tagIncest/TabooRabid at Grandview High Ch. 03

Rabid at Grandview High Ch. 03


Note: Although sex acts in this offering involve high school students all such activity is between persons 18 years of age or older.

Even though Gary was enjoying all of the sex he was getting from the school administrators and Marie, his girlfriend, he couldn't get Tammy, the school secretary, out of his mind. It was uncanny how much she looked like his mother. Their bodies were virtually identical as they both stood five foot three inches tall weighing between 115 and 125 pounds with green eyes and red hair and they were even the same age at 41.

The boy couldn't look at his mother any more without thinking of the great fuck he and Tammy had shared. Incestual thoughts began creeping into his mind. When he jacked off thinking of Tammy she was replaced by visions of his mother well before he ejaculated. It was on that Thursday evening after Tammy had first fucked Gary that Gary's mom first noticed a difference in his demeanor.

Suddenly there seemed to be sexual tension between them as she felt his eyes staring openly at her body. Polly tried to put it out of her mind as she knew that it was natural for a son to give his mother a once over. What concerned her is that her pussy tingled when she felt his eyes on hers and had found herself admiring his looks as well. She thought that this was not natural.

Late that evening they came out to watch the late news together. Both of them had gotten ready for bed. Polly was wearing a plain cotton nightshirt. For the first time Gary noticed how her DD boobs swayed in it freely when she walked around. Gary was wearing his favorite pair of loose fitting shorts.

It wasn't long before a large tent formed in his pants as he stared at his mom's bare thighs and those mammoth tits. Polly noticed her son's erection but, of course, pretended not to. She was frustrated sexually as her husband was on a two week business trip and wouldn't be back for over a week.

Little did each of them know but both of them ended up that night in bed playing with themselves imagining it was each other they were having sex with. Gary pictured himself lifting up his mom's nightshirt revealing the rest of her delectable body. As Polly stroked her kitty she kept thinking about the bulge in her son's pants wondering if it was really as big as it appeared to her; it looked huge.

As luck would have it the next night Gary was stuck at home. It was a rare Friday night when Gary wasn't out with Marie but her family had gone to her Grandmother's for the weekend in St. Louis. Knowing his mom would be alone he decided to stay with her instead of going out with his friends.

He and his mother had a very open relationship and talked about everything. There were still a few lines they didn't cross, or so Gary thought. They had talked about how serious he was with Marie and how empty the house seemed to his mom when his dad was gone which is why Gary stuck around the house that night.

"So, have you lost your virginity yet?" Polly asked her son turning red before the question was finished. Gary blushed instantly not believing what his mother had asked him. He pondered the question for a moment and decided to answer it honestly wanting his mom to know that he trusted her with sensitive information. However, he wouldn't tell her about Vickie and Tammy, just Marie.

"Ah, yes, mom Marie and I have been having sex for awhile now. "

"Do you like it?" Polly didn't know why she asked this but after Gary's frank answer she felt like she was talking with one of her friends instead of her own son.

"Well, yes, of course mom who doesn't love having sex." Gary felt his cock twitch as he looked over at his mom's monstrous tits. He wanted to reach out and grab them. There was a part of Polly that wanted her son's hands all over her body and she couldn't help herself as she continued to quiz him.

"So, besides just fucking have you guys done anything different?" She was tempted to leave the room before getting the answer to this question as she knew she had gone too far, way too far and had no idea why. All she knew was that her pussy was on fire and she knew that she would need to please it soon.

"What do you mean mom?" Polly was disappointed in her son for making her have to ask a more pointed question.

"Well, do you go down on her or does she suck you off. You know things like that or even have you fucked her ass or played any other kinky games?" There was no doubt that sex was in the air now as Polly's panty crotch was soaked in her own juices. Gary's cock was twitching with excitement as he wondered for the first time if his own mother was trying to seduce him. And, Polly was wondering if she was asking these questions because she wanted to sleep with her own son.

"Boy mom, you aren't pulling any punches are you? I haven't butt fucked her yet but want too. We have sucked each other off a lot and I love kissing her ass." Gary knew he needed relief and soon. If nothing else he would IM his Cyber girlfriend, Ruthie, and they would cum together. Polly's heart was beating a mile a minute as she continued.

