tagInterracial LoveRace Play Ch. 06

Race Play Ch. 06


My name is Annabelle Mitchell. I'm a six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, wealthy Irishwoman attending State University. Currently, I live in a mansion and I am served by my very willing slave, Wanda Sullivan, a big Black woman who used to be a Professor of Literature at the school before she found her true calling. She wanted to be my servant. More than my servant. She is now my slave. My Black female slave. It's what makes her comfortable in life. This is a true story.

Ever since I could remember, I always had a talent for reading people. And I absolutely love using that to dominate them. When I enrolled at State University, I met many men and women. Most of them were drawn to my beauty, intellect and athleticism. I don't blame them. In many ways, I am a goddess. Still, I have no pity for the fools who fall for my charm. One of those suckers was professor Wanda Sullivan. The big and tall Black woman had spent her entire life at the school. She enrolled as an eighteen-year-old undergraduate in 1989 and earned her bachelor's degree in 1993. She earned her MBA in 1997. Twelve years later, she was teaching literature courses to freshmen.

I could tell that professor Wanda Sullivan was a dyke the moment we met. Lots of closet lesbians and hardcore dykes are drawn to me. As are heterosexual men. Straight women and gay men don't like me for some reason. Maybe they can sense what I am. I don't know. Wanda was drawn to me and I used that to my advantage. Lots of Black women crave White pussy. They won't admit it, but Black lesbians and bisexual Black women crave White pussy more than straight Black men do. And it proved to be professor Wanda Sullivan's undoing. It's not her fault, really. She's a dumb fat Black slut who needed a dominant White mistress to serve. Thus she became my sex slave.

I love bossing Black women around. Why? Simply because it's fun. They think they're all that. Especially the sassy Black women I run into on college and university campuses. Many of them think of me as soft or frail simply because I'm a White chick. I have a Black belt in karate and I was a varsity wrestler for four years in high school. Now I play rugby for my school. I'm no dainty little dame. I know how to fight. Lots of streetwise Black lesbian women I've met in the queer clubs didn't like me moving in on their favorite Black female lovers and tried to check me. I checked them and kicked their asses in the end. I know how to fight. And I don't take shit from anybody. I don't care if you're the toughest Black chick from the ghetto. Or some Black chick attending a big college. If you mess with me, I will kick your ass.

I wondered if Wanda Sullivan would be easy to dominate. She was after all a former college athlete and an educated Black woman, not one of the ghetto sluts who easily get dominated by yours truly. She posed a challenge which I couldn't resist. So I decided to seduce her. It wasn't hard. I'm insanely hot and Wanda Sullivan has a thing for blonde-haired White female athletes. She even told me that she masturbated while watching a certain blonde-haired Russian female tennis player beat a famous Black female tennis player at an international competition last year. Wow. Okay. I decided to use that to my advantage. In no time, I had professor Wanda Sullivan wrapped around my little finger. Seriously. The big Black woman was like putty in my hands. I completely dominated her, in and out of bed. How did I do it? It was simple. First, I earned her trust.

When I seduced professor Wanda Sullivan, I played the role of the naïve and inexperienced White chick who's got a serious Jones for mature Black female authority figures. And that's all it took for me to reel her in. The first time we had sex, Wanda told me she hadn't been with a woman in almost a year. Her last lover, a married White woman named Linda Shay, dumped her and returned to her estranged husband. The husband in question happened to be the president of the State University. Professor Wanda Sullivan was heartbroken over that and while playing the role of her naïve but enthusiastic White female lover, I helped her get over that other woman. Let's just say that my skills in the bedroom are second to none, folks.

Slowly but surely, I wormed my way into Wanda Sullivan's life. Before long, she was telling me that she couldn't live without me. She loved to submit to me in bed because she trusted me now. She loved to kneel before me and lick my pussy. Man, that woman could lick pussy with the best of them. She loved to kiss my feet. I bought a strap-on dildo and fucked her in the ass with it. That woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead as I slammed my dildo up her ass. Hot damn. She gave herself to me completely. Hell, I even bent her over her desk and spanked her one afternoon at school. If anybody had walked in on us, it would have been the end of her career. She didn't care at this point. She was in love with me. The big Black woman's foolishness would come back to haunt her. She simply didn't know it at the time. Am I good or what?

Yes, I had lots of fun with Wanda Sullivan. I wanted to own her. Mind, body and soul. So I set about sabotaging her life. I sent pictures of the two of us having sex to the Dean of Students. Wanda was fired from the State University. She was no longer a professor but a disgraced academic. She missed out on several payments and her house was seized and foreclosed by the bank. She was jobless and homeless. What else could she do but to turn to me? I welcomed her into my mansion. She had no one else. Thus, she became my sexual plaything and my house servant. I accomplished what I set out to do. Was there any doubt in your mind?

Nowadays, she waits on me hand and foot and wears a Black and White maid's uniform. Wanda has come to realize that this is what she was born to do. This big Black woman loves being the servant of a dominant White mistress. It's what makes her comfortable in life. Don't worry. I treat her well. Sometimes she makes a mess and I have to spank her big Black ass or cane her but those are rare occurrences. For the most part, things run pretty smoothly at my mansion. Wanda is a truly wonderful house servant. She knows her place. She keeps my house clean and when she's done, she sleeps at the foot of my bed. Life is good.

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