byRed Hugh©

Rachel worked at the local general store. She had a very beautiful face with high cheek bones and big blue eyes. Her hair was a dirty blonde and always pulled back tight in a ponytail. She was not skinny and while not fat or even chubby had curves that many men and some boys really liked. This meant that she had good sized breasts.

Bill couldn't believe his luck when she answered his advertisement for tuition. She was failing maths at university and needed help badly. The only space he had free was about an hour after her lectures ended which meant her getting off the bus at the top of his driveway and walking the half a kilomentre to his small cottage. He'd never seen her out of the store where she just wore baggy jeans and a t-shirt. She was a wet dream on legs. Her white lacy bra was clearly visible through her blouse and her short blue skirt she was very tempting. He spent the lesson wondering what sort of panties were housing her undoubtedly beautiful cunt.

Alas, he didn't find out that day, however he would one day but only in a roundabout manner. Over the period of a few months Bill and Rachel developed a reasonable rapport. Strangely she never made reference to any boyfriend. When the local farmers ball came around he asked who she was going with. She said she probably wouldn't go but was a bit evasive.

Now Bill's girlfriend liked women as well as men. He knew the signs and began to suspect that maybe Rachel wasn't so keen on boys. He left it for a while as it looked as though Rachel would pass her exam and return to study the following year and to his tuition. This is exactly what happened. Bill had mentioned Rachel to Susie, his girlfriend, along with his suspicions.

Susie was about 25 and was known to like corrupting the occasional young girl. She made a point of being around a bit more when Rachel was over or talking to her when she was at the shop. She sensed a warmth that Rachel didn't show towards men and began to wonder if Bill was right and not just having a dirty little fantasy. She determined to get close to Rachel who she really had come to fancy.

She told Bill that she was going to try to seduce Rachel one day. At the time she was sucking his cock. He lasted another 10 seconds. She laughed at him giving himself away so clearly.

Rachel passed her exam and so Susie asked her round to dinner to celebrate. By arrangement about half an hour after she arrived Bill rang in 'detained' at work. He and Susie had a good relationship, he allowing her her girls and she allowing him to stray so long as nobody lied and it wasn't in the other's face, things were fine.

She assumed he'd get some other amusement that evening. Rachel was dressed in tight jeans and a top that accentuated her curves. Her bottom filled her jeans beautifully. There was a visible panty line as she moved and Susie began to juice as she watched it. Susie gave Rachel the 'bad news' which she accepted without giving too much away.

In truth Rachel wasn't really sure about her sexuality. She was still young and maybe she wasn't meant to feel much when she kissed a boy or when he fumbled about clumsily in her pants. She had given two blowjobs and hadn't really enjoyed a penis let alone what its owner did in her mouth. She'd kind of dropped out of boys and wondered what was wrong with her. She wasn't masturbating to images of her girlfriends or memories of classmates in the changing sheds when she was at school but she sometimes felt a warmth towards them - nothing more.

She did masturbate but only when she was bursting and needed relief. She didn't really think of anything when she did. She felt something for Susie even though she had no idea about her interests and couldn't define her own. It would be a girl's night and that suited her. Even though Rachel was not 21 she was a country girl and no stranger to alcohol so she took the proffered beer and later on wine as she loosened up.

Before it got too late Susie rang Rachel's parents to ask if she could stay over as Bill had been held up in town for the night and she'd like the company. That done they tore into dinner and more drinks. The normally quiet and reserved Rachel was pretty giggly and more interestingly touchy and talkative. Rachel had had plenty to eat and undid the top button on the fly of her jeans which were very tight. They were hipsters and so the top of her panties was visible.

She didn't really have any sexy underwear. These were just a sensible pair of light blue cottons. However Rachel would look great in anything and better in nothing! Susie came and sat beside her on the sofa. She either didn't notice or didn't mind as Susie put her arm over her shoulders. They gossiped on and Rachel who was about 5'3" seemed to snuggle up to the 5'10" Susie.

Soon the drinking was having quite an effect and Rachel was dozing. Susie planted a little kiss on her forehead and cuddled her to her. Even if she got no further this night this would do her it was very nice and comfortable. She must have drifted off herself. Rachel woke a couple of hours later to find herself cradled in Susie's arms. It was a nice feeling but her leg had gone numb and as she moved, Susie stirred.

