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Rachel's Daddy


Overwhelmed, Rachel closed her ancient civilizations history book and decided she was finished with studying for the evening. She was tired and sore. She could feel her neck muscles twist into knots and was glad no one else was around.

Rachel still felt like a guest in her daddy's home after living there for only few months. Her daddy had let move in with his family and, even though the estate was large, share Anna's room while Rachel attended the local college to save money. Surprisingly, everyone was nice to her. The twin boys, who were only a year younger, were friendly and when she wasn't drunk, her step mother was fun and talkative. Rachel got along with everybody except her Anna, her half-sister.

Rachel and Anna had always battled for their father's attention but Rachel lived three states away with her mother. With their birthdates only days apart, the sisters fought endlessly. Nothing had changed since they were babies.

Their daddy had knocked up his wife and secretary at the same time. After the divorce, Rachel's mother ceased all but the most essential contact with her ex and moved away. For Rachel, her daddy was more of a fairy tale character than a real person, never seen and vaguely spoken of except late at night. So, when her daddy suggested she move in to his house so he could help with college, Rachel was excited.

Rachel looked at the clock and hurried because she was going to be late to meet her daddy. Quickly, she took a hot shower, slipped into her new panties, put on some lipstick and tried to find something nice to wear.

She didn't like anything in the closet she shared with Anna. She thought about the new dress Anna received for her birthday and pulled it out. The short, silky print dress had buttons down the front and hugged the torso. The fabric was thin and the skirt flared outward so that it would emphasize her long legs. It was a perfect for tonight.

Rachel knew Anna would be furious if Rachel wore the dress but, then again, Anna wasn't home. Rachel smiled and thought to herself, "Let her get mad, the dress should have been mine."

Rachel had wanted the dress first but, Anna talked their daddy into buying it for herself while Rachel was still in the dressing room. Rachel thought to herself, "Fuck you, Anna."

Anyway, the flirty dress fit Rachel better than it fit Anna because Rachel had a larger bust line and a pert ass. Looking in the mirror, Rachel knew her exposed thighs and cleavage, restrained only by dress's flimsy buttons, made the dress look sexy. Rachel knew it would get her daddy's attention. She was late, but she wanted to look special tonight because her daddy was going away on business for a month.

Then, Rachel slipped out the back door of the empty house and carefully headed into the dark backyard. Excited, she knew her father was waiting in the pool house for her, alone.

Deep into her freshman year at college, Rachel had been getting knots in her shoulders and neck from the pressure of the tests and studying. She started to get migraines from all of the pressure. She was in so much pain that she thought about quitting school and going back home but her daddy talked her out of it.

He said he knew what to do and started, privately, to give her massages after her studies. Miraculously, with the first massage, he worked the tension out of her muscles and she was able to relax. She found she was doing much better in school and she got to spend time alone with her daddy, away from Anna.

For the past two months, her daddy had been giving her massages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night while her step-mother was teaching adult education classes downtown. While her step-mother was at work and the rest of the family was out, he had put a new massage table in the pool house and said not to tell anyone. He said he was taking an online massage therapist course to be able to help Rachel but he didn't want to become the family masseuse. It was their secret.

Always leaving early for their evening trysts under false pretenses, he parked on a quiet side street and covertly returned via the back alley and a forgotten gate. The rest of the family was unaware of their private meetings in the pool house.

The pool house was a brick, one room structure facing the swimming pool. It was hidden from the main house by a small hill and some evergreen trees. The pool was no longer heated and was now covered in black plastic. During the hot summer days, the pool house was a place to get out of the sun or pour tropical drinks for friends but now, during late autumn, it had been closed for the season, forgotten. No one came out here now, not even the gardeners. It was a perfect place for secrets.

The secluded walkway wasn't lit, so she carefully chose each footstep by moonlight while thinking about her daddy. He had been paying a lot attention to her lately but he was leaving for a month. She was going to miss him because they seemed to be getting so much closer, maybe too close.

