tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRachel and Stephen Ch. 02

Rachel and Stephen Ch. 02


Hey guys, apologies to those who were sad at the ending of the last chapter, as well as the creepy guy who emailed me threateningly about "not wanting to be disappointed"! I'm striving for realism here, and I think a lot of women who were late to masturbation have had moments like Rachel's. This chapter should perk you up a little, and I promise it just keeps getting better each chapter. Be forewarned, there's no PIV sex, but I think there's plenty here for you to enjoy.

A second apology as well for taking so long to get this up! I submitted a month ago and didn't realize it had been rejected due to improper formatting until today (when I logged on to submit the 3rd chapter!) For that reason, I'm putting the second and third chapters up at the same time, so you guys are in luck if you're feeling impatient.


The next morning did not dawn well. Shame and a light hangover do not make for a good combination, especially when accompanied by oversleeping. Nevertheless, by the end of the workday when Stephen called, I had shaken it off for the most part. However, nerves flared through me as I saw the name on the screen, leaving me nauseous as I answered with a subdued hello. In my mind, I chanted a mantra of 'Please don't be awkward, please don't be awkward,' into the silence that followed my greeting.

I didn't need to have worried. After the sound of shuffling papers, Stephen's familiar voice echoed cheerfully down the line. "Rachel! Pack your bags. Bring some nice stuff. Take work off 'til the weekend."

"Uh, what?" I responded, confused.

"We're going to Vegas! See you in an hour." And the line went dead with a clunk.

I sighed, shaking my head as I glanced back at my laptop screen. There was just absolutely no way that I could possibly do that. I had no idea what Stephen was thinking, but it obviously wasn't going to happen -- but that uninhibited wildness washed through me again suddenly, stilling my hand as I reached for the phone to call Stephen back. "You know, why the hell not?" I said out loud. I picked up the phone after all, but this time to call my boss instead.

45 minutes later, my bravado had fled again, and I was sitting on my bed, two-thirds of the way packed and feeling panicky. I heard the apartment door open, and rushed into the living room. I was talking a mile a minute before Stephen even had the door closed behind him.

"Okay, Stephen, there is no way, just no possible way that this could work. I'm 24 -- an adult! This isn't college anymore. I mean, it's a good idea, but I just don't see any possible way, not on this late notice! But maybe in the future? Could the airline refund you? Or maybe--"

Stephen cut me off with his palm on my mouth, and I froze, tasting the faint salt of his skin. I stepped back fast, watching him laugh and shake his head. I glared at him, feeling hurt, and he quickly smoothed his face over, although there was a definite twinkle in those brown eyes.

"Rachel. Whoa. Chill for a second." I nodded reluctantly and he continued. "Okay, first things first. One -- you're only twenty-four! Still young enough to have fun, even if you like to pretend that you're in your eighties. Two -- what will keep this from working? You quite obviously need a little vacation... Did you get the time off work?"

I shrugged. "Well... yeah," I muttered, looking at the ground sheepishly. In fact, Carla (my supervisor) had expressed relief that I was finally taking advantage of some of my accumulated vacation days. Maybe I really did need a break.

Stephen continued, "Oh, and three -- we're not flying. That doesn't get you off the hook though." As he walked into my bedroom, he began to throw all the dresses and old clubwear outfits that I'd been agonizing over into my suitcase. His voice carried down the hallway to where I stood. "We have reservations at a nice little Motel 6 for tonight... no backing out now."

"Stephen..." I groaned, exasperated. He was far too cheerful, and now sitting on my suitcase to squish it enough to make it possible to zip. He grinned. "I'm kidding, Rach, it's a Best Western, and no whining cause that's the best they've got in the little town we'll be stopping in. I figured it's as far as we could reasonably make it in one night considering how late we're leaving, and although I don't want this drive to take more than the three days that I calculated, I don't want to die of exhaustion either."

Having finally defeated the suitcase, he picked it up, strolling towards me, as I stood still frozen in indecision. "Rachel. Let's go. I could use a diversion, and God knows you are wound tighter than a freaking spring. You clearly need some kind of stress relief, and maybe you'll meet a solution in Vegas." He smirked at the look on my face, and ignoring my open-mouthed sputtering, herded me and my luggage out the door, down the stairs, and into his waiting pickup truck.


