tagBDSMRachael's Awakening Ch. 06

Rachael's Awakening Ch. 06


Rachael started to stir and wake from her dreams slowly. When she came fully awake she felt the weight of the arm that was draped possessively across her waist and became more aware of the naked male body that was nestled against her back. From where she lay, she let her eyes travel around the room as her mind began to process that she was in Sir's room and was in Sir's bed.

She felt panic begin to rise when she couldn't remember how she came to be in his bed or how she got upstairs. The last things she could recall was being on the living room floor, the warm fire, and under Sir... as he answered her pleas and made his first claim on her. Rachael sighed slightly and smiled, as the remembered images filled her mind again.

She saw herself; a pillow folded beneath her hips; her ass in the air... and heard again the words she spoke to Sir as she begged him to fill her ass... and he did. She heard again her screams of joy, and of pain – though slight – as Sir began to build to a faster tempo and her ears heard his primal bellow echo inside her head in much the same way it had tumbled from his chest last night.

She felt the gooseflesh on her arms as she tightly clenched the cheeks of her ass and felt the slight stab of answering pain – which immediately brought a smile to her lips as she relaxed them – and could almost feel Sir's hard cock still filling her ass. She had told him that she wanted to be able to still feel him inside her today as she had felt him inside her ass for the first time last night.

Rachael tilted her head so she could look at the face of the clock then raised the sheet and thermal blanket slightly so as not to disturb Sir, and eased out from under the arm and the bed linens. She walked across the room to the bathroom, quietly closed the door, and made her abolutions very quick.

Slipping into the robe she had worn the night before and stepping into her slippers, she re-opened the door and walked across the bedroom floor, out the door, across the landing and then down the stairs. She crossed to the fireplace, moved the screen, and poked at the still hot coals until a flame flickered and then came to life. She added shredded paper; a few logs and pinecones, replaced the screen then turned and headed for the kitchen.

As she passed one of the long narrow windows in the living room, she paused to lift the heavy curtain panel and look outside. It was still dark out, but her eyes took in the scene that lay before her. It was so beautiful and still, it had her gasping softly. The snow was still falling and the sloping front lawn was covered in a thick blanket of white. The street lamps cast an eerie glow when you looked at them through the falling snow.

She could feel how cold it was outside as she brought her hand within inches of the pane of glass, and she watched the glass steam up when she brought her lips down to breathe on it. She shivered from the coldness, dropped the panel back in place, turned and continued on her way to the kitchen.

After she started the coffee, she got out flour, sugar, vanilla, mixing bowls, and measuring cups out of the pantry. She then turned to the fridge and got out eggs, milk, sausage, and took some containers down from the freezer, setting them in a sink of not-too-hot water. She then turned and headed into the dining room, gathered the placemats and cutlery from the marble-topped sideboard; then headed into the living room to set the coffee table for a cozy breakfast. Once that was done and ready, she headed back to the kitchen.

Once there, she became so engrossed in her task that she didn't hear the kitchen door swing open nor did she see the figure of the man standing silently in the doorway as a light grin lifted the corners of the full-lipped mouth until she turned to place the coffee carafe, cups, and saucers onto the tray she had waiting to carry back into the living room.

"Good morning, little Rachael," He said as He crossed the kitchen floor. "I trust you slept well?"

"Sir! Rodger! You startled me! I didn't even hear You come in!"

She jumped slightly and her eyes were nearly as big as the saucers she held. The cups rattled against the saucers and Rodger reached out suddenly to quickly take them from her shaking fingers.

She was back in control of herself when she turned back to the stove and began to flip the crepe then ease the fluffy, thin golden delicacy onto the waiting plate. She then poured the last of the batter into the pan; concentrating on her task and her timing. The plastic containers she had taken out of the freezer ended up finally having to go into the microwave to be thawed.

This also warmed the frozen fruits from the inside out and created a thick juice that could act as syrup. She had also sliced some bananas and had a small bowl of clotted cream on the tray. She flipped the last crepe onto the plate with the others, covered them with a piece of cheesecloth and after turning the stove off, she turned toward Rodger; saw that he held the tray and was at the door, waiting for her to follow.

