Rachel Doesn't Do 'Normal' Pt. 04


Feeling like a king amongst men, Brendan brought his free hand up and resumed tickling her. Moving up to her upper back this time.

Rachel nearly melted into the floor as he smoothed the flawless skin of her shoulder blade with the back of his hand ever so lightly. He then ran his fingers from the middle of her spine, up to her neck, then down across her slender shoulder. She audibly gasped again as a ripple of pleasure ran down her back.

All of a sudden the bus lurched to a stop and two broad men pushed their way passed them. That was it, the moment was broken. She coughed, feeling rather self-conscious and unclasped her fingers from his.

She could feel Brendan's eyes burning into the back of her head for the remainder of the journey, but he made no further moves to touch her. It was confusing to her, just how much she wanted him to. His lack of teasing now felt in a way even more of a tease. What was wrong with her? She was the one who was supposed to be in charge of this game, not him.

"Right, everybody off." Aaron piped up when they arrived at their stop.

A decision was made, without much input from Brendan, about which museum to visit first. His sole focus was on Rachel now. The entire world beyond the voluptuous curves of this incredible blonde bombshell, had faded into non-existence as far as he was concerned.

Brendan couldn't have told you how far they'd walked or what the museum was even called once they got there. He'd been plodding along behind Rachel in a trance, staring at the incredible sway of her hips as she gracefully walked, hand in hand with his brother, in front of him.

Once they'd arrived, Brendan spent about half an hour pretending to be interested in a load of old statues, but he was getting rather bored. At least he knew that Rachel was feeling the same way he was. Every time Aaron started yapping on about this old picture or that dusty old vase, like he knew something about everything, (which was typical Aaron, he like to show off about how clever he was) Rachel would roll her eyes at Brendan and pretend to yawn when Aaron wasn't looking.

He'd spent a lot of time on his own the last few years. Once he'd become a target for bullies at school, the people he used to consider his friends, had all started to distance themselves from him. He knew his social skills weren't that great, so he was really enjoying his and Rachel's silent bantering. Even so, the one thing he wished for more than anything else, was some alone time with her.

That was when the miracle happened. Aaron's phone rang.

"Hi Mr Steele." Rachel's stomach lurched hearing Aaron mention his boss's name. She'd been trying to avoid his increasingly persistent attempts to contact her for months. Every week she'd get messages from him inviting her on lavish weekend breaks away, but she wasn't at all interested. As fun as it'd been, once was enough as far as she was concerned.

"No...no I can't right now. I'm in a museum with my brother, he's visiting for the...no but...how important? Well how long will that take? Ok, I'll see what I can do." Aaron hung up the phone shaking his head.

"I'm really sorry about this but I've been called in for a meeting. We've landed some big new Japanese clients apparently."

"Its fine you go on. We'll be ok." Rachel pecked Aaron on the lips.

"I should only be an hour or so. Shall I meet you back here?"

"Yeah meet us here. We'll probably be in the coffee shop." Rachel had already seen enough tiny dicked statues for one day.

"All right then. Look after her for me little bro." Aaron hated the thought of having to leave Rachel alone with his weird little brother. She was going to be so bored. He could tell she was uncomfortable with the amount he stared at her too. He wanted to smack him around the head whenever he looked at her, but he knew he had to pretend to be nice. All he had to do was get through two more days and Brendan could fuck off back home and never come back for all he cared.

Brendan couldn't believe his wish had come true. As soon as Aaron was out of sight he offered Rachel his hand, which amazingly she took. It may have meant nothing to her, but the fact that a girl was happy to be seen out in public holding his hand, meant the world to Brendan.

It was Derek and Maureen's 50th wedding anniversary today. They were both now 71 and had never had children of their own. So Derek knew that it was up to him to give his wife a special day out. He knew how much she loved the British museum. It was her favourite building in the whole world. Later on he had another surprise treat for her, he'd booked tickets to a west end show. It was going to be such a magical day.

Having made a rather early start. They'd been on their feet for ages and Derek was starting to feel tired.

"You go on dear. I'm just going to sit and rest my aching joints for a bit if that's ok." He sighed with relief when he finally sat down in a nearby chair.

