he behaved. I could tell; he was crushed too."

Mom added, "I'm with Becca, Quinn."

"What," I asked, turning to her.

"Honey, Dez is gay. You knew that when you started all this. You also knew you plan to transition all the way, eventually. Maybe even before college. Feelings are expected but this is just the Josh thing all over again. It's a high school relationship," Mom stated bluntly.

"Remember who you are talking to," I wailed, "It's not like I have a bunch of experience with this kind of stuff. I've never even dated before coming here."

They continued, with more explanation and tact than I would have expected. Calmly, the two talked me off the ledge and put things into perspective. Sure, I could be upset and sad, or I could enjoy all the time we still had. Like Josh, I could focus on the good times ahead. The difference between the two relationships was Dez knew about me whereas Josh had not, and that would have been unfair to him. I could look forward to New Year's Eve for example. Prom would be in the spring, Valentine's Day of course, and even our last summer before college was an event to look forward to. Who knew what would happen when college started? Dez and I were likely headed to different schools anyway.

Becca had dinner with us and decided to spend the night with me. The three of us sat around and I bounced several ideas off them to get their point of view. I began to view it all much more clearly before I stepped into the shower before bed. I showered and enjoyed the hot spray washing away my fears, finally convinced I was over-reacting.

As expected, Becca was topless, in my bed, when I emerged from the bathroom. She hadn't planned on spending the night so she brought no pajamas with her. Plus, she had slept topless with me before, so this was not unexpected. Her smooth dark skin always looks so beautiful and it takes on an even lovelier quality in the silver streams of light coming across the desert 's night sky. I decided that topless would be fine for me too and slipped into a tiny red thong similar to the one she was wearing.

"Wow, chica, cute panties. We're twinsies," Becca joked indicating her own panties, like I hadn't noticed.

"Hardly," I muttered.

Becca's body is all feminine curves and sex appeal. Mine is willowy and girlish. Her skin is almost mocha colored and smooth. Mine is almost porcelain, with a light freckles here and there. Her breasts are full and bountiful, at least DD cups. Mine are pert little peaks that barely fill my B cup bras completely. Her hair is full and wavy, mine is silky and straight. And when it came to our panties; hers covered and sexy shaved cunt and mine covered a small penis.

I slipped into bed next to my best friend and we curled up together under the blankets. We spooned with her full form molded up behind mine. Her hand was draped over me and banded across my tight tummy. This lovely Latina had talked me off the ledge, helped me see things clearly, and now was the greatest comfort to me ever.


I totally panicked when Dez didn't call the next day at all. Luckily, Mom was still convinced it was all still just fine.

"Honey," she told me, "he is probably just processing it all today. He didn't get to talk it out with Becca and me like you did. You had such an issue; he deserves some credit for working it out on his own. He doesn't have all the support like you. I bet he shows up tomorrow and is just like his old self."

Desean was his old self when he picked me up on Thursday. I wasn't sure he even planned on coming over and keeping our date today. We hadn't had any communication since the 26th. Finally, here it was the 28th and I heard the familiar rumble of his Camaro as he pulled in. Of course, Mom was correct.

Mom was curled up on the couch, under a Snuggie, since all she had on was thin t-shirt and a tiny pair of exercise shorts. The temperature was a bit chilly for Arizona today. Mom's new look was taking a bit of getting used to, like I have room to talk when it comes to "new looks". I still catch my reflection sometimes and am amazed at how much I changed in my life.

I had on a black and white miniskirt, calf high biker boots with sexy over the knee boot socks , and a long white V neck t-shirt, under an unbuttoned black leather jacket. I knew Dez's favorite bra and panty set was a red set but it would have been too visible through my outfit so I had a very sheer nude colored set. The panty was so sheer and tight that I didn't bother tucking with it. I would have to be careful if I got aroused. My hair was down and curled to give it some shape and bounce. My make-up was light colored and bright. I wanted a lively appearance to dispel the funk I had caused. My jewelry was gold and added sparkle about my ears, chest and wrist.

I opened the door just as Dez strode up to knock. He was wearing his brown suede coat and thick black sweater over his muscled torso. His cute ass was encased in dark denim jeans and he was wearing black combat boots. He looked delicious, but menacing; until he broke into grin upon seeing me. I shivered at how sexy he looked with a smile that lit up his whole face and shone in his eyes.

"Mmm-mmm, Quinn. You look great," Dez beamed.

I couldn't help but blush and smile. His demeanor was infectious. I felt like such an idiot for being so worried.

I replied, "Looking quite hunky yourself there, babe."

