tagIncest/TabooRachel: My Sexy Sister Ch. 02

Rachel: My Sexy Sister Ch. 02


I glanced across at Judy as I drove. She was curled up, leaning against her door, fast asleep. The journey had been terrible. We’d set off early, but had still hit traffic jam after traffic jam, roadworks after roadworks. While driving, I’d tried hard to concentrate on the road. But now, as we got closer and closer to Rachel’s, that was becoming more difficult. All I could think about was my sister.

It’s been almost seven months since I last saw Rachel, since I last made love to her. But my memories of the two weeks I spent with her, when we became lovers, remain as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. I’ve spoken to her a lot on the phone, mainly when Jack, her husband, has been away. He works on an oilrig, and spends three weeks away before coming home for three weeks. He’s away at the moment.

I glanced at Judy again. She looks beautiful, so peaceful, in her sleep. I’d met Judy about five months ago, a couple of months after returning home from Rachel’s. Before Rachel, I would have been intimidated by Judy, by her looks, by her beauty. But after Rachel, I had the confidence to ask Judy out, and we’ve been together ever since. Judy thinks that I’m a pretty good lover – and that’s down to Rachel as well. She taught me most of what I know – but Judy doesn’t know that. Yet.

As I drove, I thought more and more about Rachel, about what we had got up together, still unsure how I’d react when I saw her again. By the time I pulled up outside her house, I had a raging hard on. Fortunately, by the time I’d shaken Judy awake, and we’d got ourselves sorted out, it had subsided a bit.

Rachel flung the door open the instant I knocked. I stared at her – she was even more beautiful than I had remembered. Her long auburn coloured hair shone, framing her pretty face with her green eyes like a halo. She was wearing a tight white top, and short red skirt. Her clothes clung to every one of her soft, sensual curves. By cock reacted immediately.

“Davie!” she screamed, throwing herself at me.

She flung her arms around my neck, and kissed me – a soft kiss, that I wanted to make into so much more. I could feel her large, firm breasts pressing against me, bringing more memories flooding back. I suddenly became conscious of my hard cock pressing against her. She moved her hips gently against me.

“Later,” she whispered in my ear, before pulling away to greet Judy.

She hugged Judy like they were old friends. Judy looked at me a bit quizzically, perhaps wondering at the intensity of Rachel’s greetings. Or had she spotted the obvious bulge in my jeans? As I followed the girls into the house, I desperately tried to adjust myself to hide the bulge in my jeans.

The two girls chatted away as Rachel showed Judy around the house, telling her to make herself at home. I trailed behind them, my cock throbbing as each room brought back memories of being with Rachel, of fucking with her all over the house.

I followed Judy and Rachel up the stairs. Judy was wearing tight jeans, and I watched mesmerised as her gorgeous bum went upstairs in front of me. As we got near the top I looked up at Rachel. She was watching me, a knowing look on her face. She took us into her bedroom, and told us that we could use it while we were staying, as it was the only double bed.

“I assume you do want to share?” she added, with a wicked glint in her eye.

I looked around, remembering the fun we had had on the bed and in the en-suite bathroom, the draw where Rachel kept her toys, the wardrobe where she kept her album of naughty photos. My cock was rock hard in my jeans. I looked across at Rachel and Judy. They were looking at the en-suite bathroom. As Judy went into that room to have a look, Rachel crossed quickly to me. I moaned out loud as she squeezed my cock through my jeans.

“I hope that’s for me,” she whispered into my ear, ”Because I need it. Soon.”

She quickly moved away from me, smiling across at Judy as she came back to join us. Visions of Rachel flooded my mind again as she led us from the room. She took us into the spare room.

“I’ll be in here,” she told us, giving me a knowing, wanton look from behind Judy’s back, the tip of her tongue sliding teasingly across her moist, kissable lips.

I turned quickly and left the room, my bulge now more than obvious. I dashed downstairs, shouting something about getting some stuff from the car. Outside, although the cool air calmed me down a bit, all sorts of thoughts were rushing through my mind – Rachel, Judy, me, all of us.

By the time I’d got back indoors, Judy was sat in the lounge, while Rachel was finishing off getting us all something to eat. Over dinner, we chatted about all sorts of things, with Rachel and Judy getting on like a house on fire. Although I managed to keep my thoughts away from Rachel over dinner and while we cleared up, I was quite relieved when Judy said she was tired, and led the way upstairs.

