tagLesbian SexRachal-Caron Ch. 01

Rachal-Caron Ch. 01


Nikki and I were and are best friends. Shortly after we turned eighteen, her parents took us to London for the weekend and on the second night before we were due to return, it happened. I had never been turned-on by another girl until then, and it set my sexual preferences for a decade. And yet, that night, Nikki had no idea of the wheels she set in motion.

We had our own room in what was a fairly cheap motel, and although it was small, I wasn't complaining. This was a treat, after all. The size of the room resulted in the beds being only a few feet apart and we could see one another clearly, even in the dark.

It was in the middle of the night when I awoke and I wondered for a moment what it was that had disturbed me. Then Nikki sighed and I realised from her breathing that she was awake. I was about to speak when I heard something else. It was a gentle sloshing sound, muffled by the bed sheets perhaps, but nevertheless quite distinctive. I knew then with absolute certainty that she was playing with herself.

I had never thought of another girl that way and yet I instantly felt aroused. In an instant, my breathing had deepened, my skin tingled, my chest tightened and best of all, my nipples were so erect that they came alive with the friction of my against them. I lay quietly, coming to terms with my arousal, and as I heard Nikki continue to pleasure herself my own excitement deepened and grew more intense with each passing second.

She was proceeding slowly, or so it seemed to me. Taking it nice and gently but then occasionally speeding up with reckless abandon until she softly whimpered before slowing down until she stepped back from the brink. It seemed she took herself to the edge seven or eight times whilst I listened, then she would go quiet until her ragged breathing become regular and returned to something approaching normal.

Then off she would go again, the slurping sounds of her fingers in her sex as her hand appeared to move at breathtaking speed. At least, that was what my fevered imagination told. The excitement and raw sexuality of the situation soon had my clitoris rearing from its hood and without my even touching it, it was standing up so hard that I felt I was going to explode. Slowly she went before giving way to utter abandonment before slowing again. It was torture. Delicious torture.

I have no idea how long she continued but I do know it was for a long, long time. Teasing herself to a near climax, stopping to regain some self-control and then starting all over again. It was halfway through her pleasuring that I quietly nudged my head around so that I could watch her bed. My eyes had adjusted to the dark and I could see that her knees were up under the covers, with her right hand slipped underneath her nightdress and the left at her chest, either teasing a nipple or kneading her breast.

I had no choice. My hands rose of their own accord and silently began to caress my own breasts, gently squeezing the firm flesh before using my fingers to circle and capture a nipple. Each in turn, no favouritism. At the same time I was gently moving my hips, anxiously attempting to do so quietly and yet desperate to the resultant cascades of sensation that ran from my erect clitoris to my hard nipples and back down to the tips of my toes.

Quickly, I became so aroused I could my juices beginning to wet my inner thighs. I urged to touch myself there but knew that to do so would be to give the game away. And so I lay there, gently writhing, playing with my breasts, whilst Nikki kept touching herself. Eventually, the arousal seemed to grab hold of her. She became less discreet and began whimpering. It was clear to my vivid imagination that she was no longer just rubbing her clitoris, she had at least one finger inside and the gentle slopping sounds now increased to a frenzy.

It was then that my sexual life began to change forever. As I listened, I began to imagine the positions reversed, that Nikki was lying awake listening to and being turned on by the sounds of my masturbation. I conjured a mental image of Nikki sitting on my bed, watching as I pleasured myself, teasing my body to a satisfying climax. I imagined that they way I was feeling right now was the way she would have been feeling, thinking about me.

For a few seconds, that all pervading thought consumed me and I had to screw my eyes tightly closed to prevent myself from cumming there and then at the quite scintillating and provocative of mental pictures. As I regained my composure, my mind turned back to that image and I clearly saw her flushed cheeks, her hard nipples showing through her nightshirt and her smooth legs endlessly crossing and uncrossing as she sat and watched me caught in the same agony of excitement as she.

I tried to chase the images away but I was helpless. My own feelings of arousal were so intense that I no longer was capable of stopping them any more than I was able to control the sweet sensations flowing through my body. It was then, or around then, that I heard sound of Nikki approaching an orgasm. I blinked my eyes open and watched as her body began to shudder under the covers and the sound of her fingers rubbing her wet sex intensified.

