'Look at it,' Chloe whispered to Rachel, who had coyly stared at the floor as I undressed. Slowly she raised her head and allowed her gaze to settle on my cock, bobbing in the air a mere metre and a half from her face. We stayed like that for a few moments, me watching her as she stared at my cock, her hands pressing a cushion firmly onto her lap. 'What do you want him to do with it?' she asked her friend.

It seemed like a lifetime passed before Rachel finally replied, plucking up the courage to voice her desires. 'Touch it,' she gasped finally, her command barely audible, but it was enough. I looked over to Chloe who nodded to me, the lust clear in her eyes; she was clearly loving every second of this, whatever reason she had didn't bother me right now, seeing the look on her eyes was enough to convince me to take my cock in my right hand and squeeze it firmly, pulling the foreskin back to reveal my shiny purple head.

'Look at Rachel,' Chloe instructed me. I obeyed and stared down at her on the sofa, slowly pulling on my cock as she alternated her glances from her cock to my face. Growing in confidence now I shuffled in closer to where she sat, bringing my pulsing cock within touching distance of her. I was wanking at a steady pace now, moaning softly as I played with myself, the only naked one in the room. The smell of sex was thick in the air now; a glance over towards Chloe confirmed to me that she was in fact playing with her pussy on the sofa. Her dress had ridden up to expose her thighs; the cushion she had previously used to cover her antics had been discarded and the shape of her hand working her pussy was clearly visible through her red silk panties. I began to pick up the wet sounds of her fingers sliding deep inside of her pussy as she stared intently at the scene before her.

'Suck his cock,' Chloe whispered between gasps, 'suck on my boyfriend's cock.'

Rachel looked across to her friend, gasping in shock as she realised for the first time what she was doing while she watched; as she opened her mouth I took my opportunity and pressed my cock forwards and into the gap between her lips. 'Ohhh,fuck,' I moaned as I felt her mouth close around the head, her full lips felt heavenly and my whole body shuddered as she flicked the tip of her tongue up the slit. I removed my hand and placed it on the top of her head, stroking her silky black hair as she took me in her hand and pulled my cock closer so she could swallow more of my length. She looked over at Chloe as she began to expertly suck me off. Chloe responded to the attention by sliding her panties off and lifting the dress up and off, leaving her naked too, exposed to her best friend. Spreading her legs she allowed her to watch as she parted her swollen pink lips and slid two fingers inside, her wetness shimmering in the light. Rachel sucked me hungrily as Chloe masturbated on the armchair, shamelessly sliding fingers in and out of her pussy as she watched her best friend perform fellatio on me.

'Ohh fuck that looks good,' Chloe whispered between gasps on the sofa. 'How does it feel Adam?'

'Ungghhh...' was all I could moan in reply as I luxuriated in the feel of Rachel's tongue caressing the underside of my shaft.

'I want you to taste her pussy,' she moaned, 'I want to cum hard as I watch Rachel cum all over your face.'

'Holy fuck...' I whispered, pulling my throbbing cock from Rachel's mouth. I was glad for the respite; I knew that if she had continued with her blow job then it would quickly come to a sticky end.

'Lay on the floor,' Chloe commanded, pointing to the space on the floor between her parted legs. She looked across at Rachel. 'Do you want to sit on his face, right in front of me?' Rachel, face flushed and looking slightly dishevelled, could only nod in response. 'You're going to have to strip first.' We both watched now, entranced, me pulling softly on my cock, Chloe slowly sliding fingers in and out, as Rachel slipped her skirt down and stepped her slick, oiled feet out. She seemed to take an age unbuttoning and removing her blouse, but I was enraptured by the show. Her full, heavy tits wobbled in her soft bra and I squeezed my cock hard in anticipation of seeing her fully nude.

I held my breath as she reached around to unclasp the bra, finally freeing her pendulous melons; I almost came as they spilled free, her nipples, large and rose coloured poking out at the centre of her pink areola. They jiggled freely now without restraint, almost joyous in their motion. 'Wow.' I gasped unable to help myself.

'Adam likes your tits,' Chloe said above me. 'Wait until he sees your pussy. Come over here and show him.' Slowly, hesitantly she stepped over me; standing less than a metre away from her best friend she hooked her thumbs under the waistband and slowly, delicately, slid them down and revealed her thick, swollen pussy. Her pubic region was groomed, but still full and thick, the hair between her legs jet black and glistening with her moisture. 'Good girl,' Chloe whispered to her friend. 'Are you wet?'

'...Yes.' Rachel whispered in reply.

'Let him taste you.'

I merely tilted my head back and watched as she lowered her lips to meet mine. Oh fuck it tasted so sweet; her juice was abundant and I eagerly began to lap it up, like a good little dog; causing Rachel to whimper and tremble above me. I heard Chloe moan somewhere above, but I was way too deep in my own pleasure to care about what was happening elsewhere. I gripped Rachel's wide hips and pulled her hard onto my face, mashing and grinding her swollen clit against my nose. I forced my tongue deep into her pussy, swallowing all that I could take into my mouth, my thirst for her juice insatiable. She squeezed her thighs tight around my head as she lost herself in reckless abandon and fucked my face for all she was worth.

