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*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

Richard Ignatius Pennington, Rip as he called himself, checked the card, and then checked the door number.

413; freshmen got the fourth floor of the dormitory. Sophomores got the third floor, juniors were on the second floor, and the seniors got the ground floor. The senior's floor only had three tenants and the five tenants of the junior floor were clamoring that they should be allowed to occupy the ground floor as well; there were eleven rooms unoccupied, after all.

But the Administration of Harvester's College, in their infinite wisdom, decided that everyone was assigned. And everyone would just stay put.

Richard knocked, then tried the knob and found the door unlocked.

"Hey," a tall, muscular young man smiled from his bunk, taking the ear buds out of his ears. "Sorry; didn't hear you knock; how you doing? You Richard, right?"

"Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm Richard, but my friends call me Rip," Rip said, shaking the offered hand.

The handsome young man, clad only in nylon shorts, grabbed Rip's heavy trunk and pulled it over to Rip's bunk, with no effort at all.

"Doug," the young man said. "Doug Percy. Where you from?"

"Paulton, Louisiana," Rip said as Doug pointed to the chest of drawers. "It's this itty bitty place out of..."

"I'm from Lowenburg, Arkansas; I know exactly where Paulton is," Doug smiled widely.

"Yo, Dougie; you ready?" another muscular young man called out and slammed the door open.

"Yeah, Brucie," Doug said back. "Let me just get a shirt on."

"Hey, I'm Bruce," the second young man said, offering a hand to Rip.

"Rip," Doug said. "Get this; he's from Paulton; about thirty miles south of where I'm from."

"Poor bastard," Bruce smiled. "Come on, Robin Hood."

"Whatever, Trier Fuck, I mean, Friar Tuck," Doug smiled as he pulled a compound bow and a quiver of arrows from the closet.

"Where are y'all going with those?" Rip asked, noticing that Bruce also had a bow and quiver over his shoulder.

"Archery range; come on," Doug invited.

"So, why you into that?" Rip asked as he had to jog to keep up with Doug and Bruce's long stride.

"Two reasons," Doug said as they opened the door to the building. "One, it's good for upper body strength and two, I'm good at it."

"I'd say 'okay at it,' I wouldn't say 'good,'" Bruce teased.

Within minutes of starting, Rip saw that Doug and Bruce were both very good at archery.

"Here, give it a try," Doug invited.

Rip took the offered bow and arrow. Doug stepped up behind Rip, put his arms around Rip and showed Rip how to notch the arrow and pull the string back.

"And..." Doug said into Rip's ear.

The arrow flew wide of the target, but if Bruce or Doug were upset about it, they didn't show it.

"Should have seen my first time," Bruce smiled. "People were screaming, jumping out of the way."

"Hmm, so nothing's changed?" Doug teased.

"Aw, your ass, bitch," Bruce laughed.

"Come on; you like pizza? There's a great little place two blocks from here; Jack's," Doug invited as he and Bruce finished getting their arrows and putting them back into their quivers.

Again, the five foot eight Rip had to jog to keep up with the two six foot four inch boys' long strides.

"Like your hair, dude," Doug admitted as Rip pulled his long blonde hair out of the ponytail.

"Yeah, had mine almost as long as yours," Bruce said. "Coach took one look and said 'I need football players, not girls. Cut it or you're cut.'"

Bruce was a tall, muscular blonde, Nordic as Rip's mother would have termed him and Doug was a dark haired brown eyed swarthy skinned youth. Both young men were handsome and did attract the attention of many of the young female patrons of the restaurant.

Rip, with his pasty complexion, and doughy build, was used to being ignored, looked over and it did not affect his good mood.

When it came time for the bill, Doug refused to let Rip pay for his portion.

"Take it, Dude; tight ass over there never pays for me," Bruce advised.

"Aw your ass," Doug laughed. "Last week? Them brownies?"

"Huh, oh, oh yeah, you're right, I'm wrong," Bruce freely admitted.

"Glad we got that settled," Doug said.

"Dude, that you or... Whew, oh man, I do need the shower," Doug said as they walked back to campus.

"Back at the room, Rip set about putting his things away while Doug and Bruce availed themselves of the community showers.

That was one of the reasons the Juniors were clamoring to move down one floor; the Seniors had private baths with each room.

"Yeah, yeah, bought a ten pack of them," Doug said as he and Bruce entered the room.

Doug took off his towel and draped it over the rail at the end of his bunk.

Rip stared, open mouthed at the long, thick cock that hung down. Fully flaccid, Doug's cock was nearly the same size as Rip's cock when Rip was fully erect.

