tagLesbian SexRachel's Morning

Rachel's Morning


As the light streamed through the windows, Rachel slowly stirred to the new day. It had been a long night and her thoughts were a little muddled from the previous day. She slowly pulled the covers away to reveal her taught body, she was feeling very excited. Had she really been there?

She let her hands drift to her thighs, gently caressing them, feeling her way to her warm, wet womanhood. The feeling was electric; the touch of her hands against her freshly shaved pussy was almost too much to bear.

She slipped her finger between her soaked, slightly engorged lips. She pulled her lips apart between her thumb and forefinger, teasing at the flesh, trembling as she clasped a little harder.

Memories of the previous night flowed into her head, the way her neighbour had slowly seduced her, teasing to the point of orgasm without so much as a touch. Her fingers working faster, driving harder as the image of Jane's smooth pussy, just inches from her face, smelling so sweet, the rise of her breasts as she pulled at her clitoris, it was all too much.

Rachel was now pounding her clitoris, pushing two, now three fingers into her hot hole. She brought herself to orgasm, arching her back, massaging her breast, screaming Jane's name.

Early the previous evening, Rachel had opened the door to her neighbor; Jane was standing there in a white blouse, a short skirt and a pair of pumps. Rachel invited her in, and asked if there was anything that she could do for her. Jane said that she wanted to try out a dance routine she was putting together to surprise Ted her husband when he returned at the end of the week and needed someone to give her an honest opinion. Rachel thought this would be fun, and agreed to be as honest as possible.

Rachel got them both a drink, and sat down ready to comment. Jane started the music, it was classical, nothing that Rachel knew, but very rhythmic.

Jane stood with her knees slightly apart, staring directly at Rachel, she slowly pulled her arms up to the ceiling, and stared to move her hips in time with the music. Rachel watched as Jane leaned from one side to the other, slowly turning so her back was facing Rachel. She bent forward and moved her arms to touch her shins, as she did this the back of her skirt was riding high, showing Rachel a full view of her bare pussy lips. Rachel was a little shocked, she had never seen another woman's pussy this way before, and certainly not a smooth and beautiful as this.

Rachel was beginning to feel very warm, her face going slightly red as she took in the sight before her. Jane spread her legs slightly and pulled her hands up from her shins, touching her inner thighs, and almost imperceptibly touching her smooth lips. She stood upright and turned slowly towards Rachel, her hands now tracing the curves of her stomach, and then just touching her now erect nipples.

Rachel wanted to touch her own pussy, but felt too embarrassed to do anything. Jane rotated her hips, pumping at the air, and her arm above her head, gazing straight into Rachel's eyes. She slowly crouched down, pulling her hips up as she want, exposing her now slightly wet pussy to her neighbour. She leant back, putting her hands behind her as she lay on the floor, legs fully apart. She closed her eyes and started to unbutton her blouse, slowly revealing her two gorgeous mounds, peaked with pert, erect nipples. Jane put one finger to her mouth, and sucked it, she used her other hand to tease at her nipple, pulling it hard, raising her full breast into a pyramid. Her wet finger traced her stomach, across her skirt into the wet, warm haven of her womanhood. She moved her finger around the outside of lips, using her nail to add an extra level of excitement.

Rachel had soaked her knickers, they were dripping with her juice, she had never felt this way about a woman before, and it was just getting to over bearing, she undid her top, and threw it to the floor. Her pants and knickers followed quickly after. She had a hand between her legs as soon as her flesh was exposed, she used her whole hand, stroking up and down, so wet there was barely any friction.

Jane was by now using both hands on her pussy, pulling her lips, rubbing vigorously against her clit, losing all notion of where she was and what she was doing. Her forefinger was moving so fast it could hardly be seen. She came as hard as she ever had, her hips were pumping up and down, her pussy gushing juice over her thighs, she screamed.

Rachel now had three finger pumping in and out, her hips bucking, her heart racing, her vision blurred, she came moments after Jane, exhausted from the intensity of the orgasm.

