Rachel and Her Dad, the Stripper


"Come on, Maggie. You know I did. How could I not," as he looks her body over, feeling his cock stirring between his legs.

"I missed you," she answers and then leans in to whisper in his ear, "and your cock". She smiles as she sits back up.

Richard looks over to see if his daughter heard Maggie's comment, but Rachel is busy drinking from her glass, looking out over the stage. He whispers back, "It missed you too."

Maggie begins to grind harder, feeling Richard's cock swell and grow beneath her, snaking down the leg of his jeans. She whispers, "Mmmmm wow, baby. I almost forgot how big you get."

Rachel looks over and sees Maggie grinding against her dad's lap, surprised by how much dry humping is taking place.

Richard begins to get worried that things might be getting a little too heated for who was sitting nearby. He pushes Maggie to the side and realizes how much he's sticking out now that he's nearly hard. He mutters, "I need to run to the bathroom" He stands and briskly walks to the door, moving past Rachel, whose eyes glance down and grow wide as she sees the protrusion in his pants.

Once her dad has left the room, Rachel dives back into her drink, trying to forget the image she just saw for fear of liking it. She had almost forgotten Maggie was still there until she heard her voice.

"So, how did you two meet?" Maggie asks her.

Rachel tries to quickly come up with a believable story while drinking more champagne. "We met at the gym a couple weeks ago," she lies.

"Oh, so you haven't known Rick for very long?" Maggie inquires.

Rachel shakes her head, "No, not really."

Maggie sits back on the couch, appearing lost in thought, "You lucked out. Rick's such a hottie. I really miss working with him."

With a surprised look, Rachel investigates, "You two worked together?"

Maggie notices Rachel's bewildered expression, "He didn't tell you? Oh I'm sorry. He must have been keeping it a secret. I'm sure you're going to find out anyways. Rick used to be one of our male strippers here when he was in college."

Eyes wide, Rachel pushes the issue, "Are you joking?"

Maggie smiles at her astonishment, "Not at all, sweetie. I'm very serious. He was the best of the best. He made a lot of money from bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc. We used to call him Rick the Dick."

Puzzled, Rachel asks, "Why that nickname?"

"You mean you haven't noticed?" Maggie asks. "He's got a big....." she holds her hands up about a foot apart, palms faced towards each other.

Rachel's face becomes flushed with heat generated by embarassment and excitement simultaneously. "I had no idea...."

Maggie smiles at Rachel's reaction, "Have you ever been with a well endowed man before?"

Rachel timidly replies, "No, never."

Maggie judges her response, "You're very shy, aren't you?"

"A little," Rachel reveals.

At that point, Richard returns after having finally softened himself enough to not poke through his jeans. "I hope you girls weren't talking about me."

"All good things," Maggie answers, "In fact, Rachel said she wants to give you a lap dance."

Rachel retorts, "I did not!"

Richard sits on the couch, unsure of what's going on, "What do you mean?"

"Maybe she didn't say exactly say so, but I'm sure she'd love to give you one. I know how much you love them." Maggie walks over to Rachel, takes her hand, and leads her back over to Richard.

Rachel looks at her dad with a panicked expression, wondering how they are going to escape Maggie's agenda. At this point, Richard can only shrug his shoulders, not wanting to reveal to Maggie that Rachel is his daughter.

Maggie turns Rachel around, facing her away from her dad, and pushes her shoulders down, forcing Rachel to sit on Richard's lap. "There we go. Now just rub your hips in circles," Maggie teaches.

Rachel realizes the futility of her resistance, "Ok, Maggie. But this will be quick." She begins to move her hips from side to side to the beat of the music. She feels something swell beneath her butt that almost feels like a beer bottle or a small baseball bat.

Richard looks down and sees his daughter's firm ass rubbing against his crotch, unable to control his cock as he feels it lengthening across his leg. "Ohhhhh"

"Now lean back against him," Maggie further instructs.

Rachel leans back, giving Richard a direct view down her top, amazed at how large and perky her 19 year old breasts are. He feels his cock getting rock hard and pressing back against his daughter's ass, helpless to control it.

Maggie spreads Rachel's legs and lifts them over the outsides of Richard's knees, putting even more pressure against his crotch. Rachel's dress begins riding up as she grinds into her father, with the front of her white thong slowly coming into view.

