tagBDSM"R" is for Role Play

"R" is for Role Play


Introduction - Mr Butt often uses the "job interview" theme on movie scenes. Let's pick up from where we left off (this was about 10 years ago when I used to come to his day-job office on the pretext of having an interview. I had finished the first interview by giving him a comprehensive blow job, then left saying I hoped I got the job)

So the next Sunday at 4pm I opened my emails to find the regular instruction from Mr Butt "Chantelle, the very best candidates are being invited back for a second interview involving some on the job case studies and you should allow three hours for this 2nd interview, starting at 3.00pm tomorrow. Your attendance is required and this time, wear slightly more daring attire."

It is a frosty November day so I need to wear a long warm woollen coat but underneath I have a smart suit (this time with a very, very short tight skirt), crisp white blouse and bra, sheer to the waist tan tights (to keep the draft off my thighs!),no panties (to turn me on), long black gloves(worn to the elbow and pulled up under the sleeves of my blouse) and my knee high black boots. Of course when I arrive at the door of your office with my coat wrapped round me at first you see only the coat, but the sight of the shiny boots glinting up at you from my feet (which is the second place you look after my sexily made up and gorgeously smiling face), and the black gloves already has your heart beating faster in anticipation.

Once inside, you help me off with the coat, which allows you to see my gorgeous legs revealed in the full length mirror you have on one wall of the office - I hear your sharp intake of breath and provocatively I ask you

"There's not likely to be anything too hard in this interview?"

You reply that "There'll only be one hard thing in this interview and you'll be perfectly well able to deal with it!"

After inviting me to sit where you can get a great view up my skirt as I cross and uncross my legs, I say,

"So, you've got some case studies for me to work through?"

But rather than reply you cross to the cabinet at the side of the room and pour me a white wine while confessing that I am the only candidate for the second interview and that the case studies will be merely to confirm my suitability and versatility.

"Suitability and versatility for what?" I ask.

"Well, let me come straight to the point," you reply "I know from the first interview that you're very comfortable with sucking hard meat and swallowing hot cream, but are you able to cope with having your body fully explored and pleasured - feet, calves, thighs, pussy, butt cheeks and asshole - gently caressed and passionately kissed and licked? And I know how good you look in stockings and a smart suit but are you versatile enough to look good in any number of sexy outfits?"

"Would you like to try me?" I ask, draining my glass and offering it to you for a refill.

You pour me another and lead me to your large desk where you invite me to kneel up on the leather inlaid desktop with my bottom sticking up in the air. Taking the hint, I wriggle my hips and slide my skirt up till my 'tights-encased' bottom is on full view. Meanwhile, I can see you've very urgently divested yourself of all your clothing and unfasten my blouse and bra to let my large and near perfect breasts hang free.

Still standing on the floor, I can see your right hand gripping your rock hard erection and stroking it back and forth, back and forth – I am hypnotised by the rhythm and long to suck the end and taste the pre-cum or even I imagine you ejaculating in slow motion and imagine streams of hot cum jetting from where you stand wanking straight into my open and welcoming mouth. But that is daydream and in reality I can see you position yourself behind me so that you can reach round my body to cup my breasts and teasingly squeeze and pinch the nipples into hardness. Totally abandoning yourself to the waves of lust which are coursing through you, you command me to spread my ass cheeks wide with my gloved hands and you start work on me with your tongue - try to stop you!

My boots are the first to get thoroughly licked and cleaned, the intoxicating scent of leather combining with my natural pussy smell to drive us both wild and add another inch to your already painfully straining erection. I know you are still jerking hard on your dick and I can hear you pant and gasp as you dribble spit all over my boots. Satisfied that I am still having all the right effects on you, I notice the droplets of sweat from your forehead landing on the small of my back and my ass cheeks as you stand now just feasting your eyes on the beauty of my wide open holes spread for you under the sheer nylon of the tights and willingly offered to you to take them and use them as you will.

Letting go of one of my breasts, you manage to get a bottle of creamy perfumed body oil from your desk and empty some of the contents on my tights clad bottom. I can feel as the generous measure spreads over my cheeks, seeps through the nylon and runs down the crack of my bottom. It feels good, almost like your tick creamy spunk that I so much crave.

Insane with desire, you push your nose and mouth onto my bottom, nuzzling and licking at the flesh through the nylon. I am filled with new waves of lust too, and remove my gloves then reach behind to slide my soaking tights down far enough to expose my exquisite, and now oily and glistening, asshole, which, so as to torment you further, I stretch wide open with my specially prepared highly polished red nails.

Your dick tries to rise flat up against your belly but instead nudges between my boot clad ankles and you automatically begin to fuck my boots, so desperate are you now to shoot your load. I sense you trying to control yourself, still gazing at my perfect ass and pussy fully exposed in front of your face ...... then you bury your nose and mouth into the glistening, inviting perfumed heaven, thrusting your nose up my asshole as a substitute penis and licking and lapping at my pussy with your tongue.

I am now close to coming too, knowing that you are so filled with lust at the sight of holes spread for you and my boots and tights, so I thrust myself back onto your face, pushing the palms of my hands into the desk top to get extra leverage back onto you ..... you wrap your arms round the top of my thighs in a fierce embrace designed to wedge your face deep between my soaking cheeks, working intensely with your tongue alternately on my clitoris and asshole until I'm rewarded by my first shuddering orgasm which causes me to thrust back suddenly off the desk, a movement which causes us both to fall back into a large leather armchair, me now sitting on your lap - or more correctly, impaled on your stiff erection!

As we come to terms with our new position, I find that I am in fact sitting back on your cock, flattening it up towards your belly and neatly sandwiched between my hot and wet bottom cheeks. By sliding rythmically up and down I can feel the bell end stroking my pussy and asshole and right up to my spine. Meanwhile you have one hand on one breast, the other in my pussy, index finger working my clitoris madly and as I work towards another climax. I am totally surrendered to the waves of lust and satisfaction and bounce up and down hard and fast on your rigid dick trying to bring it to orgasm. You gasp that you are ready to come and I know I need to act quickly. I suddenly stand up astride you on the chair and place my bottom firmly on your face, forcing your head back into the seat and your tongue deep into my anus; with my left hand I tickle your ballsack and with my right I furiously fist off the bursting purple headed cock in front of me until the explosion of spunk jets out, splashing my breasts, neck and face, covering me with the hot white stickiness that I need as I quiver with orgasm number two under your tongue.

Satisfied I collapse into your arms and plant a passionate, spunky french kiss on your lips ...

"How versatile was that?" I ask.

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