tagToys & MasturbationRachel and Stephen Ch. 05

Rachel and Stephen Ch. 05


As evidenced by the title, this is part of a series. I highly recommend starting at the beginning.

I slowly drifted awake the next morning, sensing the golden light of daytime through my eyelids but too sleepy and cozy to open them. I felt inexplicably overjoyed, and I tried to catch the remnants of what I thought had been an amazing dream, although I had no clue what it was about.
Stephen crossed my mind, making me smile sleepily, and I decided the dream must have been about him. My legs shifted a little, and I felt an odd soreness between them.

It all came rushing back then, and I grinned happily, wriggling into the mattress. I knew it had really happened, and I didn't have a single regret. In fact, I mused cheerfully, I wouldn't mind trying the whole thing again right now, but I didn't feel the warmth of another body in the bed.

I finally forced my eyes open in order to find Stephen. The groggy haze in them cleared slowly, and confirmed what I'd thought – he definitely wasn't in the room. Disappointed, I reached for the clock on the small bedside table, trying to drag it close enough for the red blurs to resolve into numbers. 9:38. Hmm, I had slept in pretty late for me. As I placed it back, my arm brushed across a notepad, and I picked it up to read the note written there. I blinked at it a couple times, and as the last of the blurriness cleared from my eyes, it turned into Stephen's familiar all-caps scrawl, followed by a simple sad face.





-- S.

I sat the note back down slowly, feeling crushed and confused. This definitely wasn't the happily ever after I'd been hoping for – but what had I been basing that off of really? One pleasurable encounter when both of us had been desperate and in a situation filled with sexual tension? We had figured out long ago that we weren't compatible, and I decided he was taking this the right way. I even managed to find a small optimistic streak of competitiveness within me to be glad that this had kept me from losing the stupid bet.

Remembering that the free breakfast ended at 10, I jumped out of bed. After a few cautious steps on my shaky legs, I was good to go, and I jumped into some jeans and a racer back tank, throwing my hair up in a messy ponytail. I realized ruefully that I had no clue where the underwear from yesterday had gone, but I had plenty of extra pairs of cotton ones in my suitcase and I was pretty sure I never wanted to see the others again anyway. After running the brush quickly over my teeth, I grabbed the room key and was out the door and into the elevator.

At the door of the breakfast room I paused, taking a wavering breath to calm myself, and then stepped in.

Stephen was the only one in there. He sat at a central table with two chairs, eyes trained on the TV which was playing some news show. I swallowed and said "Hey," as casually as I could manage. I realized that half my feeling of sickness was actually extreme hunger and zeroed in on the waffle maker as he echoed my greeting.

Three minutes later, I sat down across from him with my steaming waffle, a banana, and a cup of apple juice. After a few bites, I finally looked up and carefully met his eyes, noting that he looked exhausted. "So," I said determinedly, "I think we need to talk about last night. I don't want to lose this... us... and we need to make sure there's no hidden awkwardness." He nodded silently, and I paused, unsure what to say next.

Looking away again, he finally spoke. "Rach, I'm sorry. I guess we should have realized, I especially should have realized, that I wasn't going to be able to resist that situation. I'm just a guy... and any girl, not just you, doing that is basically irresistible. And I had intentionally teased you to a state where you couldn't say no to me."

I jumped in, startled. "Stephen, what? I wasn't a victim in this... I... well, I wanted it," I said, swallowing uncomfortably. "and, uh, it felt good."

He finally met my eyes, looking hopeful. "You aren't upset?" When I shook my head, smiling a little, he grinned in relief. "Oh, good. Can we just call it a normal convenient encounter between two horny people?"

I nodded a little half-heartedly, but he sprang out of his chair and was around to me, hugging me, and I couldn't resist laughing in happiness. I punched him when he added "Anyway, it was definitely a positive outside of the obvious reasons, because it proved to me just how close I am to winning that bet," but I was still smiling. I wasn't sure if I could write this off the way he was, but it was worth it to try if just to keep him happy and grinning like always.

