tagLesbian SexRachel is Forced

Rachel is Forced


This story is about forced lesbian sex; if this doesn't interest you then don't read it.


Rachel had just gotten home from work and was exhausted, her days had been growing longer and longer and she just needed a break. She has been working as an apartment manager for about 5 years and she loves what she does, but it is one of the most stressful industries out there. Residents are always complaining about something and she has the corporate office riding her all day. The benefit of working at an apartment community is that she has a free apartment, and she only has to walk to work because her office is in her community.

She opened her front door, dropped her bag on the floor and started removing her clothes. She loved the feeling of being naked after work, it was so relaxing. Her mind was on the household chores she needed to do and as she passed by the window she saw her reflection. Being so busy Rachel hardly has time to watch what she eats or exercise regularly but she has always had an amazing body; her breasts are large and don't sag at all, she has a flat stomach with a very small waist and her best features are her round hips and ass. Men are always falling all over themselves and complimenting the 24 year old beauty daily, and she loves the attention. After looking at herself for a few minutes she remembered that she could see herself in the reflection because the blinds were open! She quickly closed them and remembered what she was trying to do and grabbed the cleaning supplies and set to work on her apartment.

Shawna had seen her landlord watching herself in the window and knew tonight was the night; Rachel was finally going to get it. She had zoomed in the camera and snapped the pictures, she had gotten some great ones of Rachel touching her tits and ass. Shawna and her 2 girls, Shaquisha and Renee, all shared a 2 bedroom apartment across the way from Rachel. The only problem with that was they could never have parties because if Rachel heard the music she would kick them out. They tried to once but had came so close to eviction they never tried again. Along with that Rachel was trying to tell them they needed to be more respectful to her... blah blah blah. Shawna was so sick of it, she had been trying to think of a way to get around this bitch for awhile and it had finally come to her when she was watching a porno video a few days earlier. In the video this white girl was naturally submissive and these fine black sistas had made her submit to them. They had needed something from her so they videotaped her licking their pussies and then blackmailed her with it. Shawna loved getting her pussy licked and knew her fine landlord would look bomb between her legs!

Shawna had yet to tell her roommates about her plan but if everything went well they would know all about it later that night. She had picked out an outfit for the occasion that would really piss Rachel off, the sluttier an outfit; the more she said it makes the community look trashy. Shawna put on some white booty shorts that were so tight you could see her pussy hairs coming out the sides and her ass was almost half out in the back. She also had on a light pink tank top and you could see her large black nipples through it! She wasn't wearing a bra or panties; they would only get in the way. She made sure she grabbed the camera and her keys and left her apartment, she was already getting wet just thinking about what would happen next.

Rachel was bending over her bathtub when she heard the knock on her door, she was still naked and did not want to answer but it might be a resident with an emergency so she put on her black robe and went to her door. She opened it up and saw her trashiest resident standing in front of her, Shawna made her life a living hell; she was messy, rude, always wearing clothes that made the community look bad, and she was a tramp on top of it all! She had men over at all hours of the night and Rachel could actually hear them having sex some nights! Rachel wasn't quite a prude but she had only been with a few men in her life.

"Hi Shawna, what do you need?" Rachel was clearly annoyed.

"Oh don't be such a bitch Rachel; I have something I need to discuss with you." Shawna breezed past her and made herself comfortable on the living room couch. Rachel was shocked at the language; Shawna was being even more rude than usual.

"Excuse me!? What is so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow at the office?"

"Just some embarrassing pictures you might want to see, or at least your corporate office will. You would think that as a manager you would know not to walk around naked where everyone can see you! You're a very bad girl." Shawna loved the look on her landlord's face. All that was running through Rachel's mind was how she would lose her job if her bosses saw those pictures, she had to get them back, but she knew immediately there would be a catch.

"Please Shawna, I know you must've taken them earlier tonight, please delete them, I will let you have all the parties you want. I won't say a word. I'll even give you a discount on your rent! Please, I will lose my job if anyone sees those!" Rachel really would do anything. Shawna knew it too, which was going to make this so much easier. She stood up and walked over to Rachel, she gently guided her to the couch by her arm.

"Well that is what I was expecting from you, and that will be great, but I want more. I need you to do some things for me."

Rachel was scared. "What things?"