Maggie sits back, watching, being entertained by the performance in front of her. She grabs Richard's hands and puts them on Rachel's inside lower thigh, about 6 inches from her knees.

He tenses up as his hands make contact with Rachel's smooth bronzed skin. He tries to hold them still, but with all the motion, they begin to slide back and forth in short strokes. He admires the tone of his daughter's leg muscles and how soft they still feel beneath his large hands.

At this point, Rachel has her eyes closed, almost forgetting who she's on, accidentally whispering, "God, it's so big." She opens her eyes as soon as she realizes what she said, hoping her dad didn't hear.

Richard smiles, realizing his daughter is enjoying his large cock. He presses his hips into her and his hands begin making longer strokes against her thighs.

Maggie senses the escalating intensity of the sexual attraction, "I'm going to go check on the other girls. I'll let you two have some private time."

Rachel notices her dad's hands slowly inching down her leg, now 6 inches from her pelvis. Once Maggie steps out, Rachel slowly climbs off her dad's lap and stands up, adjusting her dress, acting as if nothing happened. "Whew! That was close. Good thing I'm a good actress."

Richard follows her lead, "Me too. Sorry, that was unexpected." He tries to adjust himself and make his bulge a little less noticeable.

Rachel glances down and sees him try to hide it, but knows he has no chance in doing so. "We had better head out...I mean...leave while we can."

They slip out the door to the VIP room, down the stairs, and nearly exit the building before running into Maggie again. "That was quick" she says.

Rachel tries to cover up their escape, "You know Rick. A girl can't last very long with him."

Richard smiles and gets excited when he hears his daughter's explanation. "Yeah, Maggie, you know what kind of magic I bring to the table," he says as he grabs his crotch.

Maggie smiles and hugs him, "You guys go home and have fun. Do everything you know I'd do." She waves them goodbye as they walk back around the block to the restaurant parking lot. They get into the car and drive back home without saying much to each other, both lost in thought.

Richard pulls into the driveway and puts the SUV in park. They get out and walk into the house, turning lights on in the living room and dining room. Rachel sits down on the couch, crossing her legs.

Richard moves into the kitchen area, noticing a small rack of wine bottles next to the refrigerator, "How about a glass of wine?"

She thinks for a second, "I'm feeling pretty buzzed right now, but I can always use another drink. I love wine."

He finds the corkscrew and opens a bottle of Merlot, pouring two glasses halfway full. He carries them into the living room, hands Rachel one, and sits down on the opposite end of the couch. "So tonight was a pretty wild night, wasn't it?"

Rachel giggles, "That's the understatement of the year. Your friend Maggie is quite a fan of yours. In fact, she was kind enough to let out a secret about you."

Richard's face drops, "What secret? What did she tell you?"

"She told me you used to work at the Alley Cat - as a stripper" she tells him.

He brings the palm of his hand up to slap his forehead, "Damnit, Maggie!"

Rachel gauges his reaction, "So it's true?"

Richard drops his head, "Yes, it's true. No one was supposed to find out."

Rachel laughs and claps her hands, "Don't be embarrassed about it. I hear you were the cream of the crop."

Richard lifts his head back up, smiling, "Yes, those were good times. I could have any girl I wanted. In fact, I think I still have some tape recordings the girls made for me as souvenirs."

Rachel's gives a look of curiosity, "Oh really? That would be funny to watch."

Richard looks at her, feeling a little daring from all the alcohol he's consumed, "I'll go get them."

Rachel watches as he leaves to go find the tapes, drinking large gulps of wine, unsure of how serious her dad is.

He returns with a VHS tape in his hand. "This one was a mix of different events I was hired for." He looks at her, "You sure you want to see this?"

She replies, "After tonight, nothing surprises me anymore"

He nods his head in agreement and puts the tape into the VCR. He hits play and sits back down on the couch.

The screen turns blue, then opens up to a younger version of my dad, dancing on a stage, wrapped in only a towel. He makes his way through the crowd of women as they reach out and fondle the bouncing protrusion between his legs.

"Oh god, here it comes" he says. On screen, he returns to the stage and unwraps his towel, revealing a long, hanging cock resting against a pair of egg-sized balls. He reaches down and twirls his penis in a helicopter motion, making the crowd erupt with screams and applause.