Rachel apologised for waking her. Susie who still held her in her arms told her not to worry and that they should probably stagger off to a more comfortable sleeping place. Taking Rachel by the hand she took her to the bedroom.

"That's your side unless you want the sofa." She said pointing to Bill's side.

"No, this is fine but I'm busting where's the toilet?"

"Me too. I'll show you." And again holding Rachel's hand she took her to the bathroom.

"Guests first." She said.

Rachel undid her button fly and pulled her jeans and panties down. She revealed a well trimmed pubic mound with a clearly defined slit which she reached down and opened. Susie sat on the side of the bath watching and talked to her as she let go a long gush of urine. Getting up she wiped herself without any hint of modesty and kicked off her jeans before slowly pulling up her panties. She took Susie's spot on the bath and waited as Susie revealed and relieved herself.

"Susie, can you lend me a top to sleep in, this won't do." she said picking at her tight synthetic top.

"No problem, I sometimes use Bill's t-shirts as nighties when I don't sleep nude. I'll spare you that one tonight!"

"I could think of worse things." She said picking up her jeans.

They headed for the bedroom and stripped down to their panties, raided the drawers for some t-shirts. Rachel really was a stunner. She had the most beautiful breasts Susie had ever seen. Full, rounded and firm with beautiful nipples. It would be a night of temptation around this young beauty.

Rachel felt at ease or she would never have let Susie see her pussy in the bathroom. She wanted to be cuddled again by Susie. She thought she might like Susie to do some other things to her but remained confused and unsure of herself. Before getting into bed she reached under her
t-shirt and pulled her panties down.

"Hope you don't mind but I only wear them in bed when I've got my 'visitor'." She gigled.

Fine by me. I'm usually naked!" So saying Susie pulled hers down.

"There we're equal now. It feels better to let the air at it doesn't it?"

Rachel nodded and giggled as she got under the covers. There was aTV in the bedroom and they were now wide awake so while Rachel fooled about with the remote Susie went for some more wine. She figured a full hangover was as bad as the half a one she'd have in the morning.

They drank, talked some more and watched some movies. Susie put her arm around Rachel again and Rachel seemed to nestle in. They passed out about 3 am. When she woke Susie was cuddling Rachel whose t-shirt had ridden up. It was a nice sensation to have Rachel and her breasts pressed against her, breathing steadily. She saw Bill standing in the door of the bedroom grinning. She shook her head indicating that she'd only slept with Rachel and beckoned for him to make himself scarce. She settled back to enjoy her lie-in with this attractive young woman. She closed her eyes and drifted a bit. Rachel stirred and hugged her. She opened an eye and Rachel smiled up at her. They didn't release each other.

Susie took the initiative she kissed Rachel gently on the forehead.

"Billy's home so we'd better get our arses out of bed reasonably soon."

Rachel looked horrified. "Christ. Did he see us?"

Not letting go of Rachel she told her not to worry. Bill could keep his mouth shut and anyway they had not done anything. Susie told Rachel that she had nothing to be ashamed of. Rachel calmed down a bit but still seemed worried. Susie decided to ask her outright if more than Bill seeing them together was worrying her. All this time Rachel was lying in Susie's arms and Susie's right arm was around her waist.

Rachel told her that she was worried that Bill might think they were 'queer'.

It was now or never. Susie said quietly "Well he knows I am or rather that I'm 'bi'."

Rachel's eyes bugged. "Are you serious?"

"Never more. He loves me and I love him but I like women as well and he is fine with that."

"Shit, I don't know what to say." Rachel replied. " How come you haven't jumped me?"

"Are you disappointed?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure I don't have much sexual experience."

"I should hope not at 18 and I wouldn't try anything on with you unless I got a really clear signal."

"Such as?"

"Oh, I don't know a lingering kiss on the lips when you were sober and knew what you were doing."

"I like you holding me like this." Rachel said moving the subject slightly.

"Well that's just fine but we must get up and take you home at some stage young lady."

"May I come back sometime?"

"Well it's Bill's place but I'm sure it's no problem also you're on holiday now so just pop over. I'm here most weekends."

"What if I just want to be with you?"