"Well, why haven't you taken her asshole yet?"

"We tried once but I got the head of my cock in her and it hurt her too much because we didn't use any lubricant." Polly was seeing her son's prick pushed just inside of Marie's sweet caboose which made her want her son right then and there. She seemed incapable of rational thought as she needed a cock to plug all of her holes even if it were her son's.

"Gary, you look as though you would love to be fucking right now," she said glaring at his bulge. She wanted to jump on him right now.

"Oh yes if Marie was here I'd find somewhere to fuck her and suck on her boobs." Gary was squirming in his chair. Polly was ecstatic as she thought he had left her an opening.

"You like sucking tits do you? Would it help if I took my shirt off and let you look at mine? It might help you cum faster when you jack off later." Polly knew that young men had no trouble cumming when they played with themselves but it seemed like a plausible excuse to begin undressing for him and get him into her bed.

"Oh shit, I bet after seeing your boobs I would cum in record time, so, I'd love to check out your breasts." Remembering how powerfully sexy Tammy's tits had been Gary nearly creamed his pants knowing his mom's would be the same. His mom stood up in front of him and lifted her shirt over her head leaving her in her bra. She decided the next move had to be her boy's.

"Your eyes look like they are going to pop out of your head. But, if you want to see my naked chest you'll need to reach around me and unclasp my bra. I am sure you have done that to a girl before." Of course he had but he had never done anything so taboo before.

"Ok mom, if you are sure that you want to let me," Gary gasped giving them one last chance to back off from incestual sex. As Gary reached around her back Polly stepped closer so that her bra was nearly touching his face. He could now smell all of her womanly aromas of perfume, body oils, and sweat as he deftly unclasped her bra.

As she stood still the boy pulled the straps from around her back to her sides and then forward. Her shoulder straps fell away and then all at once the full glory of her mammoth boobs came into view. Gary gulped loudly as he soaked in the sight of his mommy's tits. Polly shivered from the sudden cool breeze that hit her nipples which were now erect.

Polly hoped that nature would now take its course. The silence was pure torture as they both just stood there. There was no way in hell Gary was going to let this chance to touch her tits pass. Gingerly, he reached up and placed both hands flat against the soft flesh of her chest. His warm hands felt wonderful to her as she exhaled deeply.

Placing one hand on his shoulder she leaned down and cupped his chin with the other. Lifting his chin to meet her mouth and tenderly kissed him. A sigh of pleasure escaped his mouth as he gave both of her melons a small squeeze. "Oh mom you are so sexy."

"You're pretty hot yourself, Gary," she echoed almost reassuring him in her motherly way. Scooting forward and spreading her legs Polly slid down onto his lap so that she was straddling the wooden chair. As she landed on him the chair squeaked and groaned at the excess weight they had put on it.

Now his mom's arms were around his neck and her tits were in his face. God they were massive and perfect as there wasn't a blemish, pimple, scar, or any other mark on them he thought to himself. Teasing him Polly jiggled them in his face slightly not that she needed to. Taking a nipple into his mouth he gave it a nice hard suck.

Before long his mouth was voraciously exploring both of her boobies. He was determined to kiss and lick every nook and cranny. Polly was getting more turned on than she could ever remember; she assumed it was because how taboo what they were doing was. As she came for the first time from his tit play she reached down to his lap and caressed his prick through his pants causing her to get even more fired up as she thought it to be at least seven inches.

"How would you like to fuck your mommy?" As Polly asked this she gave his cock a very firm squeeze through the material.

"Oh fuck yes mom, I want to fuck you so bad, he throatily whispered after grunting from the pressure of her squeezing fingers.

"Well then follow me to my bedroom but, this stays our little secret. And, most of all, I want you to use that mighty cock anywhere on my body that you can find to fuck," Polly purred as she stood up and grabbed her son's hand. Silently they walked hand in hand to the king size bed in her room as Gary was nearly hyperventilating with excitement.

When they got to the side of the bed Polly threw her arms around her son and smashed her lips into his. Her tongue stabbed deep into his mouth as her hands snaked all around his back. Reaching the hem of his shirt she pulled it off over his head with one good strong yank. Her son was sliding his fingers up and down her ass crack obviously enjoying the sensation. Polly decided enough of this kid's stuff and reached for his belt buckle.