Bruce's robe had slipped open and Rip saw that Bruce's cock was as long and as thick as Doug's, but Bruce still possessed a foreskin on his long member.

"And, oh, there's black and blue; here, take one of each," Doug said, pulling two ball point pens out of his desk drawer.

"Thanks, man; Rip, catch you later, huh?" Bruce said and left.

"oops, Dude, sorry; just that, you know? Shower with forty, fifty guys all the time, just don't even think about walking around naked," Doug apologized as Rip continued to stare at the fat cock and large balls that dangled down.

"Huh? Uh, uh, no, no, Dude, it's cool, I mean, shit, we're all guys here, right?" Rip stammered as Doug pulled a pair of nylon shorts on.

Rip gathered up his own shower things, got directions to the room from Doug and went down the hall.

First things first," he thought and ducked into a toilet stall.

A few strokes of his throbbing erection and he squirted a man-sized load into the commode.

The pudgy young man took a shower cubicle and made quick work of rinsing the day's sweat off.

Re-entering his room, he found Doug stretched out on his bunk, ear buds in his ears, listening to music. Rip looked and could see the head of Doug's cock sticking out the leg of his shorts.

He found his own IPod and lay down to listen to his own tunes.

"So what you listening to?" Doug loudly asked, noticing that Rip was in the room.

"Blake Shelton," Rip said.

"Who? Oh, oh, Country, right?" Doug said.

"And you?" Rip asked.

"Slayer," Doug admitted.

In the morning, Doug was gone when Rip woke up. When Rip managed to find the cafeteria, got his breakfast and looked for a place to sit. Then he saw Doug, Bruce, and a few other football players sitting at a table. He remembered enough of High School Hierarchy to know, football players didn't want pudgy guys sitting with them, so looked around for another table.

"Dude, we're over here," Bruce called out though.

"Oh yeah; we're in college; this ain't high school no more," Rip said aloud as he walked over to their table.

"Anyway, Coach Richards tells him throw it to the full back and, hey Rip," Doug said. "Guys, this is my roommate Rip."

"Hey," the guys said and Doug finished his story.

"Y'all know where Coolidge Hall is?" Rip asked when there was a break in the conversation. "I need to get my schedule and..."

"Out those doors go to the left," one young man said. "It's the second, no, wait, it's the third building, second or third one on the left."

"Damn, Benson, no wonder you keep fucking up your routes!" another young man hooted. "Dude, it's the third one on the left. Really, can't miss it; there's this giant oak tree right there, right in front of the steps."

Rip finished his breakfast and told the gathering good bye; they were still eating, still talking and laughing.

When Rip returned to his dorm room, Doug was stretched out, nude, on the bed, listening to music.

"Sorry, I'll..." Doug said and Rip held up a hand to stop him.

"Dude, like I said, we're all guys here, right?" Rip said and stripped out of his own clothes.

He did hesitate when it came to his white cotton briefs, but they pulled them off too and stretched out on his on bunk and jammed his ear buds in.

Chapter 2

Rip was invited, and again tagged along as Bruce and Doug went to practice archery. Again, Doug pressed up against Rip to show him how to shoot the bow and arrow. Rip could feel Doug's package press up against his chunky buttocks, but concentrated on what Doug was telling him.

"Dude! All right!" both Doug and Bruce whooped when Rip actually managed to hit the target.

True, it was the outer most rim of the target, but it was still a hit.

And then Doug and Bruce showed him where a Benny's Burger Bar was.

"They say there's a thousand different ways you can fix your burger here," Doug shouted over the loud music the place was playing.

"I take about a slathering of this Thai chili paste," Bruce said, slathering the fiery sauce on his bun.

"I love this blue cheese over here," Doug said.

Again, Doug refused to let Rip pay for his own meal.

"Dude, what? its seven bucks," he shrugged. "Catch it next time, huh?"

"Yeah, when we go to Brawn's Steakhouse," Bruce joked.

"We can even get in?" Rip asked.

Brawn's hired fresh faced young ladies as servers, and they walked around topless, lower half discretely covered by an apron.

"Yeah," Doug snorted. "But don't worry; we're not going. A T-bone? Eighty bucks. Looking at titties is fun, but not eighty bucks worth."

"Ah!" Bruce sighed dramatically as a monumental belch erupted. "Nothing belches like Thai chili and root beer!"

"Them onion strings were awesome," Rip offered as he again jogged to keep pace with the two football players.

Back at their dorm room, Doug stripped and grabbed his shower things. Rip booted up his lap top computer and Doug and Bruce left the room.

Rip quickly logged onto the Internet and found some extreme anal pornography.

