tagLesbian SexRachal-Caron Ch. 02

Rachal-Caron Ch. 02


Nothing else happened between Nikki and I. For three weeks that is. Until I was at her house. We had spent the afternoon in her father's swimming pool, cavorting in our bikinis. My deep red was a contrast to Nikki's pale yellow outfit. Her father looked like he was in heaven.

Our intention was to visit the cinema later and we returned to Nikki's room to get ready. Although she told me to use the shower first, she immediately removed her top, then peeled off her brief bottoms. I stood transfixed. My mind went back to our hotel room in London when I had imagined us standing in front of each other, naked and masturbating with total abandon.

My eyes were drawn to her body. Her smooth tanned skin and her full, jutting breasts with their erect brown nipples took my breath away. I had seen her naked before, obviously. But somehow, today was different. I knew she was watching me but could not help myself. My gaze fell to her swollen, glistening sex with the nub of her clit standing out proudly underneath her thick curls.

Nikki seemed on the verge of speaking but in my nervousness, I headed straight into the bathroom. The image of her stunning body remained at the front of my mind as I showered. So did the recollection of our separate masturbation sessions in the hotel.

It was all I could do to stop bringing myself off there and then. Only the thought of Nikki being on the other side of the door stopped me.

When I emerged, I was wrapped only in a soft, white towel. Nikki was on her bed. Still naked. She sat up, her back against her pillow. But it was the way her hands gripped the iron rung on the headboard behind her that was most tantalising. It was as if she was tied there, ready for my delectation. I wondered if she could hear the thumping in my chest?

Her eyes were trained on mine and she gave a smile at the same time as slightly easing her legs apart. The movement was almost imperceptible, but we both knew it was there. The thumping increased.

"Sit here a moment," she said.

It was her eyes that indicated where 'here' was. Her hands stayed behind her on the rigid bar. I sat beside her on the bed. Her breasts were moving in time with her faster than normal breathing. That was so erotic. Her erect nipples were even more so and I could feel my wetness.

"We need to talk about this," she said. Her voice was hoarse.

"About what?" I asked. I could hardly get the words out.


"What about London?" I needed to ask the question just so I didn't misunderstand her. But we both knew what she was referring to.

"You masturbated," she softly said. Her eyes remained trained on mine.

"So did you," I immediately responded. I instantly realised my reaction was defensive.

"I know. I do it regularly. But that was the first time I've done it in front of someone."

I didn't immediately reply and the silence was deafening.

"Same here," I eventually croaked.

"It was marvellous, wasn't it?" she asked. Her eyes were glinting now. Full of arousal.

I couldn't bring myself to speak and instead just nodded my head.

"You made me cum in the bathroom."

I nodded again. "I know."

"What are we going to do?" she asked. She raised her eyebrow as she spoke.

"I don't know," I simply replied.

Nikki's eyes gleamed and this time the movement as she edged her legs a little wider was deliberate. She looked down at her soft brown curls, knowing my gaze would follow hers. Her gaze darted back to mine, catching me out in the act.

"Rach, I've thought of nothing else since we came back. I dream of that night. I fantasise about it. I'm constantly horny now and whenever I get myself off, it's to thoughts of you. Does that disappoint you?"

I shook my head. "No," I answered. "I feel the same way."

She grinned, it was a tremendously sexy grin.

"Have you thought of watching me do it?"

I nodded. My mouth was dry. "Yes," I whispered.

Only at that point did Nikki take her hands from the iron rung. One went to her breast and the other dropped between her legs.

"You can," she softly breathed. "Now!"

My body shuddered with arousal. I think her eyes stayed on mine but my gaze was locked on her moving fingers. My ears were locked on to her soft moans of pleasure as she teased her clit.

"What do you think?" she asked.

Without raising my gaze, I croaked. "Hot!"

"Remove your towel, Rach."

I removed the towel and dropped it to the floor.

"Spread your legs."

My tongue licked around my dry lips. I spread my legs.

"Touch yourself. The way I'm doing."

I did and this time my soft moans matched hers. Only then did I lift my gaze to hers. Her eyes were narrow slits and were trained on my hand. Then she raised them to meet mine.

"Rach..." Her voice was trembling.

"Yes?" So was mine.

"Give me your hand."

I paused. The atmosphere was electric.

"Now," she insisted. Her voice was authorative.

I held my hand out but she shook her head.

"Put it on mine," she softly directed. She nodded down to the hand between her legs.

My entire body tingled as I did as ordered. I could feel her fingers underneath mine, rotating in slow circular movements. She moaned. I whimpered. When she removed her hand, my fingers fell on her slippery clit and without hesitation, I carried on from where she had left off.

"Fuck that's good," she whispered, her eyes closing. "Make me cum, Rach!"

"Like that?" I asked, increasing the pace.

She moaned again and nodded. Instead of my previous nervousness, I felt in control. The feeling of her wet sex under my fingers was sensational. I felt wicked, incredibly wicked. I couldn't help myself. As I stroked her, I leant forward and flicked my tongue across her nipple.

"Oh God," she moaned, her body jerking.

"Good?" I asked.

"Oh yeah!" She opened her legs wider and I slipped a finger inside. Her body jerked again. "Oh yes, Rach. Exactly like that, just keep doing that, just a little more."

As I slid a second finger inside, my mouth returned to her nipple. But this time instead of flicking it with my tongue, I took it between my lips and sucked it inside. Her body jerked again.

"Rach, I'm near...."

So was I, I thought. And she hadn't touched me. Yet. I could feel my clit standing as rigid as a little cock and I adjusted myself so that my pussy rested against her knee. As I increased the pace of my finger fucking, I began to rub myself against her. The friction on my clit was unbelievable.

"Rach, I'm near...." she repeated, her eyes now as wide as saucers. "So near...."

"Me too, Nikki," I gasped. I was rubbing myself against her knee like a rutting dog.

It seemed the idea of my using her knee to fuck myself, as well as my fingers inside her, was enough to get her there.

"Rach, I can't help it. Here I go, baby. I'm cumming...."

All thoughts of reaching my own orgasm left me as I concentrated on Nikki's. I adjusted my position to lie alongside her and finger fucked her throughout her climax, until my fingers were coated in her juices. As she writhed under my ministrations, I sucked on her nipple again and a second, smaller, orgasm burst through her.

"Fuck, Rach," she eventually said, her ragged breathing beginning to return to normal. "That was fantastic."

I gave a sensual smile. It had been.

"Did you cum, too?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No, but that's not important. Just giving you...."

Nikki jumped to her knees. "Want me to do you?"

"Nikki...." I began, but her hand was already between my thighs.

"Lie back," she directed.

Her fingers on my clit felt sensational and for a second I thought I might faint. Her spare hand softly pushed me down on the covers. I closed my eyes but only for a second. The soft touch of her lips on mine brought them wide open. She paused for a second to smile at me and then slipped her warm tongue into my mouth before licking around my neck.

"Oh God," I whispered, my orgasm closing in on me.

Nikki sat up at pulled her hand away. "Want to cum?"

I nodded, wanting this tease to finish me.

"Want a big one?"

My clouded eyes stared into hers. She had something wicked in mind. Whatever it was, I needed to cum right now. "Pleeease," I croaked.

Her eyes gleamed and she passed me a pillow.

"Use this to stay quiet," she instructed.

At first, I didn't know what she meant. Nor had I any idea of her intention. As her tongue licked down my body, it hit me. I began to raise my head but flopped back as her mouth sucked on my clit. Fuck....

Covering my head with the pillow to drown the noise, I screamed as the hardest orgasm of my young life raced through me.

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