tagBDSMRace Play Ch. 03

Race Play Ch. 03


My name is Raven Janelle Simpson. Friends call me R.J. I'm a short, skinny, red-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I work as a nurse at the state hospital. I'm a very straight-laced professional woman with a wickedly interesting private life. I'm very much into race play. And tonight, I'm playing with a fun African-American couple I've come to know quite well. This story is about one of the best nights of my life.

It would really surprise you, the stuff people are into. Lots of people have strange, even extreme sexual desires. Black or white, nobody is the exception. For example, there are Black men and Black women who like to dominate white women and white men in bed. The porn industry has explored every aspect of this side of interracial dominance and submission in more movies than I can count. However, very little has been filmed, written or discussed about the other side of the interracial sexual dominance game. Such as the existence of Black women and Black men who like to submit sexually to white men and white women. Believe me, they're out there. That's the reason why a wildly kinky dominatrix like me is so busy these days. I specialize in interracial dominance and sexual submission, the rougher side of race play.

Now, this makes many people uncomfortable. I understand. Race play isn't for amateurs. It's for men and women who know what in hell they're doing. I specialize in playing the part of the white female dominator for Black men and Black women, Asian men and Asian women and Middle-Eastern men and women. I think that I've played the role of dominatrix with people of virtually all races and ethnicities in my time. The Black male and Black female submissive types who seek me out are usually the most fun. That's why they're definitely my favorites.

Presently, I'm dominating Jamal and Shamika Brown. Jamal is a big and tall, short-haired and light-skinned Black man who works as a corrections officer for the county. His wife Shamika is a chubby, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black woman who works as a schoolteacher. They're both my very willing slaves. I play the role of the dominant white mistress who gives her Black slaves a hard time simply because she can. It's a lot of fun.

Jamal is on all fours, face down and ass up. I am slamming my strap-on dildo deep into his ass and he's squealing in pain mixed with pleasure. His wife Shamika is forced to watch. With one hand I hold Jamal steady while fucking him and with my other hand, I wield my favorite Black leather whip. I crack the whip and hit Shamika with it. The big Black woman shrieks in pain. I smile because I know she loves it. Shamika is one of those sassy Black women who secretly love being dominated. And I'm the right woman for the job.

Jamal is a really tough-looking Black dude whom many people are intimidated by. What they don't know is that he's a total submissive in bed. He loves to be completely dominated. The problem is that his wife is a secret submissive too. They needed someone to dominate the both of them and that's where I come in. I am really into dominating other people and interracial domination is something I absolutely love. Especially in porn scenarios where Black women and Black men submit to other people sexually. Too bad very few porn stars and web masters are willing to get into that. I'm not a racist, simply a fetishist. Learn the difference.

I spank Jamal's ass while slamming my dildo up his asshole. I love fucking big Black men in the ass. And believe it or not, lots of them are into female domination. Again, not something you see a lot of in the porn movie world but whatever. I hear Jamal's screams mingling with those of Shamika and I absolutely love the sounds they make. Such sweet music. After pounding Jamal's ass for half an hour, I pull out of him. He lies motionless on the floor, sore down under. I smile, and then go after Shamika. Time for this big Black woman to find out what it's like to be dominated by a sexy white mistress like myself.

I leap after Shamika Brown as she tries to flee and tackle her to the floor. Fiercely we wrestle. Even though she's bigger than me, I gain the upper hand. I force her on all fours and tell her that she's going to get fucked in the ass. Her eyes go wide. I smack her face, and she yelps. Laughing, I smack her again. I spry Shamika's big butt cheeks wide open with my hands and spit on her puckered asshole. And just like that, I press my dildo against her asshole. I love the idea of a sassy and decidedly large Black woman being dominated sexually by a short, skinny white woman like me. It's very much something that turns me on.

I plunge the dildo deep into Shamika's asshole. The big Black woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead. How I love that sound. Meanwhile, Jamal watches as I stuff his wife's ass with my dildo. The same dildo which made him scream so loudly just moments ago. I grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back while drilling the dildo deep into her asshole. I berate her while sodomizing her ass with my dildo. I tell her that she's a fat Black slut and a useless ghetto whore. And she says yes and urges me to fuck her some more. And I do exactly that. I stretch her formerly tight asshole with powerful thrusts of my dildo. Shamika squeals and I laugh out loud. She's so much fun to play with. Seriously. Lots of Black male and Black female submissive types are afraid to venture too deep into race play. Not this couple. They're one hundred percent into it and I love that about them. I slam my dildo into Shamika's asshole until the big Black woman begs me for mercy.

To top things off, I ordered Jamal and Shamika Brown to get on their hands and knees and lick my dildo after I fucked both of them in the ass. They can taste their respective asses on my dildo and I absolutely love that. They lick my dildo clean and then ask me what else their dominant mistress requires of them. I tell them that they've been terrific. And then the three of us take a shower together. We have a standing appointment next week and I look forward to seeing them again.

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