tagLesbian SexRachel's Holiday Ch. 1

Rachel's Holiday Ch. 1


Driving to the airport, Rachel anticipates the calm atmosphere on the beach in Barbados. It has been a long time since Rachel had felt so relaxed.

As she pulled into the car park, Rachel spotted a young woman returning from vacation, dressed only in a bikini and a wrap around her waist. Her pert body immediately made Rachel feel horny. She pulled into a free space & looked around.

The woman was putting her luggage into her trunk, bending over, her g-string tight against her smooth lips, one lip was just visible, peeking out of the side.

As she stood up, she noticed Rachel spying on her. She slowly pushed her left hand inside her bikini, rubbed her clit very deliberately. She raised her right hand, pulled up her top, & tweaked a prominent nipple.

Rachel was feeling her little nub of pleasure through her own panties. The woman walked to the car, she got onto the hood, and knelt in front of Rachel. Staring into her eyes, the woman took off her top & used both hands on her full firm breasts. She licked her nipples; bit the tips of her hard brown mounds.

Rachel had both hands inside her panties, a finger tracing the edge of her moist hole. She could feel her juices flowing down to her anus.

The woman had pulled aside her bikini, and was playing with her smooth hole. She gently pulls open her lips and inserted one finger into her glistening hole. Her hips shake as her thumb played with her enlarged clit. She started a rhythmic movement with her hand, pushing two fingers inside her, whilst constantly attending to her clit.

Rachel now had her legs wide apart and on the dashboard, showing her anonymous friend her deep, wet hole. She was taking her lead from her friend, rubbing harder as she felt the orgasm welling up inside her.

The woman knelt forward and started to rub her wet lips against the windscreen. She moved her hips in a slow circling movement against the glass. As she arched her back, her hands now behind her, her gorgeous breasts rose high in the air, pert and erect nipples aching for relief.

Rachel moved forward and started licking the clit of her friend through the glass. Her hands buried deep inside herself as she desperately tried to taste the soaking pussy in front of her.

The woman jumped off of the hood, and opened the door. She pushed Rachel back into the passenger seat and placed her lips straight onto Rachel's engorged pussy. With the movements of an expert she, licked, prodded, pulled and bit the delicate flower of Rachel's womanhood. Drinking from the fountain, she could taste the nectar that was now flowing so fast that she could hardly keep up. She lowered her lips to Rachel's anus, and lips and penetrated this glory hole.

Rachel bucked as she felt the hot tongue enter. Her face was now heated, her body was telling her to come, she was so close, but she couldn't quite get there. She put both her hands into her now gaping pussy, and opened it wider and wider. She could not belief how turned on she was, her friend was now sitting in front of her, three fingers piling in and out of Rachel's' anus while the other was attending to her own needs.

The woman looked in satisfaction at Rachel's moving hands, as she rubbed herself to an extreme climax, her whole body moved as the orgasm hit her hard. As she went over the top, she thrust her pussy into Rachel's face, demanding a warm tongue to keep her going.

Rachel forced her head and mouth at the woman's pussy, licking the smooth clean hole, biting on her cheery bud, extending her tongue into her beautiful hole, feeling her juices flow down the back of her neck. Her own hips bucked as her fingers worked miracles on her own clit; she almost bit off the woman's clit as she came.

The woman screamed as her friend chewed her clit, she felt so good; she forced her hips into Rachel's face, and rotated her whole lower body as she came again.

As the couple relaxed in the car, they took the time to admire each other; Rachel was about 5'6", with a taught body, beautiful face, green eyes, long dark hair and 36c breasts with perfect little nipples. Her friend was 5'4" with a stunning face and figure.

Rachel looked at the clock, she realised she was running a little late, she kissed her new friend and arranged to meet the night Rachel returned. Rachel removed her sodden panties, and straightened her clothing; she was wearing a white tee shirt with no bra, a mini skirt and some pumps with little white socks. Her friend waved goodbye.

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