He leaned in and kissed me. His warm mouth was wonderfully powerful. Our tongues danced as he pulled me against him. My small form felt comforted by his big muscled shape. His large hand swooped around and up under my skirt to grope my pert butt.

"You ready?" Dez asked as he let go. He looked around me to the two bags I had next to me.

I nodded, "Yep. Just these two. This one needs to go to Macey's, it has a tear in it. And this one has got to go to Kohl's because I need a smaller size." I looked up, but Dez was looking past me; his mouth was a little open and his eyes wide.

I turned to see Mom approach. The tiny shorts showed a lot of leg and her t-shirt was quite thin. Mom's pale areolas were visible to my boyfriend's surprised eyes. I gave him a poke in the ribs.

Mom walked up and said, "I know you weren't planning on taking off without saying, 'Hi', buster. How was your Christmas, honey?"

"It was great, Carol," Dez leaned in a kissed Mom on the cheek. "How was yours? The place looks very festive by the way, real Christmasy. Quinn said you decorated, but this is amazing!"

They continued talking while I took the two bags out and put them in Dez's car. Mom's new look and attitude was bit disconcerting, but I couldn't fault her. What's the saying: If you got it, flaunt it. Mom sure had it. Her new sexier attitude was great and she seemed more confident, not that she was ever a push-over. I was still surprised she let Dez see her like that.

I came back in, "I'm ready if you are. That is, if you're quite done flirting my boyfriend, Mom."

"Oh, Quinn, we were just catching up. I haven't seen him since before Christmas. So you hush," she laughed as she stuck her tongue out at me.

"I was talking about those," I said, pointing at her chest.

She looked down and I think she truly didn't realize how much her tits were on display. She blushed and covered her chest, "Oh my God. I am so sorry Dez."

"It's no problem, Carol. I should have said something," Dez told her.

She kissed his cheek, "You kids have fun." Mom turned and began walking back to the living room. Her booty shorts showed quite a bit of cheek and Dez took it in. "But be careful," she said, "It's going to be crazy in town right after the holiday."

Dez and I walked out to the car. He held the door for me as I slid in, but I think it was mostly so he could peek up my skirt at the sexy little panty that I had on. I knew he would love the sheer bralette I was wearing too. He walked around the car and got in.

He turned to say something but my mouth locked on his, stopping any words.

He groaned against my assault and I reveled in my power over him. My alpha-male was helpless as my tongue danced with his and my small hands caressed his face and chest. My own little penis was rock hard. Dez's big hands came up to find my perky tits and achingly hard nipples. I had to push him away or I'd have probably let him fuck me right there in the driveway.

"Wow," he gasped, "now I'm gonna have trouble driving. Thanks for the freaking boner," he lamented.

"Oh. Did I do that?" I asked innocently, "I thought maybe my Mom caused it...aren't you supposed to be gay?"

We laughed as he put the car in gear and we got underway.

Dez finally said once we had driven a little way, "Trust me, still gay. That doesn't mean I can't tell your mom is sexy. It doesn't really 'do' anything for me and I was surprised."

"Mom is dressing a lot more provocatively lately...since November," I told him, "she's wearing lacy and even sheer stuff around the house more often. She said she knows it's sexier than she used to dress, but she does like it. We even tried skinny-dipping more often together. It's too cold though."

Dez asked, "Huh, what's that all about?"

I said, "Mom's just expressing herself more. She even said this is more who she would have been had my dad not passed away when we were younger. I'm happy for her being able to find herself again finally. After helping me discover who I really am, I'm thrilled she is finally being who she really wants to be."

"Maybe Tammy said something. Ya know, maybe she has something to do with it," Dez remarked.

"Huh?" was all I had.

Dez looked over, "You said since November. Didn't she go and help with Thanksgiving? That was out first night together. When I came over, she had gone to your brother Quayd's house to get Thanksgiving dinner stuff ready."

"Wow. Yea, I hadn't thought of that. Makes sense, I agreed, "Tammy is a lot more open and free about that kind of stuff. She had us hot-tubbing naked with her and my brother. Which should have seemed more weird than it did. I think the champagne helped."

We both smirked, remembering it. Dez then let out a big laugh. It was a clear rich sound.

He looked over, "I just think it's funny. Quayd was the only hetero male in the hot tub. Do you realize that all three of us, Tammy, you and me, were all checking out Quayd?" He continued his hearty laugh.

"Gross, he's my brother!" I said, probably unconvincingly.

I know he is my brother, but he is big, how I like them and handsome and so loving. My mind drifted back to the phone pics I sent him that night from his room. So, yea, maybe it felt a little weird, but I looked.