Back on the road, I smiled happily and leaned back in the truck seat. We were only about 3 hours out of Las Vegas, and even better, Stephen had actually somehow been persuaded to let me drive his truck. We had just stopped for lunch (at McDonald's, unfortunately) but nonetheless, my stomach was full and I was happy. Best of all, I didn't have to deal with any desperate overwhelming desire. Admittedly, the thoughts of last night, especially how delicious Stephen had looked naked (even in the bad lighting,) that flashed through my head every few minutes were arousing. But it was a gentle golden thrum in my abdomen, not aching need.

The driving was relaxing. I stared down the long highway, noting a few dust storms like mini-tornadoes in the distance, all along listening to the calming sounds of Stephen's deep breathing as he took a nap in the passenger seat.

As the edge of the metropolitan area finally came into sight, I pulled off on an exit that looked like it went nowhere and parked in a dirt area. I leaned over to Stephen in his partially reclined seat, and found that my hand was reaching to brush his cheek. Instead, I poked his shoulder, and smiled as his adorably soft looking brown eyes popped open and blinked a few times, confused. He focused in on me, and smiled a big happy grin into my eyes. "Rachel," he murmured, sounding happy.

"Wake up, you!" I said cheerfully, trying to ignore how much I wanted to snuggle into him. "You said you wanted to drive when we got to city traffic."

"Oh, right, right," he said groggily, sitting up. I quickly sat back into my own seat, not trusting myself if his lips got too close to mine.

After switching, we quickly passed through the outer subdivision area and into what everyone pictures when they think of Las Vegas. Stephen was focusing on the unfamiliar freeway, but I was free to look out the window at the cityscape flying by. I had been here before, but it had been awhile. I tried to anticipate what the city was going to look like once nighttime fell and everything lit up.

By the time we were checked into the hotel and had our luggage in our rooms, it was only about 5 in the evening. I flopped onto the bed, bored, flipping through TV channels as I waited for 6, when Stephen said he would come by so we could discuss our plans for tonight. I was walking into the bathroom around 5:30 when I heard a key card trigger the door lock, and I knew it had to be Stephen. Even though it was before he said he'd be there, he was the one who had the other card to my room. "Bout to use the bathroom, give me a minute!" I called as I closed the door. I heard him call back "Kay!" followed by some strange clunking sounds, but I decided to ignore them as I did my business.

Still patting my hands dry, I opened the door again to see Stephen sitting on the bed. He had a small box with a bow on it sitting next to him, and weirdly enough, the closet was open behind him with the ironing board that had been in it leaning against the wall.

"Uhm, what are you doing?" I asked curiously. I eyed the box next to him, wondering what was going on.

"I got you a present," he said, smiling as he handed me the box. I sat down next to him and sat it in my lap, feeling apprehensive. This was out of the norm for him – and on top of that, his eyes were sparkling a little too much for me to think this was totally innocent.

"Why?" I asked, drawing out the question. I really didn't want to open the box.

He stood up and leaned over me, looking almost intimidating. "Rachel, just shut up and open it."

"O-kay," I said, lifting the lid off and setting it aside. I pulled apart the tissue paper and blinked stupidly at what I saw. A soft pink rubber cylinder lay in front of me – about four inches long and slightly bulbous at the tip, with a short rounded spike above the main shaft and a gleaming silver cap on the bottom end. "Uhm, Stephen... What is this?" I said weakly, making no move to touch it.

"You know what it is, Rachel," he said as he walked over by the closet. "Now stop freaking out and come here, cause I have another present for you."

I wanted to wipe the stupid grin off his face, but I didn't know how, so I just walked over to where he was, box still gripped in my left hand.

"In there," he said, pointing.

I leaned into the closet, looking cautiously, afraid of what I would see, but before my eyes adjusted he shoved me inside and closed the door on me, cackling like a 12 year old pulling a practical joke.

"Ha. Ha," I grumbled. "Funny." I reached for the door and pushed against it, but it didn't budge. "Stephen! What the hell! What are you doing?!" I yelled, bemused and startled and trying to cover up my uneasiness with anger. The box slipped out of my hand and I reached down, feeling around and finally grabbing the soft rubber surface of the vibrator. I was just standing there stupidly, holding awkwardly onto the rubber shaft and waiting for Stephen to open the door when I heard his voice from right outside.

"Pants, Rachel."


"Give me your pants. Underwear too."

"How bout hell no?!"

He sighed dramatically. "Okay, then, I guess I have to come in and take them off you myself."

