tagLesbian SexRace Around The World Ch. 03

Race Around The World Ch. 03

byCrew Cut©

Maria produces a studded leather collar, complete with a leash and fastens it around Petal's neck. She leads Barber's girl to the stage and raises her hand, calling the band to stop.

Barberboi follows.

"Now listen up!" cries Maria "You have all no doubt heard about the special event we have for you tonight! This 'bitch' here wants to be your slave – for the right price!"

A hush falls over the bar, interspersed with several cat-calls, wolf whistles and whoops.

Maria beckons Barber forward whispers in her ear. Bb's speaks in her low and sexy voice. "This is my girl Petal and I can tell ya she's ready to satisfy your every desire!" Bb rips open Petal's top; buttons fly. Bb moves round behind Petal, and placing her hands around her lover's body, squeezes Petal's tits together, thrusting them forward at the admiring throng of women. At the same time, Maria beckons Ingrid, who places a blindfold over Petal's eyes, and secures her hands demurely in front of her with fur-lined handcuffs. Next, Ingrid unzips Petal's skirt and pulls it off her. Petal stands naked except for the Doc Martens on her feet, her rope-like braid is loosened so her silken curtain of hair falls around her body as far as the top of her arse!

"No auction ever takes place before potential buyers have a chance to inspect the goods! For the next hour, everyone is free to decide whether to bid by determining the worth of the goods."

The women crowding the bar surge forward, each wanting to evaluate Petal's charms. For the next hour, Petal is groped, sucked, licked, fondled, stroked and probed by dozens of unseen hands, mouths, tongues, lips, even feet. Chickdicks are placed between her thighs, her arse cheeks are slapped together and apart, and her hair is lifted and used to tickle her tits.

All the while this is happening, Petal is throbbing with the electric-like flashes which make her hot, bothered and wet! Her clit and cunt are on fire, moisture glistening on her thighs.

After an hour or so, Maria once again speaks from the stage. "Well, having checked the goods over, I guess you are still wondering what this slave-girl might do for YOU! Now we have an opportunity to watch her in action with her mistress, Barberboi!"

This is a totally unexpected turn for Bb, and she raises a quizzical eyebrow towards Maria, who laughs and explains further. "Earlier today, our slave and her mistress arrived in our beautiful town, where Sappho, the poet was born some 2600 years ago, on this island which has leant its name to the love we all enjoy! Unknown to our newest arrivals, the host of Race Around The World, Sappho (aka Crew Cut), had prepared us thoroughly for what would follow. You all here know Ingrid – Ingrid takes a bow – a film-maker back in her native Sweden. Well, Ingrid captured the rapture that the erotic atmosphere of our town led our visitors into."

At that moment, a screen and projector drops from the ceiling, and a video of the lovers' passionate romp on the beach that evening begins screening. Women all around the room, lovers stroking each other, new friends embracing, watch with eager attention. Petal, who is still blindfolded, can hear her own multi-orgasmic noises, so primal and wild. She is writhing in frustration, still cuffed, but wanting to be fucked and fuck. She calls out to her lover "Barberboi – please! I will give you anything you desire if you will relieve me of this agony!"

Barber steps forward and takes Petal's breasts in her hands. She lowers her mouth to one and gently licks around and around her nipple. She is so gentle and tender that Petal begs for mercy "No, no, not like that! Hard. Oh fuck me, give me release. I will. . . I will . . . I will . . . give you anything – I will let you shear my hair to stubble!"

Barberboi lets Petal's tit fall from her mouth as she gasps in surprise. The crowd chants "Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!" . Sadie, the redhead they met earlier has elbowed her way to the front and is holding out a pair of battery operated clippers. Petal jiggles with the frustration she is feeling. If only she could finger her own cunt, she wishes. Barberboi steps away from Petal and takes the clippers from Sadie. She takes Petal's locks in her hands and allows the hair to cascade several times between her fingers. Petal is crying. Whether she is crying for her hair, or because of the denial of her release, is unclear. Barberboi pulls the silken tresses into a tight ponytail. She holds it with one hand. With the other she flicks the switch to bring the clippers to life. She holds them close to the side of Petal's head. Petal hears the familiar hummmmmm, the hum she knows from scores of Barber's clients over the years. She begs "Go ahead! Shave my head, release me from this burden. Make me cum as I have seen your clients cum!"