Jane sat up and smiled. Rachel looked at her, before she could think; she was on the floor kissing Jane. Jane stopped her in her tracks. Rachel felt let down, hurt, and very strange. Jane smiled and said, "That was only the beginning, we have a long night ahead of us, and I am in control". Rachel warmed to her neighbor, and started to trust her. Rachel had never thought of Jane or another woman sexually before tonight, but Jane had come over and changed that, she would never look back.

Jane stood up and removed her blouse, skirt and pumps; she took Rachel's hand and walked her towards the bathroom. Rachel followed, still glowing from her last experience.

In the bathroom, Jane looked around, found a razor, and asked Rachel if she had ever shaved her pussy. Rachel said once, but that was it, she had never tried again, and was not sure if she wanted to now. Jane reassured her that it would be the most amazing feeling having another woman shave her, and that she would make sure that she did not leave one little hair behind.

Jane asked Rachel to lay in the tub. When Rachel was on her back Jane turned on the shower, leaving it a little cold, she started at Rachel's feet and slowly moved it up her tanned legs towards her hairy pussy. Rachel was trembling a little from the shower, but excited by the feeling. Jane soaked every part of Rachel's body and head. She looked down at the pert erect nipples, and could not resist tweaking them both slightly, Rachel moaned. Jane took the shaving foam and covered Rachel's mound, rubbing it gently, as Rachel parted her legs. Starting at the top, she pulled the razor, taking the hair with it, cleaning the pubic bone, but leaving Rachel's lips. Jane put one finger into Rachel's pussy, and teased her clit just a little. Jane then shaved Rachel's lips, pulling them as she did, clearing all hair, making Rachel as smooth as she was.

Jane stood above Rachel in the tub, one leg on either side of her partner's hips. "Do you trust me Rachel?" "Yes" came a whimper from Rachel's mouth, her eyes now closed, wrapped in the moment. Jane held her lips wide apart, and started to spray Rachel with her warm, clear urine. Starting at her tummy, moving up to her firm breasts. "Open your mouth". Rachel obliged, and started drinking the warm liquid.

As Jane finished, she leant over and kissed Rachel long and hard, tasting, her on sweet urine. She moved down to the firm breasts and started to lick and suck the highly erect nipples. Her tongue wrapped around the nipples and she bit gently on the flesh in her mouth. Her hand was drifting to the newly shaven pubis below, rubbing gently at the clit, opening the lips, inserting just the tip of a finger.

Rachel was now in such a state of ecstasy, she had lost her bearings, she did not know who she was, what was happening or how good it actually felt. She pulled her partners head closer to her breast, urging Jane to bite more, feeling Jane's back, letting her hand fall to her buttocks, grasping tightly, sharp nails digging in.

Jane rose a little, smiled, and turned around, placing her mouth directly over the bright, clean clit in front of her, placing her womanhood in her lovers face. She licked at Rachel's clit, using her hands to knead her beautiful pussy lips, opening her sex, drinking from her pussy.

Rachel was chewing on Jane's large clitoris, while fingering her anus. To her surprise Jane started pissing as she sucked, she drank as much as she could get, pushing one finger into her partners anus, and three into to her pussy.

Jane was now buried into Rachel's pussy, licking, sucking, and biting. Her fingers were pulling hard on Rachel's lips, opening up her pussy as far as it would go. Rachel started to come forcing her pubis into Jane's face, spilling urine as she lost control, Jane lapped it up greedily. Rachel was on her fifth orgasm as Jane started to reach her peak. Both women pulled their partners head closer, pumping harder and harder.

Heads awash, bodies trembling, heaven is indeed a place on earth.

As they both came too from the ecstasy they had both enjoyed, Jane looked at her partner, smiled and suggested they both take a shower. As Rachel stood up, Jane turned on the shower. It was still cold from before, it made both women jump, Jane directed the shower at Rachel's firm body, taking the chance to admire it for the first time, her breasts were firm and rounded, her stomach flat, and her hips slim. Her face was that of an angels, many men and woman would love to be in the shower with this beautiful woman, Jane could not believe her fortune. She had been eyeing her neighbour for months, but had not had the courage to come over, little did Rachel know how hard it had been for her to come here today, but here she was and she had control of the situation.