What? I stood for a minute and then jumped as the door handle started to turn.

"Stephen, wait! What's going on? What are you doing?" He must have heard the tremor in my voice, because he stopped with the door.

"Rach, you didn't think I had actually forgotten about the bet, did you? It's for your own good – and I like to win. I'm not hitting on you... I'm not being some sort of creepy voyeur; I'm just enacting a plan to win the bet. Now give me the pants or I'm seriously coming in. I'll close my eyes, but I hear I'm good with my hands, so I should be able to get them off anyways."

"What do I have to do after I take them off?" I asked in a small, subdued voice.

"Once I have them, nothing except hang out in there in the closet for a while." I could hear the smile in his voice

Alright, fine. I could man up and play along. I knew there had to be more to it than this, but it wasn't like he could see me or anything. Not to mention he'd seen it all last night. I slipped out of my pants and then tucked my cotton bikini briefs into the leg on one side before folding them and sticking them out of the door. "You better not sniff my panties or something weird," I said warningly. Stephen just laughed.

I sat down on the closet floor now, nothing to do but wonder about the flexible vibrator in my hand. I knew what it was, but I'd never been comfortable with the thought of using one. The extra swelling that looked like it was for clitoral stimulation was intriguing, but I really was not in the mood to think about it right now. I sat it back down on the heap of spilled tissue paper and tapped my fingers together.

"Stephen? I have to use the bathroom."

No answer.

"Really bad... I'm going to pee all over this closet." I heard a chuckle from up against the door, and then he said, "Nice try, Rach. You just used the bathroom. You're fine."

"... But I'm bored."

He laughed even harder, sounding a little mischievous this time, and I wondered what this was all leading up to. I heard his weight move off the door and then footsteps, and I thought about making a break for it. At the same time, I was entirely naked from the waist down except for a pair of socks, and I thought the humiliation of diving out of a closet in that was a little more than I could handle. A few moments later, the noise of the TV filtered through the door, changing rapidly as he changed channels and then finally settling on one. It was just quiet enough that I couldn't tell what was going on as it came muted through the door. The volume shot up, resolving into 70s disco music as the door flexed with Stephen's weight again.

"There you go, sweetheart," he said absently through the door. "Entertainment for you."

'Sweetheart?' I thought, taken aback. I finally decided he was trying to be funny. Sick of sitting, I discovered that there was enough room to lie on my back in the closet if I bent my knees and put my feet flat on the wall, so I did so.

I closed my eyes and listened curiously as the bad disco faded out and new noises streamed through the door. Heels clacked rapidly along a hard floor, and then some kind of metal clanged and a feminine gasp echoed out from the TV. Horror movie? I mused idly. A breathy woman's voice rang out then. "Oh no! Are you here to arrest me?" Slow dramatic footfalls sounded one after another, and the dramatic bimbo gasped again. "I'm afraid I have to, Ma'am... unless you can convince me that you're innocent." The new voice was gravelly and extremely deep. Low budget crime movie? I wondered.

The girl spoke again. "Oh, sir! I'm so sorry, I'm afraid I did steal the money... But... part of me is still innocent! Maybe if I showed you, a big strong police officer like you could help an innocent off – ahem, out – and then you could let me go." She dropped to a breathy whisper. "I'm a virgin, officer... I've been waiting for the right man..."

Oh, Jesus. First the trashy romance novel (which, okay, had been better than expected so far) and now this. I couldn't believe I was listening to this crap. I never watched porn – I hadn't even realized that it was this badly acted. Although, I guessed this could just be a bad porno. I heard cloth ripping, and then the girl moaned. "Oh, yes, officer, yes!"

Trying to picture the scene, I was suddenly a little bit interested. More cloth noises, and then I heard "Oh, officer, do you think I could touch it, sir?" Now he moaned, and I was more interested. The guy had to be gorgeous, considering that this was all about visual appeal... I wondered if he had a huge penis. Probably. I kind of wanted to see it – I really hadn't seen all that many in my life, and none that were unusually large.

Considering penis size, I thought about Stephen's last night, which was only a little longer than average, if any, but quite thick compared to my last ex. Anyway, I thought a little dreamily, what really mattered was the amazing way he had used it... The female porn star's cries of "Oh!" were echoing through the hotel room now, and I could hear a wet slurping noise (licking?,) so as much as I wanted to think about something other than sex, I was having trouble.

