tagLesbian SexRachel's Holiday Ch. 2

Rachel's Holiday Ch. 2


Rachel entered the terminal. At the check-in desk the clerk was looking a little fraught, the flight is fully booked, Rachel is late and there are no spaces left on the plane. Rachel pleads with the clerk and he gives her an upgrade to first class. Rachel cannot believe her luck. The plane is due to leave in just 30 minutes, and Rachel has to run through the terminal.

Claire was sitting by the gate, waiting for the last passengers to arrive before boarding the plane. She saw a beautiful girl running toward her, her little skirt was riding high on her thighs as she raced for the gate. Claire had a clear view of Rachel's neatly trimmed pussy as it came bounding toward her, Claire hoped that this girl was in first class so she could service her every need.

Rachel was out of breath as she drew to a halt in front of the stunning hostess in front of her. She handed over her boarding pass and admires the sexy body in front of her. The girl must have been 22 if she was a day, she had her blonde hair tied up, and she was about 5'8" with a statuesque figure. The hostess passed back the boarding card and invited Rachel to walk with her to the plane.

Claire was starting to get wet just thinking of the flight ahead, even if she did not get to taste that glorious pussy (she was sure she would), the vision in front of her would serve nicely for a little manual relief through the flight.

Rachel asked Claire how long she had worked on the planes. "About two years now, I have traveled all over the world, but I love the Barbados route the best, we get to stay for three days before coming home, it allows us plenty of time to enjoy ourselves in the sun."

Rachel smiled and thought of Claire lying on the beach.

Claire showed Rachel to her seat, it was bigger than any she had seen on a plane before, and surprisingly secluded from the other passengers. Claire took her hand baggage and as she placed it in the overhead locker, pushed her body against Rachel. She felt Rachel's arm against her now hot pussy, and Rachel looked up and smiled as she gently raised the hem of her skirt and touched her own wet clit, spreading her lips a little to give Claire a view of her wet pussy. Claire said she would return later and wished Rachel an excellent flight.

Rachel relaxed as the flight took off, and selected a music channel from the in flight entertainment and closed her eyes. She drifted off into a blissful sleep almost immediately, dreaming of her holiday ahead.

Claire woke Rachel by gently rubbing her leg. The flight was now in darkness, and the other passengers were either watching videos or sleeping. Claire asked Rachel if she would like a quiet drink upstairs. Rachel smiled and stretched, followed Claire to the top cabin.

There were another two passengers in the cabin. A woman in her thirties, dressed in fine designer clothes, and another woman who was about the same age as Rachel. They both turned their heads as the new arrivals found a seat. Rachel asked Claire for a Jack Daniels and Coke.

Claire came back and sat opposite Rachel with her back to the other passengers. As the pair talked about their lives and aspirations, Claire raised the hem of her dress a little and gave Rachel a clear view of her unclad pussy. She had her hands in her lap, and was rubbing her clit through the material of her skirt. She was starting to get very excited as one of the other passengers asked if they could join the pair.

As they sat down, Rachel thought of caressing the beautiful woman opposite, and was now feeling her own pussy getting wetter and wetter.

The older woman introduce herself as Sandra, she was a businesswoman going on holiday with her secretary and companion Lucy. She had been looking forward to the trip for a while and asked Claire about places to go, and what was hot on the island. She said she was particularly interested in places where they might meet other like-minded women.

Rachel could not help but choke on her drink. She smiled, stood up and pulled up her top. She asked if this was what Sandra was looking for. Her round globes were just too good to refuse. Sandra stood and embraced Rachel. She planted a deep kiss on Rachel's mouth, and let her hand drift down her back. She cupped Rachel's tight arse, squeezed and then pulled away slightly.

As Sandra drew back she feasted her eyes on the girls breasts and could not resist lowering her head to an erect nipple, licking the hard bud and gently teasing it with her teeth. She lowered a hand to below Rachel's skirt, she slowly dragged her fingernails up Rachel's thigh until she met her pussy. She fingered the woman's clit, her nails clipping it with every movement.

