tagIncest/TabooRachel and Cale

Rachel and Cale


She was on the phone with her best friend from her college, facing the window looking out to the ageless pine trees, swallowing the setting sun, flowing like water across the landscape around our house. Cale's older sister, Rachel, her long raven hair and flawless green eyes that eluded his line of sight called him. From childhood she had always taken care of him, held him when he cried from a "boo boo", helped him with his homework, made him meals. Their parents always worked late and out of town, therefore leaving the majority of his care to his sister. Now, many years beyond his dependency for her as a child, he had long since developed another need...

She wore a thin, soft, adorable pale blue set of pajamas and lay on her side so that the light fabric hugged her delicate form perfectly and stretched just short of her hips revealing her sexy dimples right above her butt cheeks. Cale snuck up on her quietly grinning ear to ear. At the edge of her bed, kneeling low her gently brushed his finger across the concave of one of her dimples. She gasped and quickly turned her head looking across her room seeing no one and then looking down at Cale.

"Cale!" She exclaimed, but quietly so her friend wouldn't hear. She lightly smacked the top of his head, but let her hand linger in his similarly raven, but short hair. She smirked as if looking at a misbehaving puppy too cute to be mad at. Her fingertips slowly began to gently massage his scalp and continued to answer her friend's questions.

"Of course Kelsey doesn't get it, the only reason she's in physics is because Brian is in there." Rachel told her friend. Cale, while continuing to make slow circles at the bottom of her spine with his finger, listened to her talk.

"Oh, and I'm sure you take sculpting because of purely innocent reasons, right?" Cale said loudly enough for her friend to hear across the phone and fully understanding the boys she had interests in, knowing her schedule, being in the same college as her. She quickly slapped her finger to his lips and whispered "Shush!" with a hint of a growl. His body started to heat up from the prospect of her demanding him to behave.

He puckered his lips and began to slightly kiss the tip of her finger. He could see a grin develop across her face before she fought it off to answer her friend. Cale got daring and took her whole finger in his mouth. She gasped again and quickly pulled out her finger. Cale frowned.

"Hey, I gotta go. Talk to you later? K, bye." She told her friend in a rushed manner. "What do you think you're doing?" She asked turn onto her back to face him better.

"What? I can't be affectionate with my sister?" He said lifting his left leg on to the bed next to her and sitting on it. His hand placed on the other side of her waist.

"Yes, but not being naughty." She said putting a hand on his defined abs trying to keep him at a certain distance. She was briefly distracted by the tight muscles under his shirt and let her hand relax over them. Cale's hand found Rachel's other hand that rested on her own tummy and began to knead her fingers gently.

"It doesn't feel good to you?" He asked. She closed and opened her eyes stammering.

"That's... That's not the point..." She said weakly.

"Then what is the point?" He prodded, his hand leaving hers and starting to glide south.

"It's just wrong... you know it is."

"Why, if it makes you happy, why is it wrong?" He asked her, his hand continuing to wander toward her now warming pussy.

"Cale..." She tried to speak, but his fingers now made contact with her mound. Her eyes closed as she kept trying to tell him to stop, but words wouldn't obey. Her body started to respond and excreted her sweet lubrication in preparation for entry, soaking through her panties and soft pajama pants. Her hand expanded its reach over his abs and was suddenly poked. She opened her eyes and saw his dick beginning to stiffen through his shorts. Her mouth made an adorably small O shape at the size of it. It wasn't a giant, but it was substantial. She looked up into Cale's eyes and he looked at her, gently massaging her vagina as slow as possible, but firmly. Her body started to buzz with sexual feeling, warmth flooding her.

Her hand gently slid over his cock. Her gentle touch made Cale harden to full capacity. He stopped rubbing Rachel and she took in a sharp breath, and looked at him questioningly, not wanting him to stop. He lifted her shirt above her perfectly petite breasts and gently brushed his closed lips over her now hardening nipple. She whimpered, taking his cock fully into her hand and squeezing it gently. His nose brushed her nipple and her back arched slightly as it stood fully erect in the air. She started to gasp quietly. Slipping his hand under her pajama pants and panties, not being able to resist staying away and wriggling his fingers up into his sister. Cale slowly wrapped his lips around her nipple and gently licked it side to side as he sucked it between his teeth.

She struggled not to scream as she quickly began an orgasm, squeezing his hair in one hand and his cock through his shorts in the other. He pulled out his fingers and lifted his face to hers.

"Now did that feel wrong?" Cale asked softly. Her eyes were tearing and she quickly wiped them and smiled.

"You're such a bad little boy." She said half gasping, brushing his hair with her hand. With the other hand she went into his shorts and started tugging on his dick. She stared into his eyes and without a word told him how badly she wanted him inside her. He got on his knees in between her feet and pulled her pajama pants up and off her out stretched legs and tossed it to the side of the bed. He brought his face to her pussy and licked it once, quickly, making her entire body convulse. He didn't continue and moved to kiss her inner thigh.

"Heyyy... Don't tease." She whined, biting her lip. He pushed apart the lips with his fingers and watched relief spread over Rachel's face for his continuance. He grinned and licking her exposed clit once and then going back to her thigh.

"Cale! I'm gonna fucking smack you." She said, fighting off a smile. He gently pressed his teeth into her thigh.

"Cale..." She started to scold him, but realized how arousing the feeling was. Her back began to arch again and as she closed her eyes, tilting her head back and floated in the feeling. She looked back down at him. He smiled at her continuing to kiss her thigh. She couldn't stand it anymore. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face into her pussy. He laughed and then buried his tongue into her, making her sing at the ceiling. His tongue slithered around, exploring every nook of her being. She laid her hands on her own breasts and brushed her fingers over her hard nipples. Gasping, she came on his tongue, it gathering her fluid greedily. Her heart was pounding.

"Please get in me, Cale." She whined desperately. He felt he had tortured her enough and fulfilled her wish. Pulling his shorts and shirt off, and aligning himself with her. He then picked her up as she wrapped her legs and arms around him, with a hand on the back of his head. He lowered her on to himself as she moaned at the long awaited entry. She began lightly motioning on him, wanting it so badly. He started to thrust as she held his head close and moaned uncontrollably. Sweat began to bead over Cale in his harsh position.

"OOOhhh, please please, YES CALE, please, Cale, make me cum Cale, PLEASE UUUUHHH!" She gasped while he bit gently into her shoulder, making both of them cum. His warm seed flooding her as her legs gripped like a vice around him. Waves of sexual pleasure buzzing across her as she allowed him to lay her back down on the bed. She let him rest his exhausted head on her chest for his well deserved rest. It was a while before her legs released him, while he started to bite her nipples ever so gently.

"I think I need to be cleaned, Cale." She whispered to him, smiling. He looked at her and smiled back, lifting her up again with his hands under her thighs and began carrying her to the shower. She purred and giggled while he carried her, his cock reigniting inside her...

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