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Quite Neighborly


The wind gusted as Wendy climbed out of her car. She closed her eyes against the strands of auburn hair trying to fly into them, and then smoothed back the tresses when the wind abated. All the work she'd done this morning had been destroyed in a few seconds, but she wasn't troubled. She was returning home without dread, which was still a novel enough experience for her to ignore the little disasters.

It had started with her first roommate in college, and continued on to the apartment complex she'd just vacated. For well over a decade, she'd been saddled with neighbors that ran the gamut from irritating gossip all the way up to drug dealers. Coming home had held some degree of apprehension for her ever since the day she'd moved out of her parents' house.

Until now.

"Bit of a breeze out here," Mr. Davidson called from next door where he sat on his porch, drinking coffee.

Wendy returned the retiree's smile and answered, "Just a bit."

"The missus baked some cookies, and she told me to ask if you wanted some."

She chuckled. "I do, but I've already cheated on my diet enough the last couple of days."

"Diet," he scoffed. "Why, you're thin as a rail."

"And it takes a lot of work to stay that way," she answered back.

"Well, if you change your mind, just drop on by."

"I will. Tell Bernice I said thank you."

"Will do."

After waving a farewell, Wendy climbed the porch steps to the house. Opening the door to see her new living room set was something else that still gave her a touch of giddy euphoria. Her recent promotion had allowed her to leave the apartment life behind at long last. Frugal living had allowed her to fill it with everything she'd always wanted — within reason.

She dropped her purse and keys on a small, round table near the door that she'd purchased for exactly that reason, and then stepped out of her heels. A sigh of relief had barely escaped her when the doorbell rang. Having received a text message from her other next-door neighbor while she was at work, she had a good idea who had rung the bell.

Charlotte was wearing a wide smile and ignoring the wind doing a number on her long brunette hair when Wendy opened the door. She was holding the package she'd mentioned in her text.

"Can you believe the delivery man thought tossing your welcome mat over it was good enough?" Charlotte asked as she held out the package.

Wendy accepted her delivery and said, "Thanks for picking it up for me."

"I mean, it's a nice neighborhood, but still. Anyway, is that what I think it is?" the brunette asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

Wendy's cheeks warmed, but she nodded in acknowledgment. It was Charlotte who had recommended the vibrator, after all. They'd already discussed it in far more intimate detail.

"You're going to love it. Trust me," Charlotte said. "I have lasagna in the oven, so I need to run."

The two exchanged their farewells, and then Wendy took her package to the bedroom. She sat it on the nightstand, but as she turned to walk to the kitchen to see about her own dinner, a flash of movement caught her eye. Through the part in the curtain, she could see someone in the back yard next door.

Despite a twinge of guilt, she stepped toward the window for a better look. She peeked out through the curtain and a shiver ran through her. Charlotte's husband Jason was hard at work, edging with the weed-eater, wearing nothing but a grass-stained pair of shoes and denim shorts. His muscular body glistened with sweat in the sunlight, looking positively godlike.

His skin wasn't the only thing that was damp after a few seconds of watching him.

Wendy shivered again as she dragged herself away from the vision. It didn't help that Charlotte had described what the shorts were covering and how well he used it. The brunette was utterly shameless when it came to anything sexual. Wendy's gaze drifted toward the box on the nightstand, but after a quick shake of her head, she continued to the kitchen, instead.

Though she felt guilty about admiring her neighbor's husband, it was one more thing that made every day a beautiful day in her new neighborhood.


One of the many perks of Wendy's new position was the ability to work from home on occasion. When trying out her new toy had resulted in a late night — and numerous orgasms — she decided to take advantage of that perk for the first time the next morning.

Though she had worried about distractions and lack of motivation while working at home, she found that the opposite was true. She had fewer distractions from co-workers, and the time she didn't spend putting on makeup, fixing her hair, dressing, and commuting ended up putting her ahead of schedule. By noon, she was waiting for others in the office to catch up before she could continue.

Relaxing on the couch to have lunch was far more pleasant than the break room at work, and being able to stick to casual clothing was a dream. By the time she finished up at two o'clock, she had determined that she was going to skip the trip into the office more often.