I heard moans and wails, but they sounded muffled and distant; some were most likely my own. I lost count of how many times she came and I could have continued to worship her pussy and have my face used until the end of time. My face was smeared and coated in her cum and her scent overwhelmed me; several times she fucked my face so hard and for so long that I felt myself dizzying at the lack of oxygen; only to be given reprieve in the nick of time by a temporary lifting of her pussy as she adjusted her weight. I longed to be smothered by her though, I had no desire to breathe oxygen ever again; her nectar would suffice from now until the end of all things.

I felt rather than watched as Rachel lifted herself from me on unsteady legs and opened my eyes to watch with dismay as she stood to take a drink to steady herself. 'You're not going to let her off so lightly are you Adam?' Chloe asked from up above me. 'It's time to fuck her. Stand up,' she ordered me. With equally shaking legs I stood, cock aching and throbbing as it bounced in the air. I watched as Chloe beckoned Rachel to bend over the arm of her chair, her tits pressing up against her thighs and her ass and pussy open and exposed behind her. Chloe stroked her sweating and flushed friend's face tenderly as I stepped behind her and took my cock in my hands. 'Tell me how it feels;' she looked at me as I pushed my head inside.

'Oh fuck, it feels wet.' I whispered, allowing myself to indulge in the heaven between her legs as I slowly slid my full length inside. '...and tight,' which surprised me, considering how much she had already cum by fucking my face.

'Grab that nice big ass of hers as you fuck her,' she spoke again. I did as I was told; it was slick and wet with her juice, but I got a nice firm grip with both hands and used it as leverage as I began to slowly and deliberately fuck her. She responded in kind by contracting and releasing her pussy muscles, massaging my shaft as I tenderly thrust in and out. I began to rub her ass, my fingers delicately teasing her asshole with each stroke; I looked down and watched with fascination as her pussy lips sucked hungrily on my thick member.

Chloe began to moan softly as I fucked Rachel. I assumed at first she had resumed her previous ministrations on herself, but noted that both hands were in view, caressing Rachel's hair and back. I realised that her friend's head had nuzzled down between my girlfriend's legs and felt my cock throb and nearly explode at the realisation that she was orally pleasuring her. 'Holy fuck Rach,' she whispered, 'keep going!'

I increased my thrusts now, pulling myself in close and wrapping my arms around Rachel, finally getting my hands on those tantalising tits of hers; I pulled her up slightly to get better access to her tits and began to maul them as they bounced and swayed with each thrust of my cock. The room was filled with moans and groans and the sounds and smells of our sex filled the air; I made eye contact with my girlfriend and let her see how much I was enjoying fucking her best friend; she in turn let me know how much she was enjoying watching it. Our hands made contact on Rachel's tits and we began to maul and grope at her fleshy mounds together as I pounded myself in and out of her fleshy pussy, my balls slapping hard against her clit now with every thrust. She gripped and milked my shaft hard, and I could tell she was close to yet another orgasm. Her climax hit and caused her to frenziedly moan and groan, lapping at Chloe's pussy and sending her over the edge as she came all over her friend's face. I watched the girls climaxing with a growing tingling in the pit of my stomach, my balls we tightening and I knew that I couldn't hold out much longer.

'Uhh... I'm gonna cum...' I moaned, tensing every muscle and sinew in my body in an attempt to let this euphoric feeling last for an eternity.

'On her tits...' Chloe gasped. Through vision blurred by stars I saw she was fingering herself once again as Rachel dropped to her knees in front of me and squeezed her flushed, sweating tits together underneath the throbbing tip of my cock. I fought every impulse in my body to make sure that my eyes remained open as I squeezed my cock one last time before allowing the damn to burst. Looking down I watched as the first hot, salty rope of cum erupted from the swollen head of my penis and splattered across her swollen globes. I heard Chloe groaning through another orgasm as she watched me spray jets of my fluid over her best friend's chest. Rachel tilted her head back and luxuriated in the feel of her mammaries being coated by my fluid; I was almost spent when I watched her pick up a trail of cum with the tip of her finger and raise it to her lips, causing me to climax all over again and shoot a fresh blast right up the side of her face and splat across her left eye.

'Holy fucking shit...' I whispered as I dropped my cock, instantly feeling dizzy and weak at the knees. I took a couple of steps back and flopped down on the sofa, completely spent and drained from the whole experience. I stared at the ceiling as I came down, unable to comprehend rational thought, the only thing in my mind was the sight of Rachel's tits as I blasted them with my cum.

An eternity passed before anyone spoke; a satisfied and drained silence fell on the room. At some point Chloe joined Rachel on the floor for a mutual embrace, but I remained on the sofa; not regretting a thing, but unsure as to what I should say now. Thankfully it was Chloe, the one who had initiated the whole situation, who finally broke the silence.

'I think it's too late for you to go home now Rachel,' she whispered to her friend as she kissed her tenderly on the head. 'Let's all go get in bed.' She stood to her bare feet and proffered a hand, which Rachel took, 'besides, I think I need to repay a certain favour to you.' She said with a wink as she led her friend to the stairs. She looked back at me on the couch and gave me a wink; 'come on you; now it's my turn.'

My cock twitched to life as I stood to my feet and followed them out of the room.

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