tagMatureRabid at Grandview High Ch. 02

Rabid at Grandview High Ch. 02


Note: Although sex acts in this offering involve high school students all such activity is between persons 18 years of age or older.


When Gary and Marie noticed all of the inscriptions on the back of the door they had missed one partly because it was different from the rest. While everybody else had put their names and graduation years in hearts this couple used a peace sign. Back in 1970 the couple who had discovered the school's secret love nest was worried about the Vietnam War and knew that the guy would soon go into the Army so he used a peace sign instead of a heart and wrote, "G.H. + V.L. '70."

George Harvey had thought that with all of the remodeling the school had undergone that the love nest had long since been destroyed. So, when rumors about Marie and Gary flooded the school he didn't even think about the special spot he and his girlfriend had found 35 years earlier. After all he spent two years in the army much of it in the jungles of Vietnam. After getting back both he and his girlfriend ended up marrying someone else.

As thoughts of the past came racing back he thought how strange it was that he ended up the principal of the very school he had graduated from. Even stranger was that Vickie Lawson, who had married John Dean and been his lover in that very love nest, had also returned to the same school as his Assistant Principal. It had only taken a few weeks before they were back to their lustful ways.

They both loved their spouses but the fact was that they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. In fact, both of them were obviously over sexed and had no problem satisfying their spouse, each other, and countless students and school staff members. It was just after the second time that he fucked the hell out of Marie that George Harvey sat at his desk and thought about that day 35 years ago when he and Vickie had met and the fun they had shared.

Times were sure different. It was the era of free love, hippies, and nothing was bigger than the Betles. But, like most 18 year old guys George was worried about the draft and going off to Vietnam. His older brother was a student a hundred miles away at Missouri University and participated in protests before graduating and ending up in the Navy.

George knew that with a low lottery number he was bound to be called up and it was getting harder to get student deferments. So, he decided to live it up his Senior year as he morbidly thought it might be the last chance he would ever have. Late in October he decided to go to the Peace Club meeting and met Vickie there. They were instantly drawn to one another it was truly lust at first sight.

George remembered that he was wearing his favorite tie dye shirt the day they met. He laughed to himself about the long stringy blonde hair that went past his shoulders. Back then he was two inches shorter than he was now and weighed 50 pounds less and had no problem getting dates. Vickie weighed less as well but had the same basic cock hardening figure then that she has now.

She was dressed simply in blue jeans and a t-shirt with a huge peace sign on it. Her tits were large and stood up with the help of her bra like twin arrows. She would have been braless except for Mr. Sempel, the assistant Principal, had already sent her home once for not wearing one. George asked her out and they went out the very next night.

One day after school George was crushed to learn that they couldn't go to Vickie's to "study" as her mother was home. To make matters worse George's own mom was also home. He had to get his hands and mouth on her wondrous melons and Vickie was just as turned on. She thought of it first, "George we can smooch right here at school. There is bound to be someplace to hide where we will be left alone."

"Do you suppose those rumors about the couple a few years ago are true and maybe there really is someplace like that?" George was referring to the rumors of a secret love nest where a few years earlier a guy had gotten a girl pregnant inside of the school.

"Georgie there is only one way to find out, let's look around," she replied really wanting to find it because George was a great tit kisser. As I said in the prior chapter I won't reveal the exact location of the hiding place so if current students are lucky enough to find it they can enjoy themselves. After scouting around for half an hour they found a secluded room that looked deserted and decided to make out there. George closed the door and Vickie jumped into his strong arms.

Suddenly, she squealed and jumped back. She was pointing, in shock, at the back of the door. George thought she had seen a spider or something when he asked, "Vickie what is the matter, what is it?"

Look at the back of the door, we found it! We found the hiding place; the rumors are true," she said excitedly. George turned and looked and saw the carving in the door that Jim and Stacy had left in 1963.

"Vickie all of that shit is true. My brother wasn't pulling my leg. Guess what, they never found out where those two made out. That means we are safe here and can do anything we want." Swirling back around he grabbed the girl back into his arms and was planting kiss after kiss on her luscious lips.

