tagIncest/TabooRachel Ch. 02

Rachel Ch. 02


Rachel and I lay in each other's arms for several minutes after our urgent lovemaking. Her head rested against my chest and I breathed in the fragrant perfume of her hair, her wonderful and crowning glory. Eventually she lifted her head and smiled.

'Well, John, you certainly do love me,' she whispered, 'I think you came twice when you went inside me.'

'I love you more than my life, darling Rachel,' I replied. 'How am I going to manage without you when you go away to university?'

She pondered for a while and then said with a mischievous grin, 'Oh, you'll manage. You've plenty of photos of me to masturbate over and I'll leave you this black slip and these panties to help you.'

'Rachel, stop it,' I chided, 'don't cheapen our relationship with such crude talk. I'm surprised at you.'

'Come off it, Uncle..er, John,' she teased, 'I know full well what you must have got up to all these years before you finally owed up to your feelings for me. You had a stiff cock for me that time on holiday a few years ago and I know why you disappeared so quickly. You had to relieve yourself, didn't you?'

I murmured my assent, realising that this beautiful girl wasn't quite as innocent as I had naively thought. Our eyes met and a sudden mutual understanding seemed to hold the promise of a deeply satisfying sexual adventure together.

Rachel suddenly took hold of my hand and placed it on her silky black slip.

'Feel it, John,' she breathed, 'isn't this the reason you were able to come twice? Couldn't you feel it slithering up and down against your thighs as you made love to me? This slip is so special to me and so very erotic. I had no idea about slips until Mum introduced them to me. In fact, she gave me this one from her collection.'

I noticed that she suddenly seemed awkward and her face looked flushed.

'Rachel,' I replied, 'my mind's in a whirl... yes, I have to confess that your slip is really sensual and I guess it did help to send me over the edge a second time. Anyway, what's this about your mother? I remember a while earlier you said something about you and she 'having a thing together' with slips? What did you mean exactly?'

Rachel then proceeded to recount the time when she and Louise, her mother and my sister, were about to get ready for a wedding when a discussion about slips led to their making love together both dressed in slips and bra and panties. It seemed that a mutual, and for Rachel, a new-found love of nylon slips had led to a whole new perspective on their relationship.

I listened with growing fascination as hidden depths were being revealed in this beautiful girl, and I was conscious also that my cock was hardening inexorably to its full height as she shared this deeply secret passion with me.

'Oh, John, I'm sorry, you must be shocked to hear this, but it just happened -- Mum and I have found a special way to enjoy our lingerie together and we love each other even more now.' Rachel looked at me as if to elicit my approval, but a glance at my rigid penis was her answer.

She studied me with her limpid brown eyes. 'Would you like to experience what a slip can do for you, John?' she asked, her voice thick with desire.

I nodded and she motioned for me to sit on the settee. I watched in fascination as she stood in front of me and slowly slid her little black half slip down her legs and removed it, clutching it in her hand. She then knelt and proceeded to gently rub the slip against my thighs and over my throbbing erection. As she did so, she tossed her head back and forth, cascading her glorious soft hair against my legs. My head swam in a blur of delight. This was almost sensory overload. Her lovely hair and the soft black delight of her slip were working a special magic.

'Feel my silk encase your cock, John. Think how much you love me and love my silk,' her voice cracked with emotion as she tightly covered my hardness with the soft black nylon and then slowly, oh so gently, wanked me. The pre-cum was oozing from my cock head through the material as very gradually she sped up her ministrations. As the dam was about to burst, she stopped, leant forward and kissed me.

'Oh God, Rachel, finish me off, please,' I begged, as once more she tossed her head and draped her soft hair over my face.

'I love you, John -- so much', she whispered in my ear, 'and isn't it so good that we can share this slip love together?'

'Darling Rachel, oh yes, oh yes.....' my voice trailed off as she resumed the intense pumping of my cock through the nylon. Anticipating the impending climax, Rachel increased the speed, her slim hand wrapped around my shaft and her thumb expertly placed at the tip and at the most sensitive point. Then suddenly the eruption, as my whole body shook with the surge of utter desire and I watched in delight as the cum welled up and seeped through the waiting nylon. Rachel wanked me through to completion then leant forward and kissed me tenderly.

'You love my slip,' she breathed, 'and I think it loves you too.'

I smiled and sighed in contentment. Life was good.

Following our morning's exertions Rachel and I dressed and I made us both a sandwich and a coffee. Rachel was back in her student garb of t-shirt and faded jeans, but she still looked gorgeous. As she came downstairs with her case she tossed me her wet slip.

'Here, John,' she called, 'something to remember me by. Keep it safe and we'll enjoy it again when I come back for the holidays. You have my permission to cum into it as often as you like, but make sure it's clean before I next wear it!'

Thanking her, I bundled the slip into my attaché case near my desk.

'Won't you need it at university?' I asked.

'No, John,' she replied, 'it's strictly grunge when you're a student. I'll be in jeans most of the time and anyway, I don't want to get guys going by wearing a skirt and perhaps flashing some slip. That's reserved strictly for you!'