Shawna moved closer to her on the couch and suddenly swung her leg over Rachel so she was actually straddling her body! "You're going to do everything I ask of you, starting with sex. I have always thought you were sexy and now you're going to pleasure me, exactly how I like it... with me in control. I know you don't like women and I don't care, by the time I'm done with you you're going to crave black pussy and ass bitch."

"No way, that's disgusting! You're crazy get off me you... Ow!" Shawna slapped her so hard she had a red handprint on her face. This was quite different than the gentle touch just moments earlier.

"Look slut, that wasn't a question. You know you're going to do it, or you lose your job, and your home, and we both know you wouldn't let that happen. Now baby girl, open your mouth, I want you to start with my tits, I love getting my nipples licked."

Shawna pulled the top of her shirt down and her large breasts started spilling out, she lifted one up and pressed it to Rachel's lips. She still wouldn't open her mouth so Shawna pressed her whole tit into her face, she could barely breath. Shawna pulled back a bit and Rachel opened her mouth to protest, but she didn't have time to because suddenly the large black nipple was in her mouth. Rachel had never been with a woman before and was shocked by what was happening. Shawna grabbed the back of her head by her hair and said "lick that big nipple bitch, make me wet, I want to be dripping on your legs by the time you're done with these motherfuckers." Rachel was about to cry as she slowly started running her tongue across the already hard nipple, she hated this but knew it was her job or this.

"Oh yeah you little fucking slut, that is making mama so fucking wet, you're getting the whole thing in your mouth, I'm impressed. Ugghh fuck yes..." Shawna was grinding her hips into Rachel's stomach and her robe was becoming undone. She could feel the wet spot on Shawna's shorts rubbing on her flat stomach and it was too much, she felt a few tears running down her cheeks. Shawna saw them but just laughed, she didn't care if Rachel liked this, she probably would eventually, and it didn't matter to her either way.

"Do the other one bitch, while I make my phone call. I'm so wet I'm almost ready for the next part, you better get ready my little whore. Yeah, keep making those slurping noises, you love this you tit sucker. Oh hey girl, yeah sorry I was a little busy. So I found a way out of our apartment situation, meet me at the Bitch's apartment, and just come in, the door's unlocked. No no it's cool, trust me haha. Bring Renee too, and any other girls you got with you. We're gonna have a special party, make sure you got some liquor so we can get crazy. Ok, see you in 30, bye. Ok Rachel, let's step this up, I'm so ready right now."

"Please Shawna, I don't know what you're thinking but if you stop now I won't tell anyone and we can just keep our other deal. I can't do anymore, I don't like women."

Shawna grabbed Rachel's arm and pulled her off the couch, so hard that she though her arm was going to pop out of it's socket. "This aint up for discussion, it's how it is. The easier you accept it and the better you do everything, the better it will be for you. Now which one's your bedroom? We got bedroom business!"

Rachel led her to the room closest to the couch and tried to think of way out of this, but could come up with nothing. She felt herself shoved from behind and stumbled into the room. "Turn around bitch, help me with this shit. My shorts are stickin to my pussy cuz of all the shit you was doin in there. Start with my top, get over here and take it off. Yeah I know you want some more of these tits, you like mama's big fat titties huh? Haha good girl, now take off the shorts."

Rachel hesitated and Shawna slapped her face again. "Just for that you can get on your knees. Take them off with your teeth bitch!" Rachel was staring straight at the wet spot on her shorts and moved up to start taking them off, she slipped her teeth between the shorts and the black girl's skin and slowly pulled them down. They were held up in the back by the black girls large ass, Shawna saw the problem and turned around. "Make sure I can feel your nose in my ass crack as you pull these off, my lil slut. Hmmm, yeah, go slower!" Shawna loved feeling this white girl's breath on her asshole and actually bent over and started jiggling her cheeks! Rachel's face was right in between them and she was getting smacked in the face by the big black orbs. As she pulled them lower and lower she saw that she was face to face with Shawna's hairy pussy. It was glistening and as her face pressed against it she got some of the pussy juice on her face! Rachel was horrified and couldn't believe this was really happening, she just wanted it to be over. She finally got the shorts off and the black girl turned around so Rachel could see her gorgeous body, even if it was wasted on a straight white girl.

