tagGroup SexRachel - Banged At Lunch

Rachel - Banged At Lunch


This is a fantasy story. The actual people and events are fictional.

I am a successful executive, I am also an adrenaline junkie and over the past six months have had the sex life that most men only dream of. I married Rachel three months ago after a four year online relationship and three months of real life dating. She is a smart, sweet, 22, blonde size-zero hottie with an insatiable appetite for sex and for pleasing me. I have showered her with affection and gifts and she is eager to do anything to keep me happy and make me proud of her. She makes my every dream and fantasy come true, dressing in sexy, provocative outfits when we are in public and the hottest, sluttiest lingerie, leather and PVC in private.

She has been my naughty schoolgirl, a bondage slave, a slutty nurse, a PVC fetish doll and a french-maid fuck-doll. Today is Thursday and I text Rachel at 10am "Babydoll, meet me in my office at noon, I have 2 hours to eat and play Wear something office-slutty."

I get a reply 10 mins later. "K, c u at noon. Can I bring Dee 2?" Denise (Dee) is one of Rachel's friends and the daughter of one of the guys that works for me. She is 22 like Rachel and a hot, sexy tease. Last summer, Dee got implants and now sports 34DD round tits on her skinny body. The two met at a company BBQ I hosted at my house to celebrate my engagement to Rachel about four months ago. They became close quickly and I discovered how close when Rachel gave me an engagement gift that Dee had helped her pick out. The gift was a homemade video of the two of them in lingerie, stockings and heels posing and showing off to the video camera before getting down to some hot girl-on-girl sex and finally both saying to the camera that they wanted a threesome with me.

I watched the video on my laptop while on travel in my hotel room on a Wed. Night and called Rachel that moment to tell her how much I loved her "gift" of the video and a threesome with Dee. The next evening, I came home to find Dee and Rachel waiting for me, dressed like two slutty Victoria Secret models. Rachel knows I love it when she wears stockings and very high stilettos so she made sure both of them looked like Penthouse Pets.

They wasted no time before they had me sitting on the couch, unzipped my suit pants and were kneeling in front of me taking turns slurping wetly on my older bull cock. I was in heaven as these two horny girls took turns pleasing me with their mouths. It was my first-ever double blowjob and it couldn't have been hotter and more erotic to see my future young wife and her friend blow my cock and compete to see who could suck the hardest, go the deepest and swallow the most without gagging. My Rachel was better at all of the challenges because I have been showing her exactly what I like for the past 4 months and she is a very eager student and loves to "practice" with my cock in her hungry mouth. But Dee was a great cock sucker too and would have been amazing if it weren't for being compared side by side with Rachel.

As the two of them were sharing my cock, Rachel mentioned how she (with my credit card) had paid for Dee's lingerie and that this was the least Dee could do to pay me back for $600 worth of lingerie the girls had bought for Dee and the $250 spent at Bakers Shoes on high heels. As Rachel spoke and guided Dee's lips up and down my cock I thought it was a good investment and would probably pay multiple dividends.

The lingerie investment definitely did pay off as Dee joined Rachel and me at least once a week in our bedroom for hot, wild threesomes. And while Dee never got to be as good as Rachel at blowing my cock, she did have an amazing rack of tits that she used to augment her oral skills, putting my cock between her "eye-catchers" as she called them and titty-fucking my cock when she wasn't sucking and swallowing my rod.

A month or so after our first threesome, Dee got tired of having to lie to her dad about staying at my house and pretending that she had some boyfriend that really didn't exist. Rachel and I plotted together to solve that. She arranged for Dee to come over for dinner and I invited Jack to my house to pick up some paperwork. When he arrived, Rachel opened the door wearing her "I Love Cum" cropped t-shirt and a pair of thigh high white boots and holding her vibrator. Saying she was "practicing" She walked Jack back to my home office and handed him the paperwork and kept him talking for 15 minutes until Dee walked in the door. When she saw them, she knew it was a con, having been told that something shocking was going to happen and just play along.

