(My thanks to my editor Violetlittle. Her help with these stories is priceless.)


Brian believed he was a city boy through and through. He loved the constant sounds of traffic, the ability to sniff in a good lung full of bad city air and have a good cough afterwards. The way the 'walk/don't walk' signs would finish suddenly, leaving you as open prey in the middle of the road. As far as he was concerned, what was wrong with that? Then five years ago Brian met Rachael, to him she had everything, humor, personality by the bucket load, black hair that shone in the daylight, eyes that felt like she could see right through you. Lips that made him go weak at the knees when he kissed her.

At five feet seven she also stood eye to eye to him, he liked his women the same height as he was. The list was endless to him, when they had first started dating he said it was her rack that caught his eye first. He saw that come through the door and waited ten minutes for the owner to arrive. That comment alone eventually earned him a date, then a slap for even making a comment about her breasts. Rachael loved her body and was very comfortable with it. Rachael never told Brian that she had waited for her breasts to show up; like an expectant father would in a maternity ward. She was such a late bloomer it was embarrassing.

In high school the gym showers were the worst things in the world. When all her friends and classmates bounced about the showers showing off what puberty had done for them, she felt as though she must have been in the toilets when the tits were handed out. Eventually her body decided it was time to stop tormenting her and she slowly filled out a B-cup and painfully paused while her body teased her for a while longer, then pushed on up to a C-cup. On that momentous morning, a bright and loud "YES" was heard from Rachael's bedroom and she bounced around the room, making up all sorts of dances so she could watch them sway and bounce.

With her newly found self-confidence she felt like she could take on the world and sometimes had to take the boys on with a big stick. Rachael was a country girl to the core, born in the country and proud to have the so called small town mentality she would often think to herself, even more so when her search for work took her to the big city. Rachael had thought herself a reporter in the making. It came as a huge blow to her to discover that she hated not only city life, but the newspaper she worked at as well. Pushing paper around a desk and being the object of ridicule because she was a country girl was slowly starting to get to her.

So much so that Rachael had decided that the next person, who called her 'country girl', would get what her Daddy taught her to do to boys when she didn't want them to talk to her anymore. That fateful day came sooner rather than later, although it truly was a blessing in disguise for her in the form of Gregg Thomson, a man who was a legend in his own mind, the man who thought his article on how the paper had pressured the local council to put bigger warning signs up outside an old people's home should have earned him an award, or at the very least, more recognition by his fellow reporters. Gregg sauntered up to Rachael and slapped his latest creation on her desk and demanded three extra copies done and instantly.

Rachael looked at him and said "Say Please."

Gregg couldn't believe what he had just heard and said, "Listen 'Country girl', I've just given you an order so get off your fat ass and go do it."

Her last thoughts just before she got up off the chair were, 'oh well it was okay working here really I suppose'. Rachael stood in front of Gregg and stamped on his foot, Gregg screeched and started to scream something at her as he instinctively leaned forward, that was what Rachael was waiting for, as soon as his head was level with her shoulder she let him have it with a right hook that spun him round and put him on the floor. By now Rachael had picked up her bag from under her desk and turned, to be confronted by the owner of the paper and another man, she hadn't seen before.

"I assume you're going to be looking to press charges now?" Was Rachael's only comment.

The owner looked at Gregg still out cold on the floor and said, "No your fine, we heard what he said to you and we will be getting rid of him when he wakes up."

It was as she started walking past the both of them that the stranger put his hand in his pocket, and then said, "One moment miss."

Rachael stopped and looked at him, he held out his hand, between his fingers was a card. Rachael looked, and then she took it, and without even reading at it, stuffed it in her bag and continued to walk out the building. Her first thought was to find a bar for a drink, her second thought was to go back to her apartment, pack and go home. Rachael had come to some conclusions that day, she would never be a reporter in the big city, and she hated men, again. As she walked down the street she did smile to herself and think about taking up boxing full time, but somehow she didn't think that Daddy's trick was legal.