Having heard the lawn service pack up a few minutes earlier, she stepped out into the back yard to inspect their work. The previous week, they had skimped on the edging, and she wanted to make sure they had lived up to their promise to correct that error. Everything looked good, so she walked back toward the house, contemplating what she might do with the unexpected free time. It was then that she saw Charlotte in the window.

On the verge of waving, she was surprised to see someone else step into view. He was blond, handsome, and looked to be college age — easily fifteen years their junior, if not closer to twenty. Before she could even begin to wonder who he was, Charlotte reached out and cupped her hand between the young man's legs.

Wendy gasped in shock and disbelief. Her fight or flight instinct kicked in, and she hurried toward the back door. Just before reaching it, she glanced back toward her neighbor's window and saw Charlotte looking her way. Their eyes met for the briefest of moments, but it was enough.

After closing the door behind her, Wendy leaned against it and sighed. In a fraction of a second, her idyllic new life had crashed on the rocks. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she would have never believed Charlotte would cheat on her husband. She couldn't imagine why, either. Her neighbor had nothing but praise for her husband, both in and out of the bedroom.

She was still reeling when the doorbell rang.

In a panic, she remained at the back door, not sure what to do. The bell rang a second time, and she forced herself to move. With every step through the house, she prayed that it wasn't Charlotte at the door.

Her hopes were dashed.

"Can I come in?" Charlotte asked.

Not trusting her voice, Wendy nodded and stepped out of the doorway to let her neighbor in.

Charlotte barely waited for the door to close before saying, "So, that was Nathaniel."

Wendy blurted, "You're having an affair?"

The brunette smiled, shook her head, and said, "No."

"But I saw you grab..." She couldn't finish the sentence, though her hand gesture more than illustrated what was unspoken.

"That's one of the few things that are within our boundaries when Jason and I aren't together. We have a sort-of open relationship."

It was all too much to process. All Wendy could do was stare — dumbfounded.

"Come sit down," Charlotte suggested. When Wendy hesitated, Charlotte stepped to the couch and waved her neighbor toward her.

She briefly hesitated, but the whole thing was making her feel light-headed, so Wendy crossed to the couch and sat down.

"Jason knows about Nathaniel," Charlotte began, "We've been talking online for a couple of weeks, and then met over the weekend. The two of them hit it off, because they both like the same teams."

Wendy slowly shook her head and shrugged. "I don't even know what to think."

"It's okay," Charlotte said, and waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. "I wanted to break it to you easy, but it's too late for that now."

Wendy found a moment of amusement amidst the onslaught of unexpected information and asked, "What was the easy way supposed to be?"

With laughter in her voice, Charlotte answered, "I don't know. I hadn't figured it out yet."

Wendy chuckled at that, and it helped to drain some of the tension out of the room.

Charlotte pulled out her phone and said, "Here, let me text Jason, so you know I'm telling the truth."

"You don't have to do that."

Her neighbor smiled and said, "I want to."

The brunette tapped away on her phone, and once she sent the message, she handed over her cell. The message read, "So, Nathaniel came over to return that Blu-ray. I think he was hoping for an early start. I gave him a little squeeze to keep him on the line, and Wendy saw it. At her house letting her know that you know, and you're okay with it."

Only a few moments after she finished reading the message, a reply came in, "Well, so much for your plan. Cat's out of the bag, huh? She freaking out?"

Wendy handed the phone back, and her neighbor read the message. "So, how do I answer him? Are we okay?" Charlotte asked.

Wendy took a moment to collect her thoughts. She was hardly a prude. It had been the sudden, unexpected revelation that had put her off balance. Now that she understood, it was easy to answer, "As long as you're both honest with each other and happy, then what does it matter?" She smiled when the thought occurred to her, and added, "I suppose I'm a little jealous, to tell the truth."

Her neighbor grinned and said, "Give me a second." She typed what Wendy assumed was a reply to her husband, and then her features took on a mischievous cast. "So, now that you know, I can ask you what you think."

Wendy gasped as soon as the brunette turned her phone around. Though she'd seen him only briefly, that glance and the context of their conversation left little doubt of who she was looking at on the smartphone screen. Nathaniel's bare body was rippling with well-defined muscle. He was even more handsome than she'd thought from her initial impression.

And his hard young cock was impossible to ignore.

She was still staring at the image when Charlotte said, "You're getting goosebumps. I take it that's the answer?"