At the top of stairs, Rachel said goodnight, and kissed Judy on the cheek. As Judy went to our room, Rachel kissed me on the lips, her tongue slipping deep into my mouth. I kissed her back, pulling her to me. We broke apart with a gasp.

“I want you,” I told her.

She kissed me again, softly. She reached down and squeezed my cock.

“Later,” was all she said, before she turned and went to her room, throwing me an enigmatic smile over her shoulder.

As soon as I entered the bedroom, Judy came easily into my arms. I held her close, her full, firm breasts pressing against me, her arms around my neck. We kissed. It started softly, our lips barely touching. I rang the tip of my tongue along her lips, and then between them. Her tongue slipped past mine and into my mouth. Our tongues slipped easily over each other as we explored slowly but thoroughly.

My cock was rigid in my jeans. I pulled Judy harder to me, my hands holding her firm ass. She ground her pussy against me, gasping at my hardness. We pulled apart, breathless.

“Wow,” she said, as she ran her hand along the length of cock.

Even through my jeans, I could feel my cock throbbing. I felt harder than ever before.

“Don’t go away,” Judy told me as she headed for the bathroom, already popping the buttons on her jeans and wiggling her ass to get out of them.

I quickly undressed, and lay on the bed, stroking my cock. I thought of Judy, aching for her. But visions of Rachel kept filling my mind, knowing that she was in the bedroom next door, knowing that she would be listening.

I groaned out loud when Judy stepped out of the bathroom. She stopped, one hand stretched out and resting on the doorframe, her hip thrust forward, the light from the bathroom shining around her. She really did take my breath away.

Her shoulder length blonde hair shone in the light, hanging down just past her shoulders. Her smile lit up the room, her eyes bright and her full lips moist. Her fit, toned body was still tanned from last summer. Her small, pointed nipples showed up dark against her pert breasts. Her tummy was flat, a bush of blonde hair nestling at it’s base. Her hips flared out delightfully, before curving in to join her long, long legs.

I went to her quickly, my cock bouncing in front of me as I crossed the room. I pulled her to me, holding her tight as we kissed. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on me, sensing my urgency. I ran my hands over her body as she reached for my cock, pulling my skin back tight as she stroked me.

We broke apart, both breathless. I looked at her, taking in her beauty, before pulling her to me, my hands now around her, resting on her naked ass. She reached her arms around my neck as I pulled her tighter to me, my cock now standing up, her pussy grinding against me.

Our kisses became more passionate, more urgent, more wanton as our bodies pressed together. I felt her wetness smearing along my cock as I pressed against her. I led her quickly to the bed, kneeling over her as she stretched out in front of me, showing off her body to me. I gazed down at her wet thighs, at her pink, wet pussy. I leant over her and kissed her breasts, my heavy cock hanging down to her pussy.

“Fuck me,” she panted, “Quickly.”

I pushed my cock into her without ceremony, driving my hardness quickly and deeply into her soft wetness. She cried out as I fucked her hard, my hips driving my cock into her, her hips jerking up to meet me, our bodies close together. I felt her pussy clinging to me as I drove into her, sucking me into her. I fucked her harder and harder, visions of Rachel flashing through my mind as I fucked the woman I loved.

I pulled Judy tighter, burying my face in her neck, muffling my cries, scared I would cry out Rachel’s name. I felt Judy tense as her orgasm built, her cries intensifying as I drove my cock relentlessly, desperately, into her. As Judy cried out her pleasure to me, my balls tightened, and my cock seemed to bulge as cum poured into her, filling her.

I held Judy tight to me, our bodies joined, kissing her softly until we started to relax. She looked at me, perhaps wondering at my urgency. But tiredness soon overtook her, and I held her as she dozed off.

As I lay next to Judy, more thoughts of Rachel filled my mind. No matter how much I loved Judy, Rachel was always there. And I wanted her. Badly. I wanted her to be part of Judy and me. I could hear Rachel next door, just as she must have heard Judy and I minutes earlier.

It must have been an hour later when I heard Rachel crossing the landing to the bathroom. As soon as I heard her, I got up, being careful not to disturb Judy. By the time my sister came out of the bathroom, I was on the landing waiting for her. She didn’t seem surprised to see me, and crossed quickly to me, throwing herself into my arms.