Twenty minutes later, I had my hand over my eyes, resentfully shading them from the intense orange sunset light that was filtering in through my window.

"Stephen, why on earth are we driving?" I whined, sounding petulant even to myself. "It's got to be close to a 20 hour drive."

"Not quite," he said, glancing at me with a mysterious expression that I couldn't interpret. "Actually, I had sort of a proposition to make, and this suits my purposes."

I looked at him sharply, though he kept his eyes closely trained on the road. "What?" I queried, trying to sound impatient but instead sounding shaken. Oh God. He couldn't possibly mean... I could hear his voice last night all over again. 'Would you find it shameful to use our bodies together to get pleasure for you?'

Oh my God. I couldn't believe I had actually considered it last night. We knew we weren't compatible -- he was my friend, for god's sake! Only my friend. But my pulse sped up regardless at the thought of sleeping with him, and I inwardly glared at my libido. I really had to find a man -- thinking about Stephen this way had prickles of excitement tremoring between my legs, and he was just Stephen.

"Why are you suddenly so convinced that you need a man?" Stephen's voice broke my inner reverie and I glanced up startled, both by the seemingly random change in conversation and by the way he appeared to have read my mind.

"Uh, what?" I said stupidly, for what seemed like the 50th time that day.

"Come on, it's not like you. You're fine for nearly a year, and then suddenly you're on and on about needing to meet someone? You're fine on your own usually, and you haven't met anyone who piqued your interest so far as I know, so what gives?"

"Uh..." I tensed slightly at the unexpected tingle of pleasure between my legs as I thought of what exactly I could use a man for. Oh god, I was so desperate...

Stephen cut into my uncomfortable haze again, loudly insistent. "Come on, what is it, Rachel?"

The combination of embarrassment and discomfort coursing through me suddenly shifted to anger, and I snapped. "Damn it, Stephen! If you must know, it's been 8 fucking months and my body has needs!" Realizing what had just come out of my mouth, I felt my face light up the same fiery color as the sunset outside.

He just smiled at me, smugly enough to make me feel nervous. "I thought so!" he grinned, clearly satisfied. "There's really nothing wrong with having sexual needs, Rachel... But I am kind of appalled that you think you need a guy for that..." His voice, which had softened, brightened again. I suddenly noticed that the truck was slowing down as he continued "So! To my proposition!" As we started to turn onto a little-used dirt road, I panicked, remembering far too many dirt back roads like this, and high school boyfriends who had also had propositions.

Before I could protest, he spoke again. "My proposition involves you learning to deal with those needs -- and it doesn't involve any guy." I relaxed marginally, but I was still so uncomfortable that I was hoping for an accident, a heart attack, anything to end the conversation. "Rach, you need to be able to... get yourself off. No plainer way to say it."

Through the entire conversation, my humiliation had been building. The thick sickening embarrassment pooling in my gut battled against warm liquid desire, and the way Stephen was so blatantly and casually discussing topics like these had my head spinning. Everything seemed surreal -- and when I opened my mouth planning to be horrified and scandalized, somehow the simple truth tumbled out instead.

"I -- it doesn't work like that. It doesn't feel right... Physically, I... It just doesn't," I said, the words ending in a near whisper.

"Okay, well... That actually kind of works with my theory," Stephen said, a little hesitantly.

The truck started shuddering and lurching as we hit a rougher patch of dirt on the road, temporarily distracting me.

"Stephen, what are we..." I started, trailing off as I looked over to see a truly wicked grin on his face.

"So my theory," he said gleefully, "is that you just haven't wanted or needed it urgently enough." I wanted to protest, remembering the night before, but decided to hold my tongue, settling on nervous laughter instead. I was still feeling shocked by the conversation, not to mention burning with curiosity. However, more than anything the building desire that coursed through me kept me quiet -- the jolting truck was pushing my damp labia around against the pressure of the seat in a deliciously distracting way, and I didn't want to give away the sensation surging through me as I spoke.