"Bill will be fine so long as you're not greedy. Just remember I love him very much and won't lie to him so anything that might happen he will hear about. I like to fuck him too, remember that as well. Anyway why not hang around with both of us he won't bite unless you ask."

Rachel shrugged, "I don't know maybe I just feel something with you that I don't with him."

"That's fine I'm not asking you to feel anything with anyone just roll up and enjoy our company......he's a good man; and Rachel, I'm really serious about this....Don't get into anything you don't really want to.
I'm happy with you as a friend. From now on if anyone makes a move it must be you."

"I understand. I suppose we should get up."

"Yes, we should. God know's where poor Billy's got to so we can have some privacy."


"He's a complete darling, there's no way he'd barge in on us."

They got up and headed for the bathroom Susie stripped off and turned on the shower for Rachel before parking herself on the toilet. Rachel got under the warm stream and washed the last 12 hours off herself. She was still conflicted but as the warm water flowed over her she reached a decision. Susie didn't join her but sat and watched getting in when Rachel had finished cleaning herself.

After drying off neither bothered with clothes or breakfast. Susie asked Rachel if she needed a lift home. Rachel said she had to go straight to work as it was nearly 10 am she had nothing to wear. Susie did a quick whip around the wardrobe and lent her a top of Bill's and a pair of her panties. She put her in a pair of her jeans and rolled up the legs a bit.
At the door before she left Rachel turned and said.

"You wanted a sign such as a kiss on the lips, well pucker up!" with that she kissed Susie square on the lips"You said that would be a suitable sign, didn't you?"

Susie didn't bat an eyelid "Yes I did. Now go away and think about what you've done. If you still want to the next time we're together we'll make love. If you feel you can't you're still welcome... understand."

"Yes, I do." Came the reply.

Later that morning when Bill reappeared Susie gave him the used panties Rachel had left behind to sniff while she sucked his cock. She didn't ask how he had spent the night beyond asking if he'd got lucky. He' hadn't.
She told him about Rachel so he wouldn't put his foot in it when he saw her next.

When he next saw Rachel at the store she was as casual as ever and so it went until the following weekend when Susie was out at Bill's and Rachel came by. Bill answered the door to a somewhat uncertain Rachel.

"Susie told me I could come by the next time she was out here. Is that ok?"

"Sure come in, will you be staying?"

"I hope so. Why?"

"Well do I have to make myself scarce?"

Susie heard them talking and came up putting her arm around Bill leant down and kissed Rachel hello.

"Darling, you might have to go over to John's and have a few drinks tonight. Rachel and I would like a bit of time alone. Is that ok?"

The arrangement always worked and Susie would have done the same for Bill so after a couple of hours he wandered off to John's with a bottle of whiskey under his arm. He'd get back in the small hours. That should give Susie and Rachel enough time.

Susie and Rachel were on their own. Susie asked Rachel if she'd like to go to bed immediately or just hang out for a while. Rachel chose to hang out saying that she was nervous about doing "it" with Susie. Susie told her there wasn't anything to worry about and that she didn't have to 'do' anything but as boys weren't pushing her buttons she could at least give women a try.

Rachel told her she'd never done 'it' with a boy just sucked a couple of local boys cocks and had their fingers in her. One boy had actually been so rough with his finger she'd lost her cherry and all for no result. Only her fingers had ever given her an orgasm.

Susie told her point blank that she intended to lick her pussy until she came and then some. She thought that as she was on the subject she'd show Rachel a few of her toys. She took her hand and escorted her to the bedroom. Opening one of 'her drawers' she asked Rachel to take her pick.
Rachel was too embarrassed so Susie took out a couple of items and told Rachel they could spend the rest of the day playing. Susie liked to be watched so it would be a doubly erotic thrill if she got to masturbate in front of this girl. She asked Rachel to tell her about how she played with herself. Rachel blushed and told her that she just rubbed her clit till she got some relief.

"Well I might just have to give you a crash course in wanking" Said Rachel who was feeling moist by now and simply started to take off her clothes.

When she was naked she turned and kissed Rachel who was trying not to stare too much.

"Don't be shy, look, touch or taste anything you want. Now I'm very horny and so you're going to get a little show"

Susie sat on the edge of the bed and turning on her 'pocket rocket' vibrator to a slow buzz she ran it around her pussy. Rachel dropped her jeans and came and sat on the floor resting her head on one of Susie's legs. She watched intently as Susie slowly got to concentrating on her exposed clit. It took about ten minutes for Susie to cum. She fell back as she did.