Sitting at the bar she decided to take her Daddy's advice, 'if ever you hit a brick wall, take a step back and then decide weather to knock it down or go around it'. So she gave herself a week off, took in the sights and even caught up with the laundry, it was while she was sorting her bag out she came across the card the man gave her when she punched out Gregg. Rachael smiled to herself. It was one of those few times in life she was actually struck dumb. The card read. Alex Hartman, owner KTXM Radio. Why would the owner of the third largest radio station in the city, give her his card? Well there is only one way to find out, she thought.

Full of more bravado than she actually felt she had, she phoned the number, a man answered, when she asked to be put through to Mr. Hartman, the man chuckled.

"You sure took your sweet time Rachael, I was beginning to think you weren't going to call, that card I gave you, has my private number." Alex said.

Her first thoughts were 'oh crap what should I do now'. Rachael's mind desperately tried to catch up with this new turn of events. It was Alex Hartman who put her more at ease, when he said, "Come and see me tomorrow at one o'clock, I think I may have a job for you."

Rachael was shown into Alex Hartman's office at five to one. Alex wandered over and shook her hand. It was the first time she really got a good look at him. He reminded her of one of those sweet uncle types, Alex stood six feet tall a head of hair that was totally gray and had the deepest blue eyes she had seen in a while. Rachael noticed he had a trait she liked in a man, a straight back and broad shoulders, going on first instinct she actually liked him, he exuded confidence and an ability to put you at ease. Alex then introduced her to the only other person in the room.

The man stood up and Alex introduced her to Brian. Rachael quickly realized her heart beat had increased, felt her cheeks burn, then felt the heat slowly move down her neck. It was one of those times she was grateful she was African American, as the rosy flush covering her skin was not noticeable. Her nipples hardened in her bra, her panties start to get moist. Rachael felt off balance now and that made her uncomfortable, how could she have so many feelings coursing through her body over a man she had only just met. Brian stood eye to eye with her, his brown eyes had a glint of devilment about them, he reminded her of a college professor she once knew.

Rachael half expected to find a leather elbow patched cardigan in his wardrobe. That thought made her blush again, she had only just been introduced to him and already she was imagining checking his wardrobe out. Brian was obviously a man who spent more time in a room full of gadgets than seeing what the world outside had to offer, judging by the paleness of his skin. When she shook his hand it was as though a shock rushed up her arm, involuntarily she flinched, Rachael was staggered, her first instinct was to believe Brian was one of life's people who held a lot a static in there bodies, she tried to dismiss Brian from her mind, yet she couldn't get over the feeling of her panties getting even wetter now.

She noticed that Brain had seen her flinch and a look of concern crossed his face. He instantly let go of her hand. Alex then showed her to a seat and both chatted for a few minutes, Brian sat back down saying nothing. Rachael could watch him in her peripheral vision, as she chatted for a few minutes with Alex. She noticed him lean over to the corner of Alex's desk and pull a sheet of paper from a folder.

"Rachael, I want you to read this for me." Alex said.

She took it in her hand and quietly read it through. Both men looked at each other, then laughed. Alex asked her to read it out loud for them again she blushed. 'Brain's hot, Alex could be my next boss and already I'm making a fool of myself', she thought. So taking a deep breathe she read yesterday's news bulletins to both men in the office. Brian paused before he looked up at Alex; she read well and clearly, both absolute musts in the world of radio. Both men looked at each other and nodded, it was then that Brian asked her if she knew what a shock jock was?

When she looked totally blank, Brian went on to explain that they were looking for a newsreader for Martin Douglas's afternoon show, even she had heard of him. He was the loudest and rudest man, Rachael had ever heard talk on radio, and these two men thought it a good idea to put her on his show. 'They must be nuts' she thought. She grabbed her bag and started towards the door.

Brian got to it first "Wait," He was now blocking her exit.

With a look on her face, that could make men turn to stone she said. "You really need to move away from the door."