"Debbie and I used to drive out here to a little lake, but every time before we could go swimming, she'd be begging me to fuck her. She said the road really got her going." He grinned again as I bit my lip hard, picturing the scene and still feeling the budding stimulation. It suddenly dawned on me -- he knew what was happening to me right now as the road shook the truck. I had been hoping he didn't notice, but this was why we were out here!

I panicked a little, feeling extremely awkward, but when I looked over at him he was already pushing the truck into third gear with a wide grin on his face. "Enjoy!" he said, as we lurched faster.

Oh God. OhGodOhGod. It was pulsing through me like nothing I'd felt before. I tried to focus on the scrub-brush scenery outside the window but I couldn't even concentrate on that for more than a second. The seam of my shorts had suddenly become an instrument of torture, rubbing my already slick panties across my clit. I shifted a little in the seat, trying hard to calm down and taking slow deep breaths to keep my breathing from speeding up, but even that little movement seemed to make it worse. Ohh my God - I was throbbing and drenched: so wet that I could feel dampness through the crotch of my shorts, moistening my inner thighs. I had to calm down, had to, couldn't let Stephen see how affected I was or I'd just die.

I could feel my breath bursting out in short pants now, but didn't have the focus left to care. I was trying desperately not to moan, and barely succeeding. I clenched my thighs together, hoping to dull the vibrations that were pulsing through my wet slit, but instead that intensified the sensation, squishing me together so I could feel every slick fold slipping up and down across my swollen clit, my slippery panties stroking across it all like a skilled lover's tongue. I felt something start to shift within me. 'Nonononono,' I silently chanted, no, my toes were not starting to tingle, no, my body was not tensing up, no, couldn't cum, couldn't orgasm, not in front of Stephen, not right here!

I distantly heard my breathing begin to descend into moans, each exhale coming a little deeper and a little louder. I had to stop - but the juddering road still massaged against my clit, and I could feel my pussy tightening so tight that it began to hurt, desperately needing spasming release, and finally, as my moans echoed in my ears, "Oh, oh, ohh, ohhh, OHHHHH," ecstasy washed through me and exploded deep in the burning tunnel nestled in between my thighs. Losing all sense of where I was, my legs involuntarily spread as my back arched and my head went back, and then I was lunging downward, grinding towards the seat and against the clump of fabric that my shorts made, reveling in my release.

"Oh... yes..." I whispered weakly, letting my head flop back to rest against the shoulder area of my seat. The small satisfied smile on my lips suddenly disappeared, though, as euphoria faded and I realized that, firstly, the truck had stopped, and secondly, Stephen had definitely been right next to me for every moment of that.

I sat up slowly, my legs till shaking, and as I stared fixedly at the floor I felt tears pool up in my eyes. I had never even dreamed of experiencing something this painfully humiliating.

"Rach?" Stephen's voice rasped out, nearly a whisper, and he cleared his throat. "Rach, did you just...?"

I nodded miserably. He sucked in a sharp breath. "Shit, Rach... Shit. You're really, really responsive..." Through the haze of my mental pain, I vaguely noticed an edge to his voice verging on awe.

"I -- my God. That was -- beautiful... I didn't mean to... I mean, I just thought I'd get you going, and you could, you could finish later... but... wow."

I looked up dully, watching him distractedly run a hand through his short curls in the pale peach and blue tones of twilight. "Rachel," he said, alarmed, "Don't be embarrassed... Seriously, that -- that rocked. You are amazing."

I shrugged, still fighting off tears. "But... In front of you..." I whispered.

He snorted, but not in a deprecating way. "Rachel, we're best friends. It really doesn't matter to me. On top of that, I'm a guy, and you're a girl, and like I said, that was amazing. In fact, I would show you my version of the same, except I feel like you're not interested." He smiled wryly, and I felt the edges of my lips lift a little, feeling more comfortable now that he was back to joking.

"Anyways, didn't it feel good?" Mischief edged his toned. "Come on... It looked like it did..." he cajoled, and I looked back at the floor as my cheeks flushed. I wondered what his view had been like, inexplicably hoping it had looked sexy. I heard his tone shift into smug at my reaction, and looked up to see a familiar smirk. "Hah, thought so!" he said with a very self-satisfied grin. With that, he was back to his usual self, and I felt myself reverting back to mine to balance him out.

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