She did just that, clearly surprised but played along as her dad tried to explain what he was doing with Rachel who didn't have a skirt on and was coming out of my office with Jack. Rachel told Jack that the only way he could keep everyone quiet about this and not get fired and divorced was to "give" Dee to me in trade. The girls said Rachel said, "Trade a pussy for pussy." and he was so upset he agreed. Dee "agreed" offering to help her dad keep his job, and the deal was struck without me even being there.

And once it was agreed to, it became normal and routine to have Dee over. I have been fucking Jack's hot daughter and Rachel often since that day. Lately, I've been noticing that while Jack is resigned to the reality of me fucking his hot, blonde, curvy daughter, he is not happy about it. And I decided that he should get a little reward and revenge for his sacrifice, so I asked Jack to join me in my office at 12:15 and let Rachel and Dee on my plan when they arrived at noon.

Both looked like secretary-dicktation fuckdolls in matching black patent leather 6" stilettos with hidden platforms, fishnets for Dee, seamed stockings on Rachel and both wearing fitted suits with tight mini-skirt length skirts and tight jackets. Rachel was in white with black piping and Dee was in pink with black/white animal print plunge-top blouse. I told them both what I was planning and they agreed. When Jack walked into my office, he was greeted to the sight of Rachel bent over my desk and Dee sitting next to her and lifting up Rachel's skirt as if to spank her with the ruler in her other hand.

"Just in time Jack. I finally found out about Rachel's little trick. I thought Dee was playing with us on her own but I found out that Rachel was blackmailing you and it being all her fault. I am furious that she would do that, and I am sure you are too."

Jack was stunned, seeing Rachel's pussy bifurcated by her tiny g-string and her slim legs in seamed black stockings perched on her high heels was a cock-hardening sight as his daughter readied the ruler.

"I thought maybe you and Dee might want to both punish Rachel and get her to appologise." I said

"I suppose so... Yes." he said looking at me, then at Dee and trying to ignore Rachel's pink pussy exposed to his gaze.

"Let her have a few Dee, then let your father have his turn." I said and Dee's hand came down and the ruler slapped Rachel's tight ass five times before she handed the wooden ruler to her dad.

"Give it to her dad, spank her for blackmailing us."

Jack grabbed the ruler, looked at Dee, then at me and gave Rachel 5 easy strokes with the ruler as his eyed her wet, pink pussy the entire time.

"Hit her harder. Make her feel it.". I said. "Yea dad, those didn't hurt her, they probably just made her wet." she said as she reached down and pulled Rachel's thong aside and slid her fingers into Rachel's gaping, swollen pussy.

"Yep, wet pussy. Told you. Give it to her harder Dad, really spank this slut. She blackmailed us and made me fuck your boss.". That seemed to fire him up and although his eyes never left Rachel's wet slit, the next five were good and hard and turned Rachel's right ass cheek red.

Dee slipped her fingers to my mouth and I sucked on them as Jack brought the ruler down and when he was done, Dee pushed her fingers back into Rachel's tight, slick hole. "I think she's even wetter. This little cunt must like getting punished.". She said, running her tongue up one finger then offering her hand for her dad to smell. "Smell her juices Dad? She's wet. Your spanking is making her wet.".

"She probably thinks you want to fuck her." I said. "The little whore thinks everyone wants to stick their cock in her tight, pink hole. She calls it her 'pink papercut' because it is such a tight little slit but she takes my cock in it like a whore, don't you slut? You think everyone wants a piece of your tight 'papercut' don't you."

Rachel spoke for the first time since Jack walked in. "Yes daddy, men all want to fuck me and I have a tight little slot that grips like a vice, Jack wants to also don't you Jackie? You like looking at my pink pussy. Wanna fuck me? Wanna get even for us fucking your not-so innocent daughter?"

"Jack, you wanna show her who is boss? Don't let her talk back to you, use the ruler, or ..." I said.

"You could fuck her daddy, she made me fuck Mike like a slave, put me on a leash, ordered me around. You could get your revenge on her tight, young pussy. It IS nice and tight." Dee said as she pushed two fingers back onto Rachel's sopping wet pussy.