Jane turned off the shower and asked Rachel "Do you use the baby oil much?" Rachel replied "When I have a bath on my own, I do use it help add a bit of lube." Jane smiled again, gave Rachel a towel, and started to dry off. "Let's get another drink, and go to your bedroom." Rachel said "You go now and I will join you with the drinks."

Rachel could not believe how great she felt, and how much she was enjoying herself. She went to the kitchen, picked up a load of ice, a couple of glasses and some vodka.

On entering the bedroom, Jane noticed Rachel's big bed; it was wrought iron with plenty of places to tie to. Jane had a look around and through some drawers, she found some stockings, and an airline blindfold, quickly she put them by the side of the bed, and lay out for her new lover.

Rachel arrived with the drinks, and poured them both a large vodka on the rocks. Both women drank it back, anticipating some very horny action. Jane pulled Rachel into her arms and started kissing her deeply. They were in a deep embrace when Jane managed to pick up the stocking form the floor and pin her partner down. She tied her lover spread eagle to the bed. Rachel did not object, she was having such a great time; she did not want it to stop. Jane placed the blindfold on, and said, "Now we can see what you really like." At this Jane left the room.

Rachel was feeling a little isolated, unable to tell what was happening, and feeling very horny indeed. She tried to break free from her bounds, but to no avail. She thought of the terrific dance and the excellent bath, what could happen next.

Rachel screamed as the ice fell on to her chest, the whole bucket, no warning, no inclination, her back arched, and as soon as she knew it had happened, it was gone, Jane cleared all the ice away. Then taking just one piece, she passed over Rachel's anxious clit, making Rachel buck high in the air.

Jane was having a good time. She had never had this control over any one, and she was going to make this most of this one. She took the ice and surrounded Rachel's hot pussy with it, moving it around, inserting bits into the already dripping pussy in front of her. Jane got up and left the room.

Rachel could not cope with the mixture of pleasure and pain; she was writhing on the bed. She was hot and cold, her mind had gone in to total overdrive, her body was producing multiple orgasms and there was no one else there.

The oil on her breasts was cold, but not like the ice, Jane was starting massage it in, emptying the whole contents of the bottle over the beautiful body in front of her. She was now sliding her hands over the entire length of Rachel's body, stopping occasionally at her clean pussy and erect nipples.

Jane mounted Rachel, moving her breasts over the slippery body, clenching at the flesh, grasping at the lubricated flesh. She needed to come, she needed to have her lover touch and feel her, and she could not wait anymore. She released Rachel from her bounds, and took her in a tight embrace. The two women could hardly hold each other; the feeling was extreme.

Rachel then forced Jane underneath her, they were now play fighting, grabbing what they could, hands trying to find the most sensitive areas, missing slightly, and then Rachel grabbed Jane's arms, and it held. She got the stockings and tied up her lover.

Rachel put her mouth directly over Jane's left nipple and bit it. Jane screamed, Rachel bit harder, Jane screamed again. Rachel looked at her friend and smiled. "My turn" she said.

Rachel pulled her fingernails down the length of Jane's body, Jane arched in appreciation, and the sensation was beauty in itself. Rachel toyed with Jane's nipples, pulling, twisting. Making the flesh so sensitive. She then headed for Jane's lovely pussy. She pulled at her lips, the oil made them slippery, but they could still be pulled. She took her finger and gently inserted it into Jane's anus. She moved and prodded, extending the hole, adding another finger, pulled and pushed, added another finger. Jane was coming. Rachel pushed her whole fist into the well-lubricated hole, feeling the inside of her lover's pussy through the thin skin. She licked her neighbors pussy as she moved her wrist in and out. Jane had had more orgasms than she could remember.

Rachel then sat astride Jane's face. She pulled apart her slippery lips, exposing her proud clitoris, and started to urinate in Jane's face. Jane opened her mouth in appreciation and started to drink as much as she could from her friend. As she pissed on her friend, Rachel was inserting her own fingers into her pussy. Jane finished the good drink and started to lick the clit in front of her hard. She toyed with, bit it and sucked it good. Rachel had now lost all control, and was pulling Jane's face in to her smooth pussy whilst pushing hard.

Both women were fully satisfied. Rachel untied Jane, and lay down beside her.

Looking at her lover, Rachel realised that this was only the beginning.

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