During the summer, while he attended a community college in Louisiana, he and a friend had picked up this fat girl and Rip had lost his virginity. His buddy had fucked the fat girl up the ass. Rip never had the opportunity to take the girl anally but had wanted to. Since then, Rip enjoyed watching girls taking huge cocks or dildos or fists up their tiny little holes.

"Damn yeah," Rip groaned as he watched a small Asian woman take a log sized cock up the ass. The Asian girl's eyes bulged and beads of sweat popped out on her forehead as the thick slab of meat slapped in and out of her, the cock's owner showing no concern for the girl's enjoyment.

Rip started to stroke his cock as he could hear the girl's grunts and moans while the man called her 'whore' and 'slut' while fucking her.

"Forgot soap; believe that? How you shower without... Oh, hey, aw Dude, man, I'm sorry," Doug cheerfully said, then gasped as he noticed that Rip was stroking himself.

Doug quickly grabbed a bar of soap, still in wrapper from his side of the small closet and backed out of the room, blushing hotly.

Rip wanted to die; he prayed for Death to come while Doug was out of the room.

He lay in his bunk; any thought of masturbating long gone. He could imagine, Doug and Bruce were in the shower, along with the entire football team, all laughing at him.

"Dude, really, I'm sorry," Doug apologized when he returned after a very long shower.

Doug stretched out on his bed.

"I mean, shit, we um, you know, we all do that, you know?" Doug stammered.

"Please, just please," Rip choked out.

"Huh? Yeah, yeah, sorry," Doug said.

Rip went and took his own shower, stayed out of the room as long as he could, then finally returned.

"So, uh, what you pull yours to?" Doug asked when the lights were turned off.

"Huh?" Rip asked.

"When I'm pounding mine? I love seeing some anal," Doug whispered in the dark. "Seeing a big fat whang just ruining a tight shitter, know what I mean?"

"No kidding?" Rip asked.

"Yeah; I've only done it a couple of times. Corn holed someone, but aw man! Doug enthused

"I, shit, that's what I like too," Rip admitted and started stroking his rapidly expanding cock. "I've never corn holed anyone, but fuck! Would love to, you know?"

"So what have you done?" Doug asked.

"God, not a whole lot, really," Rip admitted, feeling safe in the darkness.

He would freely admit to fucking Wanda, the little fat girl he and his friend had picked up. He would admit to getting blow jobs from the girl.

But he would not admit to sucking his friend's cock or letting his friend shove his nice fat cock into his ass.

If pressured into admitting that he had sucked another man's cock and let another man fuck him up the ass, Rip would not admit to thoroughly enjoying both.

"Hey, Rip?" Doug said.

"Yeah?" Rip asked, trying hard to stroke his cock without making the bed squeak.

"I'm pulling mine right now," Doug admitted.

Rip froze. Then he could hear it; the soft 'ink ink' sound of Doug's metal frame bed being jostled.

"You pulling yours?" Doug asked a Rip again began stroking himself, no longer trying to hide it.

"Yeah," Rip admitted in a strangled voice.

Both eighteen year olds lay in their beds, in the dark, stroking their cocks.

Rip felt the tightening in his balls and cupped his hand under the head of his cock

Over on the other bunk, Doug cupped his hand under the head of his cock.

"Ugh, shit!" Rip hissed and spurted a hot load into his hand.

"Ah!" Doug sighed gratefully as he spurted his load into his hand.

In the dark, both boys licked their hands clean, and then rolled over to go to sleep.

Chapter 3

Rip again tagged along with Doug and Bruce for archery practice. True to his word, Doug let Rip pay when they ate spaghetti at Gino's Italian Restaurant a few blocks off campus. The six dollar meal was spilling off the large platter and Gino himself encouraged the boys to come back; bring their friends.

Upon returning to the dorm, Rip followed Doug and Bruce to the showers and they chattered with one another across the short walls of the cubicles.

"Dude, trade you, huh?" Bruce said to Doug. "My roommate? About as useless as they come."

"Bobby? Dude," Doug shook his head. "Like seriously. Does he even know where the showers are?"

When they returned to their room, Doug pulled on a pair of nylon shorts and sat at the double desk to do some studying. Rip did the same, wearing a pair of cotton briefs.

The Ten PM chime sounded. Decades earlier, Harvester's College had instituted a ten pm curfew and the Room Monitor would sound the chime, and then walk up and down the hallway, making sure that every light was off.

That rule was no longer enforced, but the chime still sounded. At the sound of the chime, both Doug and Rip shut off their laptops and crawled into their beds.

"You doing it again?" Doug sounded amazed as the soft sound of Rip's bed jostling could be heard.