The pair headed into the now warm living room and Rachael noted that the fire she had started was now at full life... with logs crackling and popping and sending sparks up into the chimney. She felt the cheeks of her ass clench again and then heard Sir's soft chuckle and she felt warmth fill her face.

Rodger took the plate of crepes and set it down on the waiting coffee table before he spoke.

"Pleasant memory, child?" He couldn't resist chuckling again as her face pinkened.

"I certainly hope so. You didn't answer me when we stood in the kitchen, but I realize you were intent on the stove and the timing for the crepe. Did you sleep well? I know I did. If you're wondering how or when you came to be in my bed, I carried you up last night.

"Do you remember screaming in passion, and probably pain?" He waited for her reply.

"To your first question; the answer is Yes, I slept quite well. I don't even know if I moved during the night.

"To your second question, my reply is that I vaguely remember screaming Sir. The feeling of fullness that You told me to expect and that I would experience as a result of You pushing your cock into me... was more intense than anything I have felt before, and then all I can remember was feeling the heat of the first spurt and not much after that."

Rachael chewed on her lower lip and avoided Sir's eyes as she poured His coffee. She then layered crepes onto his plate, topped them with still warm fruit and juice, added a dollop of clotted cream, added some sausage then handed Him the plate.

After fixing her plate, she flipped up the hem of her robe before she sat down and saw that her towel was already in place. She looked across the table and smiled softly.

"You're welcome, little Rachael." He nodded his approval when he saw her flip the hem of her robe up, then sat down.

"Good girl. I see you remember I want you to move your robe out of the way before you sit. I am pleased that I did not have to remind you; that you remembered all on your own.

"After we have finished this delicious breakfast and you have completed straightening the kitchen and loading the dishwasher, if the dishwasher needs to be run... go ahead and run it. If not, and you think it can wait until later; then we will leave it.

"Then I want you to bring the pen and pad of paper you keep in the kitchen, in here and sit down while we make a long grocery list as well as a list of any other incidentals you think we may need or will be needing. It looks as if this storm is going to be staying around for a while."

Just as Rachael was about to cross her legs so she could rest her plate on one, Rodger halted the leg's movement as His hand squeezed just above the knee.

"Always remember Rachael, that when you sit next to me, you are to be... always accessible."

They ate in companionable silence until both were comfortably satisfied. The coffee carafe was empty, the crepes and sausages gone, and only a little of the fruit remained in the small dishes Rachael had transferred them into. She was not about to put storage containers on the table.

She felt the shudder that traveled down her spine and then back up as she heard the words of anger explode again inside her head. As she choked on her last sip of coffee and moved her arm to put the cup down, it rattled against the saucer, tipping over before she could set it upright.

"I'm so sorry for being clumsy Sir. I'll wipe it up and put the mats into a cold water soak."

She hurriedly dabbed at the spilled coffee and didn't look up at Rodger as she spoke. She didn't want to see if He wore an angry expression or to hear His words of scolding at her carelessness.

"Please excuse me Sir. Let me clean up and then We can get started on the lists You want."

She started to rise as her words came out strained and strangled as she tried to speak over the lump that was suddenly in the middle of her throat.

Rodger looked up when he had heard the cup rattle against the saucer and saw it tip before Rachael could set it upright and he watched as the expression of growing alarm registered on the face of the girl across the table from him.

As he waited for her to speak, and when she did, the apology that came forth was not at all what he had wanted to hear.

"Rachael? No, you are not excused. Tell me, are you alright?" Concern etched his words, but he got no response from her.

"Rachael! Look at me!" He ordered.

Her head snapped up and he saw the tears glistening on her cheek before she could duck her head down and hide them from him.

"Child, forget the damn dishes and the cleaning up. It can wait."