At that moment, Barberboi swoons and drops the clippers. "I can't!" she whispers, "I can't possibly shear your crowning glory. I love you too much!" Bb releases Petal's hair, and falls to her knees between Petal's legs. She buries her face in Petal's overflowing juice box. Petal is unbalanced on her feet. . . her cuffed hands unable to steady herself. Bb uses her hands to grasp Petal's arse cheeks, to push the juice-wet mound closer to her. Bb sucks on Petal's rock hard oyster, coaxing it out of its sheath with her teeth. Petal screams and Barberboi plunges her tongue deep inside Petal's cunt. In a matter of seconds Petal is bucking and twitching in orgasmic abandon. She loses consciosness and falls to the floor. At the same time, the film finishes with vision of Petal cumming on the beach.

The delighted crowd are agog. Never has there been a show such as this, even here at Maria's where there is a guarantee of a hot night every night!

Maria steps forward once more, uncuffs Petal, holds her hand and announces: "Ladies and dykes, lemons and girls, the time has arrived! One lucky bidder will be the 'owner', the Mistress of this gorgeous woman for a full 24 hours! Let the auction begin!"

Ingrid has been busy on the floor distributing paddles with numbers on them to all those who say they wish to bid. After 75 paddles are distributed, it is time to start.

Maria asks "Who will open bidding at 1000 Euro for the pleasure of dominating this beautiful sub for 24 hours?"

A large bulldyke wearing leathers and chains, and sporting a moustache and sideburns raises her paddle and her bid is accepted. Maria then nominates amounts in increments of 50 Euro, and bidding proceeds rapidly to 2500. There are now three bidders still in the race – the opening bidder, a mousy looking middle-aged dyke wearing spectacles and the famous Hollywood star Petal and Bb glimpsed earlier as they entered the bar.

At 3000 Euro the bespectacled woman shakes her head and drops out, surrendering her paddle to Ingrid. It's between the actress and the bulldyke. Petal can't, of course, see who is bidding, but Bb is aware, and is hoping against hope the star will win out. The bidding continues at a frantic pace – just as one bid is received, it is bettered by the other. This could go on all night! The bidding reaches 4000 Euros, when the starlet places a "killer bid" : "10 000 Euro and a lifetime supply of sex toys!"

Cool as a cucumber, Bulldyke comes back with "20 000, and a matching amount to the Lesbian Support Group of Lesbos!"

The Hollywood star shakes her bright red curls and raises her hand in surrender. Ingrid collects her paddle and Maria removes Petal's blindfold so she might see the winner. "And the successful bidder, who can keep her paddle is . . ."

The Bulldyke swivels around, and from behind her pushes forward the Babydyke Swat! Little Swat, who is celebrating her 18th birthday! Maria laughs and extends her hand to Swat, pulling her up to the stage. "Happy Birthday, young one! All the girls here at Skala Eressos took up a collection for your birthday, and I'm pleased to announce that Sappho's Bar has matched the contributions in order to donate to the Support Group! "You, Swat, will be Petal's Mistress for a Day!"

Petal drops to her knees before Swat and wiggles her bare arse. Maria brings Swat around to Petal's rear and, her hand over Swat's – the one holding the bidding paddle – guides Swat to strike Petal hard with the paddle. "Ooooooooooooh", both Swat and Petal jump a little. The Bulldyke and Sadie carry forward a velveteen-covered banquette and place it on the stage. They lift Petal on to it, and placing Swat's hands onto Petal's hips, guide her face towards the delicious puckered arse hole in front of her.

Swat has been longing to rim such a sweet hole and before long is tongue fucking that delicious cavern. She finds her voice and orders Petal to sway her arse. Petal complies immediately and for the first time utters the words "Yes, Mistress!"

The crowd whistles and cheers and Swat flips Petal onto her back and climbs on top, sitting on Petal's sopping wet mound. "This is going to be a birthday I will never forget" she declares, as she turns around, lowers her cunt to Petal's face and orders her slave-for-a-day to start licking!

To be continued . . .

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