Rachel's eyes become fixated on her dad's naked body, astounded by how sexy he is when he dances.

Rick the Dick returns to the audience level, carrying his towel over his shoulder. Girls raise their hand, he walks over to them, wraps a towel around their head, and they open their inviting mouths for him to slip his cock into.

Rachel watches as various women try to swallow as much as they can, but none can manage the whole length. "I bet you enjoyed that job, or jobs I should say."

Richard replies, "You have no idea. What guy wouldn't love it?"

The screen changes to a birthday party at a private house with her dad dancing around in his birthday suit. Within minutes, there are three girls knelt down in front of him, taking turns wrapping their lips around his manhood. He enjoys the alternating suction for a while, then picks up the birthday girl, bends her over, and stands there, watching. She begins to beg for him to stick his cock in her. He laughs and gives into her pleas. She writhes and screams for almost 10 minutes before falling onto her couch, unable to move a muscle.

"Talk about a birthday present," Rachel jokes, "Looks like she got more than planned."

"You don't even know. The video camera cut out the rest of the party. The other two girls got in line and got the same treatment," Richard brags.

The scene shifts to a bachelorette party back at the Alley Cat. Richard is once again naked, but this time he's standing at the front edge of the stage as a woman wearing a bridal veil sits in a chair on the floor beneath him. He starts to furiously stroke his cock until he explodes all over her, drenching her face. The crowd erupts with cheers and applause.

"No way!" Rachel exclaims, as she's shocked by how much white splatter came out of her dad's penis.

"I only do those on special request. The girls see it as a good luck charm," he explains.

The screen returns to a blue screen as the video comes to an end. Rachel sits there, almost in disbelief at how hot her dad has made her. Her emotions are conflicted with feelings of sexual desire complicated by moral standards.

Richard senses the awkward silence and pulls the tape out of the VCR. "So that was my old job. Pretty funny, right?"

Rachel giggles, "Very surprising is more like it. You had those women almost jumping out of their pants."

"I had moves back then. Your mom is never interested in seeing them, so I'm sure they've gotten rusty," he laments.

Rachel laughs a little, "Oh, come on. It's not like you need practice. It looks to me like it comes very natural to you." She pauses in thought, "Why not try them out here?"

Richard appears flabbergasted by his daughter's proposition, "You mean, right here? In front of you?"

"Yes, silly, that's what I mean. I've never had a professional striptease before," she confesses, with a very slight drunken slur. "How about I promise to be completely honest about how well you can dance now? It's not like I haven't seen you naked before, obviously."

He contemplates the idea, "Well, watching that video has brought back a lot of fond memories. I do miss it." His eyes make their away along his daughter's tight blue dress, "Ok, I'll do it. But don't think I'm going to tone it down at all. I always give 110%."

"That's fine with me. I want the real deal," Rachel replies. She attempts to quell the excitement building inside herself, forgetting who it is that will be performing for her, focusing solely on the object of sexual desire she is about to encounter.

Richard strolls over to the dimmer switch and lowers the lights. He turns on the stereo, searching for an appropriate song. He walks to the bathroom, grabs a large white towel, and brings it back to the living room. He positions himself in the center of the open space, and begins to dance back and forth, pulling off his sport jacket and tossing it to the floor. He sees his daughter's eyes watching him, checking out his tall, muscular body.

Rachel cheers, "Whoohoo!

He feels more motivated and pulls off his shirt, showing off his chest and arms, flexing for Rachel to see. He unbuttons and unzips his jeans, pulling them down to his ankles. He steps out of them, stands up, and continues dancing.

Rachel's attention is drawn to her dad's underwear, eyes growing wide as she watches his growing member bounce around in his boxer briefs.

Richard takes the white towel and wraps it around his waist. He faces away from her and bends over, slipping his underwear off while leaving the towel intact. He resumes his romping, his cock obviously growing and clearly visible from beneath the towel. He walks over, closer to Rachel, and gyrates in front of her.

Motionless, Rachel sits in awe. Her eyes fixed on the bobbing tool less than a foot from her face. She feels almost scared to move, afraid of bumping into it.

He lifts his leg and props it on the side of the couch next to her. He unwraps his towel, and reveals his semi-hard cock shaking in front of her, laughing while he does.