He stood up and walked around the table to stand beside the young lady that was still seated across from him. He reached down to touch her elbow to help her up and she raised her face to him. The only thing that registered on his brain was the look of sheer panic in her eyes as he helped her to stand.

Still holding on to her right elbow, he moved to grab the towel then set it down on the sofa. He then bent again, quickly flipped up the hem of her robe and steadied her as she suddenly sat down.

"What on earth just happened, girl? Whatever it was, happened so suddenly, that I don't even think you were prepared. Tell me as best as you can, please. What just happened?"

Rachael folded and unfolded her hands nervously as they rested in her lap. Rodger wasn't the way the man of the house was at the last place she worked before she had found, and answered, the ad he had placed in the newspaper.

She swallowed once, and then again before she could summon the nerve to look up into the face of the man next to her. Her eyes roved over the face before her and she felt the churning of her insides begin to abate. All that she saw in His face was concern. He had turned his body in a way that said she had his full attention. There was no sense of anger emanating from this man. She let her breath go slowly and began to talk.

"It was at the home I worked in just before I came to You in reply to the ad You had placed. I had fixed the breakfast and had taken fresh fruit from the freezer, like today. Only then, I didn't think to put the thawed fruit into bowls for the table. I was so used to being alone and fixing for one that the habit of placing containers on the table was one of convenience for me.

"I didn't stop to think it wasn't that way with everyone. I quickly found out how wrong I was. The man of the house bellowed at me as he threw the containers to the floor and then came at me so swiftly, I couldn't/didn't react quickly enough. The blow from his hand came out of nowhere and was unexpected. There was such force behind it; it dropped me to the floor where I stood.

"His hands clenched and unclenched before he then turned and threw his plate onto the floor. He then stood there while I cleaned up the mess he had made. His son ran out crying, and soon his wife came in. In the commotion that followed, he didn't think I was cleaning up fast enough and as I reached for a piece of the broken plate, he deliberately stepped on my left hand, driving it down onto the shard I was reaching for.

"I didn't want to scare the young boy any more than he had already been by his father's actions, so I didn't cry out when I felt the ceramic cut into my hand. The wife saw this and yelled at her husband to get his foot off me before he did permanent damage. He whirled on her, intent on venting his anger further; and would have, if, in spite of the blood running down my arm, I hadn't grabbed the broom and swung the handle against his head.

"He dropped before he could take another step. Lucky for me, she was a nurse and took immediate care of my hand. Then grabbing the broom, she had her son help her finish the cleaning up before her husband came to. They made short order of the mess he had made, then she poured water on him to bring him around.

"When he was coherent and clear-headed enough, she told him that she wanted him completely gone from the house, immediately. He had run rough shod over her, their son, and the help long enough. And if he wasn't gone before she took their son to school, she was going to call the police and would be filing abuse charges.

"Needless to say, he left... and never came back. She told me, as we sat over coffee and her son ate his breakfast, that she had closed out their joint accounts just before the end of the business the day before. She had decided that if he wouldn't leave and be gone for good, she and the boy were leaving.

"That's why I couldn't come to work for you right away when I replied to your ad. I didn't know You... but I knew I didn't want to appear for an interview with my hand in a bandage. When I finally did call, I was afraid that You had found someone; and was so relieved when I was told to come meet with You at one that afternoon.

"When I told Mrs. Katie about the interview, she suggested that she could make the bandage less noticeable. She got her first aid kit, made the necessary adjustments to her previous handiwork, and the rest is history.

"Again, I am sorry about the mess I made. But my fear snowballed when I had the thought about being glad I hadn't put the containers of warmed fruit and juice on the table."

Rodger sat listening intently as the words poured out of Rachael. He felt his anger rise when she told of this someone that had so callously hurt her in such a deliberate manner. He realized that the words had stopped pouring out of Rachael when he saw her hands were folding and unfolding the hem of her robe.

To ease the pent up anger he felt rising; Rodger got up and crossed over to the fireplace. He grabbed hold of the screen as if it was the man's throat and set it down, rather firmly, on the raised hearth, grabbed a few logs, and tossed them into the fire.

