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Rachel Become A Cum Dump


This is a follow up of sorts to my story "A Rich Slut On Hooker Alley" but you don't need to read that tale to follow this one (but if you like this you should because it's more of the same)


Rachel arrived at the studio at noon and was ushered by the receptionist into Cheryl's office. As she took a seat across from Cheryl she appraised her. She wasn't what Rachel had expected. She had expected the renowned director of the Cheryl's Cute Cunts Are Cum Dumps series, long thought of as the most hardcore, extreme series of porn movies in the world to be a grizzled veteran, not good looking at all. Yet the blonde smiling back at her was in her thirties, had a perfect smile and a youthful, infectious enthusiasm that assaulted her from the start. It was hard to believe that this unassuming woman could have directed some of the most perverse and sick sex scenes in celluloid history.

Cheryl, for her part, was similarly apprising the young woman across from her that seemed so anxious to star in one of her 'specials'. Rachel was a stunningly beautiful girl, she looked and was in her early twenties and had an absolutely fabulous figure (which she was not shy of displaying in the tight black mini-dress she had worn to the interview). Unlike so many of the prospects Cheryl spoke with in this office, she seemed not to have benefited from plastic surgery but possessed a perfectly rounded pair of tits that would be fabulous on film. Her face was almost classical in its set and in another time she could have been a supermodel. So why was she here?

Cheryl sat listening to Rachel's cultured voice tell her why she wanted to make this film and how she was such a sex addict and realised that she deeply disliked the girl. It was not difficult to. This bitch had obviously been born into an extremely wealthy family (she confirmed this confidently), had benefited from an expensive education and was not short of cash. In short, unlike nearly every other girl Cheryl had featured, this girl was doing it because she was addicted to filthy, nasty sex. Not because she needed the cash, like all the others. All this and she had seen plenty of Cheryl's previous work, she had sent her videos to see if Rachel would have the stomach for it and she had appeared even keener after seeing them. Well if the little slut wanted this, Cheryl was going to give it to her, she'd give it to her in spades!

Contracts were signed and Cheryl told Rachel to be at the studio the next day to which Rachel replied.

"I just can't wait" and flounced out.

Cheryl stood at the glass entrance door watching her leave and already started planning the debauchery that she would unleash on her the next day and a sadistic smile grew across her face. It was like a challenge to her, could she break this confident slut and take her past her limits, which she was so certain could not be breached. She reached for her little black book and began contacting some of her 'bigger' guys on the books, and a couple of rougher ones that sometimes she didn't use unless the girl was experienced. Well this little cunt wasn't experienced in the film game but Cheryl wanted to see her face when she found out what real hardcore sex was like.

Watching Rachel arrive the next morning, it was obvious to Cheryl that she would require little or no make up, again most unlike many of the girls that came through this studio. She was very clearly, naturally beautiful. And the subtle make up and jewellery that she wore was almost professional in its application. She was wearing another little black dress (Cheryl was willing to bet the rich bitch had a wardrobe full of them) and expensive leather boots that came up to just below her knees. After a final run through of the script (such as it was – it basically just detailed approximate lengths and descriptions of the various scenes) and that Rachel didn't want to back out. Rachel just looked at her like she was a small child, hard of learning and said she was sure she wanted to do it. Fair enough, thought Cheryl and led her through a non-descript door and into a grey and dull set, comprising of little more than a long, beige coloured, stained sofa. As the cameras rolled Cheryl told Rachel to sit on the sofa and face the camera. She sat looking for all the world out of place, she as too good, too rich to be in such dank and dingy surroundings.

CHERYL: So tell us who you are? Let the viewers out there know a little about you.

RACHEL: My name is Rachel Stevens, I'm 23, come from Connecticut, don't have a job but am a sex addict.

CHERYL: And what are you?

RACHEL: I am a piece of shit whore. A fucking cock sucking cum dump (smiles sweetly at camera - happy to have memorised her lines so well and spoken them with such conviction)

CHERYL: You bet your ass you are! And you don't have a job? Why is that Rachel?

RACHEL: Because my father is rich and supports me.

CHERYL: I'll bet Daddy is real proud of his little girl. Real proud she's such a fucking filthy slut (at this point an envelope is waved in front of the camera). Why don't you tell the viewers what this is slut.