Rachel pushed her hips forward as the fingers began to explore her hole. Her nipples were alight with sensuous feeling as Sandra was eating them hard. Rachel watched as Claire started to raise Sandra's skirt, she could not see a thing as Claire head disappeared.

Lucy was sitting with her legs apart watching the other three. She had her hand inside her white blouse, tweaking her nipples, as her other hand felt between her legs, her long skirt was riding up as she started to pummel her clit.

Claire pulled away the panties in front of her, and started to rim Sandra's anus, she licked the outside in a slow circular motion, then gently pushed her pointed tongue into the hole. She pulled her tongue up as she pushed harder inside Sandra's anus and started a forward and back motion as the hole grew with the invasion.

Sandra had two fingers inside Rachel's now soaked pussy, and had lowered her head to start working on the bud of Rachel's clit. She licked, chewed, and mauled the clit as Rachel started to move and buck with the orgasm that was coming over her.

Rachel twisted as Sandra added another two fingers inside her; her own hands were now massaging her breasts, gripping hard the mounds of flesh that caused her so much pleasure. She was watching Lucy as she had spread her legs wide and was pumping her pussy hard with both her hands.

As she came, Lucy let out a tiny shrill scream. Her body arched with the pleasure. Her mind filled with the overriding exhilaration of the moment.

With both hands busy on Sandra, Claire had one fully in Sandra's pussy while the other had three fingers in her anus. She was pumping the woman hard. The wet sounds of her hole were all she could hear. She opened her mouth and bit Sandra on her butt cheek.

As she screamed in pain, Sandra came harder then she had ever came before, she was ramming her hips into Claire's hands as she ate the wet pussy of Rachel in front of her. Her finger raised the pace on Rachel's clit; Rachel came seconds after Sandra.

As Claire sat back Lucy came over and gave her a long, deep kiss. Her tongue investigated every part of Claire's mouth. Her hands were undoing Claire's uniform, exposing her pert breasts clad in a delicate pink satin bra. Her hands were behind her back undoing the bra, as she lowered her head to the glorious orbs in front of her. She traced the left breast from Claire's neck, around the bottom of the cup and back to the nipple. Her tongue teased the nipple before she started to suck it for all she was worth.

Sandra turned and removed Claire's shoes; she massaged the petit feet she found in front of her. She started to suck each toe individually. This sent shivers down Claire's spine.

Rachel went straight for Claire's pussy, she had wanted to taste this girl since she first set eyes on her, and was not going to let this opportunity pass her by. Her open mouth released her agile tongue; she started to lick long and hard across the full length of Claire's smooth pussy.

Claire arched as she felt Rachel's tongue, her breasts were sending massive signals to her brain, her feet were tingling, and her whole body was aching to cum. Her mind was mush as her pussy poured forth juices to Rachel's mouth. As she thought she could go no further without orgasm, Sandra joined Rachel and both women licked and drank from her.

Lucy moved to behind Rachel and Sandra. She started to finger both women; she worked equally on the clit, hole and anus. As she worked their widening holes, she started to insert more fingers into each of them, as she got to her whole fist; she was now pumping them both hard.

Rachel felt her eyes water as her pussy took the hand in, she felt the fingers moving inside her as the hand pumped in and out. She was now holding Claire's hole wide open with both her hands, as she applied pressure with her tongue on her clit.

Sandra had her tongue fully inserted in Claire's anus, pushing hard, opening it up bit by bit, as she felt Rachel's finger on the other side of the membrane between her pussy and arsehole. She kept pushing harder and harder.

Claire was now pumping her pussy into Rachel's face, her orgasm welling as she started to scream. Her whole body was in spasm as she got louder and louder. She was consumed by the overwhelming sensation that had taken to her body, her tightly closed eyes, her clenched fists, her taught muscles and her tight pussy muscle all came together to take her almost unconscious.

As the woman settled down, they all looked at each other through half closed eyes. Rachel said, "I am looking forward to this holiday. It has kicked off with a bang, and I can't wait for more. Here we come Barbados!"

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