The chill that had shot through her as wetness gathered between her legs wasn't abating. She looked up from the phone and said, "Oh my god, he's delicious."

"I know. I can't wait, but I have to. It's that time of the month, so we were going to hook up over the weekend. Swipe to the next picture."

Caught up in the excitement, Wendy reached out and swiped the screen. She'd expected another picture of Nathaniel, and gasped when the nude image of Jason appeared instead. He was just as gorgeous as the younger man, and his cock was even bigger.

"Now that you know, I can finally do more than just talk about it," Charlotte said. "And you can do more than just imagine it."

Wendy's cheeks flushed, as she'd done that on any number of occasions. The most recent of which was the night before, while trying out her new vibrator. He was everything she'd imagined from Charlotte's description, and more.

"He's been drooling over you ever since you moved in."

"Me?" Wendy blurted.

"He has a thing for redheads," Charlotte answered while pulling back her phone and turning it toward her. While tapping away, she casually asked, "So, want to fuck him?"

"Are you serious?"

The brunette chuckled and answered, "Very." A message tone sounded, and her smile widened. "Better yet, how would you like to fuck both of them?"

Wendy sat back with her senses reeling and her pussy aching, unable to think straight, let alone answer.

"Jason's been subsisting on blowjobs for a couple of days, and Nathaniel's getting impatient. He's still at the house, even though I said I didn't know when I'd be back from here. I just asked him if he wanted to fuck you."

Once again, Charlotte turned the phone toward Wendy which allowed her to read the reply of, "Hell to the yes!"

After giving her neighbor long enough to read the text, Charlotte began typing again. "There's a hard young cock next door. Jason can be here in ten minutes. I'm sure he'll skip out of work for you. All you have to do is say yes."

"Both of them?" Wendy asked in a breathy whisper.

"Both of them. Right now."

That was it. Wendy through caution to the wind as arousal surged to a fever pitch within her. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but..." She nodded.

Her neighbor tapped away on her phone, and then said, "I just told Nathaniel to come over. All I need to do is text Jason, but remember what I said about our rules? If you're going to fuck him too, I get to be here. Is that going to be too weird for you?"

Overwhelmed with desire, Wendy answered, "No, that's fine," almost before her neighbor could finish.

Charlotte shivered and moaned. "Oh, this is going to be so hot." She began the text to her husband.

Wendy's heart skipped a beat when the doorbell rang.

"Somebody's eager," Charlotte said as she stood. With her thumbs still at work on her phone, she stood and walked to the front door.

Her breathing heavy and her heart pounding, Wendy watched her neighbor open the door and invite the gorgeous young man in.

"Hey," Nathaniel said, his eyes roving over Wendy's body.

"Hi," she said as her arousal surged from his gaze.

Charlotte gave him a smack on the ass and said, "Get out of those clothes, studmuffin. I've been waiting long enough to see that cock."

He didn't hesitate in the slightest. Wendy sucked in a deep breath when he pulled his shirt over his head and revealed his sculpted chest.

Charlotte strutted back to the couch, watching the young man as he dispensed with his shoes. "Just look at that," she purred. Her phone sounded off, and when she looked, she let out a laugh. "Jason's on his way. Hope he doesn't get a speeding ticket." With that, she sat down next to Wendy and said, "Here comes the good part."

She was right. Nathaniel was down to nothing but his jeans, and they didn't last long. He popped the button, pulled down the zipper, and then pushed both denim and his boxers in one fluid motion. Wendy was hypnotized by the sight of his rock-hard cock bobbing while he stepped out of the last of his clothing.

"Now, come here," Charlotte demanded in a sultry voice.

A hungry grin decorated his face as he walked toward them, stepping hard to make his cock bounce. As soon as he was within reach, Charlotte wrapped her fingers around his erection.

"Mmm, will you look at that," she said, and then nodded, gesturing toward his cock with her eyes.

Wendy's hand moved almost before she could form the thought. Charlotte slid her hand down to the root, leaving plenty of room for Wendy to close her fingers around the stiff member. She groaned as it throbbed in her grasp.

"You know, I've been waiting to see those tits, too," he said as the two women squeezed his cock.

Charlotte released him and said, "Yes, you have."

Even as the brunette reached for the tail of her blouse, Nathaniel said, "I'd love to see yours too."