It was now Brian's turn to panic; he didn't even know what made him stand, or even why he was stood against the door trying to persuade this remarkable woman to stay. He knew he wouldn't do the news in the same room as Martin. From what Alex had told him on how he had first met Rachael and figured unless he explained things real quick he was soon going to occupy space on the owner's office floor.

"Look lets compromise, come and meet him and see what you think and if you still say no I will personally escort you to the front door myself." Said Brian.

Rachael thought it over and decided since she was here, she would like to see what a radio station looked like, and she had already decided that she wasn't going to work with Martin Douglas. Those times she had heard him on the radio; Rachael had already decided the man was a self-opinionated pig. She nodded and Brian led the way, as they reached the fourth floor they could hear Martin over the studio speakers berating some poor soul because he had the misfortune to disagree with his own opinion. They both watched Martin for a few minutes through the glass, before they see him wave them in. As they were about to go in Martin gave his producer a signal and the station went to adverts.

Martin pointed to Brian, "You get out and leave the lady here."

He watched as they both looked at each other, and Rachael shrugged her shoulders and Brian left. She wandered over to a seat and sat watching him.

He said, "So you're the one who is going to read the news and make my coffee for me, word is you can handle yourself. Look Lady, I don't want you here so take my advice and get yourself gone."

As soon as he said that the commercials finished so she was stuck in the studio while he again berated every person that came onto the show. Rachael smiled to herself, she hadn't recognized the name but she sure knew Martin from photos her Daddy had from his youth, Daddy used to talk about a real good friend of his who got up to all sorts of mischief and sometimes got Daddy into trouble as well. Yes this was Martin the man her Daddy spoke so fondly of when she could get him sit and talk about the good old days.

She was going to enjoy the next few minutes. Rachael put her coat down and made herself comfortable, even to the point on putting both feet up on the only other chair in the studio. She made a point of watching Martin out of the corner of her eye as he slowly built up a head of steam ready to bust her wide open when the commercials came back on. Rachael also noticed the look of horror from Brian watching her through the plate glass safety of the producer's booth.

Rachael timed it all to perfection, as the station went to commercials; Martin killed the microphones in the studio. Martin opened his mouth, and Rachael said. "You know Daddy always used to tell me stories about when he was a kid and what he and his friends used to get up to, oh and by the way, Daddy says you still owe him a twenty for the bet, that He wouldn't jump off of Jackson's bridge into the river."

For Rachael, it was the look of puzzlement on his face that she enjoyed. The steam seemed to evaporate from Martin in seconds when both his shock and his memory recovered from the realization, of what had just been said to him; finally a huge smile came to his face.

"Goddamn your Andy's little girl, no wonder you can handle yourself, how is that old crook doing?" was Martin reply.

"Getting old like the rest of us, says his going to charge you interest on the twenty though." Said Rachael.

Brian watched totally confused as Martin laughed so much he almost fell off the chair, no one knew what was being said in the studio. Martin choosing to switch the sound off left them all in the dark. Both the producer and Brian watched open mouthed as Martin got up, gave Rachael a hug and kissed her cheek then escorted her to the door. The walk back to Alex's office was done in silence, simply because Brain didn't know what to say, yet he desperately tried to find words to what he had just witnessed. The next day Rachael started her new job as the newsreader on Martin's show.

She would go into the studio ten minutes before she was due to read the news and leave ten minutes afterwards. Brian found himself assigned to produce Martins show more often now, due to a quiet word in a few ears, when the other producers found out they too would try and catch Brian in the corridor and swap with him if they were rostered to work Martin's show. He also noticed that the ten minutes soon became twenty for Rachael, then half an hour. Soon Rachael had also started giving her opinion over the air as well. Leading too some healthy and sometimes heated debates, between them both and the listeners.

Martin's ratings started to climb. Within the year and with Martin's agreement, Rachael was co-hosting the show. Brian watched a star in the making, he desperately wanted to ask her out, but to him, she was a star now and stars don't see lesser mortals like him anymore. He felt angry with himself that he should have had the courage to ask her out sooner, he felt a little intimidated by her now. Rachael was hot and he was simply 'Brian the producer'.