Soon he raised her shirt off over her mammoth orbs and the bra soon followed. His lips were locked on to her firm nipples and she began moaning as she ran her hands all over his backside. He had made her cum before just from his tit play but the excitement of their new love nest caused her to have an orgasm in record time.

As they got their stuff together to leave lustful thoughts raced through their horny heads about how perfect this was. There were no parents to worry about and the school didn't know where the hideout was. The lovers could sneak in to this small room anytime they wanted. Vickie was just happy she wouldn't have to lay on the floor as there was a sturdy old desk for them in there. Running a finger over George's lips she asked, "You want to come back here tomorrow?"

."You bet your sweet ass I do," he answered panting wanting more of her right then. Summoning up all of his self control he got on his jacket and they left together before they got in trouble for getting home late. George was convinced he would get lucky in the next couple of days so he nervously went to the drug store and bought a 12 pack of rubbers. Vickie didn't know whether she was ready to loose her virginity just yet but decided that she would make the next day special for her lover.

The boy was surprised when he saw her for the first time that day in History class. Vickie was wearing a mini skirt that barely covered her underwear and a silky blouse that clung tightly to her breasts. All of the guys openly stared at her and she just smiled knowingly. At lunch they reconfirmed their rendezvous and talked about sneaking off right then.

Vickie convinced George that there just wasn't time to do anything special, "Besides Georgie good things come to those who wait."

"They do huh, ok I'll wait," he responded reluctantly. They weren't thinking of quite the same good things as George was even more convinced she meant he would hit a homerun while Vickie was speaking of letting him do stuff she had only let him do on rare occasions or had never done before but not fucking.

Finally 2:50 rolled around and they scampered to the love nest getting easily lost in the crowd. No one noticed them sneak into their private room. After passionately kissing her George pulled out his pocket knife and etched the peace sign and their initials into the wood. As he folded the blade back into the handle Vickie nibbled on his neck, pressing her boobs against him, and unbuttoned his shirt.

As he turned around to face her she grabbed his zipper and opened his fly. George moved in for another kiss as he grabbed her boob. While George's fingers worked on her buttons she was pulling his hard member out of his underpants. He moaned, "Vickie you are so damn sexy. Oh my God your hand feels so fucking good there."

"I bet I know something that will feel even better," she sweetly cooed as George pushed her blouse all of the way off. Grabbing it from him she laid it on the floor and knelt upon it. She grabbed his member between her hands and flicked her tongue at his pee hole. He jumped at the touch of her snake like tongue's first touch.

Grabbing her long black hair in his hands he leaned against the desk as she slowly began licking and nibbling all over the length of his shaft. As he reached behind her back unclasping her bra she sucked three inches of his prick into her mouth. As she sucked she used her tongue deftly to lick around his spongy head.

"Oh fuck yes, suck me hard and deep; you're fantastic," he grunted knowing he wouldn't last long. This was as far as she ever sucked him into her mouth. He had found it very enjoyable and had no trouble getting off. But, this time would be different as suddenly she began mouth fucking his erection drawing him deeper and deeper into her mouth.

In less than a minute she had his entire length inside her mouth. She sucked him in and out faster and faster until her head was nearly a blur. She knew he would cum soon as she felt his whole body tense up. Vickie wanted his spunk, she wanted it badly. She just had to taste his sticky wonder so she sucked harder and faster.

Reaching down as far as he could with his hand he cupped and squeezed her boob roughly as his breathing grew ragged. Not able to hold back any longer he flooded her throat with large ropes of his sticky substance. With pride in a job well done she swallowed load after load down.

When his prick quit shooting into her mouth Vickie stood up and lovingly kissed him. Pushing the clothes off his ass she tenderly caressed his butt. Swirling around so that her ass was now against the desk George grabbed both titties in his hands and began feverishly playing with them. Vickie's crotch was grinding against him causing him to get very excited as one of his hands cupped her ass.