Our first kiss was one of desperate need, our lips crushed together, our tongues thrusting into each other’s mouths. I held her tight to me, the heat of her body burning into me through her thin, silky gown. As we kissed, I dragged her gown from her, roughly pulling it off her shoulders, down her arms and away from her body. She pressed her naked body to mine, my long, hard cock caught between us.

Still holding her, I pushed her back against the wall. She grabbed my cock and guided me towards her. Her pussy opened up to me as I thrust my hips upwards, driving my cock into her hot body. She bit my shoulder as she cried out, as I fucked her, as she grabbed by bum and pulled me into her.

Her pussy contracted around me, holding me, squeezing me, as I pumped into her. She pressed her lips desperately to mine, kissing me hard to muffle her cries as she came, as her pleasure tore through her body. Only seconds later my cum jetted into my sister, mixing my cum with her juices inside her hot, wanton body.

We slumped against each other, exhausted by our need, by our release. We kissed softly, wanting more, but knowing we would have to wait. I watched Rachel pick up her gown, and go back to her room. I stood for what seemed like ages on the landing before creeping back to our room, and slipping into bed alongside Judy.

The next morning I felt more tired than when I went to bed. I’d been restless all night, my mind full of images of Rachel and Judy. I decided to get up and make a cup of tea – something Judy loved first thing in the morning. I crept past Rachel’s room, resisting the temptation to peep around the door at her. I needn’t have bothered – when I got downstairs and opened the kitchen door, Rachel was already there.

I pushed the door shut behind me. We stood staring at each other. Rachel was wearing the same black, silky gown as last night. The belt was loose, so that the two sides didn’t quite meet. I could see her deep cleavage. She moved one leg forward. The two sides of the gown separated a little more, exposing her flat, tanned tummy, a hint of soft, pubic hair at it’s base. Her green eyes were bright as she looked at me, her face framed by her thick, auburn hair.

My cock was rising steadily as I looked at her, as I drunk in her beauty, her desire. The boxers I’d pulled on to come downstairs did nothing to hide my erection. We stepped across the room and into each other’s arms. Her tongue snaked into my mouth as she reached down to drag my cock out of my shorts. I reached for her breasts, sliding a hand into her gown to cup her, to rub her hard nipples.

I manoeuvred her backwards towards the worktop, my hands never leaving her body, my lips and tongue hard against her. I held her by the hips and perched her on the edge of the work surface. I pulled her gown away from her body, leaving it draped on the worktop around her, leaving her in all her naked glory.

I knelt down quickly, and dragged her forward a little, pulling her pussy onto my hungry mouth. I drank in her juices, licking and sucking on her clit, her lips, her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her, pushing her hips up to meet my mouth, to meet my tongue. I pushed my tongue inside her as I sucked hard on her pussy. I could feel her tensing already, feel her orgasm starting to race through her.

Rachel’s breathing became harsh, her moans louder, as I fucked her with my tongue, my mouth clamped over her pussy and clit, sucking on her. She cupped her own breasts, rubbing her nipples, her thighs tight around my head. She threw her head from side to side as she came, grabbing my head again and dragging me harder onto her.

I pulled away from my sister, and stood up quickly. The look of alarm on her face quickly disappeared as she saw my rampant cock, the head an angry red colour. I drove into her without any hesitation, thrusting my long cock deep into her hot, wet body. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed around me, clamping me tight inside her. I fucked her hard, pulling her to me, kissing her frantically, her breasts against my chest, my hips driving my cock into her.

She came again as I fucked her. I held my long, hard cock deep inside her as her orgasm welled up from deep inside her and washed through her body. I held her tight to me, feeling her pleasure, until she whispered, “Fuck me, cum for me.”

Then I slammed my cock into her hot body, driving into her time and time again as the cum boiled in my tingling balls, until they drove the cum out of my cock and deep into her pulsating body. We held each other tight as our juices mixed inside her, our bodies hot with passion, with desire. We clung to each other, breathing heavily, kissing softly, as our bodies calmed down.

My cock slipped out of her as I held her tight. With a start we came to our senses when we both heard the creak of floorboards as Judy got up. She seemed to be heading for the bathroom, so I quickly pulled on my boxers, and made the tea I’d come down for, before heading back upstairs. Rachel and I looked at each other before I left the kitchen, a look of desire, of need, in both our faces.