During her massages, a lot of boundaries had been crossed. He was touching her in places that he shouldn't and telling her things that weren't appropriate. Even in the busy household, her daddy had taken a lot of liberties with her. Sometimes, he would open the bathroom door when she was taking a shower and talk to her, talk a long time. Rachel knew her body was exposed through the shower door.

Other times, he would slip his hand over breast or ass when no one else was looking and squeeze. His hand would linger until she brushed him away. When she scolded him, her daddy just laughed. Rachel knew she should have said something to her mother but secretly, she liked his attention. Her daddy knew it too because she stopped objecting as much.

Her daddy's massages had turned from clinical operations to sultry affairs that stirred his lust and her carnal desires. Deep inside, she knew these meetings were wrong; however she didn't want them to stop.

The years of being ignored or even worse, forgotten, by her daddy had blurred the lines of their relationship. She wanted him to want her. Once disregarded but now pursued by her daddy, she was ecstatic by her new status and their secret time alone. Emotionally abandoned in her childhood, she searched for any semblance of affection and immersed herself in it when she found it

Cautiously opening the cabana door, she scanned the yard to see if anyone was looking before she slipped inside the dark room. When Rachel entered the cabana, it took a moment for her blue eyes to adjust. Her daddy, standing by the massage table, gave her a big warm smile and handed her a glass of zinfandel. She took a big gulp. Acting enchanted, her daddy stated, "Rachel, you look beautiful. I've been waiting a long time for you, but after seeing you, it was worth it."

Rachel glanced down, embarrassed by his intensity, but she was happy to hear her daddy's praise. She could feel her nipples harden under his gaze. The room was dark and sensual with soft piano music playing. Nervously sipping the wine, she stood in front of her daddy in her little dress and let him look her over. Her daddy smiled at her, a big smile and teased her, "Should you be wearing that dress, baby? Did Anna say it was okay?"

Rachel ignored his question and replied, "Do you like it on me?"

"I love it on you, baby. Frankly, you look so good in that dress that I...that I wouldn't let you out on a date wearing it."

Rachel blushed but her daddy's compliment warmed her. While she stood by the doorway, her daddy walked around her, circled her, leering down at her. Rachel was nervous. He got so close that she could smell his woody cologne and feel his hot breath on her neck. Behind her, the lock on the door clicked shut. Her heart sped up. They were very alone.

As he circled around her, he said, "Tonight is our last massage for a while. I'm going to miss them while I'm gone. But, do you know what I am really going to miss? I'll really miss being alone with you, baby."

"I'm going to miss you too, daddy"

From behind her, her daddy leaned forward and whispered, "Baby, you look so sexy tonight. I love how this dress fits you, hugs you. I'm going to remember how it barely holds your breasts and the way I can see your nipples begging for attention. When I am alone at night while I am away, I am going to have dreams about you in that dress. I'll think about you often while I am gone. You excite me."

Her daddy hadn't ever expressed his arousal for her in such a direct manner. Rachel blushed at her daddy's words as he walked over to the massage table in the middle of the room and pulled the sheet back. He asked in a suggestive way, "Rachel, are you ready?

The words automatically fell from her lips, "Yes."

"Good. Then take off your clothes."

Rachel hesitated, waiting for her daddy to turn around. When he didn't move, Rachel asked, "Aren't you going to turn around?"

"Not tonight, baby. While I am gone, I want to be able to remember everything about you and about tonight. Stand right there and get undressed for me."

Rachel wasn't sure if she was ready for this. She felt his hunger so she took a deep breath, put down the wine and started to undress. She looked up into her daddy's eyes but he was already staring down at her body as she released the first button. Rachel knew she should have been used to her daddy ogling her by now but tonight felt different.

In the beginning, Rachel, shy and nervous, had wanted to stay dressed during her massages. Her body had changed a lot in the past few years and she still wasn't comfortable being naked in front of her daddy. Yet, her daddy had insisted, "That is ridiculous. No one gets a massage with their clothes on."

It took a week for Rachel to feel comfortable enough to remove everything but her underwear, yet it wasn't enough for him. He was relentless with her, "The course requires that my subject be undressed, naked. If you're not going to undress, I will need to find another subject. Maybe, Anna would like a massage. She has always been more cooperative than you."

