tagLesbian SexQuinn Goes Shopping

Quinn Goes Shopping


Quinn had come to a decision. Hot, humid summers in New York were not good for long hair. After several years of monthly trims, and daily time consuming blow-dries, she wanted a new look to go with her new job.

She was on a brief vacation before starting her new position as northeastern marketing director for "Dorothy", a lesbian oriented women's sports/fitness magazine. Her previous employer had not appreciated the work she put into her MBA, so she had taken a paycut to get the title.

Financially, she was in good shape, having got in early in a dotcom IPO, and sold at the top of the market. Just a few years ago, and now it seemed like history. From the profits, she owned a Manhattan town house while her contemporaries were still paying off student loans and commuting from New Jersey. Her tenants paid the bills, her salary was for fun.

Quinn stood in her bedroom deciding what to wear on this momentous day. A major change in her appearance required some thought. Mentally, she combined outfits, judged and quickly discarded them. Finally, she picked out what she had been wearing each day the temperature and humidity exceeded 95 -a tank top and cut-off Levis, with hi-top canvas sneakers. No panties, for a little extra ventilation.

She rode her bicycle to the Haircutters co-op, three floors of no frills barbers, who cut heads of everyone, male/ female, kids to their grandfathers, celebs to the great unwashed, and charged less than twenty bucks for it. A half hour later, she emerged with a flat-top, half in shock and half in mourning for the loss of her crowning glory of red tresses. She kept running her hands through the short remains, trying to recognise this unfamiliar sensation. Finally, the heat and humidity forced her into action, and she fled for caffeine and A/C.

Ten minutes later, she was on her second espresso at Stardicks, a gay hangout that served the best coffee in the city. Just then, a very young looking Asian girl embraced her from behind. Quinn, startled, jumped slightly until she recognised her companion. Miko was a Japanese girl she had first met a year before as part of a threesome with a guy named Steve. Since then, she and Miko had become close friends and occasional lovers. Miko was petite and utterly feminine, long black hair, perfectly made up face and cherry red lipstick. She wore a yellow wide brim hat and a matching dress that could have been a Dior, and white gloves. She was a fan of fifties movies, and tried to dress in that style.

"Quinn, your hair...you look so handsome, so James Dean."

"I'm not sure I like it..."

"But it is so you, strong yet sensitive...and real sexy. It accentuates your cheekbones, and your chin. I bet you could seduce anyone in this coffee shop."

Quinn smiled at that. "Miko, sweetheart, this is the Village, and with the exception of us and those leather dykes in the corner, everyone here is a gay man."

"And with your hair and figure, you could pass as a slim guy with just a little change in costume...and maybe a moustache?"

They sat in silence as Quinn digested the idea. She was in the mood for some fun, and a crossdressing adventure was just the thing to take her mind off this new haircut.

"Okay, so I dress as a guy, we both go out together, pick up some cute boy and then home, I drop my drawers and it's "The Crying Game" in reverse?"

They both laughed at the idea.

"No, silly. You don't have to take him home, but if you do, just use a blindfold, and make sure he is very submissive"

Quinn was amused, but did not really think it would work as Miko envisioned. She did want the diversion though, and spending time with Miko was fun...and great sex. She decided to do it.

"We need to do some shopping, and rehearsal."

For Miko (and Quinn) shopping was foreplay, and shopping together was invariably prelude to very nasty sex. The smiled, kissed, and prepared to battle heat, humidity and hostile sales people in pursuit of a sexy outfit.

They started off in mens' stores, but soon realized that Quinn had enough clothes fo carry off the illusion without further purchases. The emphasis shifted to Miko and her unending search for lingerie. Quinn favored thongs and rarely wore a bra. Miko had an entire closet for bras, panties, slips, stockings, suspender belts, bustiers, corsets, in a multitude of colors, styles and fabrics. From fine silk to delicate lace, and leather to metal, Miko pursued her fetish. Today they discovered a store that specialized in latex, and Miko was enraptured. She quickly found a dress and panties in blue latex that suited her, and went to try them on. She needed Quinns assistance in the dressing room and with the application of powder and much tugging, Miko was soon encased in the garments. They both admired her in the mirror, and Quinn found herself becoming very turned on by this latex creature. Miko realized this, and kissed Quinn on the lips, unbuttoned her shorts and removed her tank top. She pushed the near naked Quinn to her knees and whispered "Worship me".

Quinn kissed and licked her legs until she reached Miko's latex enclosed pussy. Miko responded by holding her head and grinding against her willing mouth. Quinn reached between her legs and inserted three fingers into her pussy, caressing her clit with her other hand. Their excitement was raised by the proximity of the staff and customers. Their breathing was becoming ragged, and Miko grunted loudly.

"Are you alright in there?"

"Fine, almost finished."

They did finish soon, both having a very satisfying orgasm. Miko decided to pay for the items and wear them home despite the heat. Quinn found that short hair and sweaty humid sex went very well together. They both decided the one thing Quinn really did need was a new dildo and a strap-on harness for her new boy - identity as yet unknown. They found one at a sex shop nearby, and the insatiable shopper Miko bought both a dildo and a vibrator for herself...

Read, vote, send comments. In the next installment, Quinn and Miko play with their new toys, and Quinn finds her boy...and really has some fun.

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