tagLesbian SexRace Around The World Ch. 04

Race Around The World Ch. 04

byCrew Cut©

The night after Petal was sold as a slave to Swat in Maria’s bar in Skala Eressos, and after a full day of Petal submitting to Swat’s every desire, Bb and Petal are handed their next Race Around The World envelope by Maria and Ingrid.

The instructions read:

Bid farewell to the pleasures of Lesbos, you are off to Turkey! You must catch the morning boat from Miltilini to Ayvalik, a small fishing village in Turkey. From there, you will travel by dolmus (shared minibus) to the town of Selcuk near Ephesus. At the museum, near the statue of Beautiful Artemis, you will find further instructions.”

“Who’s Artemis?” Bb and Petal wonder aloud.

“Ayvalik, Ayvalik” Bb intones. “I’ve a lick, I’ve a lick. . . Hmm, sounds propitious” she laughs. “I’ve a chick to lick, and a lickin’ chick” she hums as she runs her hands across Petal’s sweet arse and across the bare skin of her middle. Petal has not worn clothes for the past 24 hours, but is now ‘demurely’ dressed in a pair of tight, short shorts and bikini top. Her shorts leave little to the imagination, emphasising the womanly folds of her cunt and allowing the curves of her arse cheeks exposure. She wears Doc Martens. Bb is still in jeans, Cuban heels and white silk shirt, now buttoned, so her beautiful tattoos and piercings are now a secret of which only Petal is aware.

Turkey. A country not known for its gay-friendliness, where a mayor of Istanbul cancelled a gay festival not many years back, claiming it as offensive to public morality. A country where stereotypical perceptions about covered women and moustachioed men predominate. Petal shudders a little and decides to wear a light cotton sundress over her shorts and bikini.

By afternoon, Barberboi and Petal are standing, along with many other tourists in a room of the Selcuk museum, admiring not one, but three, beautiful statues of the goddess Artemis, the most popular of the Greek goddesses, known to the Romans as Diana. They are learning about the ancient cult of Artemis. According to legend, Ephesus was founded by Amazons who set up a statue of Artemis and conducted dances and ceremonies of worship. A huge and magnificent temple to Artemis, the Artemision, once stood nearby. It was the largest marble structure ever built, four times larger than the Parthenon in Athens and was one of the Seven Wonders of The World.

“Yo, Mamma!” declares Barberboi. This Artemis chick was sure a popular dame! “Wonder what ever happened to her!” Petal moves closer to Barberboi as they admire the many-breasted statues adorned with bees and flowers, with animals such as rams, goats, stags, bulls, sphinxes and griffins surrounding her head. Signs of the zodiac can also be found. “Goddess of the Hunt” reads Barberboi, for that is one of Artemis’s areas of responsibility. “Well, she’s sure my kinda woman – I like the thrill of the hunt myself!”. Barber grins lasciviously and reaches for Petal’s tits. Petal darts out of reach, feigning a doe-eyed Bambi like gait.

Moving around the museum, Petal starts to giggle, and eventually work herself into a state where tears of mirth are rolling down her cheeks. “Just look at the dick on that!” She points to a small statue of “Bes”, apparently a fertility god. “Looks like your favourite chickdick, pointing out like that!” Petal leans in to Barber and strokes her mound, where so often a priapus-like dildo rests, much to the delight and pleasure of Petal. Petal and Barberboi get wet taking it all in.

At that moment, a stunningly beautiful woman approaches the lovers. She holds in her hand one of the familiar green and purple coloured envelopes of The Race. She smiles, places it in Barberboi’s hand and disappears as suddenly as she appeared.

Barberboi rips open the envelope and takes out eh embossed card within. They read it together.

You are invited to celebrate with us tonight. Be at the site of the Artemesion at 11.30 pm to partake in the Midnight Vigil. Robes will be provided.

Sincerely, Dyanna, for the Artemis Wicca Coven of Anadolu.

“Wicca? What’s that mean?” queries Petal. “I’ve heard that before. . .”

