'I reckon that if we ever split up; you and Rachel would be really good together.'

'Huh' I replied, rolling over and raising my eyes at my girlfriend.

'I'm just saying; you're both into the same kind of music and films, and she's really quite hot.'

'I honestly can't say I've ever thought about it Chloe', I replied, lying slightly.

'Well I have, and I think it's true...' she rolled back onto her side, ready to fall asleep. '... but don't go getting any ideas though.'

How could I not get any ideas? I had always thought that my girlfriend's best friend had been hot, with her sultry, dark looks, sleek black hair and voluptuous body; but it had obviously never strayed beyond the occasional fantasy. And now, here she was on my doorstep; dropping by to pay a surprise visit to Chloe, but finding that she was out shopping.

'Ohh that sucks' Rachel replied as I told her that Chloe was out. 'I was hoping for a girly chat and a catch up. How long is she going to be out for?'

'Umm... I'm not entirely sure Rach,' I replied, checking my watch; 'she's been gone for an hour or so.' We stood there awkwardly for a moment or two. 'Do you want to come in and wait?'

'Sure!' she replied as she bounded into the room and past me. Before I could even have a chance to inform her that I was painting the living room and for her to be careful, she stumbled straight into my step-ladder, which was set up behind the door. 'What the...?' She cried as she tripped and fell into the ladder, sending it, herself and the pot of green paint underneath it sprawling across the floor.

'Holy shit, Rachel!' I said, shutting the door and stooping to help her quickly to her feet. 'Are you ok?'

She was fine, apart from a slightly twisted ankle, and a fresh coat of paint, ruining her clothes and getting in her hair. 'I'm covered,' she complained as I helped her to her feet.

'Quick, quick,' I said, stifling a smile at how ridiculous she looked, 'shower!' I said as I took her arm and led her upstairs.

'I'm so, so sorry,' she spoke as we walked; 'I hope I haven't ruined your living room.

'Don't worry' I said as we reached the top of the stairs; 'let's just get you cleaned up before that paint does any permanent damage to your hair.'

'I'm so embarrassed,' she continued as we entered the bathroom, 'what am I even going to wear?'

'Stop worrying' I said as I twisted the shower knob for her and started the jets. 'I'll get your stuff straight in the wash and you can wear something of Chloe's in the meantime.'

'So, umm... how do we do this then?' Rachel stood there awkwardly in front of me.

'Oh yeah,' I replied, my face flushing slightly at the realisation that she was going to have to undress to get into the shower. 'I'll look away; I promise no funny business.'

'Okay,' she replied as I turned my back to her and looked at the tiled floor. I heard her quickly and quietly undressing behind me, muttering to herself about what an idiot she was. I stifled a chuckle, finding the whole situation quite amusing. 'Done,' she said a few moments later.

'Jump in the shower then and close the screen; then I'll take your stuff downstairs.' I heard her footsteps pad towards the shower and then the screen was closed; the sound of the water changed as it hit her body rather than the empty tub and I knew then that I could turn around. I quickly took her pile of clothes and headed towards the door, resisting the almost overwhelming urge to look towards the screen in the vain hope of a glimpse at her sexy, curvy body.

'Thank you so much Adam,' she said as she heard me walk towards the door.

'Not a problem Rach,' I replied, 'you just get yourself cleaned up and I'll leave some fresh clothes for you outside the door.'

I placed her paint streaked clothes into the washing machine, all except for her satin pink underwear, which I kept behind, stroking the gusset softly with my thumb and feeling the warmth there. My cock swelled and began to throb as I gave in to the temptation and lifted her delicates to my nose. Pulse racing I pressed her panties against my nose and inhaled deeply; her delightful scent fuelling my arousal. My God, I thought as I sniffed her panties, Rachel is naked in my house right now; probably soaping those big fat tits of hers; rubbing my bar of soap between her legs, parting her lips and sliding a finger inside...

I stopped myself before I got too carried away and, with great regret, added her underwear to the wash load, knowing that if her underwear was to 'disappear' then questions would be asked.

I allowed my erection to gradually subside before I went to mine and Chloe's room and picked out a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some underwear for her to change into. I knocked on the door and shouted through to let her know they were there and then went back downstairs to put the kettle on.