Noticing where his mom's hands were going Gary pushed his hands inside the elastic of her pants and began pushing them off of her rump. Quickly she unzipped his fly and their pants fell to the ground simultaneously followed immediately by both pairs of their underwear. The horny couple then stepped out of the clothing and fell hard into the bed.

They rolled all over the bed as they kissed and nibbled on each other's upper bodies. Gary found the way his mother nibbled on his ear particularly erotic. But he had experienced nothing yet as she soon asked, "Oh Gary, lay back and let me suck your big hard cock into my mouth."

"Shit yes," Gary shouted in glee as he rolled on to his back. Softly his mother cupped his balls in one hand and grabbed his shaft with the other. Soon he could hear the sounds of slurping as she sucked his pecker. Looking down he could see her head bob up and down on his pole and feel her cheeks being drawn in against his length.

"Oh fuck, son, you taste fantastic," she yelled as she pulled off of his erection momentarily to catch her breath. Then she went right back to work sucking him in harder and deeper as she mouth fucked him faster and faster.

"Mom swing your cunt around here and sixty nine with me." Polly didn't expect this request but eagerly complied as within seconds Gary was presented with her fiery red bush in his face. Wrapping his arms around her thighs he dove right in first scooping up the liquids that were trying to escape then lovingly licking around the shiny lips.

Then her swollen clit caught his attention as he flicked his tongue across its tip and then sucked the entire thing in between his lips. He sucked and licked her clit as he stuck first one and then two fingers into her hot twat. Meanwhile, his mom hadn't slowed down a bit as she continued veraciously sucking his rod.

It didn't take long before they flooded each other's mouths with cum in one giant orgasm. As they came down from the mountain top they gently licked off the excess juice from their bodies. Then rolling off of Gary his mother told him, "Gary, fuck me; come on fuck me right now, hard and deep."

She had no doubt that he had plenty of spunk left in his balls and had no doubts about his ability to keep his hard-on for her. This was the most sensual moment; so far, of his life as his mother used one hand to lightly caress his cock as she tweaked her nipples and breasts with the other while all of the time licking her lips invitingly as her knees pulled up toward her sides showing off her hot snatch. "Oh God mom, oh shit I am going to fuck you senseless. You are so damn sexy!"

As Gary moved to mount his mother she pushed him back flat on his back and mounted him instead. In seconds she had lined his cock up with her tunnel of love. He felt her cunt gently give way as she pushed it deeper and deeper inside of her. The walls of her cunt seemed to collapse in around his rod as he enjoyed the heat being ignited by their union.

Earnestly she began riding his cock as she used her fingertips to frig her clit. At first, Gary laid there in awe watching her massive tits bounce up and down and side to side as she rode him faster and faster. It was like two large pillows bouncing against one another. Snapping out of his reverence for his mom's tits he began thrusting his cock into her at each of her down strokes and caught two fistfuls of tit flesh.

Their fucking grew in intensity and Gary's tit play got a bit rougher until he shot a big load inside of her twat. Polly was now leaning back in full glory and couldn't quit riding her boy until she came twice more herself. As his cock fell limply out of her twat his mother laid down beside him sweat dripping from their bodies.

After a few minutes of recovery time they went into the kitchen to get some nourishment before going to sleep together for the night. It was about 2:30 in the morning when Gary felt something cold on his erect penis and something warm over his face. It took him a few seconds to wake up. When he focused he could see his mother's large sexy ass just above him. He sniffed and could smell the twin heavenly aromas of her cunt and bowels.

Then he realized that she had laid a tube of KY on his tummy and was greasing up his cock. Once Polly knew Gary was awake she settled her asshole right on his mouth. Feverishly he began tonguing her anus. Then she put the tube in his hand and cooed, "Oh son, squeeze that lube in my butt hole and then fuck me up my ass. I really need a good strong butt fucking!"

Moving right beside him Polly pushed her ass cheeks as far apart as she could. Gary was a little clumsy at the task in the beginning but soon was freely jabbing his fingers up her poop shoot coating her bowels with the cream. Sensing that he had applied enough she took the tube from his hand and wiggled her ass at him. He assumed that this was the signal to get on with it.