"Can't we do the Egyptian room first dear?" Maureen pleaded.

"I can't love. I'm pooped. Let me rest here for a bit and I'll meet up with you later."

"Ok dear." Maureen tottered off into the large adjacent hall.

Derek was only sitting down for a few minutes when he saw her. "It can't be." He breathed excitedly. "Surely I'm imagining things?"

Not trusting his own eyesight any more. Derek walked towards the girl to get a better look. "It bloody is you know." He mumbled to himself. "It's the girl from the park!"

What on earth was she doing here? And why was she holding that young lads hand? He looked far too young to be her boyfriend, but if he was her brother, then he was much too old to need his hand held. Derek couldn't work it out.

He idled over and stood just behind them, listening in to their conversation.

"And this painting is nearly two thousand years old don't you know. Apparently Jesus Christ painted it himself while he was sat on the toilet." Rachel was doing her best impression of Aaron's lofty voice, which Brendan was finding hysterical.

After the laughter stopped, they turned and looked at each other for a while. Rachel figured she should be the one to make the first move. She'd found herself oddly warming to Brendan in the last few hours. Sure he'd tried to blackmail her earlier, but she realised now that that was just because he was an awkward virginal teenager, who clearly didn't know how to handle his lustful urges towards her. Something she, probably more than anyone, could sympathise with whole heartedly.

Maybe she was going about this all wrong? She'd been planning on toying with him, letting him know who was boss. However after his delicate show of affection towards her on the bus, it didn't seem fair to mess with his head now. She thought back to her first sexual experiences, none of which were very nice. It had taken her a long time before she'd started to enjoy having sex.

The power was in her hands to make all of Brendan's wildest dreams come true if she wanted to. She could ensure that his journey into adulthood was a much more enjoyable experience than hers ever was. The more Rachel thought about being the one to take someone's virginity, the more she warmed to the idea.

Of course it wasn't as though it was an entirely selfless act of kindness on her behalf either. Now that she knew what an impressive specimen he was packing, maybe her mind was about to be blown to smithereens, as well as his.

"So...shall we look for somewhere a bit quieter? I think there's a few things you and I need to...talk about." Brendan nodded enthusiastically and let her lead the way.

Derek was most intrigued now, so he followed them into the next great hall.

The museum was quite busy, but certain rooms were almost empty. Derek didn't have a clue what this oddest of couples were looking for, but it felt like he'd been walking for miles.

He was quite far behind, when he spotted them up ahead checking the coast was clear before hopping over a guard rail. When he finally caught up, he stopped to read the sign on the rail, it said: closed for refurbishment. He looked into the large empty room and couldn't see anyone. It was only when he looked back around the corner that he saw them over by the far wall. Who were they hiding from? He wondered.

Brendan's heart was beating a mile a minute, as Rachel pushed him up against the wall and stepped up closely to him.

God she was so just so unbelievably beautiful. When she flicked her long blonde hair back over her shoulder it was like his world started moving in slow motion. The sunlight was beaming in through a high window, shining through her hair and giving it an added golden shimmer. Her bright glacier blue eyes were sparkling at him playfully. Then a waft of her fragrant floral perfume washed over him and he thought he might start to hyper ventilate.

Brendan looked down into the deep valley of her magnificent cleavage. Her huge breasts were encased so enticingly in her cropped powder pink vest top. He could just make out the lacy pattern of her bra, straining against the tight stretchy cotton material. His palms were beginning to sweat as he thought about what it would feel like to finally hold her mouth-watering tits in hands for the first time.

"So, what were you saying earlier?" Rachel purred. "Something about wanting me to do something for you. How did you phrase it again? Ah yes...to buy your silence?"

"I...I might have done. B...But you said you don't like being told what to do. So...so..."

Rachel felt like a cat who'd cornered a terrified little mouse. His earlier tough guy act was long forgotten now. "I say a lot of things. We'll never know whether or not I might like it, unless you tell me what it is you want from me first?"

Brendan stuttered and stammered, trying to force his brain to think coherent thoughts, but up close her staggering beauty was overloading his racing mind.