Ten minutes later she walked into the kitchen. How I managed to not splurt my tea from my mouth in surprise I do not know. The very first thing I noticed (hell, the very first thing that any red-blooded male would notice) as she walked into the room were her pendulous tits as they strained against the material of the flimsy white t-shirt I had provided her with; clearly bra-less as they swayed and jiggled naturally on her chest. I couldn't formulate a sentence and found myself shamelessly checking her out as she stood in the doorway; her wet hair fell down past her shoulders, sleek, black, straight and oh, so sensuous; the aforementioned tits straining against the material, the dark bumps of her nipples visible through the white top. Her pretty little feet were bare and she coyly stroked the top of her left foot with her toes as she stood leaning against the doorframe. I eventually realised that I was staring and stumbled around for something to say.

'Shit, I forgot to get you socks... sorry... I... do you want a cup of tea?.... errr... socks?' I stuttered and stumbled and found myself flushing and staring at the wall behind her in an attempt to keep my eyes from her tits.

'Honestly Adam, you've done enough.' She replied as she walked into the room, I was grateful to the fact that she chose to ignore my perverted stares. 'I'm fine as is, but unfortunately Chloe's bras don't quite fit.'

I stopped short of replying with the lie that I hadn't noticed, but at least had the grace to stare at my cup of tea as she said this rather than the poor girl's tits.

'I will have a cup of tea though,' she continued as she hobbled slightly into the room, 'if that's ok?'

'Course it is,' I replied as I jumped out of my chair and clicked the kettle back on. 'Hey, is your ankle okay? I noticed you limping there.'

'I think I twisted it when I fell over,' she replied, 'I'm sure it will be fine.'

Oh God, I groaned to myself as I turned back round to talk to her and saw her gently massaging her ankle, leaning forward on her chair, tits swaying rhythmically; her pretty little toes wriggling as she flexed her foot. How could she be such a fucking cock-tease without even realising it? I felt myself swell in my jeans, once again transfixed by Rachel. I didn't even hear the front door open, and I jumped visibly when I heard the voice at the kitchen door.

'What the hell has happened here?' Chloe spoke from the doorway. I looked across at her, knowing that the look on my face was exactly the same as that of a child who has just been caught stealing sweets from the local shop. It spelled one word, GUILTY. I caught the quick eye check from Chloe to see what I was looking at and then the quick check to my groin for confirmation of my swelling nether-regions.

'Chloe...' I replied, floundering for words.

'Oh my god Chloe!' Rachel exclaimed as she saw her friend at the doorway, 'you are not going to believe what has happened here!'

And that was it, Rachel explained the situation, Chloe giggled, then chuckled and then laughed out loud. Rachel joined in and pretty soon both girls were rolling around, laughing at Rachel's clumsiness and the mess that had been made in the living room. At this point I made my excuses and retired to the front room to try and clear up the mess that Rachel had made. Thankfully I had laid sheets down on the floor so there was no permanent damage and, in a matter of minutes, the room was fine.

Rachel stayed for an hour or so and I left the girls to it, choosing to escape to the bedroom and play on the X-box for a while so they could have their girly chat. She shouted up to me to thank me again before she left and I replied that it had been no problem; besides, I had a few more tasty mental images of her for my wank-bank for future sessions. I had completely forgotten (or chosen to forget) the split second look from Chloe as she had entered the house, that told me she had caught me staring.

Which is why, when she mentioned it later that night in bed, it completely caught me off-guard.

'So, Rachel has pretty feet doesn't she?' Chloe asked as she rolled over to look at me.

I didn't reply.

'I caught you there didn't I mister?' She continued.

'I don't know what you're talking about.' I replied, unable to meet her eye, but feeling them boring into the side of my face.

'Yes you do,' she whispered. 'I saw you looking, or should I say staring, transfixed at her pretty little toes as she rubbed her ankles; her tits swaying in that t-shirt you gave her. You must surely have known that would be too small for her. It's too small for me and I'm smaller than Rachel.' It was true; Chloe was a size 10/12, Rachel a bit bigger than that. But I'm a man, surely it was an honest mistake (then why had I discarded several other tops that were bigger when looking for a t-shirt for Rachel)?

I continued to remain silent, but cursed my cock as I felt it stir in response to the memories of Rachel earlier that day; my God I wanted to suck on those toes.

'I bet you wanted to suck her toes didn't you.'

'What are you talking about?' I protested as I tried to turn over and face away from Chloe; but she stopped me by placing her leg across me, trapping me and discovering my growing cock in the process.