Rachel bristled at the mention of her step sister, Anna. Rachel understood her daddy's veiled threat and didn't want him to spend any additional time with Anna. Rachel and Anna were like two feral cats on a fence, each stubborn half-sister spat, hissed and fought for each inch of ground.

By the second week of massages, with considerable urging from her daddy and a glass of wine, Rachel got naked only if her daddy turned around. But he never fulfilled his side of the bargain. Before she could slide under the sheet, he always turned around. When he caught her naked crossing the room, he didn't even try to avert his eyes. She could feel her father staring at her body while she slipped under the sheet.

Maybe she should have been mad or maybe she should have been embarrassed but instead she was proud when her daddy looked at her so wantonly. He never looked at Anna this way. But what really embarrassed her was how hard her nipples had become under his lusty gaze. She knew she was playing with fire.

Today, Rachel started to turnaround but her daddy stopped her, "Don't turnaround. I don't want to miss anything. Rachel knew she shouldn't but she complied with his request.

Rachel slowly unbuttoned the sexy dress while trying to keep herself covered. The swell of her breasts was exposed as she released the first few buttons. Rachel was only wearing panties underneath the dress so she was quickly showing lots of creamy skin.

Soon, the deep valley between her breasts and her flat stomach was bare. Her daddy's eyes sparkled each time another button was undone and little more of her flesh was shown. She tried to keep her breasts covered with the dress but knew her daddy was catching glimpses of her pink nipples.

"Baby, you have such beautiful skin. Creamy and smooth. I think the massage oil has been good for you. But baby, I really like those hard pink buttons of yours."

He seemed to pant like a dog. When the final button was released, she thought she was being foolish trying to hide any more since her daddy had already seen her naked, although fleetingly.

She decided to be brave and give her daddy what he wanted. She stood up, back straight with arms at her side and let the dress fall open to show her body. As if in a movie, she pulled her shoulders back and the dress fell to the floor around her feet. Rachel held her breath and stood proudly in front of her daddy in only her panties.

"Damn baby, those pink buttons look so sweet on top of your juicy breasts. Any boyfriend of yours is going to be lucky."

Her daddy's eyes grew dark and hungry looking down at her. She could feel her daddy's eyes caress her young body. Exploring each hollow. The look of lust on his face scared her but it also excited her. She felt wanted. Her breathing quickened. Slapped with the intensity of his desire, she quickly covered her breasts with her arms.

"You have become such an attractive woman, a work of art. I'm so lucky."

She turned around, removed her panties and slipped under the sheet he held for her. Her daddy took one last look at her naked body before he covered her with sheet. Without another word, her daddy moved to the head of the table and oiled up his hands, warming it. He started working on her shoulders and neck. As if he found a hidden switch, Rachel felt all of her muscles relax and her breathing slowed down. The moment had passed without incident. Everything was alright.

"Just relax. I'll take care of you."

The relaxing atmosphere drew Rachel deep into a trance while her daddy's hands worked magic on loosening the knots in her lower back and neck until finally, after fifteen minutes of work, she closed her eyes.

The small room was darkened by the tightly closed blackout curtains so no one could see them. Only the soft orange glow from two overhead lights on each side of the massage table illuminated the room. The warm air smelled like jasmine. Rachel's nerves were calmed while her father soothed her muscle's aches.

Rachel was almost asleep when her daddy's oily hands slipped under the sheet. His hands slipped down the spinal furrow of her bare back and spread out over her ass cheeks. She always felt so small in his large hands. Gently but firmly, he squeezed her ripe, round ass. Rachel was not surprised because he had done this before during their massages.

Each previous time, his hands spent a little longer under the sheets, caressing her and touching her where he shouldn't. She was tired of trying to curb his advances. This time, she didn't try to stop his hands fondling her but playfully warned him, "Daddy, you're not supposed to do that."

Her daddy stood at the head of the massage table and continued to massage Rachel but asked, "Haven't we talked about this before? Doesn't it feel good, baby?"

"Yes daddy, it feels great but should you be touching me like that?"