"Get on the bed on your back, now! And take that stupid robe off; it's only getting in the way. " Rachel was scared by the yell and climbed on the bed. She took off the robe and laid on her back, thinking about what was going to happen next. Shawna jumped on the bed next to Rachel's head and lifted her leg over the girl's body so she was straddling her face. She looked down and got even wetter seeing the hot girl looking up at her.

"Now when I lower this hot twat on your face you better start licking, lick me dry and then wet again you little cunt slut." Suddenly she slammed her wet pussy on the white girls face and started grinding around, back and forth and then in circles. She felt the Rachel slowly stick her tongue out and it entered the horny black girl. This was what she needed; she could barely see the girl's face anymore, just her eyes closed behind the pussy hairs.

Rachel was still in shock that this was happening; she had a beautiful black girl riding her face to cum. She wasn't as disgusted as she thought she would be but still did not want this at all. She had hairs all over her face and she had pussy juice running down the sides of her face. She was licking as fast as possible, trying to lick her clit to get her to cum. The sooner she cums, the sooner this is over, was all Rachel could think. Shawna was dragging her sopping pussy back and forth on the unwilling face and could feel her orgasm coming.

"Aarggh you little cunt loving whore you're doing so good, licking my hot black twat, yes! Lick my clit, now stick your tongue back in my fuck hole. I just fucked this nigga today and he got me all loosened up for you, I can almost get your chin up my cunt right now! Fuck yes, it's coming, keep licking slut you're not done yet!" She grabbed Rachel's head and pushed it as far up her pussy as it would go, her eyes were covered in juice and she couldn't breath; the cunt lips were like a mask on her face. Shawna started riding her face wildly, Rachel couldn't do anything but suck air out of the pussy to breath. Shawna started screaming in pleasure and Rachel felt a gush of cum all over her face, some went in her nose and her mouth was open trying to breathe so most of it went down her throat.

"Oh shit, that was fuckin bomb, hmm damn, you looked so good eating me lil white girl. Who knew that all this time you could've been where you belonged, between my legs servicing my wet gushy cunt. Now that I know, this is where you're gonna stay, anytime I want it."

"What are you talking about; this was supposed to be a one time thing! You're going to do this again?!"

"Again? Girl we're not even done, you haven't even licked my ass yet. You're gonna clean this pussy up and do it again. Remember? I said lick me dry and then wet again? That wasn't just talk. Damn, just talking about it has me going again. Now stick that tongue out, I got an ass that was made to be licked. You probably won't even be able to reach my asshole, my booty's that big."

With that, Shawna sat on Rachel's face again, but this time she was moving forward. Her pussy completely covered her eyes and forehead and she reached down to spread her ass for easier access. "Here you go slut, round 2. I'm even makin it easier for you, now start lickin that shit. Yes I mean it, stick that fucking tongue out and lick from the top of my crack to my pussy again. I'm gonna wipe myself with your face, that's all you're good for!"

Rachel resigned herself to the fact that this was going to happen and pushed her tongue up, she started and at the top of Shawna's crack and Shawna moved herself back and forth so that Rachel's tongue was licking her whole ass and pussy, as promised. Rachel's tongue was getting some of the pussy juice and as Shawna was grinding it made her whole ass wet too. Finally Shawna held her ass open and pushed herself down, before Rachel knew what was happening her tongue was inside the black girl's asshole and was being gripped as Shawna went up and down. Finally she pressed herself down until each ass cheek was surrounding Rachel's head, she was completely inside the girls ass. Rachel continued to move her tongue in and out and Shawna felt herself getting ready to come again.

"You're a fucking ass licker too, what a good slut, keep tongue fucking that shithole, this is your fucking calling. I'm gonna cum all over your face again and you just keep licking and sucking on that asshole. You're head belongs between my big fucking ass cheeks you white slut. Yes, keep licking, get it deeper, yes! Oh fuck!" Shawna came again and even more cum than the first time came gushing out onto Rachel's forehead and eyes. Shawna stopped writhing and grinding and just rested her weight on Rachel's face.

Rachel was completely exhausted and her tongue was almost numb. She was glad it was over but was worried about what was next, now that she knew Shawna wasn't done with her. The she heard the door open and a bunch of girl's voices filled the apartment calling for Shawna... her friends were here.

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