"Don't be scared. What happened to the self-assured assertive Brendan? The one who was sat on the sofa earlier? Don't get me wrong. I never want you to lose your softer gentle nature, that's what makes you special. But every now and then you need to be a bit assertive. It's the only way to get what you want in life. So tell me Brendan...what is it you want?" Rachel had moved even closer now. She felt Brendan tense up as she pushed her body lightly against his. Her full plump lips were inching closer to his now, as she breathed the words into his panting mouth.

"I...I want...I want..." Brendan gulped deeply. "I want to kiss you."

Rachel didn't reply. She moved her lips slowly towards his, until they faintly touched. Then she brushed his bottom lip with her own, encouraging him to make the first move. "Have you ever kissed a girl before Brendan?" She sighed breathily.

"N...no..." He couldn't believe that he was actually about to.

"Just relax and follow my lead." With that Rachel closed her eyes, locked her lips over his and kissed him.

Brendan's eyes were still wide open in shock. He didn't have a clue what he was doing, so he just let her kiss him for a while. Her lips were as soft as silk and they tasted like strawberries.

At first it felt like an out of body experience. This couldn't be happening? Not to him surely? After wrestling his floating mind back into his body, he puckered his lips and did his best to kiss her back.

They took it slow to begin with. The kisses were shallow and brief but felt heartfelt and tender at the same time. Rachel didn't want to rush him straight into using tongues. She was enjoying the sweet innocence of their embrace more than she'd expected to.

As far as she knew, she'd never been somebodies first kiss before. It was strangely exciting. Her own first kiss had been dreadful, it was all teeth and wagging tongues. She was determined that he was going to have a much better memory to look back on.

Brendan had been feeling sick with nerves to start with, but gradually he started to relax and enjoy the wonderful experience for what it was. He was really kissing a girl! And not just any girl, a sexier girl than even his wildest fantasies could ever dream of conjuring. It felt better than mere words could describe.

Rachel had never had to stoop this much to kiss someone before either, but she didn't care how short or how young looking he was anymore. He was 18, there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Well there were about a thousand things wrong it. He was her boyfriend's little brother being the main one, but those thoughts could be shut away for the time being.

Their lips were more tightly locked together now. Brendan felt the tip of Rachel's tongue start to brush against his and he returned the gesture.

Soon they were starting to kiss more deeply. Rachel was stunned by how quickly he was picking things up. He was actually pretty damn good for a first timer.

Before long their tongues were dancing, swirling and entwining within each other's mouths, for what felt like an age.

Rachel instinctively pushed her body more tightly against his, as she felt his hands take a hold of her exposed waist, rubbing and gently smoothing her warm ticklish skin.

She moaned into his mouth with desire, as his hands slipped lower and gently cupped her pert peachy bum. Allowing herself to get lost in the moment, Rachel ran her fingers up through his hair as their coupling became more and more heated and feverish.

Rachel finally had to pull away, if only to catch her breath for a bit. She giggled at the dumbstruck look that now adorned Brendan's face. "Hmmm...that wasn't bad." She fibbed, more because she didn't want to admit to herself how good it'd felt. "I'm sure we can work on it though." She gave a now grinning Brendan a playful wink.

"You're telling me it can get better than that?" Brendan asked with genuine interest. Surely nothing could top a kiss that passionate.

Derek pretended to study the painting nearest the guard rail with interest whenever other people entered the room, but as soon as they left he'd sneak a peek back around the corner at the oddly matched lovebirds.

That day in the park a few months back, had been one of the greatest experiences of his entire life. He remembered every detail of it like it was yesterday, probably because that memory had been playing on a permanent loop in his brain ever since it'd happened. Why or how he'd got so lucky, he still couldn't fathom.

He could remember sitting on the park bench watching his wife throwing bread to the ducks. They'd been making the same trip every week for the last few years, it had sort of become their routine. But then out of the blue, she was there. His golden haired angel. She'd stopped to tie her shoe on the bench and he recalled his eyes being instantly drawn to her huge tits, swaying so tantalizingly in her tight Lycra top as she bent over beside him. He'd always loved big breasted women, but he'd never had any experiences with one before.

