Rachael & Two


Hello Baby love: How are you? I am at work...thinking of you as always.I am thinking about how much I would love to see you go down on a rock hard cock and take it very slowly all the way down your throat. Then I want to see that guy you are going down on put his hands on both sides of your head and hold your head still as he starts fucking your mouth harder and faster...his cock going in and out of your mouth so fast that your tongue can barely lick the pre-cum off the tip of it.

Then I want to see you take all of that hot cum and lick it off with your tongue, thinking about how much I would love for you to kiss me deeply afterwards, man that is turning me on so much. Then I want to see you start to get guy #1 hard again while guy #2 walks in and raises your skirt off your ass and teases you with his cock in the cheeks of your ass, just barely putting the head of his cock in your ass, then he will thrust deeply inside of you pushing as far into you as he can go and stop and be still for a minute then just barely moves his hips so you can feel his hard cock move inside of your tight ass...imagine how that would feel, sweetie that cock shoved deep inside of you as he barely thrusts inside of you...god what sweet torture that must feel like.

While at the same time you have a cock in your mouth starting to get hard again as he pushes your mouth down lower on his cock. I tell you to run your tongue all the way around it...while you are licking the growing hard cock, and feeling that cock very slowly moving deep in your ass, I can see your own wonderful cock beginning to get hard so I move down below you so you can enter me and start to fuck me gently while you are busy with a cock in your mouth and in a cock in your ass...my pussy is so hot and so wet as you slide slowly into me...oh it feels so good as you thrust deep inside of me...guy #2 starts to move a little bit faster in your ass...

Your back arches as he begins to pull out, he pulls out and gets down on his hands and knees and licks your ass, his tongue seems to go almost has deep as his cock was in your ass then standing up he thrusts deeply inside of you and starts to fuck your ass hard then harder and so much faster, which makes you fuck me harder as you pump into my so wet pussy, Oh! it feels so good to feel you thrust deep inside of me as he thrust inside of you ass, the guy in your mouth his holding your head still again and his pumping his so hard cock into your mouth...you can feel how hard his cock is as it runs in and out of your mouth across your sweet lips, you can taste his pre-cum and just before he is about to shoot his hot cum into your mouth he pulls out and straddles my head and shoots his cum all over my breasts as his cum is shooting all over my breasts I can see your tongue trying to lick it as it shoots out, trying to catch it before it lands on my breasts, it splatters on your chin and all over your mouth as you try to catch it with your mouth...

just then guy #2 pumps faster and faster into your ass your back arches as he spills his hot hot cum deep into your ass...as he finishes he comes around and shoves his cock into your mouth, I look at you and tell you to clean it off and clean it off good, you do so, then your tongue begins to clean up the cum all over my breast as you finish fucking me hard in my wet tight hot pussy Oh my god that feels so good your tongue licking my breast and sucking off the cum as your dick pounds harshly into my wet pussy you grab my hair and pull my head back making me arch my breast closer up to your mouth. Suddenly you pull out turn me over and fuck me roughly up the ass just as that guy has fucked you.

Your cock pumps in and out of my ass hard, then pulling out you turn me over and start to lick my pussy while the two guys join in and help you clean out my wet pussy, this whole time they have been jerking off as they watched you fuck me in the pussy and the ass the stand up and cum on my pussy and you lick it up with your tongue burying your face into my thighs you almost seem to be drinking up all their cum out of my pussy...

I am begging you by this time to fuck me and fuck me hard and now, I need your cock in my pussy you stand up and rise over me to begin to fuck me hard you thrust deep inside of me over and over until you finally cum deep inside of me...the guys watch as you cum into me they want to lick your cum out of me you look at them and say ask her..." I say okay, but look at you and say you have to suck them off at the same time while they lick me" they both get between my thighs and take turns licking my pussy while you suck them hard again, they are hard as rocks again...guy #1 thrust hard into my pussy while guy #2 makes me suck his cock...

I can see you down by guy #1 licking his cock as it goes in and out of my pussy you suck on his balls as they hit me hard, as guy #1 comes hard you go to guy #2 and start to help me suck on him and lick him, our tongues licking him at the same time over his long hard cock...his dick is so long that it is so easy for us to share him...he pulls back away from us as he is about to cum and spills his cum over both of our mouths and you lick my lips off, then I lick the cum off of your lips and then we kiss deeply getting all of the cum off of our mouths...you go down and clean out the guys cum out of my pussy and clean off his cock as we finish up you again fuck me hard, telling the guys that they are no longer needed here that you can show me how I am supposed to be fucked and that they were great help. I tell them to come back later and turning to you I beg to you fuck me so hard that I won't be able to walk after we are done...

So what did you think of that??? I thought that it was pretty damn good; I must say I did pretty well. Man I am way too horny now after writing that...we can do something like that with that guy and his friend in that town don't you think? Well love you better be getting back to work.

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