tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRachel's Blackmail Ch. 01

Rachel's Blackmail Ch. 01

bynot a politician©

Rachel wasn't wearing anything, unless you counted the expression off bliss that was a result of the intense orgasm she had just experienced. Until just a moment ago, she had masturbated furiously to one of her exhibitionistic fantasies. The thought of running around naked outside, and being caught that way...

The reality was that she was in her room, door locked, shades drawn, and everything triple-checked to make sure absolutely no one could see her in her unclothed state. For all her fantasies, Rachel was a very shy girl. She had already begun to resign to the fact that her fantasies were just something she occasionally masturbated to.

But then she happened upon the idea of erotic blackmail. On an erotic story board, she found a reposted and recently completed story by a genius under the alias of hooked6, featuring a heroine that got blackmailed to expose herself in a lot of inappropriate places.

Being an independent-minded person, she at first objected to anyone being forced to do anything against her will, sexual or otherwise. But her mind wouldn't let go of the issue, and she began to include elements of coercion into her fantasies, placing herself as the (unconsciously willing) heroine/victim of some interesting new masturbatory scenarios.

She eventually realized that it not only turned her on, but would also help to overcome her shyness, at least in so far as it was eliminated as an obstacle to making her fantasies come true. Forced nudity was definitely her thing!

Some of the board's regulars had posted teasing comments about doing something like the blackmail club in real life. One of them even tried to develop a guide on how it would have to be done. While consideration of boring real-life problems was certainly less of a turn-on than exciting fantasy scenarios, it showed her one thing: This would work best if her blackmailer was someone she knew, like in the story.

Finding the right person was a no-brainer: She and her flatmate Michelle told each other everything, even their sexual fantasies. Rachel got dressed and went to Michelle's room.

Michelle listened to her friend's plans and agreed to help her out by giving her tasks to accomplish. Secretly, she was absolutely thrilled by what Rachel proposed to her and it was all she could do to keep from showing too much eagerness. Ever since the first time Rachel told about her exhibitionistic fantasies, Michelle was hoping she'd actually go through with at least some of them. Now, she could make sure she'd do all of them. Best of all, she'd be the one to make her do it.

Michelle didn't want anything BAD to happen to Rachel, but this was something Rachel herself wanted, and Michelle intended to make the absolute most of it.

Of course, she'd have to move at the right pace, making every task more daring by the right amount. She needed to do this not only to make things progress smoothly, but also to keep them fun. It wouldn't do at all if Rachel got bored with a task or was so frightened of it that she broke down and was unable to do it. Well, enough thinking, she thought to herself, let's get it started.

Michelle produced a digital camera from somewhere, and told Rachel to hold her head in several different positions. Rachel did so while Michelle took photos of her. She wondered if and how these photos could be used for blackmail. However, this was soon to be explained by Michelle:

"Over the next week, I'll combine your face with erotic pictures from the net, especially the kind containing strange fetishes. That'll be our blackmail material. I assure you it will be nothing you want your friends and family to see."

"Won't they recognize it's not really me?", Rachel asked.

"Depends. How many of them know how you really look like nude?"


"That's right. Now please undress completely."

"Want some real photos as well?"

"No, this is not about more photos and no, this is not a task. You don't even have to do it. But I thought that things will be easier for you if you get used to being naked inside of the apartment. You may also want to start sleeping in the nude. Whatever you do, your first task will start exactly a week from now."

Despite having readily stripped for the photos, Rachel felt uneasy about getting naked without any real reason. On the other hand, Michelle's reasoning made perfect sense. Sighing, she undressed, neatly folding her clothes, but then sat on the couch, drew her legs, which were pressed tightly together, to her chest and put her arms around them.

Knowing that such silly covering could not reasonably be kept up for the whole next week, Michelle didn't say anything about it. Everything was going just like she wanted it to.

When Michelle had suggested for Rachel to ease into nudity (as far as the blackmail scenario allowed easing in), she really thought about Rachel's well-being. She almost succeeded to convince herself this was the only reason. But the truth was, she just loved to get the still somewhat shy exhibitionist trainee naked as often and as long as possible.

Needless to say, when the girls went to their respective beds that night, it wasn't for sleeping...

(Well, not immediately) next: The first real task

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