Sparks, much like his rage, flew up the chimney as he vented. He was calmer when he reached for the screen again and put it back in place, crossed back to the sofa and came to stand in front of Rachael with his hands extended.

"Take my hands and stand, please. I want you to come into my arms and lean against me. It is important that you know when to fear me and when not to. I am not the beast you used to work for. I will not deliberately make a mess and then force you to clean it up. I am not that man Rachael.

"Come to me."

Rachael looked up into the face of the man who stood before her and felt herself being drawn to him like a magnet to its opposite. She raised her shaking hands and placed them into his strong warm ones and felt them close gently around hers as they pulled her up from the sofa cushion. Rodger continued pulling her into his embrace until she stood just a few inches from his chest.

He let go of her hands and felt them go around him, somewhat timidly, and she took those few last steps until she was against him. She felt his arms encircle her and just hold her, gently but firmly.

She moved her head against his robe-covered shoulder and felt the material, so soft against her cheek, and let her breath go in a soft sigh as she then rested her head and let it be still.

She felt no anger in the body of the man she held, and it was then that she fully relaxed and felt his strength enfold her. She felt his hands moving against her back through the material of her robe and she sighed contentedly, and relaxed fully against the firm chest beneath her cheek.

"Rachael?" The sound of her name reverberated within the chest beneath her and she lazily raised her head. She was totally unaware of the take-me-to-bed look that was in her eyes when she heard Rodger call her name again.

Rodger saw the look and chose to ignore it, for now. There was time enough to find out her feelings and thoughts about last night later, or after the lists were made. With great effort, he ran his hands up the arms of the woman in front of him.

He slowly removed her arms from around him... then needing to touch her, he put his hand under her chin and lifted it until he could look into her eyes.

"Are you alright now? Do you believe that I will not act as the man who hurt you did? If so, inasmuch as I would rather hold you, we need to get this cleaned up and get those lists made and get on with our day. To be sure you are not still shaky, we will load the tray and I will carry it into the kitchen and you can put the placemats into a cold-water soak. Then you can finish up. Fair enough?"

Rachael nodded in agreement then pulled her arms away from Rodger's body. They had to get on with the day just as Sir had indicated.

The cleaning up and tidying up took just a short while. With the mats in soak, and the dishwasher ready to be run later, she picked up her pad of paper and pen and headed into the living room to make the lists that needed to be made. She sat down on her towel next to Sir and they made quick work of the two lists.

Ten minutes later one list was mostly groceries and meal suggestions for the week; the other was incidentals and household supplies. It was decided that to have extras of those often used was a good idea.

"I gave Bradford a call while you were tidying up and according to the weather reports, there's another storm due this afternoon and I don't want us to be caught out in it. We need to take a quick shower, get dressed, go and return.

"So, if you will go up and start the shower, I will bank the fire then come up and help you make the bed. Then we will lay out our clothes and the water should be the perfect temperature."

Rachael nodded as she put the lists on the coffee table and ran up the stairs to start the water. She decided to surprise Sir by having the bed already made when He came up.

Thirty-five minutes later they were ensconced in the warm cocoon of the back of the limo as Bradford headed out on the errands. They made excellent time to the store because of the near-empty streets. As they went up and down the aisles they realized that the storm was keeping many people in who would normally be out at this hour.

They got the last few items on each list and turned down the main aisle heading toward the cashier. The items were tallied and bagged and the couple moved the carts through the doors just as Bradford drove up.

It was snowing harder now and visibility was lessening. Rodger watched as the big car slid to a stop in front of them and knew there was ice under the snow. Bradford got out and quickly unloaded the carts into the trunk then closed the lid. Going back to the house was going to be treacherous.

"Pads are already on and working, Mr. Rodger. The driveway will not be a problem."

Bradford caught his employer's eye in the rear view as he assured the man that the heat plates under the asphalt driveway had already been turned on and the snow was melting as it landed. The powerful car moved away from the curb and the trio headed back to the house down the now deserted streets.

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