She stares at it, thinking it looks so much bigger in real life compared to the video. "Seems like you've still got your moves. No worries there. And you are definitely still....ummm....large."

He brings it closer to her face, accidentally brushing her cheek with the tip. "You think this is big? Wait until I get really hard." He slaps her cheek a couple times with the side of his shaft, laughs, and pulls back.

He steps back a couple feet and strokes his cock, until it gets fully hard. The length reaches nearly 10", requiring two hands to stroke. "See? Now it's a monster." He moves back in and rubs it along the side of her face, "Huge, isn't it?"

Rachel holds her head still, enjoying the sensation of her dad's massive cock sliding against her cheek. "You bet it's huge. Maybe you should have been a pornstar," she laughs.

He smiles and sits down on the couch next to her. "I had offers, but I figured stripping was as far as I wanted to go. It's not like I wasn't getting laid anyways," he chuckles. "You know, I'd really like it if you gave me another lap dance -- this time with a little more effort. Maggie was right; I do love a good one."

"After a show like that, I guess I do owe you one" she says smiling, pulling her eyes away from between her dad's legs. She gets up and stands about three feet in front of her dad's naked body. Her taut legs spread apart, balanced in her high heels, waiting for the next song on the radio to begin.

She looks down at her dad and gets the impression he's not trying to cover up at all. In fact, it seems like he's positioning his hips to where his erect cock is sticking out even more, seemingly very proud of it. His left hand rests on his inner thigh with his fingers gently brushing the base of his penis and his oversized smooth sac.

She finds herself getting increasingly turned on, thinking of all the dirty thoughts that had to be going through his mind because they were definitely going through hers. She turns away from him and moves her hips side to side as a new song starts. The lower edge of the back of her dress unknowingly rises up, revealing the very bottom of her ass cheeks. She backs up a few steps, now standing between her dad's legs, and bends over much more; the dress now only covering the top half of her butt.

Richard's eyes are mesmerized by the beautiful ass in front of him, only momentarily remembering it's his daughter's. He hasn't felt his cock swell this much in years. He resists the strong temptation to reach out and grab the tan-colored cheeks shaking within arms reach.

Rachel slowly lowers herself, rubbing her ass cheeks against her dad's pulsing erection. She feels how hard she has gotten her dad, glancing back at him, "Am I doing ok? I know I'm not a professional like you."

"You're doing an ok job. Not too bad for only your second attempt. Here, move more like this." He places his large hands on the sides of her ass and positions her to where his long cock is laying right in her ass crack. "Much better," he says, "Now lean back against me."

He places his hands on her shoulders and helps her lean back against him. He looks down and stares at his daughters large round breasts partially hidden in the top of her dress. "You're getting there, but most professional strippers would at least have their top down. It gives the customer something to look at."

Rachel hesitates, "I guess I should make a decent effort to give a lap dance similar to what you're used to." She reaches up and pushes her straps off her shoulders and pulls down the top of her dress, as her breasts pop out, free from constraint.

Richard says, "Good. That's very nice. If you ever wanted to work as a stripper, you definitely have the body for it." His eyes transfixed on the large perky breasts bouncing below him. "You have great tits, which are perfect for stripping."

"Thank you. Well-endowment must run in the family. It makes us sexually irresistable," she giggles in response.

He laughs, "I agree. I know from experience that women can't seem to get enough of a cock with my size. Just out of curiosity, is that how you like them too?"

She blushes, "I've never been with a man who had a big penis, especially not like yours."

"You're missing out," he pushes harder against her, "Do you think you would ever want to?"

Rachel answers, "I've thought about it a lot actually. I even went and bought this big dildo to try it out. Now I'm convinced that the saying is true -- bigger is better."

As they rub together, Richard's cock pops up between her legs, resting against the front of her thong. "You're right about that. Take a good look at it. Can you imagine how much that would fill you up, especially since you're so small? I would probably break you," he jokes.

Rachel stares down at the long pole resting against her silk-covered pussy. She thinks the whole situation feels so surreal. She has often fantasized of this experience for such a long time. Now that it's happening, she's not sure if she can control herself much longer.

"Wow, that feels so soft. Is that silk?" He rubs his shaft up against her, harder, exciting her clitoris.

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