"Uh-huh," was all Dez said.


I'm glad Dez drove have instead of me, because traffic really was ugly-crazy in town. Driving anywhere was a complete mess, especially near the mall. Dez managed to keep his cool and he got us to the mall safely. He hardly cussed at all, well a little - it wasn't too much. The inside of the mall was just as crazy as the parking lot and the surrounding streets,if not crazier. Wall to wall people and I hate that kind of crowd. I get squashed all the time. Having a large muscular football player in front of you makes getting through this size of a crowd considerably less problematic for someone my size, I discovered.

We completed the two tasks I had planned for the mall. I picked up my new items and Dez ran them out to his car for me. I made my way to the theater to wait for him. I went over and scoped the start times for the movie I knew he wanted to see. We would have some time available so I decided to make a stop at Victoria's Secret.

I love the store at the mall. The assistants all recognize me now and they never hover. Dez caught up with me right in front of the store and we entered together.

As we walked in, one of the assistants named Courtney said, "Hey Quinn. Can I help you find anything?"

"Hi Court," I replied, "Nah, we're just killin' some time until our movie starts."

"Well, let me know if you need any help," Courtney said, before turning back to the conversation she'd been having with another salesperson.

Dez kept his hands in his pockets. I thought it was cute. He was a bit self-conscious in here. We browsed through the store until I found and cute bra and panty set. I held it up for him.

I asked, "Would you like taking this one off me New Year's Eve?"

Dez's gorgeous smile widened and he nodded enthusiastically.

"I'll tell you what: you can pick out any panty in here and I promise that it's the one I'll wear for you on New Year's Eve. Any," I said, sweeping my arms out to indicate the whole store.

Apparently, Dez took "any" to mean the skimpiest and sheerest panties he could find. Each one he liked was tinier and had more lace than the previous pair. Truth be told, I have not really searched out "tiny panties" beyond some simple thongs. Most of the ones I buy are made for cross-dressers, gaffs and the sort, so I was quite surprised at what Dez kept finding. His big hands were out of his pockets now, as he opened drawers and delicately sifted through the various areas to find what he had in mind.

"Dez," I started, "Babe? I love the enthusiasm, I do; but you have to keep in mind that I have a little something extra and it needs to go somewhere."

He blinked at me a second and then looked at what he held in his hands. His mind had to be picturing my willowy body in each pair of panties and which ones would conceal my secret. He broke into another smile and he began putting back the more extreme panties. He did keep a couple but returned most of them to their drawers.

We spent so much time selecting panties that I started worrying that we would miss the beginning of the movie. Luckily, we settled on a cute pair of panties that, while sexy, would still allow me to conceal and tuck.

Dez tried to get me to let him sneak into the changing room with me. I told him that the store doesn't allow that kind of stuff and the staff is very vigilant. He relented and I quickly paid. I kissed his pouty face and told him to wait until New Year's Eve. I definitely planned to make it up to him.

We held hands as we rushed back to the cinema. Dez bought us some popcorn and I chipped in so we could get some Sour Patch Kids and some Swedish Fish too. Dez wanted to pay, but I insisted. Dez got a Mountain Dew and I got a Diet Pepsi. I wanted a Diet Coke, but this theater only had Pepsi stuff. How can we ever achieve world peace if Pepsi and Coke can't even be in the same establishments?

We did manage to make it into the theater just as the lights dimmed and they shut the door. I guess going to the movie the week between Christmas and New Year's is the odd choice or it could be that this theater doesn't see a lot of business at this time being in the mall like it is. There were only 5 to 7 other people in there, total. Dez always sits in the back row, against the wall. His size would block other viewers in a packed theater and it's just habit now.

I like it now because people don't always sit back there and I can see. That always annoyed me before my switch. Whenever I had tried to go to a movie with friends or family, I could have a hard time seeing if I got a regular sized person in front of me let alone a larger one like Quayd or Desean.

This auditorium had stadium style seats in the rear, then a central aisle across the middle, where you enter, and then regular theater style seats in the front part of the room. It was probably about 15 rows, the middle aisle, then another 8 stadium rows. I doubt anyone even knew we were in there.

The movie was okay but a half an hour into it, I had other things on my mind; mainly, my hunky boyfriend sitting beside me tickling my legs. His hand palmed my thigh as he gently stoked, almost absent-mindedly as he watched the action onscreen. While he was stroking, his pinky was pushing at my skirt. I knew where this was going and as naughty and dangerous as it felt, I was not opposed.

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