"Oh man, your cock tasted great. Why don't you take off my skirt and see the surprise I have waiting for you, babe?" Anxiously George pushed her skirt off of her hips revealing her white cotton bikini panties. Then he noticed some words and a picture as He got his face closer. Right on the front panel was printed 'A Taste of Honey' and underneath a drawing of an open honey pot.

"Far out! That is so cool," he screeched excitedly. He ran his hands all over the soft material nervously. His cock was pulsing with renewed vigor. He could smell the unmistakable aroma of her cunt and knew she was excited too.

"So do you want a taste of my honey? After All it is only fair I ate your cum now you should taste mine." Before he could say anything her boobs were ripped from his mouth and she was laying back on the desk. Not wanting to give his girlfriend a chance to change her mind he quickly kneeled on the floor and yanked down her undies.

The sight was awe inspiring as she spread her legs wide. Ringlets of jet black hair divided equally in half by her glistening pink slit. Placing his hands on both sides of her cunt lips he pulled them open. His senses were overwhelmed as he dove for her sweet honey pot. Tentatively, at first he flicked his tongue over her slippery surface. But soon he was scooping load after load of her treats into his mouth.

Perched proudly just above her hot hole was her hard little nub. She squirmed violently the with his tongue's first touch but before long was bucking and grinding it against him. A flood of honey poured from her as she came for the first time. She exhorted, "Oh shit don't stop, eat me come on eat my cunt until I can't take it anymore."

"Oh God Vickie, let's fuck; come let me fuckyou," George pleaded having other ideas of how to make her come again. Vickie was surprised, but not shocked, at his request so it took her a minute to answer as she came again from his tongue lashing.

"George, we can't I'm not on the pill yet and besides I'm not sure I am ready." Wave after wave of ecstasy was washing over her body. George's face was sloppy with her juices. He stuck a finger just inside her cunt and wiggled it.

"You feel ready to me. Come let me take you. I came prepared as I have a rubber with me; so how about it fuck me?" He diddled her faster and swirled his tongue furiously against her clit as he waited for the answer. Vickie had wanted George to be the one to pop her cherry but not in some hidden room in the damn school.

"Oh God, George, I can't take it anymore! Ok fuck me right now, fill me up with your pecker but be gentle." She didn't know she was going to say yes until she did it figuring losing her virginity on a desktop was more unique than any old bed. George dug through his pockets until he found the condom.

He fumbled with it for a few seconds before successfully opening the package and rolling it on to his member. Nervously he approached her vaginal opening as they both exhaled deeply. Aiming carefully he pushed the head just inside of her hole. He already felt resistance as the opening was rather small.

Vickie squealed out as his prick felt too big. She said nothing as other girls had told her it might be this way. The pressure kept building then suddenly a sharp pain shot through her. George had punctured her virginal wall. She made him stop and be still for a minute while the pain subsided.

Breathing deeply she grabbed his hips and signaled for him to continue. With each stroke the pain became more and more of a distant memory as the pleasure of his big cock moving in and out of her took over her entire body. She thrust her hips to meet each thrust of his manhood as she frigged her clit. George never imagined it would be this good as her cunt walls spasmed against his erection trying to pull out all of his manly juices. The orgasm they shared was truly mind-blowing. From that day on Vickie was a very eager fuck mate.

They got together at every opportunity all through the winter and Spring. During the first week of May Vickie met George obviously upset as she had seen the news that four anti-war protesters were killed at Kent State by National Guardsmen. After school that day they went to the hiding place and George told her some news of his own.

He had gotten the official notice that his student deferment was denied and that his draft status had been changed from '1H- hold status' to 1A-ready for service' and would have to report for duty three weeks after graduation. Vickie fell into his arms in tears, "Fuck it, and fuck this world and the war."

They threw their arms tightly around one another trying to comfort themselves and ended up in a long lustful kiss. Wiping a tear from her cheek George defiantly proclaimed, "Don't worry, I'll make it through. I'll do what they tell me but ain't going to be any hero. Two years isn't too long, I'll come back."