"Yeah," Rip admitted, blushing hotly in the dark.

"Dude, you keep doing that, you're going to run out of sperm," Doug said.

"You can't run out," Rip laughed.

"Here, let me..." Doug said, suddenly very close to Rip.

Rip gave a strangled gasp as Doug's large hand fumbled down his belly and gripped his throbbing erection.

Doug gave Rip's cock a few soft strokes, and then began to jack Rip's cock.

"I'm uh, oh shit," Rip warned as his hips started to thrust.

Doug kept on stroking until Rip grunted and spewed a thick torrent of sperm splattering onto his belly.

He had not caught his breath when he heard Doug grunt in his own orgasm.

In the dark, Rip used his fingers to scoop up his semen and licked his fingers clean.

Football practice and team meetings kept Doug tied up for the next two nights; it was Friday before Rip was again invited to go shooting arrows with Bruce and Doug.

"Bobby? Gross ass mother, I swear," Bruce was complaining as he sent arrow after arrow into the target.

Rip shot three arrows and managed to hit the target twice. Both Bruce and Doug congratulated him and again they ate at Gino's.

In the shower, Rip laughed when Bruce playfully tugged on his long blonde hair. Then Bruce followed them to their room and sat on Doug's bed while Doug and Rip sat on Rip's bed. The three eighteen year old males sat and swapped lies about drinking, fighting, and fucking.

When the Ten PM chime sounded, Bruce retied his robe, grabbed his shower kit, and slapped both Doug and Rip playfully.

"Five o'clock practice," Doug reminded Bruce needlessly.

"Full pads," Bruce responded.

The moment he snapped the light off, Doug gently pushed Rip over and reached for Rip's throbbing erection.

"Here, you do me too, huh?' he whispered and took Rip's hand.

Rip found his pudgy hand being wrapped around an impressive slab of meat. He softly ran his hand up and down the nine inches of cock, then reached down with his other hand and found Doug's heavy balls.

"Oh yeah, aw Dude," Doug sighed as Replayed with both his balls and his cock.

Rip ejaculated quickly and ceased his stroking of Doug's meat until he could breathe again.

"And uh oh, here uh, here it..." Doug grunted and Rip felt the hot semen splash down onto his hands, coating them.

Rip licked his fingers clean when Doug got out of his bed.

"Here, let me clean..." Doug whispered, reaching out with a tissue to wipe Rip's hands.

"Thanks," Rip said, not telling Doug he'd already cleaned his hands with his mouth.

In the morning, it was almost nine o'clock when Rip woke up. Doug was already gone and Rip remembered; they had practice at an early hour.

He wandered to the cafeteria, grabbed some eggs and bacon and biscuits and agreed with the large black woman behind the glass; biscuits needed milk gravy.

He asked a table of young men if he could join them and they greeted him with smiles and nods.

One young man, however, seemed bent on seeing just how vulgar, how profane he could be. Rip looked at the boy's severe acne, oily stringy hair, and permanent scowl and shook his head at yet another crude remark the youth made.

"Bobby? You Bruce's roommate?" Rip asked after one of the others at the table chided the young man about talking about fecal matter while they were eating.

"The football faggot?" Bobby sneered. "Yeah. Total dick; all about football, all about weightlifting, all about fucking sports; told him nobody remembers who won the Super Bowl five years ago..."

"The Pittsburg Steelers," Rip and three other people at the table said.

"But who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry last year," another boy asked.

Bobby just glared with contempt at them.

"So you guys think about football when you're choking your chickens?" he sneered.

"Think about football sized tits; what you think about?" Rip asked, finished his breakfast and left the table.

When he returned to the room, Doug was laying on his bed, listening to his music. He was wearing his customary nylon shorts and was softly running his hand along the length of his semi-erect cock.

"Hey; how was practice?" Rip asked as he flopped down on his own bed.

"Nasty," Doug admitted. "Know what the ground feels like at five o'clock in the morning? That's right, it's wet."

"I was going to guess that," Rip laughed.

"We're going to Jack And Jill's for dinner, me and Bruce; want to come?" Doug asked.

"Yeah," Rip said. "What's Jack And Jill's?"

"Supposed to be good old Southern Comfort food," Doug said, smiling. "But let's see if us two good old Southern boys agree, huh?"

Chapter 4

The food was good, the portions generous. Bruce did laugh at Bobby's antics when Rip told him about his breakfast.

"Thinks he's some kind of intellectual," Bruce smirked. "Had to tell him what 'Control Group' and 'Test Group' meant."

"But us jocks are dumb, huh?" Doug gently elbowed Rip in the ribs.

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