She could still hear the booming and popping of the fireworks when she woke that morning.

What a first date! She felt hot and flustered all over again just thinking about it.

That day went on as usual, serving overpriced coffee to greasy truck stop diners at a place called simply "Joe's".

At break she went out side for a smoke and checked her phone. One new message.

"Hey, I had such a great time last night cutie. I hope you come out on Saturday."

The week dragged on, but finally Saturday came.

She put on a pair of short cut off jean shorts and a red tank top. The tank was barely big enough to contain her busty chest and stretched out over her tits so tight you could almost see through the fabric.

The shorts were short and made her ass look bigger than it was, she bent over and looked in the mirror. She smiled. More cushion for the pushing.

At the racetrack the stock cars were still qualifying. Zzzzzzzzzoom. It was loud, but she knew it would be getting louder once the race started.

She made her way to the concession to get an iced tea and she checked her phone. One new message.

"Behind you."

She twirled around and there he was.

Tall and good looking with piercing green eyes. He gave her a broad smile and a wink. "Hey cutie"

She blushed and smiled back.

"Hi" she really couldn't manage anything more, suddenly tongue tied.

"Want to go sit in the stands? The race is about to begin I think."

She nodded, and he led her to the stands with a hand rested on her bum.

It didn't take long for the iced tea to go right through her. Barely one lap of the race had been complete and she needed to go to the washroom.

After reliving her self she went to the sink to wash her hands. When she looked up she saw another face in the mirror. Her eyes went wide.

"What the-."

Hands wrapped around her waist and dragged her backwards, she kicked and screamed. Just then her date came into the washroom and locked the door.

She now recognized the man behind her as her dates friend, she met him at the fireworks last week.

Her date approached her smiling wickedly. Her arms were now restrained and she could not stop him from unzipping her shorts.

"you're going to love this." his friend whispered in her ear.

"No panties." her date commented as her shorts slipped down to her ankles. He knelt before her and opened the folds of her vagina and licked her clit slowly and deliberately. "You taste good cutie".

She moaned.

From behind her the other man reached down her top and rolled her nipple between his fingers.

She was getting wetter by the second.

Meanwhile the race went on.

Zzzzzzoom zzzzzzoom zoom.

Suddenly her top and bra was ripped off her, and she was totally nude. Her date whipped her around and bent her unceremoniously over the counter. Big DD tits filled the sink.

He spanked her ass hard three times making her scream each time. Tears welled up in her eyes. He took position and poked his thick rock hard dick into the folds of her vagina. He bent her arm back behind her painfully and pushed his cock in all the way, beginning to fuck her.

His buddy stepped back and snapped a couple of pictures. "That's one for the scrapbook for sure!"

She was almost at the edge of climax went he released her and pushed her down to the floor. He grabbed her hair and she instinctively opened her mouth to accommodate purple swollen dick.

Buddy snapped a couple more pics from different angles. "Yep, that's a keeper."

He put the camera down and unzipped his jeans. His long hard boner popped out standing to attention and ready for action.

She was immersed in the task of giving her date the best head she could muster under the circumstances. She was totally drunk on lust and had forgotten herself. He smiled and patted her soft hair thrusting softly as she worked.

His buddy positioned him self behind her and lifted her by her narrow waist. He slipped underneath her big round butt and lowered her dripping vagina right onto his boner. His dick slipped right in. "OHH!" She cried out in surprise. Her date jammed dick further into her mouth alternating rhythm with his friend.

This was too much. It was driving her over the edge, she was going to cum.

Suddenly they both pulled out. Her date came down on top of her. Underneath her his friends dick was invading her anus.

"NOO!" She bucked her hips upward and her dates rock hard thick cock fit itself into her cunt. He pushed her shoulders down, on to the dick at her butthole. She gasped and moaned as cock meat filled both of her holes.

Both men pumped in and out, she had never felt so full of dick. Her hips bucked and she threw her head back and moaned.

Her organism hit like a bolt of lightning. She moaned and screamed like a whore.

Her date sucked on her tits and caught her nipple between his teeth biting down as he pumped his hot steamy load into her. In her ass his buddy's dick pulsed and throbbed and filled her ass with his cream.

She had never felt anything like it before. It was so intense. Her head was swimming. Wave after wave crashed over her as they pumped their hot creamy loads into her.

They slipped out of her, spent.

Her date helped her up off the floor. He gave her a long kiss and groped her bum.

Buddy snapped a picture, and smiled.

"You know, you guys look good together"

He fixed him self and left the bathroom.

Her date looked pleased with that comment.

"Clean up and come meet me in the stands" He said as he zipped up his pants.

She fixed her self up and found him sitting in the spot where they were before she had to pee.

He wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Hey I have a question for you..."

His eyes gleaming.

"Do you like camping?"

She smiled and nodded.

She loved camping.

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