I had been waiting nervously for her for about an hour, with my heart pounding in my chest and my mouth dust dry. I wondered when it came to the crunch whether I would be able to get the words out that I had longed to say to her for so long. Rachel was my step-niece and to her I had always been 'Uncle'. I had known her since she was small and had always had a special affection for her. She had always been a gorgeous creature, fine boned and slim with a naturally smooth skin and a lovely mane of soft auburn hair, which she had always kept long. And now, unbelievably, she had reached the age of eighteen and was on the threshold of a university career.

Rachel had decided to spend a few days with us before going off to university. I was utterly thrilled to have a chance to be close to her for this precious time and now, with my wife away for the day visiting a friend, I was about to seize a golden opportunity to tell Rachel just how much she really meant to me. The truth I finally came to admit to myself was that I was utterly, hopelessly in love with her.

My feelings had started to change on a recent family holiday. We were sharing a holiday cottage and my wife and I and Rachel's family moved around the house quite casually dressed at times. One particular morning Rachel appeared dressed only in a short cotton nightie and was rummaging in the open kitchen area for some cereal for breakfast. I was dressed only in pyjama trousers and suddenly felt awkward in her presence. She looked adorable, with slightly tousled hair and her firm breasts pushed against the fabric of her nightie. I realised with horror that I had suddenly developed an immense hard-on and so, mumbling an excuse, I retreated to the bathroom, dived in to the shower cubicle and wanked myself to an explosive climax.

That was it -- I was totally hooked on this lovely girl and I could never see her in any way other than being totally desirable. I knew at the time that it was wrong -- but then I reasoned that I wasn't actually a blood relative. After this I took photos of her whenever I could, without arousing suspicion, and I became more and more sick with desire for her. Her photos in fact became a constant source of stimulation as, time after time, I brought myself off looking at her image. I became obsessed with her soft, lovely hair and ached for glimpses of her underwear -- she often displayed a tantalising glimpse of her black bra strap and I wondered just how much that choice of colour revealed her own sexual awakenings.

And now was to come the test. Would I dare reveal to Rachel how I felt about her? Suddenly there was a sound in the corridor and then the door to the sitting room opened. The tall, slim figure of Rachel was framed in the doorway.

'Hi, Uncle,', she chimed, 'I changed in to my green summer dress as you asked. Sorry I took so long, but you know what girls are like. I wanted to make sure my hair and make-up were OK.' She smiled, and I nearly melted. 'God, you are so beautiful', I thought to myself.

Not quite knowing how she would react, I had asked her earlier if she happened to have the dress with her that she had worn earlier in the year to a family wedding. This was the sweet little green floral dress that had so badly concealed her black bra straps and I had masturbated innumerable times to photos of her in this dress. My excuse for asking was that I would love to see her again 'dressed up' before she reverted to her preferred student jeans and t-shirt.

I noticed that she was holding a grey satin dress and with a little flutter of recognition realised that this was the dress she had worn for her school leaving 'prom'.

'I brought this dress down too, Uncle', she said, 'I thought you might like to see me in this.'

'Please don't call me Uncle any more,' my voice cracked as I spoke, 'please think of me as John.'

'OK, Uncle..er, John,' she replied, looking rather puzzled.

'Look, Rachel, please sit down, there's something I must say to you.'

Rachel moved to the settee and sat down opposite me, her face a study in anticipation. My mouth was dry, my heart continued to thump in my chest as I took in the sight of this beautiful young woman sitting opposite me. Her glorious hair fell in cascades down to her shoulders and framed her lovely face. To my delight the straps of her dress had slipped down, revealing, once again, her black bra straps. And her dress had ridden up slightly, giving a glimpse of black underwear.

'Rachel, Rachel...' my face reddened as the words came tumbling out. 'Rachel, I love you...I love you to absolute distraction. All these years you have never known, but now I feel that the time has come to tell you.

Rachel, I want you so much....'

My voice trailed off and I watched as my words sank in. It was too late now to turn back. Rachel flushed slightly and for an agonising moment looked at me in silence.

'Oh...my...God,' she intoned, in the way that only teenagers do. And then she looked suddenly angry. And then came the surprise.

'Why didn't you tell me this before,' she demanded. 'I sensed some time ago that you fancied me -- and I've given you enough signals. And now you leave it until just before I go away.' The angry expression changed and softened and tears started to well in her eyes.

I got up and sat beside her on the settee. Holding her close to me, the stress and frustration of so many years was beginning to melt away. I buried my face in her fragrant hair and whispered again how much I loved her. And then a sense of urgency took over as I became acutely aware of a burgeoning hardness in my trousers. Rachel turned her tear stained face towards me and we kissed. The moment was sweet delight.

After a while, Rachel stood up and without any preamble, unzipped her dress and let it slip to the floor. She stood proudly before me, her firm, pert breasts pushing against the cups of her sweet, lacy black bra.

'Now you can see the whole bra,' she smiled, 'and my matching black half-slip. See how soft and shiny the nylon is. I bet you didn't expect that. It was Mum who introduced me to slips. We, er, had a thing together with slips...' Her face coloured as she recalled the encounter.

By now my hard-on was raging and I longed to release it. Rachel sensed the need and bent down to unzip me. As she did so, she let her hair brush against my face. I inhaled deeply of her perfume and realised that she now had my cock in her slim hand and very, very gently was pumping me towards what felt like an imminent climax. For one so young she expertly anticipated this and withdrew her hand, leaving me in a delicious state of arousal, the pre-cum oozing from my cock head.

Rachel sat down again beside me and whispered, 'You have always loved my hair, haven't you?'

'Oh, God, yes,' I croaked.

'Then make love to it now,' she urged.

I stood up, now undressed, and my throbbing shaft was standing almost vertical to my stomach. Rachel watched with her limpid brown eyes as I eased myself round behind her on the settee and she then lowered her head to enable me to fondle her hair. Almost whimpering with desire, I stroked her lovely soft hair and then grasped it gently to my waiting penis, rubbing the softness up and down. 'Oh, Rachel, I love you, I love you,' I called, and involuntary tears started to trickle down my face.

I wanted to hold back so that I could finally enter her and so with the exquisite desire surging up my shaft I gently took her by the shoulders, indicating for her to stand to face me.

Rachel stood gazing in to my eyes and we clung closely to each other. I could feel the softness of her black slip against my desperate cock as we kissed again furiously. Rachel rubbed up and down against me and the friction of the nylon was driving me wild. I realised just how much she appreciated the erotic power of her underwear.

'Let me in, darling Rachel,' I begged, as she moaned softly and started to pant as a precursor to climax.

I pushed her gently back on to the settee, pushing up her underskirt and then pulling down the soft black nylon panties enough for me to enter the warm, soft secret area she had reserved so long for me.

She gripped my hardness and then we thrust in unison, so gently at first and then with increasing urgency. We kissed and thrust and then, with my face buried in her fragrant hair, I came in a torrent, pouring out my love for her in an exquisite wave of ecstasy. Rachel bucked under me and came in an explosion of desire, triggering an astonishing second orgasm from me.

We lay exhausted and yet totally fulfilled. Rachel was mine at last.

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