RACHEL: It's a stamped addressed envelope.

CHERYL: And who is it addressed to?

RACHEL: My father and mother.

CHERYL: That's right bitch, and when we're finished filling you with cum and showing the world what a cock hungry slut you are, I'm gonna post them an early version of our little film. What do you think they'll think then? (at this Cheryl's hand can be seen stretching forward to grab Rachel's hair and wrenching her forward to look directly into the camera).

RACHEL: I don't know.

CHERYL: Think they'll be proud?


(There is a long uncomfortable pause as Rachel stares at the camera, obviously this isn't as much fun so far as she had expected and Cheryl is starting to get inside her head)

CHERYL: You don't like this do you? Thought it would be easier? Don't worry you'll get plenty of cock soon enough. See you like that. Tell me, you gonna let me finish you off at the end of the tape?

(A nod)

CHERYL: And what am I gonna do to you?

RACHEL: You're going to piss on me and fuck me.

Cheryl: Don't like that do you? Well let's get to something you will like, Danny, get in here and show this slut what a real big cock is.

A man stepped forward and instantly Rachel's expression changed. It was amusing to Cheryl to watch it go from initial repulsion to feverish anticipation. You see Danny was visually nothing to write home about, in fact that is probably underplaying things, he was actually pretty ugly. In his early forties with a receding hairline and a sleazy moustache he would certainly not be a catwalk model anytime soon. He was about 5' 8" and his frame was normal. But what was not normal was the huge erect dick that hung between his legs. It was like a baby's forearm. And it was as Rachel caught sight of it that her eyes really lit up. He had a rough, harsh voice when he spoke, with barely disguised contempt for Rachel.

"So you're a rich little daddy's girl are you whore? We'll right now I'm your daddy and you'd better call me that, OK slut? Good, now get out of those clothes let us see that sluts body."

She had known it would be like this, had seen it in Cheryl's previous films, she had even looked forward to it, relishing the debasement but now, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a truck she froze and it was up to Danny to further the scene. He had seen enough dumb porn star wannabies freeze before.

"Come on bitch, get that dress off" with that he began to pull the expensive dress from Rachel's body, the movement seeming to snap her back into life and it was not long before she was clad in only her lacy black panties. Cheryl stood way back now, happy to let veteran Danny take control, he knew exactly which way to take the shoot.

"Spread your legs", his hands helping to pull Rachel's shapely thighs apart to expose the thin slice of fabric that barely covered her shaven snatch. His fingers slid the fabric aside and invaded her wet pussy, pushing far in and peeling her pussy lips apart. His hard dick was bobbing away at head height as he fingered her and Rachel's pretty eyes were focusing on it as if it were a hypnotist's watch. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and with them he ripped her panties, tugging them off easily and with the force dropping her to her knees at eye level with the tip of his cock. A look of greed flashed in Rachel's eyes and she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate the massive slab of meat that that was being directed straight into her face.

"That's it slut" Suck on Daddy's cock, smoke the fucker!"

For all the cocks that Rachel had sucked in her young life this was easily the biggest and more so Danny obviously knew how to use it to maximum effect. He jagged it as deep in as she could take it and she had to concentrate on breathing through her nose because her throat was swiftly becoming blocked and he was probing deeper. She put her hands up to encircle the base of his shaven cock and try and establish some control of the blow job but he slapped them down and barked at her.

"No hands bitch, get then behind your back and keep them there, that's it, assume the submissive position."

She did as told, but it was difficult what with Danny's mammoth cock pistoning into her mouth at a fast rate. He fucked her mouth relentlessly and even found time to laugh at the uncontrollable "glugging" noises spilling from her mouth and the trails of pre-cum and saliva that fell from Rachel's mouth to the stained carpet beneath her. He even nipped her nostrils between his thumb and forefinger and tested how she would react but she was good, just looking up at him and waiting it out until he finally released them, to which he said.

"Good girl."

Cheryl spoke from off camera.

"I think she needs to taste some ass Danny. She looks dirty enough to really enjoy tossing your salad."

