tagBDSMRace Play Ch. 13

Race Play Ch. 13


My name is Kimberly Pierre. I'm a six-foot-tall, good-looking young Black woman living in the city of Buffalo, New York. By day, I am a student at Buffalo State College, majoring in the field of criminal justice. At night, I lead a very different life. The things I do at night would absolutely stun the men and women who think they know me. Especially the men and women of Buffalo's well-known Haitian-American Church. You see, I run a very exclusive and high-class escort service. We cater to men and women with unique needs.

Basically, I started Race Play Incorporated. You see, the world of BDSM was recently shocked by the advent of a new fetish. Race Play. Men and women of various races get off on it. Examples given are wealthy, married white women who get off on being dominated by burly Black men in front of their lily-white husbands. It's the interracial cuckold fetish and scores of erotic stories and porn movies show it. That's just one aspect of race play. There are many others.

Another lesser known yet still very provocative aspect of race play is the person of color who gets off on dominating or being dominated by someone of a different race. There are lots of them out there and here at Race Play Incorporated we cater to them. I started this business with my good friend Katherine Roman. A tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed white woman who moved to Buffalo from the Republic of Ireland where she grew up. She's bisexual, and likes men and women of all races. We've hooked up in the past. It was a lot of fun. Katherine and I hired a diverse crew of male and female escorts catering to the fantasies of our clients.

We've got Black men, Black women, Arab men, Arab women, Asian men, Asian women and Hispanic men and Hispanic women. They get paid handsomely to cater to the unique sexual needs of our clients. Katherine and I are the founders of Race Play Incorporated. And we're also avid performers in this bold new genre of sexual escorts. We're making history here at Race Play Incorporated. No other agency in the world caters to such a unique market. And we've got a diverse client base which is absolutely devoted to us. Our hard work paid off.

Here's an example of a hot night we had recently at Race Play Incorporated. Dennis Jake Mitchell and his wife Miranda Mitchell, an affluent Irish-American couple from Long Island came to Race Play to satisfy some of their most twisted and private sexual fantasies. We hooked them up with Tyrone Jackson, a tall and handsome, muscular Black stud. Tyrone is bisexual, and doesn't mind hooking up with women or men. He's working his way through law school in the world's oldest profession.

At Race Play Incorporated, Tyrone put his sexy skills to work. For three grand, he provided Dennis and Miranda with an experience they would never forget. Dennis is a short, skinny white guy with red hair and nerdy glasses. He's an accountant in the town of Brentwood, Long Island. He's also bisexual, and has a thing for handsome, well-hung black men. His wife Miranda is also into black men. She's a short, plump white woman with blonde hair and pale gray eyes. she's a teacher with a voracious sexual appetite. When we put these three together, the action sizzled.

Tyrone lay naked on the bed while Dennis sucked on his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. Nearby, Miranda sat naked, fingering her fat pussy while watching her husband going down on a sexy bisexual black man. Dennis sucked on Tyrone's cock like there was no tomorrow. Miranda loved the sight of her husband sucking a black man's dick. She joined in on the action, and grabbed a strap-on dildo. She donned the dildo and began fucking Dennis with it. The short white guy continued sucking the black stud's cock while his wife fucked him in the ass with her strap-on dildo. Hot damn. Now that was hot.

When Dennis got done sucking Tyrone's cock, the handsome black stud put him on all fours and began fucking him in the ass. At the same time, Miranda came up behind Tyrone and licked the black stud's sexy ass. Then she spread his ass cheeks and pressed her dildo against his asshole. With a swift thrust, she went in. The handsome black man gasped as the plump white woman began fucking him in the ass with her strap-on dildo. Now that's what I call a hot three-way fucking. As Tyrone pumped his cock into Dennis ass, Miranda pumped her dildo into Tyrone's ass. All three of them were screaming passionately.