I sighed. I knew what Stephen's game was now – and how he planned to get me to lose the bet. I leaned forward a bit, sliding my folded hands under my head with elbows out to the side, and grinned when my elbow hit cool rubber. Clearly, Stephen hadn't calculated everything well – I had a tool right here to get me off without losing the bet.

I picked up the vibrator, considering it thoughtfully as I ran my hands along it feeling the contours. Realizing my line of thought, I dropped it, feeling its weight on my stomach as I blushed. This wasn't like me at all – this was dirty, the sort of thing that girls like the porn star would do (she was shrieking now: "Yes! Yes! OH, yes!") not girls like me. I realized uncomfortably, though, that I wanted to be dirty.

"Oh, Officer... Do you think I could suck you? If you let me suck your big thick cock, I can play with my own cunt..."

I started a little at the words. Je-zus. I was getting really turned on – and a little uncomfortable with the fact that all this was turning me on. Was I actually some kind of nympho? This was all too hardcore for me – I liked healthy American sex as much as anyone, but this seemed to be crossing a line.

I thought about it for a while, lying there, hearing the moans and grunts pouring out of the TV speakers. I realized that so far, I hadn't had any regret from helping myself out in the tub, which was less than I could say for some sexual encounters that I'd had in committed relationships. As much as there was a stigma against it, I just didn't see why – this wasn't going to hurt me or give me some sort of disease. And I wanted it, really really wanted it.

I thought about Stephen sitting against the door, less than a foot away from me, and felt even hotter at the thought of getting myself off with him there. He knew (or at least was hoping) that that was exactly what was going on, but it still felt incredibly naughty and secret.

Screw it, I thought. I was going to be sexy and naughty for once in my life, and I was going to fuck myself with my new toy until I was spasming, and I was going to feel damn good about it. I picked the vibe up off my chest, exploring the curves again, reassuring myself that it wasn't terrifyingly large or anything like that.

I slipped a finger down between my legs, testing the pool of wetness down there, and was gratified to find that I was already headed towards soaking.

Mmmm. My finger slipped along between my inner and outer lips, and it felt sooo good. For a moment I let myself slip the juices from my center all along the length, lubricating everything and sighing in contentment at the wet warm pleasure that this resulted in. I considered how I would look right now to an outside viewer and my arousal increased as I pictured the scene. I was laying there on the floor, stripped naked from the waist down, a finger buried in my shiny wet pussy, exposed by my spread legs and bent knees, and my eyes were closed as I sighed a little, enjoying the sensations. I let the index finger nestle perfectly between my inner and outer labia, snuggled in tightly and pushing my labia together in a delightfully slippery way, and then slid my middle finger into the same area on the other side. This was nice. Very nice. I wanted to luxuriate in the pleasure all day – but it didn't feel like enough to push me to orgasm, and on top of that, I vaguely remembered that I couldn't let that happen even if it was going to. The bet – and the vibrator. Right.

Running my hands over the soft toy again, I finally twisted the silver cap at the bottom, feeling four clicks and, suddenly, what seemed to be a very loud and aggressive vibration. Startled, I turned it back off quickly, terrified that Stephen would hear. Feeling a little uptight about everything again, I didn't want to put my hands back where they had started just yet – but my bravado wasn't gone and I was determined to cum right there in the closet. Instead, my right hand wandered up to my chest, remembering the intense pleasure I'd had the other night on brushing my nipple as well as how much it'd made me squirm when Dave used to expertly suck them.

I tweaked on my left nipple gently, pulling it outwards, enjoying its stiffening as a slow sigh seeped through my lips. I settled into it then, switching between right and left, tugging just a little on each one before trailing my fingers across to the other side. Then, leaving the vibrator resting gently on the curve of my stomach, I slipped my other hand back between my legs, just letting it rest cupped over me. I started to breathe harder, feeling a little restless and acutely aware of Stephen's presence less than a foot away. I pictured him, leaning there, trying to eavesdrop on me, and probably watching the bad porno. I wondered if he had an erection. My fingers started to move between my legs as I thought about that, pictured it.

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