'I cannot believe you.' She whispered as she grabbed hold of my cock firmly, almost painfully; which only exacerbated the situation, causing it to swell and throb more. She didn't let go. 'You were staring at her tits and her feet, fantasizing about fucking her. You filthy pervert. My best friend had an accident and you thought you could take advantage of the situation by making her wear too tight clothes and 'forgetting' to get her a pair of socks, when it just so happens that your two main turn ons are tits and feet.' Now that she put it that way, I could see what she was driving at; but it hadn't been that way... had it?

My cock still throbbed and still Chloe held on to it.

'What would have happened if I hadn't come back when I did?'

'Nothing' I whispered hoarsely.

'Bullshit!' she whispered, directly into my ear. 'I bet you would have offered to massage her poorly ankle.' Did her hand just move? 'I know how much you love to give foot massages; but poor Rachel doesn't know that, does she? She would have thought you were doing her a kind favour... just like you had when you dressed her up like a slut for your own perverse pleasure.' Her hand was definitely moving; slowly and surely, she was stroking my cock; her grip was vice-like around my member.

'I might have walked in then, and caught you slobbering over my best friend's feet. Your cock throbbing as you took them closer and closer to your mouth.'

'Stop,' I whispered, 'please.' She didn't stop. Instead, she straddled me, pressing her hand onto my chest to keep me in place as she lowered her dripping wet pussy onto my iron hard cock. My God she was wet and she easily took my length deep into her tight pussy.

'Close your eyes.' She commanded. I kept them open. She roughly covered them with her hands as she began to rock back and forth on my tool. 'It's not me you're fucking tonight Adam. It's Rachel.'

Involuntarily I arched my back at that very moment, trying to shove myself deeper inside. 'Yeah,' she moaned, 'I thought you might like that thought. Imagine if I had been even later. After you had got her all worked up with your foot massage and she had given in to your perverse, animal lust. Imagine if I walked in and caught you with your head buried between her legs; eating her hairy little pussy out. Oh yes, she's got a bush going on has Rachel,' she said as she continued to ride my cock, 'I know how that drives you wild and helps to spread those delicious pussy juices all over your face. Imagine her grinding her little cunt into your mouth as you tongue fucked her to orgasm.'

I felt my own climax building; my balls began to tingle as Chloe worked her pussy like a vice on my cock, squeezing and pulling as she fucked me harder.

'You dirty little fucker,' she continued; 'fantasizing about my friend. I know you're going to cum hard; and you're going to be thinking of her as you do. When you cum I want you to have the mental picture of her down on her knees; those big brown eyes looking up at you, pleading with you to spray your load over those big, fat tits she's got. I want you to picture her as she squeezes them together and begs for your cum.

It was coming closer. My mind was a void, but for the very vivid image that Chloe was painting as she herself fucked me frenziedly to a climax.

'Say her name' she panted.

I held off, savouring the image or Rachel beneath me, begging for my load.

'Say it,' she wailed

I was almost there; I gripped hard at the bed sheets, arching my back as Chloe climaxed on my cock.

'Say it,' she screamed.

'Raaaaaaaachheeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll.' I moaned as I lost control and emptied myself into my girlfriend; but in my mind it was Rachel's face that I coated; her tits that I sprayed as she looked at me with hunger in her eyes. I came hard and long and I don't even remember Chloe rolling off of me. I was in a dazed stupor and way too far gone to even consider talking to my girlfriend about what had just happened. The next thing I knew I was drifting off into a long and deep sleep.

Chapter 2

I waited the next day for Chloe to being up the events of the previous night; but it was as if nothing had ever happened. We didn't talk of the spilt paint, nor of the fact that I had lent Rachel some of Chloe's clothes; nor of the fact that my girlfriend had basically forced me to fantasize about fucking her best friend while I fucked her. Things were... well, normal. There was no awkwardness between me and Chloe and it continued that way; as if the whole thing had never even happened.

'Rachel's coming round tonight.' Chloe said a couple of weeks later; she allowed a pause after she spoke. Was she waiting for some kind of response? 'We're going to be having a girly pamper night; so you'll have to stay upstairs.'

'Okay.' I replied, keeping my voice steady. It would be the first time that I had seen her since what I was now referring to as 'the incident'; and I was glad in a sense that I had been banished to the room because I knew that if I had to look, or talk to Rachel at all, the only image that would be running through my head would be of her on her knees in front of me as I sprayed her huge tits with my hot, salty jizz.