Danny removed his slimy dick from her mouth (being sure to slap it across her face) before climbing atop the sofa, his hairy ass and thick dick hanging down between his strong legs. Rachel knelt there for the longest moment, knowing that this was really testing her limits, could she do this? Could she do it on camera?

She didn't get the chance to find out as Cheryl came forward, gripped onto the back of Rachel's head by her luxurious hair and pushed her face deep into the ass crack of the porn actor.

"Come on slut, eat him out, get that big dick of his more turned on before he sticks it in your ass and pussy."

Well she was in now and there was no way back. Fortunately he was a pro and had cleaned himself out perfectly, still there was no escaping the fact she was licking the guys asshole and her tongue was probing into it. She wondered for a moment what Mummy and Daddy would make of this and smiled, and then wondered how that monster cock would feel deep inside her. Mmmmmmm! And while she considered these things Cheryl waved on two more of her male stars, Kenny and Jimmy, each as well endowed as Danny and each as eager to fuck this little tart.

Each of the newcomers pushed her head deeper into Danny's ass and then pulled her out and literally flung her onto her rump on the sofa, before Kenny climbed atop the sofa and jammed his big dick deep down her throat while Jimmy spat on Rachel's pussy and finger fucked it roughly again, easing all his fingers then his whole hand inside her pussy and began to fist her. While these two new arrivals, mere boys compared to the older Danny, Danny busied himself squeezing and pinching and slapping Rachel's perfect tits before settling in to lick and chew on them. They kept those positions for a while, Rachel's mouth, pussy and breasts receiving the full treatment and she was relishing it. Her face was becoming more and more a slimy mess as this second cock plumbed the depths of her throat but at a sign from the lingering Cheryl when it was pulled out Jimmy pulled his juice covered hand from her cunt and pushed it into Rachel's mouth, stretching it comically. With it still in there Cheryl spoke mockingly to her latest muse.

"Come on Rachel, look into the camera and tell us what you are!"

The camera zoomed in on her packed mouth as she spoke the words.

"I'm a piece of shit, cock sucking whore" , but it was mumbled and unrecognisable due to the obstruction.

The hand was quickly removed and Rachel dragged forward on the sofa and Danny slipped behind her so she sat on his hairy lap. His hands sought out her soft ass cheeks and pulled them apart and he eased his thick, slippery cock gently into her asshole, the look on her face priceless as pretty much the full length invaded her. But before she had the opportunity to adjust the feeling of one slab of man meat inside her, Kenny stepped between her legs and slid his cock into her pussy so she was fully double penetrated and the two men settled into a punishing rhythm of fucking her two holes. Rachel still had one hole that could be filled and this time it was Jimmy's chance to feel Rachel's expert cock sucking abilities and once it was in she was 'airtight', all three holes, her mouth, pussy and ass filled with stiff man meat.

Cheryl egged the men on to fuck Rachel harder and rougher, her whole body bouncing with the movement of her fucking. She also handed a long wine glass to Jimmy as he fucked Rachel's face and he instructed Rachel to spit the mixture of pre-cum and saliva into the glass at various opportunities. It wasn't slow in filling up, especially as the guys also spat in it.. The next move was for Danny to slip out of Rachel's ass and replace Jimmy at her mouth for some hot ass-to-mouth action as she tasted the thick cock that seconds earlier had been pounding her ass.. As he did that the two others were rearranging themselves to achieve a double vaginal penetration, her pussy once again stretched as two cocks delved deep inside it. This was a new experience for Rachel and she loved it, she would have to try this out in her personal life - and she knew guys who would be up for it!

Cheryl saw her enjoying this more than she wanted and instructed the guys to pull out and get her to her knees it was time for the pop shots. One by one each of then sprayed their cum on her face, around her mouth and Cheryl demanded that Rachel neither swallow or spill a drop and that she spit it back into the murky mixture growing in the glass. Finally, once all three had flooded her lower face with their sperm Cheryl took the glass, added her own spit then held it tantalisingly over Rachel's open mouth and let it fall ever so slowly into Rachel's mouth. She order Rachel to pool the sticky fluid in her mouth and show it to the camera and then swallow it all down in one go.

"You like a lot of cum slut?"

An eager nod from Rachel.