They switched things up a bit. Miranda knelt before Tyrone and sucked his cock while Dennis came up behind him. The short white guy shoved his dick up the black stud's ass. Tyrone screamed as he got fucked. Miranda sucked Tyrone's dick until he was hard, then she spread her plump ass cheeks for him. Tyrone shoved his dick up the plump white woman's naturally tight asshole. Hard and fast, he rammed his dick up the white woman's ass while the white man fucked him in the ass. They went at it until they lay exhausted on the bed, sore but happy. Happy and satisfied.

That was a hot one. Want to hear an even hotter one? A tall, sexy black woman named Nicole Robinson came into Race Play Incorporated with a rather unusual fantasy. She's a daughter of New York's fast-growing Black Middle Class. Her father Jay Robinson is a multimillionaire who made a ton of money in the recession by selling foreclosed property in Buffalo to rich people. Nicole is a student at NYU. And this tall and sexy young black woman is a closet lesbian who loves being dominated by bossy white women. My good friend Katherine made her dream come true.

Katherine played the role of the dominant white southern mistress as Nicole played the role of the submissive black woman. Nicole knelt before Katherine and rubbed her feet. Katherine fanned herself and berated Nicole in her best southern accent. I loved watching these two interact. Nicole loved it when Katherine got rough with her. And Katherine didn't hold back. She smacked Nicole hard across the face, called her many names and also bent her over her knee and spanked her. The whole while, Nicole begged her for more. Nicole kissed Katherine's feet and polished her boots with her tongue. She even let Katherine piss all over her. Wow.

The highlight of the evening came when Katherine donned her thick strap-on dildo and fucked Nicole with it. She had Nicole on all fours, face down and ass up. Spreading Nicole's plump ass cheeks wide open, Katherine pressed her dildo against the black woman's asshole and pushed it inside. Nicole howled as she got fucked in the ass. I couldn't believe my eyes. A wealthy black woman from modern times voluntarily playing the role of black female slave to a dominant white woman in a BDSM dungeon. It's amazing. Simply amazing. Katherine berated Nicole and spanked her fat black ass while fucking her with the strap-on dildo. Both of them really got into it. Katherine slammed the dildo into Nicole's ass like there was no tomorrow. In the end, Nicole cried tears of joy as she finally got to experience true white female domination. This wealthy young black woman's most forbidden sexual fantasy had come true.

Yeah, we got all kinds of clients here at Race Play Incorporated. I had a lot of fun dominating this middle-aged white woman named Cheryl Blair who has a thing for bossy young black women. Like so many rich housewives, she's got some twisted sexual fantasies. Her husband Joel was out of town so she helped herself to some forbidden lesbian fun. I enjoyed breaking her down and making her my very willing and very eager slave. I bent her over and spanked her. I flogged her with my black leather belt. I pulled her hair and spat on her face. I opened her mouth and pissed in it. I also fisted her pussy while slamming a dildo into her asshole. Listening to that woman's squeals of pain mixed with pleasure was the most delightful music I'd ever heard. A sensual symphony created by interracial lesbian domination.

Sometimes, I myself play with some of my co-workers at Race Play Incorporated. I love dominating my good friend and business partner Katherine. She loves to take it as well as dish it out. I love putting her on her knees and making her worship me for the dominant black goddess that I am. Katherine likes to be spanked, spat on, pissed on and also smacked. I'm game for all of the above. I tied up while flogging her with my black leather belt and fingered her pussy roughly until she squealed. At the same time, I rammed a big dildo up her asshole, sans lube. Her screams were simply unforgettable. Sweet sounds I'll never forget until I die. I love looking into Katherine's eyes while sliding my dildo deep into her eyes. Making white women surrender is this black dominatrix secret pleasure.

Yeah, I'm one of those rare people who definitely have a lot of fun at work. I've dominated women as well as men. Black. Asian. Hispanic. Arab. White. All kinds. I love making women and men yield to my will. I guess you could say it's addictive. And I'm not giving it up anytime soon. Race Play Incorporated generated three hundred grand last year. It just might be the only recession proof business out there. And I'm its mastermind. Life is grand.

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