tagGroup SexRace Play Ch. 15

Race Play Ch. 15


My name is Nikita Long. I'm a six-foot-tall, blonde-haired, bronze-skinned and green-eyed white woman living in the city of Buffalo, New York. And I'm very much into race play. What in hell is race play ? It's simply sexual fantasies with a racial element. Many women and men are into it. And I'm no exception. which is absolutely cool. I'm currently a student at Roxton College, a historically black school in the Buffalo metropolitan area. And I am the girlfriend of the strong black woman who rules the sexy young black women of the campus. With their consent, of course. I throw the best parties, and I'm really friendly and generous to them. My way of making up for all the things I've done.

The setting of my adventures, Roxton College, was founded in the year 1974. It was created to serve the needs of Western New York's black collegiate men and women. There are lots of black men and black women in the city of Buffalo. They make up half of the city or close to it. Roxton College appealed to Modeled after the famous Clark Atlanta University in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. I enrolled at Roxton College ages ago, and I've been having lots of fun. I found a way to dominate the sexy black women of the campus. They worship me as their goddess. Their white goddess. How did I take over the campus ? It wasn't easy. After all, there are sixteen thousand students on campus. African-Americans make up eighty percent of the student body. Asians and Hispanics make up another eleven percent. Whites comprise nine percent of the overall student body.

While academically rigorous, Roxton College is also an athletic powerhouse. The Roxton College Department of Athletics sponsors women's basketball, women's soccer, women's softball, women's track and field, women's bowling, women's equestrian, women's swimming, women's cross country, women's golf, women's wrestling, women's rugby and women's field hockey. For male athletes, they have men's football, men's track and field, men's basketball, men's bowling, men's cross country, men's swimming, men's rugby and men's baseball. I joined the women's soccer team. I've been playing soccer my whole life. And I love the beautiful game.

There were lots of sexy young black women on the college soccer team. The captain was this tall, gorgeous young black woman named Claudine Pierre. I fell in love with her at first sight. Unfortunately, she spurned my advances. That's when we became mortal enemies. I could have loved her. In fact, I was in love with her. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I wanted to share my heart and soul with her. Not to mention my ample wallet. I wanted to give her the world. Unfortunately, she chose to be my rival. Instead of my lover. So I decided to take everything from her.

I dug up some information about Claudine's past. Apparently, she was involved in some shady stuff ages ago. Now, she turned her life around. I approached her with the evidence of her transgressions. And she basically folded. I knew she wasn't as tough as she looked. She begged me not to reveal to her friends and professors the shady things she did back in the day. So I made her a deal. If she agreed to satisfy me sexually, I'd destroy the evidence of her transgressions. Claudine wasn't thrilled with the idea but she was desperate. I had her right where I wanted her. At last.

Claudine showed up at my apartment, wearing a black and white maid's uniform under her long black leather trenchcoat. Since it was a cold day in November, she could pull that look off. I sat on my couch and watched the sexy black woman as she undressed before me. I've always been deeply attracted to black women. Growing up, I had pictures of Alicia Keys, Sheryl Swoops, Serena Williams, Pam Grier, Drew Sidora and Angela Bassett in my room. I've always loved black women. Unfortunately, most of them don't like me. All they see is my skin tone and it turns them off. I've got money. I've got a great sense of humor. And I've got a great body. My ass is curvier and bigger than that of many women, both black and white. That's because my grandmother was Puerto Rican. Yes, I'm a blend of Irish, French and Puerto Rican. A woman with light bronze skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Like some mixed ladies from the beautiful land of Brazil.

I looked at Claudine and admired the tall, sexy young black woman as she undressed before me. I really, really liked what I saw. She was definitely hot. Why couldn't she simply agree to be my girlfriend ? I'm openly gay, I'm worth five hundred grand and I'm insanely generous with the women I love. Yet I can't seem to find a young black woman to love me because they find white lesbians like myself downright repulsive. And that is so wrong. I asked Claudine to turn around and the sexy black woman showed me her naturally big, round ass. Hot damn. She was simply amazing. I kissed her passionately and fondled her tits. I was all wet down in my pussy. Merely touching a sexy black woman is enough to arouse this white lesbian. They're simply amazing. So strong and beautiful. I love everything about them from their cute faces, nice tits, great bodies and spectacular asses. The only thing I don't like about them is their attitude problem. It's got to go. Now.

I rose and walked up to her. Claudine flinched as I touched her. Gently, I kissed her.I knelt before Claudine and began licking the young black woman's pussy. She was tense at first, but after a while she relaxed and enjoyed. I'm really good at eating pussy. I know how to rock a woman's world. I fingered and licked Claudine's glistening hot pussy like there was no tomorrow. Hot damn. I love eating black pussy and I'm a horny white dyke. Is that cool or what ? In spite of herself, Claudine responded to my amazing skills. She moaned and panted as I thrust my fingers into her pussy and licked her like pussy licking was going out of style. In no time I had her screaming my name in multiple languages. Am I good or what ?

After licking Claudine's pussy, I had her in a slight daze. The young black woman was excited enough to give into almost anything I came up with. So I fastened a black leather collar around her neck and placed steel bindings around her wrists and ankles. Claudine seemed uncomfortable. I kissed her passionately and promised her that all would be cool. Then I took out my strap-on dildo along with some lubricant. Claudine stared at me with wide eyes. I came up behind her and caressed her big, sexy black ass. Then I smacked her playfully. Spreading her plump black butt cheeks wide open, I began fingering the young black woman's tight asshole. I slid two fingers inside easily. Nice. Then I pressed my dildo against her asshole and gently pushed it inside.

Claudine howled as I penetrated her asshole with my strap-on dildo. Gripping her hips, I thrust my dildo deeper inside of her. I love fucking black women in the ass with my strap-on dildo. The mere thought of it makes this dominant white lesbian very happy. I fucked Claudine hard, reminding her that she was my bitch and I was her mistress. Surprisingly, she gave as good as she got. I fucked her silly, and we both howled in pleasure. Afterwards, I removed her collar and bindings. Claudine cried tears of joy. I kissed her passionately, and felt intense remorse for my authoritarian ways. I took the information I had on her and destroyed it.
Claudine stared at me, stunned. I shrugged. I guess she won. I couldn't bring myself to hurt Claudine. I loved her too much.

I told Claudine that I was sorry for being such a bitch, and that I would transfer out of Roxton College the following semester. I'm thinking of heading to nearby Emerson College. I've done enough wickedness at Roxton College. Claudine surprised the hell out of me with what she did next. She pulled me into her arms and kissed me. Then she told me she liked what I did to her. I was stunned. Laughing, Claudine kissed me again. We resume fucking. This time, Claudine wore the strap-on dildo and fucked me with it. She put me on all fours, face down and ass up. With my own dildo, the sexy young black woman fucked my ass and pussy. And I loved her for it. Afterwards, we kissed passionately and went to sleep.

Ever since that day, Claudine and I became inseparable. We've got an egalitarian relationship. My polite way of saying I'm madly in love with her and she's got me wrapped around her little finger. She's showed me a great many wonders. Like that time she tied me up and fisted my pussy while ramming a gigantic dildo up my ass. We both loved it.
Sometimes, we throw sex parties for the school's closet lesbians. We help them get loose and have fun. I love my Claudine. Someday soon, we're going to Massachusetts to get married. I'm a formerly dominant white lesbian who learned the art of loving submission from a strong black woman. And I'm a better person because of it.

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