"Good 'cos we've got an old fashioned bukkake next and these boys have been told to paint your face white!"

The camera panned away from Rachel and concentrated on the door on the far side of the set. Through it came a seemingly never ending stream of naked men. Every race, creed and colour of man appeared from the entranceway cut in the cheap plywood and began lining up against the wall. From behind the camera Cheryl organised them into the formation that she had instructed earlier, all in rows of 6 standing before a raised platform that was covered with a fluffy, red towel.

There were 30 men in total and once they were in position they started playing with their dicks, getting up to the point where they could cum on command over the nympho's waiting face. Meantime, Cheryl fitted a dog collar around Rachel's neck and placed a plastic dog bone in her mouth and walked her across the room to cheers from the guys and had her kneel atop the platform displaying her perfect naked, tanned body to the throng. Collar and bone were removed and they were ready for the next scene.

Cheryl mounted the platform to stand over Rachel and look down at her.

"You really are a cum guzzling little fuck slut, aren't you? Well lets see how daring you are bitch. I want you to keep your eyes and mouth open for the whole scene while all these guys spunk over your face, think you can do that? Good, and I'll fit this plastic bib around your neck to catch any loose cum so you can make sure you don't miss a drop."

Without further ado the first man took his place over Rachel, pushed her head backwards to get a better angle and gave his dick a few short strokes and exploded a chunk of thick cum over Rachel, splattering onto her dainty nose and eyes. He was the first of many, one by one, although some came up in twos, and dumped their load on their target. They were unerringly accurate, finding Rachel's open mouth and eyes tempting targets. By about the twentieth load her face was starting to be covered in the cum to the point of being unrecognisable but still the loads came, but Cheryl was giving a commentary that reminded everyone who and what was under the thick gloop.

"Oh Rachel you are such a slut, I bet your parents are so proud of their little girl now. Look at you , your nothing but a cum dump, just a hole, that's all you are good for, you whore!"

Rachel just knelt there taking Cheryl's comments and the loads of cum without comment. She felt so nasty and depraved doing this and it turned her on more than any of the people; the men, Cheryl, her crew, could ever comprehend. Right then she was so turned on by this that she could have climaxed on command, but that wasn't what Cheryl wanted so she just stayed there being steadily obliterated with sperm. Some of the guys managed a second load, and the three guys from the first scene made sure to jerk out on her, Danny using the edge of his hand to guide a pool of congealing cum into her mouth before spitting inside it. Rachel gargled the mixture in her throat before proudly swallowing the whole lot.

Cheryl was getting more and more frustrated with every passing second. By now most girls would have been begging to quit the scene, or at least hating it, but this bitch was thriving on it! Watching the cum splattered brunette almost challenging the men to cum more and more on her she was driven by the desire that come what may she would take this slut down a peg or two, make her ashamed or sorry for what she was doing and what she was.

But Rachel was seeing off all the men and eventually they were all spent, no-one could cum anymore and there she knelt, her face dripping with cum, the white almost like melted wax falling down her cheeks and chin and congealing in the plastic bib under. Seething, Cheryl could see that Rachel was smiling directly at her.

"Well done Rachel, you really showed the world what a cum dump you are, it looks like you've found your calling in life."

Rachel mockingly smacked her lips and Cheryl in a rage stepped in front of the camera and began to undress. The camera focussed in on the older blonde's tight, hot body, kept in trim from years of hot, wild sex. She tossed aside her white top to reveal her big, firm tits (had she had a boob job?) and flung away her white panties. Normally she would pose for the camera but right then she was so keen to show this young slut a lesson that she just reached for her strap on dildo, handed to her by a member of the crew and furiously connected the device around her lower waist.

It was one hell of an impressive weapon! The leather straps that supported it all met at the base of the long, thick, phallic shape. It was bout three inches wide and thirteen inches in length (unlucky for some), the effect was like a mini baseball bat jutting out from her crotch. She strode over to Rachel and began to rub the helmeted tip of the plastic cock in the mess of cum on Rachel's face and also took the chance to slap her in the face with it. Feeling herself regain control and seeing that Rachel didn't seem as happy with fake cock as opposed to real cock, Cheryl spoke to her cameraman.

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