With his eyes now fully adjusted to the darkness he was able to appreciate the glory of her big rump. Placing a hand on her plump cheek for balance he guided his erection to her back door. His cock head popped into her with ease. They grunted together as he pushed in a bit deeper. Polly was gritting her teeth as she tried to relax to let the big dick all of the way up her back channel.

Holding onto her mom's hips Gary gave it one last hard push and was finally buried all of the way in her shitty depths. Relentlessly he pounded in and out of her ass. Her ass pushed back to meet each one of his strokes. "Oh God mom you've got such a huge mother fucking ass. It is so big and sexy!"

Gary's nuts were slapping against her thighs as his speed was picking up as her ass had fully accepted his cock. From his comments and the way his hands were squeezing into her hips and ass she believed she knew what else he wanted while they butt fucked. "Oh God Gary don't stop you mother fucking butt fucker. Go ahead and spank mommy's fat ass you know that you want to; come on, spank the fucking hell out of mommy you know you want to mother fucker."

He had never heard his mother talk like this before. Polly was right as the cussing had the desired effect of turning her son into a wild man. His thrusts became even stronger as he landed the first smack on her right ass cheek quickly a second strong smack followed the first stinging her. Slapping again he asked, "Does mommy like being Gary's little slut?"

"Oh fuck yes you son of a bitch, don't stop. Cum up your mom's shit hole." Sweat was once again pouring from mother and son as the only noises in the room were their groaning, Gary's hand slapping on Polly's butt, and the rough sound of cock sliding in and out of asshole.

Polly had never cum before while butt fucking without frigging her clit as the cock slid in and out of her. But, this time was somehow different as she felt herself building uncontrollably to a wonderfully massive orgasm. "Shit, mom I'm gonna cum."

"Oh shit, me too," she gasped in return. There was no mistaking the feeling of his seed filling up her bowels as it felt like a small explosion. Gary knew he had never shot a bigger load of spunk in his life. After shooting his load it took a minute for him to catch his breath as he slumped back on the bed. The next thing either of them knew the sun was streaming in through the bedroom window.

When Gary awoke his mom had already left so he got up and took care of his morning business. Not sure if last night had been a one time thing he got on his pajamas. He found his mother sitting on the couch reading a book and eating a doughnut. She was wearing a hot red nightie that barely covered her private parts with her legs crossed.

"Hey there sleepy head, for breakfast this morning there are doughnuts in the kitchen or a pussy in here." As she said this she provocatively uncrossed her legs revealing her beautiful red muff. Happy that their fun would continue Gary knew he could have doughnuts any old time and walked straight over to her. Kneeling between her legs he began furiously flicking her clit with his tongue as she put down the book.

It seemed like no time until he had her cumming in buckets of her hot honey. Eagerly the boy ate his fill of her sweet tasting juices. With his face covered in his mother's cum he asked, "That was fantastic but, what are we going to do to make me cum?"

Between the sensational action of the night before, Gary's great cunt lapping and the fuck book she was reading when he came into the room Polly was feeling extra slutty. Smiling broadly she grabbed the bottom of her nightie and lifted it over her head. Gary watched as she took a couple of seconds to tweak and play with her nipples. Excitedly she spoke, "You're staring at mommy's big boobies aren't you? I bet you'd love to fuck my titties; so how about it do you want to fuck my boobies?"

"Oh yes, mom I want to cum between those big boobs of yours," answering quickly as he stripped off his pajamas in ten seconds flat. She loved the enthusiasm of her son. Her husband was great in bed but it had been a while since she had this level of enthusiasm from him. Loving the feel of a long hard thick cock between her boobs Polly slid to the floor with her arms above her head inviting him to join her.

Her tits were so damn big that once he got his thighs to her sides her boobs were being pushed together. As he came down into position his cock bounced several times against her soft bouncy surface. Taking a firm hold of his erection Polly leaned up and swirled her tongue around the head before rubbing it all around her boobs and flicking it against her equally erect nipples.

While pulling her tits apart with one hand she used the other to push his cock down in the deep valley of her chest. She had to push it down several inches before it hit bottom. Letting go the boobs bounced together while capturing his prick. His cock was being smashed by her tit flesh and no one even had to hole the boobs together.

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