Rachel's College Vacation


Steve opened the package to a loud crinkle. Damn foil wrappers, Steve thought, as he rolled the condom onto his hard cock. With his right hand he began to massage Rachel gently over her panties, she was so wet he couldn't believe it. He pushed her panties to the side and rubbed her thick juicy lips. Rachel gasped loudly. "Be gentle" she whispered. Steve positioned the tip of his cock up against her folds, parting them softly as Rachel braced herself. She couldn't believe she was going to fuck Steve in the same room as her brother. Steve started to push in slowly. "I can't believe this is happening" he said as his head popped into Rachel's tight pussy.

"Ohh. Go slow" Rachel whispered. Steve pushed a little more insistently, he had a surprisingly thick cock, although it was an average length. Rachel thought he may be as thick as her brother, maybe thicker. Steve's hips started grinding little circles, gently stretching Rachel out, all the time rubbing on her clit. Rachel moaned with approval as Steve pushed deeper and deeper until finally his cock was buried in her pretty pussy. It was the second cock to make it into Rachel, although many had tried. She had always had a soft spot for Asians, and Steve embodied the gentleman approach that she loved, not to mention he was gorgeous and had great muscle tone. She smiled as her friend started sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Damnit Rachel, you're gonna make me cum" Steve grunted as his hairless chest rubbed up and down her soft chest, his pubic bone grinding against her clit. Rachel giggled as she knew she was milking his cock. Ever since her brother had fucked her, she became aware how to manipulate her muscles in her vagina, and had flexed them during many orgasm sessions since then. She squeezed Steve as hard as she could as he just held his cock in her. "You have to stop" he whispered as he kissed her juicy lips.

Steve began to pick up his rhythm as Rachel sighed. Little did Steve know that he was going to make her cum before he came. The bed began to creak, the wood of the loft gently tapped against the wall. "Ohhh just like that" Rachel breathed. His cock was like a well oiled shaft now, the condom and Rachel's juices mixing in a hot volatile mixture. Pubic bones were touched on every thrust, sending Rachel's clit into a frenzy. She felt this burning feeling shoot into her nerves and let out a loud cry as her pussy spasmed against his cock. Quickly Steve started to pound into her, clamping his lips over hers as she came into his mouth. Steve moaned back as Rachel hungrily devoured the man who had just made her cum harder than she had ever imagined. Just then she felt him freeze, and then jerk twice, as she knew he filled up his condom.

The two breathed in unison for several minutes, unable and unwilling to move. Steve's cock slowly began to deflate, and he abruptly pulled out of Rachel's fulfilled pussy with an obscene 'plop' sound. He pulled the condom off, tied it in a knot, and placed it back on the shelf behind them. The two cuddled and kissed a little more as the sexual high washed over their bodies. Rachel reluctantly pulled back and put her bra and shirt back on. She began to climb out of the bed. "No, sleep here, I insist. I've slept on the futon plenty, I know how to make it work" Steve insisted.

Rachel smiled at his gentleman way as Steve jumped down onto the futon with the grace of a ninja. He stood up next to his bed as he tucked Rachel in and gave her a good night kiss. "Goodnight my Queen, sleep well" he whispered. She giggled and wished Steve goodnight as well, as she snuggled deep into his luxurious sheets. Rachel had amazing dreams that night, filled with romance of movies she has seen in the past, love stories from old Asian films which had started her admiration. Steve had lived up to everything she admired and more, he had helped protect her from leeches at the party, he made sure she had a comfortable place to sleep, he even made her cum first. What a gentleman, she thought as she slept deeply.

When Rachel awoke in the morning she was so refreshed. She had really missed sex, she made a note that she needed a boyfriend soon. As she stretched and rolled over she noticed she was alone in the room. A little uneasy, she jumped down off the loft and quickly locked the door. As she pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt over her lithe body, she stuck her head out the door. Damn, where was Brian, she thought. She really had to pee! Rachel quickly padded down the hall towards the bathroom and snuck her head in. "Is anyone in here?"

"Rachel, I think I'm the only one in here" her brother answered from the shower. The two sat in silence as Rachel made sure. She quickly walked into the bathroom.

"I really gotta pee sorry"

"Just don't flush, it will burn me" Brian warned.