"Don't worry. This massage technique requires lots of physical contact. I will take care of you. "

She knew her daddy's exploration was inappropriate but her words escaped her lips before she could resist, "Okay, daddy."

Her daddy handed her another glass of wine and told her to drink some more to relax. Rachel, hiding her breasts while she drank, did as she was told and settled in for the rest of the massage.

Her daddy's touch felt good but Rachel still felt uncomfortable. He seemed to have a careless, often reckless disregard for the consequences of his actions. Yet, she always looked forward to her father's massages and found herself so relaxed; she was falling asleep during their sessions.

But today was different because her daddy's hands on her ass made her feel strange, almost aroused. He had been hitting on her for so long that it no longer felt wrong. Rachel tried to ignore the feelings her daddy had ignited and lowered her face into the massage table's oval cutout while her daddy massaged her shoulders. She didn't want to think about it.

Repeatedly, her daddy ran his hands down her back, to her narrow waist and under the sheets until he held her ass in both hands. Each time he slid his hands down her body, the sheet slipped farther down her back. While under the sheets, he squeezed and fondled each cheek with passion; he was touching her like a lover.

She could feel the heat generating in her hips from all of his work. His hands probed the muscles in each cheek and then traveled back up her side until he returned to her shoulders. Along the way, his fingers would press into the side of her breasts.

Intoxicated by the kneading and stretching with the help of some wine, her mind wandered. She was lucky that her daddy was spending his last night with her instead of her half-sister. Maybe Anna wasn't the favorite. Maybe it was Rachel considering that she was the one alone with her daddy three times a week.

Rachel was so relaxed; she drifted away with her daddy's hands squeezing her ass. Now, the sheet exposed the first hint of the furrow of her ass. She had to admit that she felt very good.

Her daddy whispered while he continued massaging her, "Rachel, I noticed you have become a woman, such a beautiful woman. I wish we had lived closer and I could have seen more of you. Maybe we can make up for it. You look like a movie star, slender with beautiful blond hair. You are so sexy. I love your long, shapely legs. Exquisite."

"Thank you, daddy. I never knew you liked my legs that much."

"Yes, I do. I love the way your legs look in that little plaid mini skirt that you always wear. Long and lean. Your legs are like the gateway to heaven. You will make any man happy in bed. You make me forget that I'm your dad. I am going to miss your legs while I'm gone."

"Daddy, you shouldn't say that."

He continued. "Just relax, baby. Anybody as beautiful as you should be used to being lusted after. It is going to happen for the rest of your life. Don't complain because it will take the magic out of it."

Rachel was aware of her father's overt sexual comment but surprisingly, she wasn't offended. Rather, she enjoyed his extra attention, knowing he would be thinking of her when he was gone. Rachel glowed at her daddy's compliments and closed her eyes.

While her daddy still stood at the top of the table, Rachel concentrated on how his hands felt touching her body and noticed he was paying more attention to her breasts. His fingers pressed along the curve where her breasts met her ribcage. He kept tracing the curves of her breasts with his finger tips.

Her daddy seemed attracted to her breasts tonight and remembered that she had caught him starring down her blouse a few times when Anna wasn't looking. With perverse pride, Rachel relished the fact that she was a C cup while Anna was only an A cup. She took a secret delight knowing her daddy liked her breasts better than her half-sister's.

Normally during her massage, her daddy kept her body covered with the sheet when he wasn't massaging it, but this time was different. She noticed the sheet kept slipping lower until her naked ass was exposed. She felt she should say something. Only two other boys had seen her naked ass this well, this close and she never expected her father to be number three.

"Daddy, the sheet slipped off. Can you cover me?"

"No, baby. How can I see what I'm doing if I am always working with a sheet covering you? Do you turn the lights off on a surgeon? Anna wouldn't make me cover her up."

Rachel cringed when she heard her half-sister's name and said, "No daddy, please continue."

Rachel decided that her daddy was right. He needed to see what he was doing so she didn't object any more. She needed to remember that she wasn't helping him but rather he was helping her.

Here daddy's soothing voice whispered, "Relax while I try something new."

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