I was downstairs making a drink when Rachel had arrived; she made a quick, innocent joke about spilling the paint and apologised once again. I told her that it was not a problem. Chloe came into the room and told me that I had to make myself scarce as they wanted to have their pamper night, so I did as I was told. I had been able to hear them periodically giggling and chatting as they did all the usual girly stuff. I was happy playing my X-box, chilling out in my room. That was how I assumed the whole night would go. This is why it came as a bit of surprise after a couple of hours when I heard my name being hollered from downstairs.

'Adam!' Called Chloe; I paused the game and went to the top of the stairs.

'What's up?' I called back down the stairs, thinking that the girls probably needed some help with the DVD player or something to that effect.

'Come downstairs; your services are required.' I heard what sounded like a hushed protest underneath Chloe's call, but she giggled and called anyway. Slightly confused, I made my way downstairs and headed into the living room.

They had made quite a mess of the room. Pamper products were scattered here and there. They had obviously used the foot spa at some point, as it still had the water in it, but had been pushed into the corner of the room. Face-mask packets were discarded in the corner and the room had a smell of nail polish in the air. Chloe was sitting in our armchair with her hands planted on either arm; her fingernails looked freshly painted. Rachel sat on the sofa with her legs tucked up under her bum. I could see a bare sole and fought the temptation to stare, knowing that I had been caught previously. Both were wearing thick, towelled dressing gowns and I wondered if they were naked underneath.

'Hi girls, how's your night going?' I asked.

'Good thanks honey,' Chloe replied. 'We've had a good pampering session and a girly chinwag; so yeah, it's been a good night.' I noticed a couple of empty wine bottles among the mess on the floor.

'So what's up then? What service of mine is required?'

'Well,' Chloe began, hushing Rachel before she was allowed to speak; 'we were talking about pampering and, specifically massages, and guess what?'

'What?' I asked, confused.

'It turns out that Rachel has never... ever had a foot massage!' She exclaimed, giggling slightly.

'Ohhhh-kay' I replied, hoping against all hope that this wasn't going the way I feared it might.

'Well don't you think that's a shame? Especially considering how good you are at giving foot massages. I thought that maybe we could treat her tonight.' I glanced at Rachel; the poor girl had gone bright red.

'Honestly Chloe,' she began, 'I'm really not bothered.'

'That's because you've never had one... especially an amazing one like the ones Adam gives.' Chloe looked at me; her eyes were filled with mischief. 'You'd be happy to give Rachel a foot massage. Wouldn't you Adam?' She asked, challenging me to say no.

'I don't know Chloe,' I tried, 'she says she's not bothered.'

'I know what she said. And I know what you're saying too... but I'm telling you Rachel,' she said, speaking to her friend now, 'you'll love it. I insist. You're a guest in this house and I want to see you pampered. What's the worst that can happen?'

'I guess...' Rachel replied, nervously bringing her feet from underneath her bottom and placing them onto the carpeted floor. My God they were pretty, I thought, noticing the hot pink nail varnish she had applied, matching her fingernails. I smiled at Rachel, letting her know with my eyes that I was slightly embarrassed by the whole situation too.

I took to my knees at her feet, smiling slightly at how she coyly placed a hand between her legs to press the dressing gown down and preserve her modesty. Chloe knew exactly how much I loved giving foot massages, she also knew that I had checked Rachel's dainty little feet out previously, fantasizing about sucking her pretty little toes and running my tongue up and down her smooth, arched soles. I took her right foot in my hand, noticing straight away how soft and smooth her warm skin was. I felt her jump slightly at the contact; out of embarrassment she had closed her eyes and I smiled slightly at her jump.

I began to slowly caress and massage her foot, paying close attention to every inch of her beautiful, perfectly shaped feet. My mind was whirling at the predicament I found myself in. I didn't dare to look over to Chloe to see her face, because she would be able to tell straight away how much I was enjoying giving this massage. But she was the one who had asked me to do it; I was confused, but I was also aroused. My cock had sprung to life straight away, and the occasional whimpers and contented purrs that Rachel produced only served to make the situation worse. She still had her eyes closed, but as I continued to massage her sole I noticed her beginning to breathe more and more deeply, occasionally wriggling a little on the sofa. Was she getting aroused too?

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