Today was Valentines Day. The day before Martin had told the listeners that he couldn't be bothered with that entire romantic clap trap. So He and the rest of the 'only real men' left in this world, where going to go hunting for the entire day. That morning Rachael was seen leaving Alex's office, and although she and Brian talked before the show, she remained tight lipped as to why she was there. They were now into the back half of the show when one of the other producers came in, Rachael noticed him instantly and insisted they went to commercial and waved Brian into the studio, then pointed to a seat next to her, not saying a word to him. The commercials over, they went live again.

"Ladies, I'm going to start a revolution. Since this great US of A Nation of ours is actually founded on one. It's Valentines Day and I have a real hottie sitting next to me, my producer Brian. Now I have spent months making eyes at him, laughing at his bad jokes, even swinging my cute ass when I manage to walk in front of him down the corridors, of this very station. To no avail, now I have it on good authority that he is not gay so I figure since its Valentines Day; it's time to take the matter into my own hands. Brian, will you go out to dinner with me tonight?" Asked Rachael.

All the blood drained out of Brian's face, for a moment Rachael thought she may need to either get him oxygen or maybe figure out where to hide the body if he refused her request for a date on radio. When Brian looked over to the producer's booth, Alex was stood there with a smile on his face. All Brian could think to do was nod to Rachael, then realized he was on the air and said "yes." So quietly that only Rachael heard it, he held her hand deciding to do something romantic, and he kissed it. Brian blushed and she watched as he fidgeted in his seat and went quite red.

"Ladies, He has just said yes and kissed my hand and in my opinion, that's my date sorted for tonight, now were going to commercials early so I can seal the deal with some heavy petting, stay tuned to KTXM Radio, in my book this cities number one station." Rachael finished off.

No sooner had the commercials started had Brian lifted Rachael off the chair and held her close, finally getting to kiss the girl of his dreams. It was the noise of clapping that made them break there kiss, when they both looked there were people in the producers booth and along the windows of the corridor, all clapping and wolf whistling loudly. They both looked at each other and smiled. Rachael winked at him. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and returned to his booth. That show made the papers the next morning, and had Alex fending off half the reporters in the city wanting to know if it was a publicity stunt and the other half for interviews with Rachael.

It was claimed that on the back of what Rachael had done on-air, thousands of women asked men out that day. KTXM Radio was indeed breaking ground. According to the same newspapers, who had done a poll. KTXM also became the second biggest radio station in the city. Rachael and Brian were blissfully unaware of any of this. Once the show was over no one had seen them; Rachael pulled him aside and whispered in Brian's ear that he was getting one choice on this date, dinner or her. They had barely managed to check into the hotel across the road from the station and into their room, to the sound of ripping each other clothes off on the way to the bed.

All Brian could think about while Rachael slept in his arms was their night together, when she had given him that choice; there simply was no choice. Devouring every inch of her body with his eyes, his lips and tongue. Brian didn't have sex with Rachael; he had made love to her. To him she was truly a remarkable woman and he wanted to make love to her again and again. Her skin was amazing. She seemed to change into different tones of chocolate brown as he journeyed around her body. As he sucked her thick hard nipples, gently kissed the underside of her breasts. Pushing her from one mild orgasm to another. Her breasts just held his attention for so long, Rachael had to slap him

"You better head south buster, this bed is rapidly starting to feel like a water bed and if were caught, you're footing the bill for it, because there's a hole down there needs plugging." Rachael complained.

Yes it was an interesting night indeed. It was then he felt Rachael stir, and his mind stopped reminiscing about last night. She groaned as her eyes opened. "You've got to be kidding; does that thing ever go down? My Daddy warned me about men like you." Rolling over to face him.

They both laughed, and then Rachael moved onto Brian's body, gently lowering herself onto his solid manhood, she sighed, "I'm starting to think I had better marry you to take this off the market."

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