tagGroup SexRachel and Patricia

Rachel and Patricia


Work had really sucked today. I was tired and irritated, the drive home only making these two emotions worse. Working as a retail store manager had some serious downs sometimes and one was closing the store at 9:00 every night. I felt edgy as I pulled into the driveway of the small country house I rented with my buddy Len. There was a strange car parked in the open space off to the side.

Great, I thought, Len has some asshole from his work crew over or, worse yet, some bimbo biker bitch he met at the bar after work.

I parked and locked my car and entered the house through the back porch. I stepped through the small entry room and into the kitchen. I could hear voices from out in the living room/dining room area. There were three very different voices, two of them belonging to women. I dropped my crap on the kitchen table and opened the fridge looking for a beer. There was a nice new twelve pack in front, only two missing from it. I grabbed one as a new chorus of laughter erupted from the other room.

I popped the cap and stepped into the doorframe that looked out into the dining room. Len spotted me and smiled. I then spotted the two ladies at the table with him and made a smile of my own. They were pretty hot.

"Hey buddy!" Len called out. "This is Patricia and Rachel. Ladies, this is my esteemed roommate Dave."

I tipped my beer bottle in their direction. Patricia was slightly shorter in appearance than Rachel, her long straight brown hair coming to mid shoulder. From what I could see she had a nice figure with what appeared to be very large breasts straining against her sweater. Rachel was taller, maybe 5'8" or so. Her curly blonde hair framed a cute face highlighted by her deep blue eyes. Her taller figure was slimmer in appearance compared to Patricia but with very nice curves.

"Ladies, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." I said and moved through the room.

While both women were noteworthy I was still in an irritated mood and really not in any frame of mind to party. From the looks of all the empties on the table the three of them had been going at it awhile. My plan was to head for my easy chair and catch some Sportscenter before crashing.

Now at this point all of you are wondering why in the hell I didn't just slide into an open seat at the table and have a great time with these two rather attractive ladies. I was just not in the mood. Contrary to popular belief, not all 23 year old guys think with only the small head. I was not interested in small talk, banter and drunken posturing. I had a crappy day and frankly wanted to be alone.

"Hey where are you going pal?" Len asks as I walked into the adjoining living room.

"To take a load off man, I had a shitty day." I practically fell into the comfortable recliner, lifting the footrest and kicking my shoes off.

Len shakes his head, "Not fair man, we really want a fourth for Hearts."

Apparently they had been playing cards and drinking. I wondered how he had not managed to get them to play strip poker.

"It's no big deal Len," Rachel says, "just let him relax." She beamed a smile at me.

I nodded in her direction, taking a sip of my beer and flipped the TV on.

For the next twenty minutes I half watched TV, half listened to them talk and play cards. Suddenly my attention came to full life when I heard Patricia comment on the size of a man's penis. Apparently the conversation had finally made its way to sex.

"You ladies have heard of the statement that it's not the length of the wand but the magic in the stick right?" Len said with a laugh.

Neither of the women was buying that one. The looked at each other and laughed really hard.

"That's what guys with small dicks say." Patricia said between laughs.

"So what are you hiding Len?" Rachel asked.

Len shook his head and grinned. I knew for a fact the guy was pretty well hung. We had been friends since high school, played sports together and shared a few stories. Hell I'd seen him naked more than once in the locker room. Not that I was staring but hey every guy takes a peek and sizes himself up against the competition right?

"Let's just say that my wand is plenty long with lots of magic in it." Len replied with confidence.

"So what is it with guys dicks all being, you know, different looking? I mean shouldn't they all be sort of the same shape and size?" Patricia asked this question innocently but intending to get some reply.

"I'm not all sure that matters." Len answered.

"Why is it that all women are shaped different inside?" Rachel asked, joining the conversation.

"Maybe it's because different sized men's parts fit better inside certain women?" Len answered and asked at the same time.

"So tell me Len what size and shape is yours? Thin and long, short and fat, or some combination of both?" Patricia asked as she leaned forward against the table.

"That's easy," Len answered. "It's long and on the thinner side I guess."

I acted like I was watching TV but my mind was fully on this conversation.

"What about you Dave?" Rachel asked.

"Huh?" I said as I turned to them. "What about me?"

"What size and shape is your dick?" Rachel asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"What size is my dick? What the hell are you guys talking about?" I shook my head. "Well if you really need to know it's long and thick. Above average I'd say."

Rachel stood up from the table and walked towards me. Pat got up and sat next to Len. She put her hand on his thigh and he leaned in and kissed her. Rachel was now right next to my recliner.

"So I think I need to make sure that you are telling the truth Dave." Rachel said in a husky whisper.

I reached out and my hand went between her legs gripping the right one just above the knee, caressing the firmness of her thigh.I stared hard into her blue eyes.

"Why don't you come down here and find out."