Rachel laughed in her delightful way, tossing back her mane of soft hair. Over lunch she chatted animatedly about her plans for the future and how she wanted to be a teacher when she graduated and then, suddenly changing the subject, came this bolt from the blue;

'I've just thought -- John, when you take me home this afternoon and if we go soon, we'll have a good couple of hours before Mum gets back from shopping in town. She's never back before 6pm. And then, just think, we can have a look at Mum's slips and perhaps have a bit of fun before she gets back. That's if you're up to it. Better have another sandwich to keep your strength up!'

'Stop it,'I replied, 'I may be older than you but I've still got plenty in reserve.'

Rachel came up to me and playfully kissed me on the cheek.

'Come on, let's go, you poor old thing!'

Half an hour later we were at Rachel's front door and, helping her in with her case, we made our way upstairs, firstly to Rachel's room where she deposited her things and then to her mother's bedroom. I was beginning to feel apprehensive about Rachel's plan and being in my sister's bedroom made me feel uneasy. Louise was my adoptive sister who had been with us since the age of ten and I had always regarded her as very much part of the family. And so being suddenly in her private space seemed wrong and I shared my doubts with Rachel.

'Listen, John,' she said, 'don't get so hung up about Mum. You and I are sort of relatives and then, what about me going with my Mum in the way we have? These things happen. Chill out a bit.'

Rachel looked at me quizzically.

'Come on, let's not waste time,' she urged, 'Mum's slip and panty drawer is over here.'

She took me by the hand and led me to the wardrobe which she indicated for me to open. With trembling hands I opened the double door to reveal a profusion of dresses on hangars and then, to the right, were two drawers; one contained a collection of silky nylon panties of various colours and styles and then, in a heart stopping moment, I looked at the second drawer which was full of delightful full and half slips, most in nylon but some in satin.

'Oh, my God,' I gasped, 'this is wonderful'

I turned to look at Rachel, who smiled knowingly and indicated for me to take them out.

'It's OK,' she urged, 'Mum will probably think I've been messing with her slips. She knows how much I love them now. Take them out and let's have a look.'

Without further prompting I took the precious silky bundle from the drawer and deposited it on Louise's bed. Between us we then sifted through the slips in delight, noting the different styles, the various patterns of lace on the bodices and hems and the contrasting softness of the nylon, some in a heavier weave than others.

My cock was rising to the occasion by now and I felt an overwhelming desire to undress and put on one of the slips. I was in uncharted waters and realised I was heading for a wonderful new experience. Rachel by now had beaten me to it. Slipping out of her jeans and t-shirt she had picked up a dark blue full slip and was in the process of smoothing it down her slim frame. Standing in front of the mirror she preened and posed. She looked wonderful. The slip had beautiful deep lace at the bodice and two inches of lace at the hem and it was made of a lustrous and heavy nylon.

'Come on, John,' she teased, 'I want to see you in one of Mum's slips. She had read my thoughts and I realised now there was no going back. Struggling free of my clothes, I stood with my cock now fully erect, picking up and fondling the different slips in an increasing fever of desire. I looked appealingly at Rachel.

'It'll be fine, John,' she indicated the slip I had chosen, 'Mum's a size 38 so it should fit you. You're slim enough.'

I slid the rose pink full slip over my head and smoothed it down my body. Again, like the one Rachel was wearing, it was beautifully adorned with lace, which rasped against me delightfully, and the silky nylon was of the heavier variety which sent shivers of delight coursing through me. My straining shaft pushed against the nylon, causing a 'tenting' effect and to my horror a dark patch of pre-cum was already evident on Louise's pristine slip.

Before I knew it, Rachel had pulled me to her and was gently rubbing herself against me. The feeling of nylon on nylon was exquisite.

'God, you're so hard,'she breathed, as we kissed and squirmed together. She led me on to the bed where we lay together in the soft pile of slips.

'Don't come inside me this time,' she whispered, 'I want you to make me come through the slips'. Rachel moaned in anticipation as I kissed her passionately and, through the layers of silk, I worked my throbbing cock against her clitoris, urging the silkiness to take her over the edge.

'Oh, John, I'm cumming,' Rachel yelled and thrashed her arms against the bed. 'Oh...my...God...'

She reached her climax and I could hold back no longer. My cum pumped through my slip into the waiting nylon of Rachel's.

As my orgasm subsided I clung to my darling girl and we smiled at each other in deep contentment.

After lying in each other's arms in a blissful reverie, a sudden realisation dawned on us that Louise would be back any minute.

We dressed hurriedly and then Rachel expertly folded the slips and put them back in the drawer. We smoothed down the counterpane on the bed and Rachel surveyed her work.

'There, she'll never notice,' she announced confidently.

'But these wet slips?' I asked, proffering them to her.

'Hang on to them, John, and enjoy them again. Mum has so many slips now that she probably won't realise. And if she does, I shall say I borrowed them. Come on, you'd better go now.'

Rachel came downstairs with me and at the front door we said our goodbyes.

'I love you, Rachel, and I shall miss you so much.' Tears started to prick in my eyes.

'I love you too, John, and look, it's only a few months. I'll be back at Christmas. I'll phone you every day, I promise.' She waved as I walked down the drive to my car, clutching the slips which, with Rachel's, were precious reminders of the most wonderful day of my life.

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