Rachel in just her top and panties got up beside her on the bed and began to kiss her. Neither stopped and as Rachel came back to earth she became more aggressive sliding her hand into Rachel's panties and grabbing a handful of her bottom. Rachel broke the kiss to remove her shirt and bra. Before she had time to object Susie was at her breast and had managed to have her straddle her thigh. Nobody had ever sucked on Rachel's nipples which were, as it turned out, linked directly to her cunt which was starting to wet her panties with girl juice.

She was feeling things she never imagined possible. She rubbed her mound against Susie's thigh and taking her breast from her went back to kissing her deeply. Susie took the initiative and rolling Rachel onto her back reached down and lowered her cotton panties. She'd seen her cunt before but now she intended to study it. Rachel was flat on her back, panties around one ankle, knees raised and legs slightly apart.

There was a darkish wet patch of hair where her legs met. She felt a breeze between her legs and a hand open her cleft. She drew her legs up and spread. Still embarrassed by her body betraying her she closed her eyes and rolled her head to the side. Rachel saw her completely spread before her. She was very compact and neat. Before Rachel had opened her up all she saw was a girl like slit surrounded by sparse hair. She would have to give Rachel a trim but there was no need to shave unless they wanted. Rachel's hair was flat and ran towards her slit. Her lips were a slightly darker colour than her white skin and only partially covered with hair and her bottom made the perfect cushion for this damp little pleasure garden.

Susie resolved to get to that bottom some day. Rachel was very wet and her juices combined with Susie's saliva to run down to the bottom of her pussy and thence down her buttocks to leave a wet patch on the bed. Rachel had all sorts of feelings and her head spun. She was stark naked her pussy wide open and a women 7 years her senior was doing things to make her insides melt. Even the boys who'd fingered her hadn't seen what they were touching.

She began to buck against Susie's mouth and a couple of minutes later she had her first orgasm in front of and thanks to another person. She cried. Tears streamed out of her and Susie clambered up to comfort her. The tears were tears of happiness brought on by the discovery that she was normal or as normal as a schoolgirl lesbian could feel. She understood why boys hadn't worked out now. She was so relieved she just let go her tears being licked and kissed away by Susie who then proffered her a breast to 'suckle'. Rachel latched on all her defenses down. Susie felt a stirring in her loins as she 'nursed' Rachel.

The lovers remained attached until Rachel regained her composure.
Kissing her again Susie asked if she thought she would like to get into bed and make love. Rachel looked perplexed.

"I've got a really neat strap-on that goes back into me. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy. It's not too big I promise it won't hurt."

Rachel gave her eager consent and got under the covers while Susie fetched her 'penis'. It was about six inches long in either direction. She knelt in front of Rachel her legs wide open. She licked one end of the object and slowly drove it into herself breathing deeply as she did. Once in her she asked Rachel to fasten the straps. Rachel did, kissing all around her midriff as she did. Susie sensed quite a loosening in this uptight girl.

"You or me on top?"

"I know my hymen's gone but if you don't mind I'd like to be on top so I can get used to something bigger than a finger."

"Cool, hop on Baby."

Rachel did just that. She straddled Susie's 'cock' and corkscrewed herself onto it taking big breathes as she sank. It took a couple of minutes and when fully impaled she lent forward offering a breast to Susie who sucked it eagerly. Rachel was getting her first fuck. She loved it she felt pleasantly filled. Her legs spread across Susie's hips she could feel her clit rub on the harness Susie wore. Susie's tongue sent little electric shocks from her nipple to her open cunt. Susie's hands were kneading her bottom and she was to put it mildly in heaven. She felt loved and totally accepted. She also felt her cunt tighten on the 'cock' she was riding.

This felt different to her last cum. Her cunt gripped involuntarily and she spasmed as Susie bit her nipple. No tears his time just deep kisses and little murmurs of love. Susie had had a good time too. She hadn't cum but she liked feeling something in her. Rachel lifted herself off Susie so she could take off her harness and empty her cunt. This done Rachel was back in her arms. The night was warm so they tossed the covers aside and slept.

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