I could hear her groaning under her breath, followed by a series of rapid gasps, then a stifled sob and then squeaking of bedsprings. The slippery sounds had reached a peak and as she groaned and rubbed herself rapidly again, the bed shook once more. Following a final almost inaudible sob, the silence of the room became deafening as I saw her buttocks lifted from the mattress, before falling back down amid a soundless explosion of nothingness.

As I heard Nikki's sharp breathing subside, I was more than ever aware that only one of us had obtained the orgasm each of our bodies had separately craved. My own arousal and excitement was now at fever pitch and I felt that a single touch of my fingers would finish me off. My entire central system was tingling and throbbing and every beat of my heart sent a surge of excitement through my nipples and clitoris, increasing the swelling and throbbing as my overheated blood reached their clear pressure points.

For a few moments, I wondered I could find the will power to wait until Nikki went back to sleep to deal for even with my extreme arousal, I knew I would be to embarrassed just to start playing with my slippery sex while she remained awake in the bed so close to mine. As the seconds began to stretch into eternity and I started to wonder if someone could die from extreme horniness, Nikki solved the problem for me.

Her sheets rustled and she swung her legs to the floor, heading for the bathroom. For a brief second, I saw her slight figure silhouetted by the light she flicked on in the bathroom before she stepped inside and closed the door. I was in glorious darkness again and as I heard the sound of her running the shower, I decided it was now or never. Slipping one hand under my now wet nightdress, I began to urgently address my problem.

My spare hand took to my breasts, caressing and lightly pinching the rigid nipples as my pleasure giving hand took hold of my extremely slippery clitoris. The electric shock that surged through me saw me bounce with desire, coursing through my deliciously tormented body from my clitoris to the nipple I was tweaking and then back to my clitoris again. I wanted and needed to cum and began to urgently masturbate, this time imagining Nikki and I both standing in front of each other, naked and masturbating with total abandon.

At first we were pleasuring ourselves whilst our eyes were trained on one another but then the next image had our hands masturbating the other. For some reasons the third image featured our boyfriends, but my man was fucking Nikki's whilst hers was fucking me and I could almost feel his engorged hardness stretching the sides of my wet sex as Nikki and I wrapped our arms around each other's neck.

I know I was moaning and I became was so lost in my personal fantasies that I failed to hear Nikki finishing and I must have been only a few slippery strokes away from my peak when the door opened and Nikki stood, framed in the light, her body naked and her nightdress over her right arm. I could tell she was looking in my direction and I desperately attempted to still the tantalising finger that currently rested on my throbbing clitoris.

I know my mouth said something, or perhaps it was simply a moan or a groan. Whatever it was, it was followed by most intense orgasm of my life and I knew without doubt that Nikki was watching me cum and there was nothing I could do about it. In desperation I tried to pretend I was still sleeping and had rollen over onto my side during sleep, but that made it worse as I was now facing Nikki as my orgasm washed over me.

I unsuccessfully tried to stifle a gasp and a sob as the waves of pleasure swept over my shuddering body and my juices flowed over the hand I now had trapped between my trembling legs. Shamelessly, I came before her, and as a result of her. The entire situation intensified my climax and I made things worse by trying to clamp my legs together. All that did was to tighten my thighs around my hand and the resultant friction on my swollen clitoris sent me over the edge again.

"Oh fuck," I found myself saying, or rather I was chanting the words over and over again as my body jerked as if it was connected to an electrical pulse.

I lay there helplessly feeling another copious flow of juices over my trapped hand as for the second time in seconds my body bucked and shuddered as I came like the slut I felt I was, the waves of pleasure momentarily drowning out the feelings of shame and embarrassment that were shown by the deep flush spreading across my face.

Nikki stoop there, her curvy figure framed in the light, until I had finished shuddering. As I looked across at her, fearful of what to say, I saw one of her hands back between her thighs and I am sure that her arm was slowly moving. Without speaking, she turned back into the bathroom and closed the door. This was awful, just awful. It seemed I had embarrassed my best friend so that she needed to have her own space away from me.

I slowly slid out of the bed and across to the bathroom door, about to knock and somehow start to apologise. The thing that stopped me was a sound, that familiar slurping sound again. As I stood in awe, the sound increased and was accompanied by little grunts, growing in volume until I heard a louder cry and a long low moan. I then discovered who she had been thinking about during her second masturbation session.

"Fuck," I heard her say through the door. "Fuck, Rachal-Caron, that was incredible."

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