“Later,” she told me, “Now go!”

I left the kitchen, knowing that I wanted – needed – more, and that Rachel felt the same.

Back upstairs, I tried to put my guilt to the back of my mind, and climbed back into bed with Judy, who had just come out of the bathroom. We drank our tea, and chatted about what we do that day. Judy was due to go out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, to look after some work. The fact that Judy needed to visit her customer was what had triggered the visit to Rachel’s in the first place.

We snuggled back down in the bed, and held each other. We made love gently, sensually, as we so often did in the morning. I took my time with Judy, running my hands and lips all over her naked body, savouring the feel and taste of her. My cock hardened gradually until it was rock hard against Judy’s thigh as I leant over to kiss her. I held her and rolled onto my back, pulling her easily on top of me.

She straddled me, pushing her pussy down onto my cock, rubbing herself against my hard flesh. She dipped her head down to kiss me, her tongue licking along my lips before sliding into my mouth. Her breasts touched my lightly, her hard nipples dragging across my flesh. She lifted her hips away from me, moving up slightly to position her pussy at the head of my cock. I reached down and rubbed my cock head along her slit, before easing inside her hot wetness.

Judy pushed her hips against me, my cock head slipping easily into her. She let out a long moan of pleasure as she pressed herself down against me, as my cock slid easily into her pussy, burying itself deep inside her. I held her hips as she rocked against me, her hips moving up and down to fuck me.

As her movements became faster, more urgent, I started to move with her, thrusting my hips up to meet her, driving my cock deeper inside her. We kissed passionately, our lips and tongues muffling our cries as our passions rose. I reached for her ass, rubbing her puckered little hole with my finger, driving her wild, before pushing the tip of my finger into her.

Her moans got louder as I fucked her ass that tiny bit, taking her to the edge of her orgasm, and then over it as her pleasure rushed through her. I forced my cock deeper inside her as my cum shot into her. He clung to each, kissing fiercely, as our bodies melted together.

Minutes later we rolled onto our sides, kissing softly, lovingly, my cock still just inside her. As we held each other, Judy shut her eyes and relaxed. I looked lovingly at her, confused by my love of Judy and my lust for Rachel, wondering were it would end, wondering how it would end when Judy found out about Rachel and I, as she must surely do.

I must have dozed off, as when I opened my eyes, I could hear the shower running. I thought about joining Judy, but by the time I’d got my act together the water had stopped. I waited for Judy to come back, and then went for a quick shower. By the time Judy was dressed, I wasn’t far behind her and we eventually went down for breakfast together.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, Rachel came out of the kitchen, still dressed in her gown. She kissed us good morning and then went upstairs. I longed to turn and watch her, but resisted as I followed Judy into the kitchen. We had some toast and juice, and then took our coffee through to the lounge. By the time we’d finished, Rachel was back downstairs. She told us that she was off to get a bit of shopping from the local supermarket. Judy offered to go with her, so I was left on my own for an hour.

When they were gone, I went back up to our room to finish unpacking. There were only a few bits left in our bags, so it didn’t take long. As I put the last bits in the wardrobe, I thought about the photo album Rachel had showed me all those months ago. I hesitated at first, but then reached up to the back of the top shelf to see if it was still there. It was. I pulled it down and sat on the bed.

The album was mainly of Rachel, with a few pictures of Jack, her husband. All of the pictures were very erotic. Some had been taken outside, some in the house, and others at what looked like a hotel. In all of them Rachel looked stunning. I took my time looking through the album, spotting a few new pictures at the back.

As I looked at them, I automatically began rubbing the front of my trousers, feeling the hard ridge of my cock. I pulled my cock out of my jeans and stroked along its length, flicking through the album again. A full-scale wank seemed inevitable when I heard the front door. I quickly pushed the album back into the wardrobe and tidied myself up. By the time I got downstairs, Rachel and Judy were in the kitchen putting the shopping the away.

“You look a bit hot,” Rachel commenting, “Been busy?”

It was almost as if she could read my mind.

A bit later, as soon as we had finished lunch, Judy announced that she needed to go and see her customer. After she had got changed, I waved her off. She called out that she’d be a couple of hours, and to be good. I watched her drive off before stepping back into the house. As soon as I shut the door, Rachel was in my arms.

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