"I have a condom." I said simply, giving my consent and pointing to my desk drawer.

Dee jumped up and opened the desk drawer and pulled out a condom, then reached down and unzipped Jack's pants before he could protest and put the condom in Rachel's hand, "Wrap it slut, but a helmet on my daddy's rock hard cock, then bend back over." Dee commanded.

His cock was average, but looked a hard as a steel bar as Rachel slipped the condom over his rod as she stroked his shaft and gently squeezed his nuts.

"You can't fuck me hard enough!" Rachel hissed at him as Dee pulled him by his cock to line him up with Rachel's steaming, wet pussy.

"Yes he can, go ahead daddy, give it to her, she won't dare move or Mike will punish her good." Dee said, moving next to me and using her long nails to lightly rake my chest.

"I'll let him do it, if you suck me with your pretty mouth while he fucks Rachel." I said to Dee.

She nodded vigorously, "Yes, you know I always want to suck your cock." she said, shocking her dad a bit. "Do it Dad, give it to her and let her watch me love her new husband's cock with my sweet mouth. She knows I suck his cock better than she ever will or can." Dee said before unzipping me and grabbing the base with her hand. "Ram her Daddy. Give the little whore a revenge fuck while I blow her man's big cock with my pretty mouth.".

"Kiss your daddy's cheek Dee, then slurp on me like I taught you to." I said. Dee dutifully kissed her Dad's cheek and grabbed his ass and pushed him forward, causing him to push into Rachel's slick cunt.

Both things happened nearly at once, Jack's cock penetrated Rachel's pussy and then Dee shifted and Dee's hot mouth plunged over the head of my cock. This was my plan all along, to figure out a way for Dee to show her father just how hot she was and how much she loved to worship my big cock. The truth was that no one could please me as much as Rachel, she was the hottest, sexiest girl ever and I wanted her more and more each day, and I loved that she was open to threesomes and getting fucked by other men if and when I set it up, but Dee was a close second, she learned from Rachel and loved the competition with Rachel as hottest girl in the room. The difference was that I loved Rachel so deeply and she loved me the same and that came through in everything we did for each other. The way she looked at me with her big, brown eyes was so special and made me love her more every moment.

The look on Rachel's face was bliss and her eyes were on me and filled with lust and pleasure as Jack fucked her so hard and held her hips as he thrust in and out of her creamy, wet hole. She had a tight, grippy cunt, that pulled a man's member deep inside easily and was tough to pull out of. Jack could feel her working his cock through the thin rubber as she flexed down on his meat on every out stroke and began to talk to him.

"Fuck my lying cunt. I blackmailed you and pimped out your daughter to Mike. She's his little slut too now, look at the way she gobbles his cock, she loves it, she fucks him, gives up her pussy and her ass anytime we tell her to come over. She eats my little pussy, the one you're stuffing now. don't you sis? Tell your daddy what a big cock-loving slut you are now and how you love slurping on my sweet pussy.".

"She's right Daddy, I am a cock and pussy-loving girl now. Mike and Rachel fuck me anytime they want and I love it. I'm their playtoy, and I love it now. Give it to her Daddy, make her cum on your Daddy-cock, fuck her hard, the slut likes to be power-fucked. Ram it in and out of her married pussy. Fuck your boss's wife daddy, give it to that married slut. I love that my Daddy is fucking my girlfriend." she said.

That's when he grunted and came in the condom, grabbing Rachel's slim waist as he squirted into her with his cock buried deep. "He's cumming daddy, cumming in your wife's tight cunt." Dee said after sliding her lips off my shaft. "Give me your creamy load too. Squirt your cum in my mouth as your wife and my daddy watch me slurp your perfect cock, show them how much you like what I do for you." she said before sucking on me again and massaging my already tight balls. Moments later I burst into her hungry mouth as Dee moaned and kept her lips tightly sealed around my cock, ensuring that none dripped onto my nice suit. When I finished squirting she moved slightly and kissed Rachel snowballing my cum with my hot, young wife.

It was a great lunch!

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