Rachel moved quickly to a stall and sat down. "I heard you" Brian said with no emotion.

Rachel froze for a second, wondering if he meant what she thought he meant. "Well of course you heard me pee, silly, you're right here." Distracted Rachel flushed the toilet. Brian shrieked as Rachel giggled loudly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" she repeated with sincerity. She headed around back to the showers and peaked around. "Bri? Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok, my feelings are hurt though."

"How can hot water hurt your feelings? I told you it was an accident" Rachel decried.

"That's not what I mean, I heard you. Last night."



Silence as Rachel and Brian listened to the shower water just bounce off his body onto the hard tile. The echo was heard throughout the bathroom. Rachel thought for a minute and then quickly undressed. Before she knew it she was coming through the shower curtain. "Whoa what are you doing?" Brian asked.

"Do you know how much I've thought about you? Missed you since you came to college? Do you have any idea how much I love you Brian? I think about you fucking Tara almost every night, wishing it was me."

"I didn't know..."

Rachel sighed as she looked at her wet naked brother. "I'm sorry you heard that last night. Steve is the only other person whom I've been with. I didn't want you to hear."

Brian blushed and looked away. She glanced down and saw his penis jump a little. "Is my big brother getting hard because I'm here?" Rachel pondered.

"Not exactly" Brian replied shyly.

"Oh, so now you don't think I'm sexy any more" she pouted.

"No, I mean, I was thinking about something else."

"Oh, what" Rachel wondered innocently.

"Hearing Steve make you cum" Brian said softly.

Rachel grinned as she gripped his still soft cock in her hand. "Tell me more please" as she gently massaged her brother's organ.

"I heard his balls slap off your ass, I was so jealous."


"I woke up when I heard the condom wrapper, I couldn't believe Steve was getting ready to fuck you. I wanted to fuck you Rachel, god you looked so sexy tonight. You're growing into such a beautiful woman" Brian spouted.

Rachel giggled and sunk to her knees. She had wanted to suck her brother's cock for so long, and now she wouldn't let this chance pass. Her hand pulled his nearly hard cock level with her mouth as she gently kissed the head. Her lips wet with saliva began to nurse at his crown as she sucked him gently into her mouth. She heard him gasp as his knees started to twitch. "Go on" she said.

Brian moaned as his sister began to lick up and down the side of his shaft. Then she pushed the shaft up to his stomach, lovingly laying her tongue flat against his balls, and bringing it all the way up his cock slowly and deliberately. His cock head ran down her forehead, leaving a precum trail down her nose, until it rest at her lips as she looked her big eyes up at her brother. She then finished the lick up the bottom of his mushroom shaped head, leaving it flat on her tongue, and quickly pushed her mouth forward taking his cock into her warm channel.

Brian moaned loudly. "God that's amazing Rachel! I could hear you moaning last night as Steve put his cock in at first. And when you came, god, I came too, all over my stomach. I couldn't believe you came so hard. Shit."

Rachel smiled as she bobbed her lips around his shaft, enjoying his length and width as she took him into her mouth. Rachel's tongue kept close contact against the bottom of his penis, and her drool made the blowjob nice and sloppy. Brian started to shake. "Listening to Steve make my baby sister cum, I could smell you Rachel."

Rachel squealed around his cock as she unexpectedly came right there, sucking on her big brother's cock. She quickly began to rub her aching pussy as she came down from her surprise orgasm, all the time milking Brian's cock with her mouth. "Ohh shit girl" Brian exclaimed as he grabbed her head with both hands. He jerked immediately as shot after shot of semen fired down her throat. His calves flexed as he drove his cock deep into her throat as he came and came, coating her tongue and cheeks with blasts of sperm. Rachel relaxed and swallowed what he gave her, still warm after cumming and enjoying her morning snack. Brian pulsed and pulsed down into his baby sister's mouth before he rubbed her cheek and released her head. Rachel pulled her head back while tightening her lips and tongue around his cock. As she sucked and pulled back, Brian's cock limply fell out of her tight embrace. She leaned forward and hungrily cleaned his cum-stained cock with her tongue as she looked up at him. "Where did you learn to do that? I thought you'd only been with two guys?" Brian gasped.

"First off, I'm a natural, thank you. And second, I said I've only fucked two guys" Rachel replied with a wink.

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