She'd caught him staring gormlessly at her chest, but rather than be cross with him for his lechery, she'd told him unbelievably, that he could touch them if he liked. Those words still rang in his ears to his day.

He'd never felt anything like them. They were so soft and pliant, yet retained a firmness which only came with youth. It had been the first time Derek had felt his cock come alive in nearly a decade.

He'd returned to the park at the same time every week since then, looking around hopefully for his beautiful blonde Aphrodite, but she'd never come back. Derek had begun to think he would never see her again, but yet here she was. His gorgeous angel had returned from the heavens.

Why on earth she was kissing such a young nerdy looking boy? Was another mystery Derek feared he'd never unpick.

"So Brendan, what else do I have to do to earn your silence?" Rachel could tell by the way his eyes wandered down her body, exactly what he wanted to do next.

"I want to touch your breasts!" He blurted the words out excitedly this time, already reaching up to grab them before Rachel pushed his hands away.

"Easy tiger. Not so fast." Rachel switched positions with him so that she now had her back to the wall. "You really like my tits don't you?" She cooed knowingly, running her own hands over them lightly, as she watched him begin to shake with nervous anticipation.

Brendan's eyes widened with lust when he saw her small nipples stiffen through her tight top. "They're amazing." He mumbled whilst gulping down the saliva which had begun to pool in his mouth.

"You've been staring at them constantly since you arrived yesterday. Tell me, how many times have you wanked yourself silly, thinking about what it would be like to squeeze my big tits?"

"Oh god, so many times!" He again reached for them, but Rachel patted his hands away for the second time. Brendan's cock was painfully hard, it twitched and jerked madly under the restraint of his belt.

"Tell me more. I want to know why you like them so much." Rachel purred, as she cupped her breasts lightly and jostled them teasingly in front of Brendan's huge bulging eyes.

"Do you want the truth? God this is embarrassing." Brendan took a deep breath. "I've been fantasizing about them for ages if I'm honest. Well not just about them, but about you. Long before I ever met you." Rachel raised her eyebrows curiously at this new revelation. "This is going to sound creepy as hell, so I'm sorry about that. But I've...I've been looking at your photos on your Facebook page for nearly six months now. I'm sorry I know that's weird. But you're just so beautiful...I...I couldn't help myself."

"My photos? Which ones?"

"All of them! I like the ones from your holiday to the Canary Islands the best. I've cum hundreds of times, fantasizing about you in that skimpy red bikini." Why had he told her that? It sounded even worse hearing it out loud.

"Oh my god! You horny little bugger!" Far from be repulsed, Rachel found his confession to be a massive turn on. Thinking about him pumping his huge cock over her photos, made her panties dampen instantly.

Without saying a word, Rachel lowered her arms to her sides and waited. Brendan met her stare and knew that she wouldn't push his hands away this time.

He couldn't stop from shaking as he reached up and gently laid his hands on a pair of breasts for the first time in his life. "Huh...wow!" He sighed as his fingers slowly sank into her soft flesh.

Rachel was relishing the pained look of lust that was etched into his every feature, as he squeezed her breasts together more firmly. Brendan stared in amazement as her incredible tits swelled up in her top and he got a teasing glimpse of the edge of her bright pink bra cup underneath.

He released them, letting gravity do its work, before scooping them up again and wobbling them more vigorously. This was the greatest day of his life. It more than made up for the years of bullying he'd had to endure. None of those bullies would ever get an experience like this as long as they lived.

Rachel let him explore every inch of her ample bosom. Cupping, wobbling, squeezing and pinching as he went. She loved having her sensitive breasts man handled anyway, but knowing that she was fulfilling one of his greatest fantasies made her insides melt that little bit more. She reached between her legs and started to slowly rub her throbbing pussy through her thin cotton shorts.

Rachel gasped and chewed her lip, when Brendan pinched her nipples through her top.

Without really realising what she was doing, acting purely on instinct, Rachel found herself unbuckling his belt and pulling open the poppers of his jeans.

Brendan froze in shock when he felt her slender fingers wrap around his hard shaft and pull his dick free from his boxers.

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