“Witchcraft” replies Barberboi. “I think we’ve been found by the Lesbian Witches of Western Anatolia! Should be a fun night!” Barberboi starts to preen herself, running her hands across her hair, wondering if she needs to shave. Petal whispers “Let’s get out of here and get ready. . . I want my cunt readied for whatever the night might have in store!”

Petal lies naked on the bed at the Artemis Temple Hotel. Barberboi is running her tongue softly all over Petal’s mound, finding the roughness of the stubbly re-growth a massive turn on. Petal says “But, darling, I really, really want to be smooth tonight. I know you like it rough, but for tonight I’ve got a hankering for velveteen softness.” Barber keeps licking, languidly trailing her tongue along Petal’s soft folds, and dipping into her wet, dark tunnel from time to time. “Darling, Petal, for you, whatever you desire! Just one orgasm then I PROMISE I’ll shave you bare and massage you with emollients so soft!”

Petal releases herself to the pure pleasure of Barberboi’s attentions. Really, that boi has the longest, softest, firmest tongue she has ever known. Combined with delicate, but insistent sucking on her hard pearl, before long Petal is consumed by the delicious release of orgasmic pleasure. There is nothing like it, she thinks once she has ridden the waves and emerged to full consciousness again.

Barber now places a soft towel under her lover’s lower body, and, taking her shaving kit, carefully strips Petal of any emerging pubic hair. Neither lover is exclusively wedded to a shaven or unshaved state, but enjoy variation as part of their love. Petal’s expressed desire to be silky smooth tonight is met.

Petal sits up on the bed once Barber has finished, and unbuttons the other woman’s shirt. She gently plays with the golden rings secured through her lover’s nipples, tweaking with her fingers, and nibbling with her teeth and gums. She uses one practised hand to unbutton the fly buttons of Barber’s jeans, and knowing there will be no under garments to negotiate, finds ready access to the wetness underneath. Barber never wears underwear. She likes the seam of her jeans to be in constant contact with her most sensitive organ. Barber can exist in a state of arousal for ever, it seems. She says it makes the ecstasy of release more intense. Petal shakes her head whenever barber says this. She can’t imagine being pre-orgasmic for longer than a six hour stretch. If she is denied an orgasm for longer than that, she has to make herself cum, regardless of where she is or what else she’s doing!

Petal gets down on the floor at the end of the bed and lifts one of barber’s feet, removes her boot, and then repeats the process with the other. She then pulls Barber to her feet and pulls her jeans off, down her long legs. Petal is back on the floor on her haunches. Barber steps out of her jeans and so stands naked before Petal. Her tits stand round and proud. She parts her legs slightly so that her labial rings are more clearly visible to Petal. Petal looks up and smiles, then buries her face in the ‘V’ of Barber’s love box. Petal pulls and tongues and flicks at the rings, and eats Barber like she is a juicy peach. Barber is rolling her hips and moaning , a low gutteral sound. Petal clasps Barber’s bare arse and slides her index finger along the delicious crack of her lover’s butt. Barber moans become louder, and she uses her own hands to spread her cheeks, encouraging Petal to push her finger inside. One finger is joined by a second, and Barber is moaning and grunting, jerking her mound forward and forcing Petal’s face and nose towards suffocation in her cunt! All at once, Barberboi jerks backwards and pulling Petal on top of her, falls backwards onto the bed, growling like a bear as she cums in a rush.

Petal slowly detaches herself from barber, and moves to her duffel bag by the bed. From it she takes her favourite girlcock and harness, which she proceeds to strap on to Barber before she fully emerges from her quietness. Barber starts to smile and acknowledges Petal’s desires once more. “You fuck-fiend!” she exclaims. “You just can’t get enough can you!” Petal just smiles and sits astride the cock, playfully bouncing up and down and allowing herself to ride the artificial appendage. “Welcome to the perfect world of being a dyke” she thinks to herself. Clits, cunts, cocks and tits – who could want for anything more!

An hour later Barberboi and Petal leave their room, setting off for dinner alone, anticipating their next adventure with the Witches of Artemis!.

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