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Rachel and Victoria


Greetings everyone,

Today you will be getting to read about my ultimate fantasy! Well, one of them at least... This is female/female as usual, and it is surely one of the hottest things I've ever written! (To me anyway...) This story also involves what I believe is my first lesbian threesome, too!

I got this idea from one of my favorite authors on here, the incomparable Sunny Johansen (If you like lesbian stuff, definitely check her out under that name). She has been writing about her fantasy about how she was created in a lab for her lovely wife, Blue. Since, at the time of this writing, I have no Blue of my own, I came up with the idea for this fantasy and story! Thank you Sunny for giving me this idea, and, as always, thank you to all my lovely readers!



Rachel and Victoria

Afternoon had come, but I had kept happy since I woke up. I had a few visitors scheduled to drop by, and girl, was I excited. The anticipation was killing me! It was mostly a lazy day, but that was sure to change soon.

I was home alone, watching a video of a succession of Eastern European cuties getting their heads shaved in exchange for a new iPad when I heard a knock at the door. I smiled and jumped up to the door. My two new friends, as I'd hoped, were waiting outside. I said "Come on in!" in the very next second.

These two young women I had requested specially genetically created for me in a lab. A friend had given a positive recommendation, so why not? They could be friends, lovers... whatever I wanted! I felt I should treat them with the utmost respect that they deserved in exchange.

"Hey, great to meet you finally! Lovely home!" Rachel said in her cute British accent, looking around.

"Thank you, I try. Would you two lovelies like anything?" I asked, taking their bags.

"Well, I'll have some water and Rachel would like some lemonade." Victoria requested. She also had a British accent, though not really anything specific.

As I went to get the drinks, I was already excited. Rachel was conceived out of a specific fantasy (you probably know the one if you're a reader of mine). She has a smooth and shiny bald head- I asked for that specifically. It will remain that way forever, and (this was VERY important) she is happy that way. Rachel will never desire a wig either- if given one she will fight and yell.

I look back at Victoria. The average person might notice her big bum, but if they thought like me, they would recognize her to be wearing a diaper. She is incontinent and also happy about it! It is just another part of her life. She has Victoria's secret, you might say- quite ironic, as we consider her diapers to be the best form of lingerie! As for her looks, she is a composite of Diapergal's hottest (which places her in love goddess territory). Hayley Atwell had been thrown in also.

"Thanks, sweetie!" Rachel says, smiling that beautiful wide smile of hers as I bring back the drinks. I have to smile too, as I can already see lights reflecting off her head. "I see you've gotten us a lot... might be too much for Victoria, I've had to change her her twice already!" she exclaims, though I know she enjoyed it.

I order dinner and put on a movie. My lovelies are watching the screen, but I could just watch them for an hour and a half... Rachel with her head... and Victoria's partially exposed diaper... I'm already a bit wet! I cuddle up with Rachel. My eyes are looking at her free ear on the side of her head- I always like that on bald women. She giggles as she feels my breath on her nude scalp.

"No love for me?" Victoria asks.

"Mmm, sorry..." I look at her and go for a deep kiss on the lips. She starts firing back at me, and I feel her hand on my shoulder. My hand, though, goes to her crotch area. Yes- she was wet... though not in the way that I was. Rachel joins in our embrace, and I am in heaven, thinking about how lucky I am. I have great plans for the three of us...

The movie suddenly came to a loud moment, and we all jumped. We decided to break the connection for a little bit. Rachel, Victoria, and I played around a little more before we decided to go to bed for the night. My bed was able to hold three, which was good. I decided to sleep naked. Rachel joined me in that, and Victoria got into bed in just a diaper.

The lights had gone off, but I thought I was going to be awake for a long time... Rachel and Victoria wouldn't have that. I was feeling horny... I likely wasn't the only one!

Victoria started cuddling up to me. I rolled over to her side.

"Go to bed in a wet diaper, eh?" She chuckled. I didn't mind. She'd be full by morning... Perfect!

I was getting a bit wet myself... Rachel decided to help me with that! She put her head right under my eyes... Oh yeah... And I could feel several fingers going into my pussy! Fingers designed to please! They were going all over, hitting all the right spots! In no time, I came hard... It wouldn't be the last time for any of us!

I went back to Victoria, and started grabbing her ass by her diaper as I was kissing her tummy... I moved up to her breasts, getting at them with my long, slender tongue. As I came to her mouth and began Frenching her, I spread my legs wide... Rachel saw an opportunity and started having a meal of my pussy. Since she knew it well by now, making me feel pleased down there was not at all an issue! They had been made to be good at sex... or at least good as I was!

I turned over and Rachel got on top of me. She was kissing me, and I told her how to French real good. Victoria was rubbing my back and my ass alternatively- or at the same time. As for me, I held Rachel's beautiful head in my hands. I could feel Victoria's by-now full diaper on my ass, too. Well, that was about it. Fuck, I was so turned on! Maybe the most I had ever been in my life! With these two, well, I didn't quite know what the future held...

We came down the next morning for breakfast in just our underwear. So far, it looked to be another lazy day. Well, unless you count all the vigorous and tiring sex we were likely going to have! I prepared it specially for the three of us... (Victoria's meal, for instance, was prepared as not to let her scat be too bad.)

As I finish their meals, I just stop in my tracks for a minute. My two lovelies are just sitting there... Rachel with her totally nude head... and Victoria in her cute white diaper! You have to understand, just seeing them with their little deviations, oh, that just makes me sooo wet! It's just as good as, well, what we did last night...

We eat and talk for a little while. I take the seat in the middle, as to get a view of both of them. I'm already feeling a little jumpy... I put Rachel and Victoria at opposite ends of the table. I made it so Rachel has a diaper fetish and Victoria has a bald fetish. That's one way to get the two to love each other! They love me and the other and I love them equally... just as I believe neither of my fetishes takes priority over the other. If you asked me to pick one, I'd probably just flip a coin or something.

It does turn out to be a fairly typical day, but filled with lots of little moments. Once, near the couch, I am bending over for something, exposing my ass. I turn back to find Victoria masturbating through her diaper. Approximately one second later, I am helping her with that! Me and Rachel get in the shower together, and it's so sexy, watching the water hit her head and go down. Later, I go into a room to find Rachel and Victoria having wild sex! I don't even join in, it would seem rude to break up their passionate lovemaking- and plus, watching it is pretty hot.

And now, I am writing this and will likely post soon. Rachel and Victoria have been at my side the entire time, holding, kissing, and talking to me. Oh my- we're all feeling so hot remembering this! It's just perfect, as a warming-up period to some sex that will surely be most wonderful... Yes, yes, I know I'm right!

Gotta run now... bye!

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