Racetrack Ch. 2



Hello Baby Love,

Here is yet another exciting letter. Well, I hope you find it exciting. I think that this is a pretty good idea if I do say so myself. It's about five o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. You are in the bathroom getting ready (thinking that we are going to play by ourselves.) Watching you dress, I smile to myself and walk off to get things ready for tonight. You walk up behind me and ask how you look. Looking at you I say fine, but you need to change into something shorter. Looking at me you ask why. Smiling I just shrug my shoulders and carry my bundle out to the truck. You have changed into a shorter style skirt and we get into the truck to leave. Turning to you, I tell you that we are going to the racetrack…that the owner of this track had called and asked if I knew anyone interested in a job for a night. Asking what kind of job did he have in mind he said Trophy girl. I tell you that girl will be you, Rachael you don't believe me (as usual.)

We pull up to the track and park in the pits. Announcer Joe comes over and smiles at me and says 'Wow this must be the babe you were talking to me about.' Leaning over to me he whispers something. Turning to you, I tell you that Joe needs to see you in his private office. Following Joe into his office, he closes the door and locks it behind us. Facing us, he begins to give us the run down for the night. After going through the line-up of the evening. He turns to you and says 'There is one more thing that you have to understand…' You say 'What would that be?' He pulls down his pants and his hard cock is evident. 'You must suck this and please me first.' Rachael looks at me 'Yes, slut you have to suck that cock, good and hard.' Getting down on your hands and knees you take his hard cock into your mouth. Straddling your back I hold your head still so Joe can fuck your mouth hard. Joe pumps his cock in and out of your mouth slowly at first then faster and faster. Finally with one last hard thrust he pushes his hard cock deeply into your mouth.

Smiling, he tells you that was good and promises to be back later with some of his friends. He leaves the office. Turning to me you ask 'Thought I was going to be the trophy girl?' Looking around the small office and shrugging my shoulders 'In a way you are you are the second prize.' Noticing the chair behind the messy desk, I tell you to go sit down in the chair. Reaching in my bag, I pull out some silk rope ties, tying your hands behind your back and your feet together. I freshen up your make-up, bending over I kiss you myself, going down I start to suck and lick on your cock to pass the time. We are interrupted by a knock on the door. Standing there is a very tall and handsome man. He smiles,' My name is Randy.' Joe told me that I could get a very special treat in his office.

Looking at him I say 'Yes, Joe meant that my friend Rachael here will give you one hell of a blow job.' Walking over to you I smile and say 'You win the race' Randy is already stroking his hard cock in his hand slowly. He nods his head yes to my question 'I really want that sluts mouth to suck this hard cock of mine. I haven't had a good blowjob in a while' Smiling, I tell you to lick him good and to make it a memorable one. Randy walks over to you and immediately shoves his hard cock into your mouth. I whisper to Randy to stand still and let you do all of the work, Randy sits back on the desk and pushes your head over his rock hard cock and he arches his ass off the desk so you can take more of it into your mouth. You lick him slowly and then suck him harder and faster. Randy moans and cums hot cum into your mouth.

'Nice I'd like some more of that mouth some other time!' He then walks out the door. I untie you and let you freshen up your lipstick. Watching you I call you a good little cocksucker, and a knock on the door interrupts us again. Three guys walk in. without saying hello they walk over to me and pointing to you they indicate that they want you to suck them all at once. Smiling I shake my head and say that I have something better in mind. Pulling them aside, I tell them what I want them to do to you. Walking over to you I tell you to lie down on the floor on your back. The three guys then already stripped walk over and get down on their knees surrounding your head. I sit on your chest to hold your hands and to hold you still. They start to jerk off in front of you, every once In a while one leaning in to make you suck his cock. This goes on until they all three cum in your mouth. I tell you to suck them hard again. You suck each guy hard again and stop so they can all three jerks off so they can cum at the same time. They do, all three cum in your mouth at the same time. They say thank you and say that my little slut of a friend can suck some good cock.

Finally, Joe reappears and sits down in his chair behind his desk. I tell you to go over and take Joe's cock out of his pants. You do and start to suck on it right away. I walk over and pull his cock out of your mouth. 'Uh-uh first you have to lick it with your tongue.' You do as I say. Then I tell you as long as you are down there I want you to suck his balls good in your mouth and lick his asshole too. During all of this time Joe is squirming in his chair. Finally I push your mouth over his cock forcing you to deep throat him. You fuck his cock with your mouth until he comes into your mouth.

Joe stands up and smiles 'I like her, I will want her again.' He tells us that we are to come back to the track at least twice a month. I hand him our phone number and tell him to call if he ever feels he needs some special treatment. He lets us out, turning to him I tell him next time he can fuck Rachael up the ass. He says he's looking forward to doing just that.

Love ya, Jams

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