Vickie knew that tens of thousands in Arlington Cemetery had made the same promise to their lovers. She decided that she had to be strong and supportive but not quite yet. She had to get her feelings out first. Sitting back on the desk with her arm around George she ranted, "God damn pecker heads taking you to a war half way around the world from here. You know what they can just kiss my rosy red ass."

"Not before I do," George chided trying to lighten things up. He didn't want to think about the war anymore there would be plenty of time for that later. Vickie couldn't help herself and laughed at his ridiculous inappropriate comment and decided to play along.

"Well then, what are you waiting for Georgie, kiss my ass!" That is all it took for all serious thoughts to leave his head. Before he knew it he had her leaning over the desk with her pants down. He ravaged her ass cheeks like never before. Then he snaked his tongue into her tight little rosebud.

Lust had overcome Vickie as did an overwhelming desire to please George. There was nothing that she could say no to right now. Her first orgasm came on her very quickly as George had managed to get about half of his tongue inside her rectum and was wiggling it around.

"Oh shit, Vickie, I want to fuck your big ass. I've never wanted anything so fucking much in my life; be my slut and let me in your shit hole," he roared as he withdrew his tongue from her panting. Vickie had never had a cock up her poop shoot before and wasn't keen on the idea right now. But, if she were going to let anyone up there it would be George.

"Ok I'll be your little slut, butt fucker. Go ahead and fuck my ass, you sexy bastard." She figured that since George had asked her to be a slut that part of that was the dirty talk. George was turned on beyond belief and got behind her large rump. Placing his cock between her twin pillows of pleasure he started by rubbing his cock meat between her cheeks. Before long he was fucking her crack.

He was amazed how good this felt as her butt cheeks seemed to fold in around his manhood like a glove. Vickie knew that if he continued to fuck her crack she would cum very soon as the friction was exciting her asshole. But, he didn't want to waste his jism on her ass cheeks. So, not knowing better he stuck the head of his cock against her tight ring without any lube. It wouldn't have mattered anyway as he didn't have any.

Vickie raised her hips up to meet his erection. With a hard shove and loud grunt he got the head of his prick inside of her tiny hole. Vickie screamed in pain. As the initial pain shot up her body she screamed, "Oh fuck, George it fucking hurts, Oh my god!"

"You want me to take it out?" Of course, Vickie wanted the pain to end and his cock out of there but decided to try and get through this and make George happy if she possibly could do it.

"No, but give me a minute before you ram that sexy prick up my fucking shit hole." George thought about pulling his pecker out of her on his own but it felt too good in there. He caressed her back and felt her relax as he ran his fingers through her hair. Then giving a slight push his cock went in another half an inch as he entangled his fingers in her hair using it as a handle.

Vickie still was in pain as she let out a groan. George pulled back and stroked back in a little more. He repeated this until he somehow had gotten all of the way inside. With each stroke his hold on her hair got tighter and tighter until he was pulling her head back hard until she was almost looking at the ceiling.

By the time he had totally penetrated her bowels Vickie was getting used to the sensation of cock meat in her butt. More surprising to her was that she was enjoyed be treated like a slut and being totally under his control with her head being snapped against her neck. George figured that when he pulled his cock out of her he would find that all of the skin would be gone. Right now, however, he didn't care as he pumped eagerly in and out of her. The sounds of his balls slapping against her crotch seemed to echo through the room.

"Oh fuck your ass is mine; oh my fucking God you are tight!" He pistoned his rod in and out of her yanking back her head with each stroke. Vickie reached between her legs and excitedly frigged her clit occasionally dipping a finger into her cunt.

"Shit, come on and give me your fucking cum; cum up my ass right fucking now!" Sweat was pouring from his brow as his balls tightened and he let loose a torrid of spunk in the deepest recesses of her asshole. His load was so big that Vickie felt his massive release helping to send her over the edge into the best orgasm of her young life.

George was relieved to see that his cock was still intact as he pulled out of her. They smooched a little more before getting dressed. They continued to meet until George had to report for boot camp. Their passion was unsurpassed by any other couple. It was a tearful goodbye as he left.

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