As Rachel slithered into my lap I looked over at Len and Patricia and my good buddies cock was out and in her hand, one of her amazing tits was exposed and he was sucking on the nipple of the other. I felt Rachel's hand slide across my crotch and reach for the waistband of my sweat pants. I could feel her warm hand on the skin of my stomach above the waist of my sweatpants and smell her perfume. My cock stirred.

She shifted her position and using both hands gripped the top of my pants and lifted them. I adjusted my hips as she pulled down. My sweats pulled away easily, my boxers along for the ride. My cock was not quite hard yet but it was getting there. It leaned against the thigh of my left leg, occasionally pulsing to my heartbeat. Rachel looked back into my eyes and smiled, her fingers wrapping around the girth of my shaft, almost not making it all the way around.

"I'm impressed Dave," she said. "Most guys exaggerate about their dicks, you actually played it down."

She held my cock straight up and gently stroked it one or twice as it continued to swell and grow to a full erection.

"My god," she gasped. "What is it like 10 inches?"

"Close," I replied in a husky whisper.

My hand had been caressing one of her tits from the side as she took another double take at my cock in her hand. She seemed mesmerized by it but managed to pull her hand away and stand up. She was naked in seconds.

It was my turn to admire her wares. She had nice pert tits and great hips. Her legs were long and firm, her ass very nice, a smooth trimmed patch of pubic hair pointing towards her pussy. She spun in a small circle, smiling.

"You like?" she asked.

I responded by standing up, stepping out of my pants and pulling off my shirt. I pulled her to me and kissed her deep and hard, my right hand grasping her ass as my tongue danced with hers. Her hand went back around my cock, stroking it as she hungrily sucked on my tongue.

We stopped for a second and looked over at Len and Patricia. Len was sitting on the couch, legs out; Patricia was straddling him, facing towards us, and riding up and down on his cock, groaning in pleasure, as her big tits bouncing up and down.

As we watched for a moment, my finger found the tight, hot wetness of Rachel's pussy and she moaned as I slid it into her, parting her legs and planting her feet. She bent forward at the waist, her hands going to the armrest of the couch on the opposite end from Patricia and Len. I slid a second finger into her now very wet pussy and started finger fucking her, turning my hand so my thumb could rub her clit.

"Fuck me now," she begged through a loud moan.

I pulled my fingers from her and rubbed her juices on the head of my now throbbing hard cock. I positioned myself behind her and, grasping my cock, rubbed it up and down her slit, further coating the head with her juices. She begged me in a low growl to fuck her. I grasped her hips and with a smooth thrust of my hips entered her.

Her breath exploded from her in a deep groan of pleasure as I filled her tight pussy. Her hot wetness surrounded my throbbing cock and I too groaned in pleasure as her walls gripped my shaft. I started a smooth rhythm of thrusts, my cock going a bit deeper each time.

Rachel wanted no part of a smooth fucking; she wanted me deep and hard. She began to match my rhythm of trusts and slammed her hips back onto me, crying out in ecstasy each time my cock slammed deep in her. I could feel my cock tip banging into her cervix, deep inside her. After one deep stroke I grabbed her hips and held her, keeping my cock buried deep inside. I made small thrusts forward without drawing back and Rachel began to shudder and cry out as she exploded in orgasm.

With one final fast jerk of my cock I pulled it out of her as she panted in pleasure, the waves of her orgasm subsiding. She rose and turned, pushing me back into my recliner. As I sat, she kneeled between my legs and in an instant devoured my cock. She noisily and hungrily sucked my throbbing tool, replacing the juices of our sex with her saliva. While she sucked and teased the head with her mouth and tongue she stroked my shaft. I watched as her pretty face bobbed up and down on my cock, knowing full well she intended to make me cum right then and there.

I looked to my right and Patricia was doing the same thing to Len, her hand a blur as her mouth was firmly closed around the head of his cock. His face was a mask of pleasure and seconds later he began to move his hips and then with a loud grunt/groan he came. I watched as Patricia clamped her mouth on his cock and milked it, her throat moving as she swallowed all of Len's hot cum. I knew I was not far behind.

Rachel continued her masterful cocksucking and I could feel my balls tighten and rise. She pulled her mouth off my cock and began stroking it fast, her fist a blur. I could take it no more. I groaned loudly and my cock shot a thick stream of cum onto Rachel's cheek. She quickly adjusted the position of my cock and the next thick stream shot into her open and wanting mouth, landing on her tongue. She continued to stroke me through three more big gobs of cum, finally swallowing the load in her mouth. She smiled and went back to my cock, cleaning the last drops off of the head, her hand and then completely engulfing my cock head, sucking the last of my cum out of me. I shuddered and sighed, falling back against the recliner, completely sated for the moment.

Rachel gave my cock one last gentle squeeze and climbed into my lap. We both looked over to Len and Patricia and saw our own smiles being returned to us. I had completely forgotten how bad work had sucked today.

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