Caught in the rising spiral of excitement, Wendy reluctantly let go of his throbbing organ and grabbed the tail of her blouse. She jerked it over her head, feeling not a bit of shame that she wasn't wearing a bra. The firm globes had barely slipped free when he squeezed the left one and growled.

"Aren't they beautiful?" Charlotte asked, while she unhooked her bra.

"Oh yeah," he agreed while continuing to squeeze.

Soon enough, Charlotte's larger breasts were free, and Nathaniel had a handful of them as well. Wendy whimpered when his thumb glided over her stiff nipple.

"Well, I can't until Jason gets here, but there's nothing stopping you," Charlotte said. "I know you want to suck that cock as much as I do."

Wendy licked her lips, and although she didn't need any further encouragement, her neighbor took his cock in hand and pulled down on it. With it pointed directly at her lips, she leaned forward and swiped her tongue over the head.

Nathaniel growled and Charlotte moaned. The brunette said, "That made him throb. I think he liked it."

"Ah yeah," he groaned, and then gasped when Wendy swirled her tongue over the tip. His hand slipped to the back of her head, and his fingers twined into her hair.

Wendy moaned as she lapped the head of his cock. The sound jumped in volume when he oozed a drop of pre-cum and she gathered it up with her tongue. Though he wasn't tugging her forward, his arm was certainly stiff enough to prevent her from moving away from his hard organ.

Not that she wanted to.

"Aren't you the naughty little tease?" Charlotte remarked.

Warmth flooded Wendy's cheeks when she realized that she was enjoying her neighbor's voyeurism. Everything was happening so quickly, and she was caught up in the tide. Aroused beyond belief, she surrendered to her desire, parted her lips, and took Nathaniel's hard young cock into her mouth.

Charlotte moaned and said, "There you go. The poor dear's been aching for a hot mouth. It tastes good, doesn't it?"

"Mmm hmm," Wendy moaned around him.

"I can't wait for my turn. Oh, I've got to get these off."

In her peripheral vision, Wendy saw her neighbor stand up and begin wriggling out of her pants. Again, she was shocked that it was further turning her on. She'd never harbored any same-sex attraction, but she couldn't deny what she was feeling. It encouraged her to take Nathaniel deeper on her next suck.

"Hell yeah. Suck that cock," he encouraged her.

Not that she needed the encouragement. She was aroused to a fever pitch. Her lips slid up and down his turgid flesh, marveling at how hard he was. He throbbed between her lips and against her tongue. It had been a while, but she had to try. After a few more sucks and a hard swallow, she took him a few centimeters into her throat.

Nathaniel and Charlotte both gasped.

Though her gag reflex kicked in from the invasion, she managed to keep her lips wrapped around him and slide back to the tip.

"Oh my," Charlotte said. "Can you take it all? Can you swallow that cock?"

Wendy wasn't sure. He was about the same size as the last man she'd done it with, but that had been in college, when she was more adventurous. She kept sucking, trying to build up her nerve.

"Been waiting to see that too," Nathaniel said. "That pussy's even nicer in person."

Without any conscious decision to do so, Wendy cut her eyes to the side. A shiver shot up her spine when she saw Charlotte sitting spread-legged on the opposite end of the couch, teasing her clit. She had a dark triangle of trimmed curls on her mound, though she shaved bare around her pussy.

There was no denying the fresh rush of wetness that had gathered between her legs when she saw her neighbor masturbating next to her. Though ashamed of her feelings, the heat of the moment seemed to engulf her embarrassment almost immediately.

"Damn, you really know how to suck a cock," Nathaniel said. "So fucking sexy." The pressure of the hand on the back of her head increased.

Hearing those words from a man half her age caused a dam to break within her. She steeled her will — and her stomach — to take him in.

"Oh my," Charlotte exclaimed when Wendy's nose nestled in the stiff hairs at the root of Nathaniel's cock.

His reaction was equally exciting. He growled, "Holy fucking shit."

A croak escaped her as Wendy let him slip out of her throat, and she instinctively opened her mouth wide, lurching away. She coughed, but otherwise mastered her rebelling stomach. The sight of his cock bobbing in front of her, covered in a thick sheen of saliva, made her pussy ache. She glanced up and euphoria swelled within her at the awe she saw in the young man's eyes.

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