tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRachel Ray: Sex in 30

Rachel Ray: Sex in 30


Rachel was standing in her studio kitchen getting ready to tape a new episode of 30 minute meals. She thought she looked especially good today in a button up white shirt and denim skirt. She had a hot date with her husband John after work and she wanted to look her best.

She finished up the chocolate pudding that she was making for her date with John then added a bit of the powder she had picked up today. The man, who sold it to her, told her that any man who ate a bit of the powder would find her completely irresistible and be unable to keep from fucking her.

Even though she and John were still happy together, their sex life wasn't the greatest lately. She had gone to the specialty shop to see if she could find something to spice up their marriage.

She mixed the powder in well with the pudding then put it in her show fridge to chill. John would pick her up here after work so she figured they would just eat whatever she made for the show.

Thinking about John and his cock, was sending her pussy into a frothing frenzy. She knew she wouldn't be able to cook while her pussy was on fire. Looking at the clock on the wall, she realized she still had a few minutes till show time. She left the studio heading to the bathroom to take care of her hot pussy.

She came back a couple minutes later with a quieter pussy ready to start cooking. Rachel noticed two things when she moved back into the studio kitchen. One of her cameramen Tony was standing behind the counter and he was eating the pudding she had planned to feed John tonight. "Oh no..." She said running up to him. She grabbed the bowl out of his hand and sighed when she saw it was completely empty. He had eaten all of it. "Oh Tony..." She said looking at his 6' tall frame. "What have you done?"

Tony smiled sheepishly as his blue eyes moved over her. "Sorry Rachel. I saw it in there and couldn't help myself."

Rachel put the bowl in the sink and ran water in it. "It's okay, I was just...Tony...What are you doing?"

While she had been busy, he moved up behind her and unbuttoned her shirt, his hands moved to her bra encased breasts and he was squeezing them powerfully. "I'm sorry Rachel. I can't seem to help myself. I need to fuck you so bad."

Rachel had always thought that Tony was a good looking guy. 6', 150lbs. his sandy brown hair always seemed untidy. She felt his hard cock pressing against her ass and moaned. "No...I'm married Tony." She cried trying to get out from his grip.

She gasped when she felt his hand move down her body and unzip her skirt. She had left her panties off after she fingered her pussy so when the skirt wrapped around her ankles. She was naked from the waist down. "I can't help myself Rachel. Oh god I need you." Tony groaned slipping a long, slender finger into her sopping hole.

Rachel dug her fingers into the sink even as she thrust her ass back against him. "Wait...What am I doing?" She asked herself as she felt his finger slowly slide in and out of her. "Tony...Stop...I'm married." She begged as she grabbed at his thrusting hand.

Tony kissed at her neck as the hand not in her pussy pulled her shirt down over her arms. He undid her bra, and then slipped the straps down her arms until her breasts fell free. "Oh come on...Just a little. I need you so bad. I can't stop now." He begged as he pressed his crotch against her naked ass. His finger moved faster inside her even as his other hand attacked her bare breast.

She tried pulling his hand from her pussy but he just kept slamming his finger into her. When she felt him slide a second finger in with the first, she almost came right then and there. "Tony...This isn't right." She panted as he brought her body to a full raging fire. "Oh god. Don't stop." She screamed when he suddenly started ramming his hand hard into her body.

"Rachel, oh Rachel. Your pussy feels so good. I can't wait to bury my cock inside you." He moaned as her body tightened around his hand. His other hand was busy squeezing her breast while he pushed her against the sink as he shoved his hard cock against her ass. "Turn around baby." He demanded suddenly moving back from her and pulling his hands from her body.

When his hands left her body, Rachel felt a bit of saneness move over her. "Tony we..." She gasped when he suddenly turned her to face him while locking his mouth tightly on her own. His tongue slid smoothly into her mouth even as his hands worked at his jeans. "I need you Rachel. God help me I need you so bad." He growled lifting her body up onto the sink even as he brought his 9 inch cock out in the open.

"Oh baby." Rachel moaned seeing the huge piece of meat he had between his legs. She knew she shouldn't let him do this but the thought of having that monster inside her was turning her on something fierce. Tony groaned when she wrapped her fingers around him, guiding him into her body. "Oh fuck me." She begged when she felt him slide into her depths.

"Oh Rachel...You feel so good honey." Tony groaned as he felt her envelop him. "I need you so bad honey." He started his strokes out slow but it wasn't long before he was slamming into her.

"Fuck me..." Rachel screamed slamming her body tightly against his as he rode her pussy with his hard cock. "It feels soo good. Oh god...I'm cummminnngggg..." Her hips slammed hard against his body even as she convulsed around him.

"Fuck...Yes...Coat me honey." Tony growled claiming her mouth in a hungry kiss as he felt her tighten around his pounding cock.

The thrusting couple didn't realize they had an audience or that the camera was rolling showing the world what was happening in Rachel's kitchen. Today had been set to be a live taping and the world was certainly getting an eyeful.

"Fuck mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee..." Rachel screamed as Tony sent her flying once again. She locked her legs tightly around his waist as he pounded her pussy with his hard strokes.

"Fuck I'm cummminnngggg..." Tony cried as he suddenly pulled out of her spasming pussy and came against her stomach.

It was then that the couple heard the clapping from the people around them. Rachel was horrified and gasped when she saw the red light on the camera and knew that the whole world had just watched her fuck Tony.

"I guess we'll have to call the show sex in 30 from now on." Tony said with a grin as he fixed his jeans.

Rachel just glared at him. "I so don't think so."

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